MKW Chapter 1102


Chapter 1102  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

Black Tooth Town is a slave-trading floor, and its scale is the number one in the Heaven Realm!

Every day an uncountable number of slaves were sold from here!

At this moment, Liu Yi and the rest are walking among the trading floor, and all around them are people selling slaves.

On the left, there is a stall selling a female bird immortal whose neck is chained up; they shouted, “Skylark Immortal! Beautiful and knows how to sing!”

On the other side, they are selling inferior young immortal slaves, “Immortal slaves, immortal slaves, their physical strength is good for work!”


Seeing so many people being sold here and there, Liu Yi is in a bad mood, but he can only contain his anger!

He can only ask Chang’e, “When will we arrive?”

Chang’e curls her lips, “What are you rushing for. You have urged how many times already? Do you see that tower in front? It is up there.”

Liu Yi nods his head, “Then we will reach soon.”

At this moment, Chen Cai is looking at a cat girl being sold by the side. He swallows his saliva and asks, “Boss…can I buy that cat girl…that small figure is really sexy…the breast and butt, tsk, tsk…”

Liu Yi immediately raps Chen Cai’s head, “If you want a woman go back to the Human Realm and pick up one!”


Chen Cai pouts like he was wronged. That expression is even more miserable than women’s!

“Fuck, be more manly!”

“Oh…I know…”

Liu Yi has the urge to slap Chen Cai to death when at this moment, a fat-looking brother is walking towards them. He immediately sees Pearl beside them.

Pearl is a shaman, and one can immediately recognize it. Shamans are born slaves and are forever unable to cast off this identity.

No matter where she goes, Pearl is a slave!

Thus when that young man sees Pearl, he becomes interested.

“Hey! This slave is not bad!”

That young man’s eyes are unable to leave Pearl, “How much! This young master has taken a fancy for her, so yield her to me!”

Pearl becomes vigilant as she stands beside Liu Yi. She exposes her pair of canine teeth like she does not like that young man.

“Sorry.” Liu Yi extended a hand and protected Pearl before saying to the young man, “She is not for sale.”

“Ah? In this place, no one dares to make me, Wang Qiang, regret before!”

The young man’s expression turns rude and unreasonable, “This entire slave market was opened by my Wang Family! if you are not selling, you won’t move a single step in this slave market!”

As he speaks, he waves his hand, and those fighters behind him immediately surround them.

“Alas, why is there trouble whenever I go.”

Liu Yi holds his forehead, “I am suspecting if I am the reincarnation of Conan.”

Beside him, Chen Cai says, “Boss, I feel that you are more like Son Goku’s reincarnation from the Dragon Ball! Wherever you go, a whole lot of people die!”


Liu Yi pushes away Chen Cai’s head before saying, “No matter who you are, I will not sell Pearl. Since the entire market belongs to your family, you can just go back and pick what you like.”

“Fuck! I am going to buy this slave!” Wang Qiang steps up to Liu Yi, “If you are not selling, then don’t expect to leave this place!”

“Liu Yi, this guy wishes to beat you up.” Ye Hanshuang says jokingly, “Do you want me to help you eliminate him?”

Not only is Wang Qiang not afraid, he instead starts laughing loudly, “Hey, did you guys hear what this woman said? She wants to eliminate me!”

His surrounding hired thugs also laughed along with him like Ye Hanshuang had said something interesting.

“They are mocking you.”

Liu Yi winks at Ye Hanshuang, “I don’t know what your temper is, but it was me; I would not be able to take it!”

“Tsk, you are just stirring things up.” Ye Hanshuang sneers, “I can’t be bothered to take action against this kind of scum.”

One of the hired thugs immediately says, “Young master, this woman is scolding you!”

“I heard it!” Wang Qiang becomes unhappy as well, “Fucking hell; if I don’t give this woman a lesson, she wouldn’t know how powerful this young master is! Go, teach her a lesson!”

With the order from the young man, the hired thugs immediately surround them and start boxing them in.

Liu Yi snorts coldly, “Pearl, calm them down.”

Pearl bent her knees softly before shooting out instantly.

In a blink of an eye, she immediately arrived in front of a hired thug. She then kicks that hired thug on his head.

Instantly he was sent flying away and smashed into a booth by the side!

The remaining hired thugs start attacking her one by one, but how powerful is Pearl. With a few kicks and punches, she beat all of the hired thugs down.

Although Wang Qiang is quite imposing with his words, his actual strength is very lacking. Seeing Pearl walking over, he was so frightened that he immediately kneeled down.

“Spare, spare me!”

But Pearl did not care and immediately raised her leg and kicked him, flying away. She then dusts off her hands before squatting in front of Liu Yi like she is waiting for Liu Yi’s praise.

Liu Yi expands his hand and rubs Pearl’s hair. Pearl seems to enjoy it a lot and is letting out crooning sounds.

This made Liu Yi recall Xiao Mi. It is a pity that I do not know where she is doing her task. It has been a long time since I last fed her a nutritious breakfast.

Chang’e is a little worried and says, “Let’s leave. Perhaps there will be trouble in a bit.”

“Why are you so afraid of troubles!” Ye Hanshuang frowns and says, feeling uncomfortable, “Do we need to fear troubles?”

