MKW Chapter 1101


Chapter 1101  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

This kick from Liu Yi contains formidable power!

All of his strength is gathered into this kick which kicked the Xumi Ocean devil on its lower jaws.

A yin-yang symbol appears on the lower jaw of the Xumi Ocean Devil’s lower jaw.

Xumi Ocean Devil’s enormous body, which is 500 meters tall, was kicked out of the seawater and into the sky!

That set off an enormous wave and nearly capsized the boat!

The jaws of Ye Hanshuang and the rest dropped, and they do not believe what they see.

At this moment, Chen Cai had fallen onto the boat, but no one noticed him.

“Boss is too scary!”

Chen Cai climbs up and is filled with admiration for Liu Yi.

I cultivated until the Asura God Emperor stage, but why is the gap becoming larger and larger!

This strength has exceeded a realm crosser already!

The Xumi Ocean Devil fell back into the water, giving rise to an enormous wave.

Liu Yi also landed back on the prow of the boat. He stomps his foot, and the surging seawater instantly calms down!


Chang’e can only give Liu Yi a thumbs up. She has to admit that Liu Yi is the most powerful man that she had gotten to know after entering the Heavenly Court.

Before entering, the strongest person was naturally Hou Yi. That was a shaman who has the power to exterminate the entire world!

But Liu Yi is already very rare. He is so young but is so powerful, which is very scary. Sooner or later, there will come a day where he will also become the same kind of horrifying existence like Hou Yi!

Liu Yi smiles modestly, “I have also gotten used to the feeling from that attack earlier. Bring it on!”

As he speaks, he beckons at the sea.

While the Xumi Ocean Devil seems to be afraid and refuses to come out from the sea.


Beside them, Pearl suddenly let out a cry before pointing far away.

“Looks like Xumi Ocean Devil was beaten away.”

Chang’e is filled with reverence as she says, “Perhaps it will no longer come. We can head to the Nanzhan Section State now.”


Liu Yi nods his head before hitting out a palm at the sail. The sail immediately swells up and carries the entire boat to sail towards the south.


At this moment, Erlang Shen and the rest are still standing at the dock.

Erlang Shen is holding his three-pointed two-edge spear as he stares at the endless ocean.

At this moment, his subordinate, who is observing the situation through the Through Heaven Mirror, runs over as he shouts, “Ge-general, it is bad!”

Erlang Shen’s complexion turns pale as he subconsciously asks, “Did…did C-chang’e die…”

The subordinate immediately shakes his head, “No, no. Fairy Chang’e is still alive!”

Erlang Shen immediately became delighted, “Quick-quickly set sail! Go and receive Fairy Chang’e!”

“Impossible general…”

That subordinate’s expression is ugly, and Erlang Shen immediately berates, “Why not! Could it be that there is no ship?”

The subordinate hurriedly explains, “It is not that general…it is not only Fairy Chang’e who is still alive…none of them died, and they are sailing towards the Nanzhan Section State!”

Erlang Shen immediately questions, “What? What about the Xumi Ocean Devil?”

“It…it ran away from Liu Yi!”

When the subordinate said this, he was shivering from head to foot. When he recalls that scary appearance of Liu Yi, his feet tremble.


Erlang Shen’s face no longer has any blood, and he nearly falls down!

The Xumi Ocean Devil was fended off? What the fuck!

Just how powerful is Liu Yi! Can we only kill him by using that method? Damn it! Damn it all!


Erlang Shen lets out a roar at the ocean in front of him and waves his three-pointed two-edge spear!

A wave exploded in front of him, expressing the extreme ire in his heart!


“Not far away in front of us is the Nanzhan Section State.”

Chang’e points at a land far away and says with delight across her whole face, “We are finally going back to land!”

“Good…the ocean is about to bore me to death.”

Chen Cai says very gloomily, “Places that cannot fly are too loathsome! Why would the Heaven Realm have this kind of loathsome prohibition!”

“It is to prevent enemies from getting close to the Heavenly Court.”

As Chang’e speaks, she points at the sky, “The Heavenly Court is in the center of Xumi Ocean, floating over a thousand meters above. If you wish to get to the Heavenly Court, without the Heavenly Court’s Through Firmament technique, it is impossible to go up there.”

“The Heavenly Court’s courage is small.”

Just as Liu Yi wishes to mock Heavenly Court, he suddenly recalls that his sect was also hidden by him inside the Heaven Dragon Mausoleum; thus, he swallows the remaining words.

There is not much to choose between the two; thus, it is best to not say anything.

“Although the Nanzhan Section State is barren, it is very peaceful.”

Chang’e looks at the faraway land and says slowly, “Over there, fish and dragons mixed together, and there are all kinds of people there. The Ox State is not bad as well, just that there is too much conflict.”

Beside her, Luo Xiaoxiao nods her head as she says, “That’s right…I, I heard people from my family say…shamans invade there all year round…so scary…”

“Shamans invade?”

Liu Yi does not understand. Why is there this kind of saying? 

He subconsciously looks at Pearl and realizes that she is sitting by the side of the boat as she plays with the water with her feet.

“Back then, the glorious civilization of the shamans was already declining. Most of them have been reduced to barbarians and only believe in their shaman god.”

