MKW Chapter 1099


Chapter 1099 [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
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 “Xiaoxaio. You are not allowed to take action.”

After Liu Yi gave that order, he said to Chen Cai, “Chen Cai, first blood is yours.”

“Understood, boss!”

Chen Cai smiles as he places his index and middle finger in his mouth and lets out a whistle.

A blue Anivia immediately appears among those celestial soldiers and celestial generals.

Before those archers, can release their arrows, that eight meters big Anivia immediately flip its wings! Instantly an enormous ice storm sweeps up, immediately freezing numerous archers into ice statues!

LOL summoning technique!

Liu Yi’s eyes brighten up. Chen Cai has not used this move for a long time.

Erlang Shen did not move while his aide-de-camp Yang Wei shouts, “Damn it! Capture that damn phoenix!”

Numerous Deity General Barracks soldiers take action as their golden Soul-Sucking Chain flies out one after the other, twining around that Anivia! The enormous phoenix was chained down, unable to move. Furthermore, its power is constantly sucked away, causing it to turn into a mute cannon.

“It’s my turn now!”

Ye Hanshuan takes action now. She steps on the railing with one leg as she shouted at the soldiers below, “Filthy bugs, all of you should surrender under this queen’s feet!”

The moment Ye Hanshuang steps forward, her queen aura immediately spreads out.

Numerous celestial soldiers immediately kneel down towards Ye Hanshuang with hearts emitting from their eyes, losing their combat ability.

Seeing his underlings’ bear-like appearance, Erlang is somewhat resentful and berates them, “What is up with you guys! Get up!”

But these soldiers are unable to hear his voice. They only have one person left in their eyes, and that is Ye Hanshuang. At this instant and moment, Ye Hanshuang had become their queen! Their supreme queen!

“Are you not going to use your Asura Door ….”

Liu Yi holds his forehead. When did Ye Hanshuang like to toy with men!

This woman…seems to have become scarier!

Luo Xiaoxiao listened to Liu Yi and did not take action.

While Pearl is not obedient. As a combat race, at this moment, her blood is boiling, and only wishes to have a good fight!

She immediately jumps to the bow of the ship and falls down along the chains!

Liu Yi is worried about Pearl’s safety and immediately extends his hand and points at Pearl.

A stream of flame and ice flies out and engulfs Pearl’s body!

Instantly, Pearl’s body is covered with red and blue fire ice armor! This fire-ice armor also greatly increases her combat strength!

Pearl falls from the sky, and her fists smash into two different celestial soldiers’ heads, smashing them straight into the ground.

Pearl then rushes into the group of celestial soldiers as she uses her body technique which is boosted by Liu Yi’s fire-ice armor, to cause those celestial soldiers to suffer a crushing defeat and wail like ghosts and howl like wolves.

Erlang Shen rebuked angrily, “A group of disappointing things! Looks like this general needs to personally take action then!”

Standing on top of the ship, Liu Yi stares at Erlang Shen and taunts, “How dare a person who lost to me say such words!”

In any case, we are going to fight. I might as well anger this fellow into losing his rationality first! After all, his temperament seems to be very easy to anger!

Indeed when Liu Yi said this, Erlang Shen flew into a rage.

“Liu Yi! Don’t think that you can really win! Previously this general did not use my full strength because this general was worried about Jade Emperor’s safety! This time, it is your death date!”

Although the mission that Jade Emperor had given him is to scare Liu Yi before pretending to retreat in defeat, allowing Liu Yi to successfully bring Chang’e and escape to the Nanzhang Section State, Erlang Shen is unwilling! Thinking about how Liu Yi will be rubbing heads together with his female goddess Chang’e, he grinds his teeth!

After all, both will die; why don’t I find an opportunity to kill Liu Yi!

Right now, this opportunity is placed in front of me!

“Watch me transform!”

As Erlang Shen speaks, his body suddenly expands rapidly and instantly transforms into an enormous evil dragon. He then slashes his dragon claws at the ship!

If this claw hits the ship, it is likely that ship will be slapped into two!

But Liu Yi stands there unmoving. A yin-yang symbol lights up between his brows.

Cosmos qi! Liu Yi immediately uses his most powerful power!

He tumbles on the spot and transforms into a roaring fierce tiger!

This fierce tiger leaps up and bites down on the dragon claw before jumping up onto the evil dragon and pressing him down onto the ground, and tearing at it!

The evil dragon immediately raises its tail and wraps it around the fierce tiger like it is going to strangle the fierce tiger!

But Liu Yi did not panic. He disregards his body and ruthlessly bites down on the dragon’s throat!

Dragon blood spray out as the evil dragon finally knows pain!

He screams and morphs into a black flood dragon and falls into the water. It then creates a shocking wave like it wishes to capsize the ship!

“Don’t think of it!”

Liu Yi immediately transformed into Anivia that Chen Cai had summoned earlier and flapped his wings at the sea wave!

The ice storm immediately sweeps over and instantly freezes that enormous ten meters tall wave into an ice wall!

“What a scary fellow…”

Seeing this scene, Wang Wei cannot help but be stunned, “He can fight against the general evenly…that is rare!”

