MKW Chapter 1100


Chapter 1100 [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

Xumi Ocean is usually tranquil without any wind and waves. Thus normally, it is rare for ships crossing the Xumi Ocean to get into trouble. But there has never been anyone who dares to look down on the Xumi Ocean. Because a scary Xumi Ocean Devil hides in the Xumi Ocean!

Xumi Ocean Devil is rated as the most dreadful devil beast in the Heavenly Realm. The Heavenly Court had attempted to drive these devil beasts away before in the past, but the casualties were disastrous; thus, they could only give up. Until Taishang Laojun had refined a kind of pill that could control some simple thoughts of the Xumi Ocean Devil after feeding it the pill. For example, letting them fall asleep or letting them attack!

Xumi Ocean Devil’s scariness is their control of the seawater, which is their unique power! This is only one of them. Most importantly, the scales on their body seem to carry some kind of power which can negate all qi attacks! While Xumi Ocean Devil also has coarse skin and thick flesh thus the attacks of ordinary beasts are unable to affect them!

Thus, Xumi Ocean Beast had been proclaimed as the tyrant of the Xumi Ocean for so long, and no one can move them from their position!

Liu Yi does not know of this matter. At this moment, he is controlling the black skeleton boat sailing towards the south.

“Based on our speed, before the sky turns dark, we can arrive at the Nanzhan Section State.”

Chang’e speculates, “When we reach the Nanzhan Section State, we should be safe.”

“What an enjoyable sea breeze!”

Standing on the brow of the ship, Chen Cai spread open his arms and did the classic Titanic’s action.

It is a pity that he is a single wretched man standing there. Assuming an airplane posture is simply weird.

Chen Cai suddenly faced the seawater in front and shouted, “I am going to be the man who will be the pirate king!”

Liu Yi nearly collapsed from laughter; what the heck, could you be funnier?

Luo Xiaoxiao looks at Chen Cai in shock and asks, “You, you want to become the man of the pirate king?”

[TL: basically the chinese words ‘当海贼王的男人’ actually means what Chen Cai says, but if you take it literally, it becomes what Luo Xiaoxiao ask, so there is no good way to translate into english as it is a play of understanding the meaning of the sentence in chinese.]

“How is it. Handsome?”

Chen Cai places his hands on his waist as he turns around and poses his coolness to Luo Xiaoxiao.

Liu Yi and Ye Hanshuang cover their foreheads at the same time, not daring to look at this weird man.

“But, but…”

Luo Xiaoxiao is apprehensive as she says, “The pirate king…of this stretch of the ocean…only likes women…”

Cheng’e is the first to be unable to hold it in and erupts into laughter.

Liu Yi and Ye Hanshuang follow swiftly behind as they erupt into laughter as well.

Pearl, by the side, tilts her head seeming to not understand the reason for their laughter.

As for Luo Xiaoxiao, she becomes stupid from the laughter and does not know what is happening.

“Why, why are you all laughing…”

Luo Xiaoxiao asks, but Liu Yi and the rest only smile but did not reply. Thus she can only turn around to ask Chen Cai, “They….eh, why are you crying?”

Chen Cai is already covered in tears as he looks at Luo Xiaoxiao and says, “Big miss Luo, Do you really not understand, or are you black-bellied!”

“What is the meaning of black-bellied…”

The more Luo Xiaoxiao listens, the more she does not understand.

“Enough. Stop troubling Xiaoxiao. She does not understand.”

Liu Yi pats Chen Cai’s arm and comforts him, “She does not understand the meaning of the words. I’ll apologize to you in her place. But if you really wish to become that man of the pirate king…boss will support you!”

Chen Cai cried even more miserably.

Chang’e realizes that Pearl is squatting by the edge of the boat without blinking her eyes as she stares at the calm seawater like she is looking at something.

She walks over and asks curiously, “Pearl, what are you looking at?”

Pearl does not know how to speak and only points at the water before letting out two cries.

Everyone becomes puzzled. What does Pearl mean?

Chang’e expression suddenly underwent a change, “No good! It is a Xumi Ocean Devil!”

Shamans and Xumi Ocean Devils have a mysterious connection between them. It seems like lots of shamans enshrine and worships the Xumi Ocean Devils as gods.

Seeing how Pearl keeps staring at the ocean, Chang’e immediately thought of this point as an alarmed look appeared on her beautiful face!

What are Erlang Shen and the rest doing! They actually mobilized the Xumi Ocean Devil! Do they want to kill me as well!

That group of bastards! Were their heads kicked by donkeys?!

Liu Yi asked, “What is a Xumi Ocean Devil?”

Just as he asked this question, the boat suddenly started trembling!

Following this, the boat left the seawater and started rising to the sky!

The people on the boat were all astonished as they looked down.

Only to see an enormous black weird human-like creature standing in the seawater beneath them!

This brother’s body is covered with blackfish scales and has to head on its shoulder. A dragon head and a fish head.

At the same time, this creature extends an arm which is like the Wuzhi Mountain dragging the ‘small’ boat into the air.

But this fellow…cannot be called a brother! It should be a female as in front of its chest, are three massive mountains!

That’s right; one can only describe it as a mountain! Fucking hell, what weird creature is this!

“It is really…a Xumi Ocean Devil…”

Seeing this several hundred meters tall weird creature, Chang’e is shocked as disbelief fills her eyes, “They must be mad…definitely mad!”

Due to the appearance of this Xumi Ocean Devil, an enormous whirlpool had formed on the surface of the ocean!

This scene can scare a person to death!

