MKW Chapter 1098


Chapter 1098 [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

To proceed to the Nanzhan Section State from the Dongsheng God State, one must cross over the gigantic Xumi Ocean.

Xumi Ocean is the only ocean in the four major states and is also the central ocean. No matter which state you want to head to, as long as you cross this Xumi Ocean, you will reach there.

At this moment, an old butler from Luo Family is standing at the dock of Dongshen God State as he looks at his big miss tearfully.

“Big miss…are, are you really going to the Nanzhan Section State?”

The old butler is the person-in-charge stationed at Dongsheng God State from Luo Family. As the number one family of Dragon Immortal Town, excluding their military force, naturally, they have some businesses. The specialties from each major state are different. For example, Dongsheng God State’s specialties are herbs; thus, the Luo Family transport herbs to other States before buying their specialties to bring back to their own territory to sell. From this, they make money and obtain sudden huge profits.

Otherwise, what would Luo Chen use to provide for such a huge family?

Liu Yi and the rest is going to rely on the cargo ship that Luo Chen uses to transport goods. They are preparing to stowaway on it to go to the Nanzhan Section State.

Liu Yi gives the cargo ship a look and realizes that below the hold of the ship is a very large sunroof. Above the sunroof is an iron net, and below the iron net are slaves. All of them have lifeless expressions without any light in their eyes.

Seeing Luo Xiaoxiao walking back, he immediately questions, “Luo Family are also involved in the peddling of slaves?”

Luo Xiaoxiao is somewhat apprehensive as she asks, “Of, of course…are you mad…”

She is worried that Liu Yi would be angry at her. Liu Yi and the rest of the people from the Heaven Realm are different. He possesses an unconventional ideology of freedom. While for the Heaven Realm people, this kind of slavery is already deeply rooted and cannot be changed.

“If you wish to make money, you must be involved in the business of slavery.”

Chang’e, who had dressed up in disguise, explains, “The Luo Family is not too bad. At the very least, the environment of this ship is not bad. Lots of ships that transport slaves would lock the slaves inside the dark hold of the ship. When transporting them to reduce cost, they will not give water nor open the door of the hold of the shop. Normally when they reach the place, numerous slaves would have died from sickness or starvation.”

Hearing this, Liu Yi cannot help but clenches his fist.

This is the Heaven Realm where everything is evil is still called the Heaven Realm? 

Liu Yi thought that he had returned to the Stone Age! This civilization is too backward!

Liu Yi is unable to imagine this happening in the current era!

Liu Yi asks, “Then why not put all of them on the deck?”

“Because they are slaves,” reminded Chang’e, “Since they are slaves, they are treated differently from normal people. Liu Yi, don’t forget that this is the Heaven Realm, not the Human Realm. If you continue to maintain your thinking, then sooner or later, we will be noticed. How are we going to get to the Nanzhan Section State? Furthermore, the Nanzhan Section State is filled with slaves and is also the largest slave market in the Heaven Realm. At that time, what you will see will be even worse, will you go mad then?”

“Perhaps I am not suited to the Heaven Realm.” Liu Yi’s look turns gloomy, “Perhaps I should change the structure of the Heaven Realm then.”

Chang’e instantly laughs, “What are you saying. Do you think that you are the Jade Emperor?”

“Don’t force me! Force me, and I will go and be the Jade Emperor!”

Chang’e becomes a little bit nervous, “Don’t mess around. You cannot say such things!”

Liu Yi snorts coldly, “I don’t like this current Heaven Realm.”

Chang’e mutters, “Tsk; it is not like the Heaven Realm exists due to your will.”

“But my will is the more proper one!” Said Liu Yi making Chang’e roll her eyes.

Seeing that the enormous dragon ship is already raising its sail, Ye Hanshuang reminded them, “Now is not the time to talk about all of this. We should board the ship now.”

“Boss, it seems like some pursers are here.”

Chen Cai, who had his eyes closed, suddenly opens his eyes and says, “My Asura God has seen them.”

What an asura cultivates is an Asura God. Normally their Asura God will be hidden within their body, and no one will be able to see it. Only when they use it would it appear.

Earlier, his Asura God hid within his body, Chen Cai sees those armored soldiers a distance away from them.

“Understood. Let’s board the ship.”

Liu Yi knows that it is not time to be talking about this matter anymore, and he immediately heads towards the ship.

Chen Cai and the rest follow closely behind him. All of them are disguised with the appearance of slave merchants. Liu Yi and Ye Hanshaung are wearing clothes of a merchant while Chang’e, Chen Cai, Luo Xiaoxiao as well as Pearl are wearing chains as they follow behind the two of them.

Chang’e is very unhappy, “Damn it, why must I act as a slave!”

Chen Cai also stares at Liu Yi with tearful eyes as he raises his chains around his hands.

On the contrary, Luo Xiaoxiao is rather excited as she looks to the left and right. Occasionally she would fiddle with her chains like everything is a novelty.

Pearl did not have any reaction as she was originally a slave and is used to it.

When they boarded the ship, the sail of the ship was already fully opened. There are a total of 5 sails making this a very gigantic ship.

Carried by the wind, they leave the harbor splitting the seawater in front of the ship into two.

At this moment, several chains flew out and hooked onto the ship and stopping it in place, causing it to be unable to depart.