He suddenly starts to feel fortunate. Luckily that night, Liu Yi did not take action. Otherwise, I would have been turned into a lonely feral ghost.

Liu Yi…is simply too impressive. He is too hard for the Heavenly Court to anticipate.

He is indeed the thorn in the Heavenly Court’s side. We must thoroughly root him out! Fairy Chang’e …everything is on you now! This show is all to coordinate with you!

Yang Wei and the rest complain without stopping while Erlang Shen transforms back into his human form. The moment his human form appears, he immediately swings out a crescent moon white light towards that ship with his three-point two-edge spear.

Just how powerful is Erlang Shen. If the ship is hit by his attack, the ship will be break in half!


But who is Liu Yi? How would he let Erlang Shen do as he wishes?

An avatar shoots out from his back, holding an enormous Monarch Shield in each of its six hands!

The avatar is also over ten meters tall, and each of the Monarch Shield is 8 meters big. When they are combined together, it is not small and obstructs half of the ship!

The white light lands on the combined Monarch Shield causing the ship to tremble!

“Monarch Scorpion! Monarch Shield!”

Erlang Shen cannot help but be jealous, “How did this fellow have such good luck and obtain a Monarch Scorpion as a pet!”

“Bought from the pet market. Why don’t you go and take a look as well?”

Liu Yi winks at Erlang Shen.

“How dare you make fun of me!”

Although Erlang Shen is domineering, he is not stupid. He immediately hears Liu Yi’s mocking intentions!

He exploded in anger and waved his hand, roaring, “Deity Descent!”

A god light lands on his body, causing Erlang Shen’s body to start expanding as his strength sharply increases!

His strength spread through the entire dock, causing all of the people on the dork to exclaim in admiration, and some even kneel down as they are unable to withstand Erlang Shen’s might.

“Let, let’s quickly escape…”

Chang’e is afraid that the situation will change and immediately urges Liu Yi, “Don’t fight anymore…it might cause harm to the innocent!”

Although Liu Yi is not afraid of Erlang Shen at all, he thinks that what Chang’e says is right.

Like the saying, when gods fight, the mortals suffer a calamity. Erlang Shen and I are evenly matched, but if we really start fighting. This Luo Family’s ship is likely to be destroyed.

Liu Yi says, “Erlang Shen, today, this young master shall not accompany you to play!”

He then immediately waves his hand and uses his power to create a boat. After which, he let Ye Hanshuang and the rest jump onto the boat first.

Ye Hanshuang and the rest immediately follow his order. Pearl also runs back from the enemy army and obediently jumps onto the boat.

To her, Liu Yi’s commands are sacred orders.

Seeing the small black boat that Liu Yi created with his power, he immediately knows that he wishes to run.

“Where do you think you are running too!”

Erlang Shen roars, and from the looks of it, he does not wish to let Liu Yi leave.

He waved his hand as a beam of god light descended from the sky and fell towards the small boat.


Liu Yi forms hand seals, and two wave rises from the seawater like two enormous hands. They combine together before transforming into an ice wall protecting the boat.

When the god light descends, it smashes apart the ice wall, but the boat is perfectly fine.

At this moment, Liu Yi himself uses shadow steps and appears on top of the black boat.

This black boat is created by Liu Yi using his dark power. The boat is ten meters long with a black sail on top. The bow of the ship is the sculpture of a human skull, making it looks like a pirate boat.


Liu Yi waves his hand at Erlang Shen before slapping his hand at the raised sail.

Palm wind drives this boat forward and immediately departed the port.

“Capture them!”

Erlang Shen roars in anger as golden chains fly out, wishing to hook onto Liu Yi’s boat’s body.

“Wishful thinking!”

Liu Yi lets out a roar as an enormous golden avatar shoots out from his back!

This avatar instantly starts expanding and soon transforms into a hundred meters tall black devil!

This devil’s six arms are holding a thick white bone spear. Aiming them at those celestial soldiers and celestials generals, it tosses those bone spears out at them!

When the bone spear lands on the ground, it immediately explodes! Rows of sharp spur rise steeply from the ground like a grove, instantly flipping over the Deity General Barracks people as well as those celestial soldiers and celestial generals!

Erlang Shen waves his hand and breaks those rising bone spurs beneath his body, and nearly crushes his own teeth from grinding too hard.

Erlang Shen let out a roar of anger, “Liu Yi! I, Erlang Shen, will not let you off! I shall bury you in the Xumi Ocean!”

With that, he turns around and says to Yang Wei, “Prepare to awaken the Xumi Ocean Devil!”

“What?” Hearing this, Yang Wei’s expression greatly changes, “Ge-general…that…Fairy Chang’e is still on the boat…”

“We can’t we bothered anymore. As long as we can kill Liu Yi, it will accomplish Jade Emperor’s objective!”

Erlang Shen is like a fiend. His originally handsome face is currently malevolent.


Yang Wei is still slightly worried, “That, that is Fairy Chang’e…”

“Less nonsense!” Erlang Shen says in anger, “Do as I instruct you!”

“As you order…”

The duty of a soldier is to obey an order, and it is the same in the Heavenly Court. Yang Wei has no choice but to do what Erlang Shen instructed him to do.

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Chapter 1099   [Going out to sea]

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