At this moment, Liu Yi and the rest were raised 200 meters into the sky, and the boat is still shaking continuously. Seawater is poured down the crack between the Xumi Ocean Devil’s fingers.

“What plaything is this!” Chen Cai sneers.”

With that, an enormous Asura God stood out from Chen Cai’s back. This Asura God is at least ten meters tall but compared to the Xumi Ocean Devil, it is as pitiful as a small mosquito!

The Asura God is holding Asura Blades in both its hands and chops down ferociously at the wrist of the Xumi Ocean Devil!

But the scales on Xumi Ocean Devil light up in blacklight and instantly disintegrate Asura God!


Chen Cai got a huge shock while Xumi Ocean Devil opens both its enormous mouth and lets out a roar.

Two gales were blown over and nearly lifted the hull into flying into the sky. Those who are weaker hug the mast while those who are strong standstill on the deck with both hands in front of them, protecting themselves.

Liu Yi is like an iron tower as he stands on the boat. Not only is he standing firm, but he also uses his power to stabilize the boat making the boat maintain its steadiness.

Chang’e cultivation is weak, and did not have time to hug the mast. Thus she can only hug Liu Yi’s waist and manage to avoid being blown away.

Chang’e shouted at Chen Cai, “You angered it!”

“What the fuck. Why is he not afraid!”

Chen Cai also does not understand.

Chang’e added, “The Xumi Ocean Devil is immune to qi attacks!”

This cause Chen Cai to widen his eyes, “What the fuck, so perverted. Why didn’t you say so earlier?!”

“Didn’t have time!”

“Then let’s beat him up!”

Chen Cai braved the storms and jumped over. He lands on top of the dragon head of Xumi Ocean Devil and starts punching its head ruthlessly!

With his heaven realm 20 starjade strength, this punch can cause a mountain to crack!

But it is like nothing had happened while he himself nearly cries from the pain.

“What the fuck…so, so fucking hard…”

Chang’e added again, “Xumi Ocean Devil’s defensive ability is very high!”

“Why did you not say so now earlier again!”

“Did, didn’t have time!”

Just as Chang’e had spoken, Xumi Ocean Devil suddenly went mad and grabbed the boat as it kept waving its arm. All of them were nearly fling off the boat as they do their best to brace their body!

Chang’e yell in vibrato, “If…this…goes…on…eve…ry…one…wi..lll…….”

Pearl suddenly jumps over and starts punching and kicking the Xumi Ocean Devil.

But the Xumi Ocean Devil did not feel pain nor itch. With a casual wave of its hand, Pearl was smashed away. Liu Yi immediately uses Moon Dream Sutra to grab Pearl and pulls her back onto the boat.

“Let me give it a try!”

Luo Xiaoxiao suddenly jumps out, “What the fuck, don’t go one after the other!”

Liu Yi wishes to stop her, but her step was too fast. In a blink of an eye, she arrived in front of the Xumi Ocean Devil.

The lass raises two fingers and jabs out at the Xumi Ocean Devil fiercely.

Her two fingers actually jab in! But her fingers are too short. Although she jabbed them in, there was no effect. Perhaps it is like a giant being stung by a mosquito.

But it is already very shocking to jab her fingers in!

“Come back!”

Liu Yi immediately uses Moon Dream Sutra to pull her back onto the boat.

“Leave this brother to me!”

Liu Yi’s eyes release golden light as a diamond imprint appears between his brows!

With Sky Supporting Pillar possessing his body, Liu Yi activates the 2nd stage of God Transformation!

Yin-yang symbol appears behind his back as the ‘Qian’ character also floats out.

The yin-yang symbol whirl very swiftly before slowly disappearing.

Liu Yi stomps his feet and leaps off the boat.

The boat immediately separated itself from the palm of Xumi Ocean Devil before falling into the seawater below and was immediately stabilized by Ye Hanshuang and the rest with their qi.

Borrowing the power from this leap, Liu Yi jumps into the sky and lands on the dragon head, which Chen Cai is standing on.

Chen Cai is sitting on it, rubbing his fist. Seeing Liu Yi, he immediately asked, “Boss, you also came to play?”

“That’s right. Am I welcome to come and have a sit?”

Chen Cai grins, “Of course. Sit anywhere you like.”

“Then sit steadily first!”

As Liu Yi speaks, he kicks out abruptly at the head of the Xumi Ocean Devil.

A loud sound like a bomb had exploded immediately rings out. This kick from Liu Yi possesses the might of several nuclear warheads!

When he kicked the Xumi Ocean Devil’s head, that Xumi Ocean Devil actually let out a roar as a shockwave erupts from the place that was kicked, causing the sea surface to boil!

The Xumi Ocean Devil’s head was kicked upwards, and it was forced backward by two steps!

“Liu Yi…what powerful strength…”

Chang’e is dumbstruck as this is the first time she has seen someone who can contest against the Xumi Ocean Devil in strength!

Liu Yi is the first person whom she has seen gain an advantage when using physical attacks on the Xumi Ocean Devil!

After kicking out, Liu Yi’s attack did not end yet. He extends two palms and starts attacking Xumi Ocean Devil’s chest!

A succession of exploding sounds as the Xumi Ocean Devil retreats again and again in defeat from the attacks stumbling as it retreated.

Hearing the miserable shriek from the Xumi Ocean Devil, everyone on the boat was stunned. What the fuck is Liu Yi?!

Close combat king!


While at this moment, Liu Yi suddenly flips around and does an upwards kick.

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Chapter 1100   [Xumi Ocean Devil]

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