“Soon, we will reach the place. Why attract trouble.”

Chang’e explains as she points at a distant tower, “It is just over there!”

“Bear with it for now. Let’s hurry.”

Liu Yi says to Ye Hanshuang, “Wait till we have sent Chang’e to that place, then I shall accompany you if you wish to create havoc.”

Chen Cai also says, “That’s right, I also will keep you company!”

Luo Xiaoxiao, on the contrary, continued to persuade, “Fighting is bad…fighting is bad…”

Chang’e rolls her eyes while Liu Yi cannot take it anymore and smiles. Following this group of people is too interesting.

The people in the marketplace start paying attention to this group of strange outsiders as they are the first group of people who dare to hit Wang Qiang.

But Wang Qiang is a person who seeks vengeance for the smallest grievance…it is likely that these people will be unlucky!

Just as Liu Yi and his group are about to leave the slave market, chaotic footsteps came from behind them.

“It, it is them! Block them!”

This voice is very familiar, and it is none other than Wang Qiang.

Liu Yi and the rest turn around to take a look only to see Wang Qiang bringing a huge group of people chasing after them.

As for Wang Qiang, a man in black robes is following beside him. His complexion is pale as a vampire.

But from his aura, he is an expert! Furthermore, he is a ghost cultivator expert!

“Uncle Xiang! It was him!”

Half of Wang Qiang’s face had swollen up. He covers it with one hand while pointing at Liu Yi and his group of people with his other hand, “It is them who beat me up!”

“To dare to touch my Wang Family!” Uncle Xiang says creepily, “Who are you. To have such courage, report your name!”

“Chen Cai, they are asking you for your name.” Liu Yi pats Chen Cai on his shoulder and says, “Still not replying?”

“Annoying~~ immediately asking for my name the moment you see just meet me.” Chen Cai pretends to be bashful as he says, “I am so embarrassed~~.”

Everyone else nearly vomits blood while Uncle Xiang stomps his feet in anger.

“Repulsive! To make fun of me! It is you guys who are anxious to meet Yama! Since that is the case, don’t blame me for being impolite!”

With that, Uncle Xiao raises his hands and starts forming hand seals!

Instantly the sky dims as the earth turns dark. The clear sky is covered with dense yin clouds blocking out the sunlight. This causes the entire slave market to feel sinister and scary.

“Leave it to me this time.”

Ye Hanshuang cannot endure holding it in anymore as she is simply too bored.

“Hmph, so what if you are a woman. I will not be lenient!”

Uncle Xiang says, “My ghost cultivation technique can make you enter hell within a second! At that time when you die, I will not have any tender feelings for the fairer sex!”

Ye Hanshuang suddenly pushes out with a palm as an enormous Asura Arm falls from the sky and slaps down on Uncle Yang, instantly smashing his body into the ground.

“So talkative.”

Ye Hanshuang only said two words but had beaten Uncle Xiang.


Wang Qiang was so frightened that he nearly peed in his pants. Are you for real? Uncle Yang, whom I invited over, was defeated with a single move?!

“Don’t fight!”

Luo Xiaoxiao suddenly breathes out her white fog, which shrouds the entire marketplace causing everyone’s vision to turn vague.

Luo Xiaoxiao pulls Liu Yi’s hand and says, “Right now, they cannot find us. Let’s quickly run!”

“Hey, does your family know that you are so kindhearted?”

Liu Yi cannot help but sigh ruefully; this lass is too kind-hearted.

He did not continue to mess around anymore as sending Chang’e is more important.

Ye Hanshaung had also vented slightly; thus, her mood is a lot better. She dusts off her hands as she follows behind him.

The rest of the people also swiftly catch up to them to prevent themselves from getting lost.

Although the tower looks very close, it is actually quite a distance away. Like the saying ‘Gazing at the mountain and running the horse dead.’ Luckily they are not ordinary people, and it does not matter however far they walk.

Finally, before the sky turned dark, they had arrived in front of the tower.

This tower is very isolated and is set up beside the coast. It is like a lighthouse, but it is also not. It is likely constructed by a hidden expert.

“Who lives above in the tower?”

Recalling Dragon Ball, Chen Cai says, “Don’t tell me that it is a cat immortal!”

“What cat immortal! The one staying here was a very famous immortal.”

Chang’e made a keep quiet sign, “He retired from the Heavenly Court many years ago, and his temperament is very strange. If you guys call out strange names, he will be angry.”

Liu Yi asked, “Then what do we call him?”

“Call him Zamao Sanren.”

“Fuck! This name is even weirder!”

Liu Yi nearly curses while Chen Cai also blurts out, “What a casual name…why not call him Zamao Fowl?”

“Hush! Hush!”

Chang’e keeps making the keep quiet sign.

Liu Yi became curious, “Then let’s go up the tower. I want to see what this Zamao Sanren looks like.”

Unexpectedly Chang’e would subconsciously grab his hand at this moment.

This is the first time the two of them held hands, and Liu Yi felt that her palm was really soft and felt comfortable squeezing it!

Chang’e gaze seems to be hesitating, “Let’s…let’s not go up anymore…”

Liu Yi becomes curious and asks, “Why? Didn’t we travel such a long distance just to come here?”

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Chapter 1102   [Don’t go up]

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