The person-in-charge of the ship is standing at the brow of the ship and says loudly, “To dare to stop my Luo Family ship!”

This person-in-charge is a middle-aged man. He is wearing Luo Family’s black attire as he looks at the group of law enforcers below the ship.

These armored soldiers are led by none other than Yang Wei.

Today, Yang Wie is holding in his anger. Yesterday he was scolded by Erlang Shen with a torrent of abuse!

At this moment, Yang Wei stands on the dock holding a chain in his hands as he says, “Right now, all of the ports of Dongsheng God State are sealed! No boat is allowed to leave the harbor!”

“What are you talking about!”

The one in-charge is called Luo Nan and is a very devoted Luo Family lower servant. His eyes glance towards Liu Yi and the rest subconsciously before saying, “How dare you block the Luo Family’s ship! Yang Wei! Do you think you can take the responsibility of delaying the Luo Family’s business?!”

Yang Wei laughs coldly, “There is no need for you to scare me. What have I not seen after so many years? Let me tell you. Not to mention your Luo Family, I will seal all ships from all of the major families of the Dongsheng God State! Before capturing the fugitive Liu Yi, no one can think of leaving!”

“Yang Wei, you are too arrogant!”

Luo Nan is also someone famous. Although he is facing Yang Wei, he still says coldly, “Your Yang Family does not have any business and has always enjoyed the offering from us major families of the Dongsheng God Sate. Are you not afraid that the Yang Family will no longer have any offerings after what you have done?”

“If I don’t block you today, not to mention offerings, the Yang Family’s position will be hard to keep!”

Yang Wei points at Luo Nan, “Stay here! After my lord Erlang Shen has come and inspected, we will let you all depart!”

“What’s to be done?”

Luo Nan asked them softly, “Looks like we will not be able to leave the harbor today.”

“Damn it. This group of people are damn rotten.”

Liu Yi is very unhappy, “Can’t we just let Erlang Shen inspect. All of us have used Fog Qi to change our appearance so Erlang Shen would also not be able to see through it.”

But Chang’e shakes her head and reminded Liu Yi, “His 3rd eye can see through illusions. This kind of appearance-changing technique will be seen through by him.”


Liu Yi says in his heart, isn’t this the same as my Golden Pupils?

Looks like this matter is not that easy to deal with!

Erlang Shen is proclaimed as the number one wargod of the Heavenly Court, and that is from playing around. His full strength is 3rd layer of heaven and is close to 4th layer of heaven! If I fight against him, the movements will be too big!

The most important task is to send Chang’e out of this place. Not fight against the Heavenly Court!

Liu Yi starts to rack his brain to think of a method to settle this issue.

“What is there to think about. When they come, just fight!”

Ye Hanshuang crosses her arms and says unyieldingly, “It will be settled after beating them until they piss their pants in terror.”

No one in the Heaven Realm recognizes Ye Hanshuang’s appearance. Thus there is no need for her to disguise herself. She is still that queen full of charm.

“Fight, fight, fight! Can you win in a fight?”

Chang’e gives Ye Hanshuang a dissatisfied look, “Our task is to flee, not get into conflict with the Heavenly Court.”

“Hmph, only a coward hides here and there!”

Who is Ye Hanshaung? She is the number one queen of the Asura Realm!

When has she fled before? It has always been her chasing to kill other people!

Even Liu Yi had been chased by her for an entire 200 years!

Right now, asking her to flee is making her unhappy!

“That’s right. If they come, we must fight!”

Chen Cai also expressed his agreement. “Damn it. This entire journey is too sullen! Boss, what are you afraid of. Let’s just slaughter a bloody road out!”

“Don’t, don’t fight…”

Luo Xiaoxiao is a pacifist. Hearing that they want to fight, she immediately opposes it.

Only Pearl did not speak. At this moment, she is standing behind Liu Yi, protecting him. As a combat race shaman, she is a natural-born warrior and will not allow anyone to injure her master!

“It is not like we can not fight.”

Liu Yi sighs and points at the sky, “Erlang Shen has come.”

The moment he said that, a beam of light falls from the sky, and it is the Through Filament method of the Heavenly Court.

In the Heaven Realm, the only flying technique that can be used is the Through Filament technique. And the technique is a bit similar to the Moonlight technique. Both use a place to transfer their people.

At this moment, Erlang Shen was sent over here from the Heavenly Court.

He had also brought along a number of celestial soldiers, celestial generals, and even the people from the Deity General Barracks.

The moment Erlang Shen landed, he immediately opens the third eye on his forehead!

Instantly golden light shines on the ship, and the disguises that Liu Yi and the rest put up were all dispersed!

“You came when we mentioned him.”

Liu Yi sensed his blood racing, “Brothers, let’s cause havoc!”

“Leave it to me, boss!”

Chen Cai laughs loudly and is the first to leap up to the railing.

While Erlang Shen raises his spear and points at Liu Yi and shouted, “Liu Yi! Chang’e! The two of you better surrender! Chang’e, you actually betrayed the Heavenly Court! You disappoint me! Liu Yi! How dare you snatch away the fairy of my Heavenly Court! Your crime is unpardonable! Your judgment is immediate death!”

With that, with a wave of his hand, a group of Heaven Archers appear behind him and pull open their bows at the same time!

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Chapter 1098   [Encounter once again]

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