Chang’e explains, “Normal shamans fertility is unusually powerful. Furthermore, they are powerful, fit, brave, and good at fighting. They are simply the nightmare of the four major states. Of the four major states, only the Xihe Ox State pacified territory is very small. In the Xihe Ox State, a very huge territory belongs to the shamans. But these shamans’ surviving area is simply too vile. The place where immortals occupied is the most fertile place that is why every year, shamans invade the territories of the immortals in the Xihe Ox State; thus, the war there is never-ending.”

“So the Heaven Realm also has this kind of place.” Liu Yi smiles, “I wish to go there and take a look.”

Luo Xiaoxiao hurriedly waves her hand, “War….will have dead people…there, there is nothing interesting to look at.”

“Why is your courage so small?”

What Ye Hanshuang hates the most are cowards.

Luo Xiaoxiao defends herself, “I, I am not a coward! I just hate fighting!”

Ye Hanshuang curls her lips, “Tsk, isn’t that just no courage.”

“Enough. The two of you stop fighting. Hanshuang, how is your progress on the technique that I taught you?”

As it was boring on the boat, Liu Yi imparted to them Fog Qi True Body.

Ye Hanshuang nods her head, “Almost complete.”

With that, she opens her small cherry mouth and breathes out a stream of purple fog. This fog surrounds her body and keeps revolving. It finally transforms into an eagle and lands on her shoulder.

“Not bad. You learned it very quickly!”

Liu Yi gives a thumbs up.

He then turned around and asked Luo Xiaoxiao, “Xiaoxiao, how about you?”

“I…I am very stupid…and only comprehended a little bit…”

Liu Yi smiles, “No worries. Being able to comprehend a little bit is not bad. Back then, my master spent a hundred years comprehending this. You being able to comprehend it is very impressive.”

Luo Xiaoxiao nods her head before opening her small mouth as well and breathing out a white fog.

The number of white fog increases and increases, increases, and increases! Very soon, it completely saturates this entire section of sea surface!

The boat is also concealed away within the fog!

Everyone is stunned; what the fuck, this is a little bit?


Luo Xiaoxiao is very nervous and does not know what everyone else thinks.

The white fog immediately starts transforming, and in a blink of an eye, it becomes white dragons. There are over hundreds of dragons swimming in the sky!

“What the fuck…”

Liu Yi’s jaw nearly dropped, “Did you really….learn this for the first time?”

She seems to be using it even better than me!

“Is, is this ok?”

Luo Xiaoxiao looks at Liu Yi nervously, “I, I keep feeling like I did not learn it correctly…”

“You learned it quite well!” Liu Yi gives her two thumbs up, “As real as gods!”

Being praised by Liu Yi, Luo Xiaoxiao’s face turned scarlet.

“Boss, boss. Praise me as well! I also learned it!” Said Chen Cai as he tugs Liu Yi’s sleeve.

“Sure. Let’s have a look at your ability. Don’t be defeated by the women.”

Liu Yi smiles.

“Relax, boss. This is really a unique consummate skill of mine!”

With that, Chen Cai breathed out a stream of purple fog which swiftly coagulated into a naked beauty that coquettishly stroked her hair.

Seeing this, Liu Yi nearly vomited blood.

What the fuck. Isn’t this Ozawa Maria?!

Chen Cai! He is too unreliable!

Chen Cai grinned as he asked, “How is it, boss? Not bad, right! The feeling is very good as well! It is like a real person! This technique is awesome!”

Liu Yi wants to vomit blood now. If master knew of this, wouldn’t he be angered to death!

“Hehehe…this seems to be not bad to use like an inflated doll!”

Liu Yi is about to go crazy. This fog qi true body is like your own clone. Could it be that this fellow wants to have sex with his clone?

This taste is too fucking heavy!


By the side, Pearl suddenly shouted. Liu Yi turns around and takes a look, and indeed, the boat is about to reach the shore.

Numerous ships are moored at Nanzhan Section State’s port. All of them are basically slave transportation ships. Chang’e did say that the entire Nanzhan Section State is the biggest slave market.

“Every year, this place sells numerous slaves to the armies.”

Seeing Liu Yi’s expression in his eyes, Chang’e adds, “Especially to the Xihu Ox State. Every year who knows how many cannon fodders were sent to their deaths.”

“What a scary place.” Liu Yi sigh, “The Human Realm is better.”

“The Human Realm is rather good, but it also has flaws.”

Chang’e says, “Humans are avaricious and insatiable. Their desires are incomparably enormous. The Human Realm…is a place that went out of control.”

“There is no place that is completely perfect.”

By the side, Ye Hanshuang says, “By comparison, on the contrary, I feel that the Asura Realm is a lovely place.”

“The Asura Realm…very scary…” Luo Xiaoxiao shivers, “Everyday slaughter….”

Chen Cai urges, “Enough. Let’s stop chatting and go ashore.”

Reaching the Nanzhang Section State, this place is no longer under the eyes of Heavenly Court. Besides the shore, numerous people are busy with their own things, and no one can be bothered with Liu Yi and his people.

Liu Yi and the rest finally become delighted and relieved as they finally no longer need to hide!

After getting ashore, Liu Yi asked, “Chang’e, where is that place that you were talking about?”

“It is also a coastal place.” Chang’e points out, “That side has an enormous slave exchange market. You must prepare your heart!”

“I will not cause a huge scene.”

“Are you… sure?”



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Chapter 1101   [Go ashore]

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