MKW Chapter 1097


Chapter 1097 [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG


“You don’t say! It is not like I am blind!”

Liu Yi had long seen such a bright light.

The surrounding lights shine even brighter on their car as Yang Wei’s voice covers the entire Dragon Immortal Town through some technique.

“Liu Yi! Immediately give up and surrender! Otherwise, don’t blame us for being impolite!”

Chen Cai asks, “Boss; he says that he is going to be impolite!”

Liu Yi smiles, “Then let’s welcome them!”

With that, he stepped on the gas, and the car drove even faster!

Seeing that Liu Yi does not care about him, Yang Wei becomes angered. He no longer cares if Luo Xiaoxiao is in the black object and immediately roars in anger, “Immortal light!”

Instantly the light from the mirrors becomes penetrating!

Anywhere the light shine passes will immediately explode with dazzling flames!

Looks like this light is also a kind of weapon! The mirrors in the hands of the law enforcers are all magic tools!

A ray of light blasted Liu Yi’s car into the sky, but Liu Yi did not panic. Instead, he changes the shape of the car!

A pair of wings emerge from the sides of the car as two pairs of flamethrowers also emerge from the car. They belch out flames causing the car to float in the air.

“Ah! Fly, we are flying!”

Seeing this flying ‘big monster,’ Luo Xiaoxiao cannot help but exclaims, “How is this possible! The Heaven Realm prohibits flying techniques!”

Liu Yi laughs loudly as he controls the flying car as he says, “This is not a technique but science!”

After flying up, the car’s speed becomes extremely fast like lightning!

Those rays of light chase behind them as Liu Yi controls the car to sway left and right, dodging those light beams.

The light beams exploded beside them, causing the car to keep shaking from the shockwaves.

But they are still unable to stop Liu Yi from flying away as the car continues to fly at top speed.

But in front of them, a row of light beams obstructed the car’s path causing Chen Cai to ask nervously, “This…how do we get past it?”

Liu Yi also frowned. But at this moment, a gap appears in the light wall in front of them!

Liu Yi immediately looked over there only to see a young girl appearing on the roof in front!

Chains are still twined around the girl as she roams the roofs. She uses her feet and fists to beat down one law enforcer after the other!

“It is a shaman!”

“It is a slave!”

“Kill her!”

The law enforcers immediately start aiming the light beams at the young girl preparing to kill her.

A light beam instantly hits the young girl causing her to shoot down from the sky. As she tumbles down, Liu Yi immediately says, “Hanshuang, save her!”

Ye Hanshuang nods her head and closes her eyes.

An enormous asura arm stretches out and grabs hold of the girl in midair before tossing her into the car.

After the young girl entered the car, she stared at the rest of the people in the car vigilantly.

This young girl is none other than Pearl, whom Liu Yi released earlier.

Ye Hanshuang said coldly in dissatisfaction, “What are you looking at! Don’t you know how to say thank you after being saved!”

Pearl immediately exposes her eye tooth as she stares at Ye Hanshuang in threat.

Liu Yi hurriedly explained, “Stop messing around. We are still escaping for our lives! Pearl is mute.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he drives the car and treads through the small gap between the light wall.

“Damn it! Chase after them!” Roared Yang Wei in unbearable anger. They had appeared to be turtles in a jar waiting to be captured, but unexpectedly they still escaped!

That damn young shaman girl! Just where did she come from!

Those light beams chase after Liu Yi’s car while Liu Yi pushes the speed of the car to its extreme and soon traverses through Dragon Immortal Town and soon arrives in front of the enormous long river in front!

Liu Yi controls the car and closes the windows before driving head-on into the freezing river water!

After the car entered the river, it started transforming again. The shape of the car became slender as the wings were withdrawn back. It actually transforms from a car into a submarine!

The pitch-black submarine stays still as it sinks into the bottom of the river without any movement at all.

When the light beams from those mirrors land into the river water, they lose effectiveness and are incapable of hitting the submarine. Especially since the river water is also black, they are unable to find the exact location of the submarine.

“Damn it! Could it be that they are going to escape?”

Yang Wei is unwilling as he clenches his teeth, “Lead the Jade Water Beast over!”

Very soon, a ferocious beast that entire body is made of a blue gem was lead over by people using a golden rope.

The ferocious beast is over three meters tall and 8 meters long. Its body is covered with scales, and its shape is like a qilin. But its face is like a leopard. It has a thick and solid tail that is swinging behind it.

This Jade Water Beast was dragged over by ten law enforcers using the golden rope.

The Jade Water Beast continuously exhales frost air onto the ground, freezing the ground with frost.

Yang Wei pointed at the Jade Water Beast and took out a cow horn and blew into it.

The cow horn’s stuffy melancholy sound echoes out and resounds the entire riverbank.

That Jade Water Beast suddenly starts to turn violent and stamp its feet, causing a water wave to rise and flush away the law enforcers beside it.

“Jade Water Beast, don’t disappoint me!”

With that, Yang Wei blew on the cow horn again.

The sound of the cow horn is like some kind of signal which causes the Jade Water Beast to take action again.

It walks to the side of the river and lowers its head as it lets out a roar at the river water!

