MKW Chapter 11

Chapter 11 [What did you say]


“Oh, and here I thought who was it, isn’t this our Liu Yi?”

Just as Liu Yi reaches the school, he is blocked by three students with colorfully dyed hair.

The leader is a guy who is called Kai Wen. Kai Wen can be considered handsome with red hair which is mix with a few yellow strands to showcase his difference.

The school uniform that he is wearing is also very torn, on it is colorful drawings.

Liu Yi knows the guys around their age although they are envious of those hooligans who disregard the laws, they would not dare to really tattoo themselves.

Perhaps because they are afraid of the pain or perhaps they are afraid of being invited by police for tea.

Furthermore, the school has a rule that all students must wear the school uniform. Thus to display their own character under the suppression,  the students make amends to their uniform.

The student in front of Liu Yi is also the case.

Not only does he likes to display his personality, when he is bored he likes to bully Liu Yi the most.

He is the best hooligan in Liu Yi’s class. And the students who are together with him are not a few. Based on what Liu Yi knows, there are at least seven or eight of them.

Usually, he likes to bring those guys who are not that good in studies in their class to the toilet and secretly smoke, after lessons they would go and threaten students to get some pocket money.

Liu Yi who is very timid was threatened by him a few times.

“Liu Yi ah. I hear that recently you have grown up.”

Kai Wen brings along two other guys and blocks Liu Yi at the staircase.

“To think that you actually dared to have thoughts of Yuan Shaojun’s girl eh, hehehe…I did see that usually you this Liu Yi who is a soft egg would actually be so daring. Did not expect ah, really did not except it at all. How about this brothers. Let us adjust our head and turn our face and follow Boss Liu from now on.”

Kai Wen and his two buddies start laughing crazily.

Their laughter is filled with ridicule.

Liu Yi’s face is completely red as he clenches his fist in rage but he does not dare to say anything.

He is only an ordinary and honest high school student and has never dared to fight in school and the likes.

Seeing these students are bullies he tries to avoid them as much as possible.

Usually, he dodges them, but who would have known that today he would be so unlucky and got stopped by them.

Obviously, during this time they should be having their self-studies. Looks like the three of them are preparing to skip class!

As long as they don’t go overboard then I’ll just bear with them.

Liu Yi bears with his discomfort in his heart and says in a low voice, “Don’t, don’t joke around anymore…let me pass. I am going to be late…”

Kai Wen sneers as he digs his ear with his pinky and says loudly, “Aiyah. What are you saying? Speak louder, I am unable to hear!”

“Boss Liu if you have anything to say to this one then just say it ah! This one is waiting.”

“That’s right, that’s right. Looks like our Liu Yi is naturally not suitable to be a boss. Then you can just go and be a soft egg hahaha, isn’t that right Liu Softegg!”

The three students walk forwards at the same time. The one on the left tugs his head while the right pats him on his neck.

“Liu Softegg. With your conduct, you still dare to like Ma Yixuan? From what I see why don’t you go back home and masturbate to your heart’s content!”

Kai Wen starts sneers at Liu Yi.

The rage in Liu Yi’s heart grows without restraint.

He feels like there is something flowing swiftly through his body.

It is like there are over thousands of bugs crawling all over his body, making him have an urge to explode out in anger.

This is too much, really too much!

So be it if they want to bully me. How dare they use Ma Yixuan to talk about me…

Recalling how that Yuan Shaojun arrogantly warned him, Liu Yi’s anger is lighted up.

For what reason do they bully me!

For what reason am I not allowed to chase Ma Yixuan!

For what reason!

“Aiyah take a look. It seems like Liu Softegg is getting angry ah!”

“Hahaha, soft eggs will be soft eggs. What is the using of being angry!”

“That’s right, that’s right. Us brothers just want to go to the internet cafe but do not have money.”

As Kai Wen speaks, he drapes his arm around Liu Yi’s shoulder and says in a threatening tone into his ears, “Liu Softegg ah. Hurry and give us brothers money to spend. Do not let us brothers be unhappy ah. If us brothers are unhappy it will be your Liu Softegg turn to be unhappy.”

Liu Yi’s voice is cold and shivering as he says, “I don’t have money…”

“No money?”

Kai Wen stretches out his hand and feels around Liu Yi’s pockets and indeed there is not even a single coin.

Seeing this one of the students curses, “Damn it! A poor fuck!”

“Motherfucker, a poor fuck. No wonder Ma Yixuan does not like you. Idiot, scram to your class! You weak egg!”

Kai Wen also starts scolding as he pushes Liu Yi into the wall by the side.

“I am not a weak egg.”

Liu Yi’s back crashed onto the wall as pain spread throughout his body.

He feels that at that moment, the blood in his body is starting to speed up once again.

A cold sensation appears in his body.

“What? What did you say, do you want to repeat again?”

“You must be sick of living right?!”

The students start gathering around Liu Yi as they roll up their sleeves and watches Liu Yi like a tiger watching his prey.

“I say…”

The last few words were uttered softly by Liu Yi.

Kai Wen moves forward, “What did you say?”

“I say…Fuck your whole family!”


Chapter 11 [What did you say]


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