The river water acted like it was being controlled and automatically start splitting to the sides!

The surging spray lifts up very high and exposes the riverbed in the middle.

Liu Yi’s submarine was also exposed, and Chen Cai shouted, “Boss, boss. They split apart the river!”

“Minor accomplishment.”

Liu Yi snorts coldly, and his body flickers. He appears outside of the submarine, stepping on top of the submarine.

The mark of qilin appears between his brows as water qilin immediately possesses his body!

At this instant, Liu Yi felt that he had entered another kind of transcendent realm!

All of the surrounding water seems to have become a part of him!

Water qilin the hegemon in water!


Liu Yi’s hands are slowly brought together.

The two waves that were split to the side start gathering together bit by bit.

Seeing this scene, Yang Wei got a huge shock. What the fuck! Just what kind of cultivation does this man have to confront Jade Water Beast?

Although Yang Wei was shocked, he still continued to blow the cow horn once more, making the sound of the cow horn even louder.

Jade Water Beast roars like it had received some kind of boost. It opens its bloody mouth wide open as its dark blue eyes turn scarlet!

The waves stop and once again start to split to the side.

“Hahahaha! How dare you be arrogant in front of me!”

Liu Yi laughs loudly as a golden shockwave erupts from his body!

God Transformation Stage One!

After activating God Transformation Stage One, Liu Yi’s cultivation base instantly shoots into the 1st layer of heaven!

He uses strength to bring his hands together, and the waves start to fall. The Jade Water Beast howl in grief as it kneels down on the riverbank as it bleeds from its seven apertures!

“Jade Water Beast!”

Yang Wei nearly peed from fear! Jade Water Beast was so badly injured?!

What kind of person is Liu Yi? A devil god?

Cannot! I must swiftly report this matter to Lord Erlang Shen and let Lord Erlang Shen make a decision himself!

While at this moment, Liu Yi had returned back into the submarine and controlled the submarine to go along with the river water downstream.

“Xiaoxiao, later when we reach a safe place, we will drop you off.”

As Liu Yi drives the submarine, he says to Luo Xiaoxiao, “Your father will be terribly worried. You should return quickly.”

Luo Xiaoxiao stared at Liu Yi before suddenly saying, “I…I’m not going back…”

Liu Yi got a huge shock, “What? Then where are you going?”

“I….I shall follow you…”

Luo Xiaoxiao seemed to be slightly bashful as she fiddle with the edge of her clothes, “Growing up so big…I, I have never gone outside to see the world…”

Liu Yi became anxious. Bring Luo Xiaoxiao…

Although Luo Xiaoxiao is very powerful, Liu Yi is not worried about her safety but her IQ.

Luo Xiaoxiao, who had been growing up under the wings of Luo Chen since young, is lacking in common sense. She lacks experience with society. 

This journey is tantamount to fleeing like a fugitive. Who knows if Luo Xiaoxiao can endure it.

Before Liu Yi can comprehend it, Pearl suddenly walks over and kneels down in front of Liu Yi and kotows towards him.

Liu Yi got a huge shock, “What, what is this for?”

Chang’e immediately understood and said, “This is the tradition of slaves in the Heaven Realm. She recognizes you as her master.”

“This is out of the question!” Liu Yi hurriedly rejects it, “You are free now. You are no longer a slave!”

But Pearl continues to kneel on the ground as her head touches the ground. She did not raise her head or her body.

“It is best that you recognize her.”

Chang’e sighs again, “This is for her good.”

“Rubbish!” Liu Yi pursues his brows, “What is good about letting people be slaves? This is too backward! A huge retrogress!”

Luo Xiaoxiao, by the side, cut into the conversation, “But…but this is the tradition of the Heaven Realm…”

Liu Yi waves her off, “You don’t understand!”

Chang’e immediately reprimanded, “I think that it is you who do not understand! Do you know that she is a slave! If she follows a good master, that is okay, but if she follows a vile master, then her end will be extremely tragic! If you accept her, she will be your slave. If you don’t accept her, she will still be a slave! For a slave without a master, anyone who captures her will become her master!”

Looking at Pearl, who is submitting on the ground, Liu Yi cannot take it and says, “But…I already released her…”

“Stupid. What rights do you have to release her!” Chang’e gives Liu Yi a look of disdain, “The most you can do is to snatch her away from others, but you are unable to change her status as a slave! In the Heaven Realm, she is a slave! A slave from head to tail!”

Liu Yi understood then and suddenly smiled, “I understand then. Pearl, you shall follow me for now. Later I will bring you to a place where there is no slavery.”

Chang’e immediately understood and stared at Liu Yi in astonishment, “You wish to bring her to the Human Realm?”

“That’s right. The Human Realm is a place with freedom.”

“Are you mad!!!”Chang’e glares at Liu Yi fiercely, “Do you know that shamans are not allowed back to Human Realm one! The moment they enter Human Realm, it will cause those great shamans who are in deep slumber to awaken!”

“What the.. so serious..”

Hearing this, Liu Yi is stunned, “Looks like Pearl can only stay in the Heaven Realm then…forget it. Let’s not think about this anymore. Let’s advance towards the Nanzhan Section State!”

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Chapter 1097   [Jade Water Beast]

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