MKW Chapter 1096


Chapter 1096 [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG


That law enforcer instantly collapses onto the ground as he holds his low body that is covered with blood as he screams.

Other law enforcers by the side were also badly frightened, and someone raised his voice and shouted, “Someone is attacking us!”

This shout is not soft, and in a blink of an eye, several tens of light beams land around Liu Yi. These light beams instantly transform into armored soldiers.

Yang Wei also emerges from one of the light beams. Seeing his subordinate losing a leg and lying on the ground, he was greatly alarmed as he snarls, “Who did this!”

“It, it’s him…”

One of the law enforcers points at Liu Yi and says, “It is him who used a demonic technique…to tear off Wang Bao’s leg!”

“What? Demonic technique?”

Yang Wei instantly raises his spear and point at Liu Yi as he berates, “Luo Family’s servant! You have guts! Why did you harm my people!”

Liu Yi places both hands behind his back and puts on a solemn senior appearance, “Your subordinate was asking for a lesson.”

“Even if my subordinate was asking for a lesson, when is it your turn to teach it to him!”

Seeing his subordinate lying in a pool of blood crying, Yang Wei’s eyes turn red, “I think that you are a rebel! Men! Take him down!

“As you order!”

The law enforcers holding spears immediately charge forward like wolves and tigers, making Luo Xiaoxiao panic and exclaims, “Don’t, don’t harm him!”

Liu Yi transmitted his voice to Luo Xiaoxiao, {Xiaoxiao back off and let me settle this.}

After which, he says haughtily, “I did not plan to take action because I’m afraid that outsiders would say that I bullied you guys. But now, it is you who are asking for it.”

These law enforcers dare to treat a young fox immortal boy like this! That young boy is still unconscious with blood flowing out from his mouth!

Looking at him, Liu Yi feels that it is shocking to the eyes and heart!

When I came to the Heaven Realm, I felt that it was not bad. But from the looks of it now, it is a horrifying place!

Liu Yi does not like this place.

“A servant dares to talk back!”

Yang Wei does not place Liu Yi in his eyes and only feels that Liu Yi is just a servant who knows a demonic technique.

Yang Wei urges his subordinate to attack Liu Yi.

One of the law enforcers sneers as his spear stabs at Liu Yi’s throat! That spear transforms into a lightning bolt and is so fast that one can’t react to it!

But Liu Yi only extended his right hand and grabbed hold of that spear, stopping it in place.


That law enforcer got a huge shock as he did not expect that this old man would grab his spear!

Liu Yi kicks that law enforcer causing him to let go of his spear and fly away.

Liu Yi then flips the spear around and throws it out. Instantly that spear stabs through that law enforcer’s body and nails him into the walls of a building behind!

This move from Liu Yi heavily injured that law enforcer, which scared the rest.

“What valiant strength!”

Yang Wei pursed his brows, “How did you come to possess such cultivation?”

Liu Yi sneers, “Cultivated out!”

With that, he took a step forward, scaring the rest of the law enforcers into taking a step backward.

That small old man’s appearance seems to be magnified countless times in their eyes, making him look very horrifying!

By then, Luo Chen had also rushed over. Seeing Liu Yi, who had transformed into an old man, he frowns like he is thinking about something.

Yang Wei is still suspicious, “A servant can cultivate until so powerful?”

“Servant?” Liu Yi suddenly laughs loudly, “Take a good look at who I am!”

With that, Liu Yi’s figure start transforming!

His figure grows taller and taller and soon reaches 1.8m.

At the same time, his appearance also changes and goes back to his original appearance.

Sword-like brows and starry eyes, Liu Yi, is also a handsome guy.

Seeing Liu Yi’s appearance, Luo Xiaoxiao also got a shock. She did not expect that other than being good in martial arts, Liu Yi was also so handsome!

Women are like that. Although they like to say that they do not mind the appearance of a man, when they see a handsome guy, they will still be smitten.

Although Luo Chen does not know Liu Yi’s true features, seeing how scared out of the wits the law enforcers were after Liu Yi reveals his current face, he understood everything.

Looking at the young fox immortal boy lying in a pool of blood, Luo Chen can only sigh; this man is too human.

“It, it is you!”

Yang Wei’s expression changes. He did not expect that Liu Yi would be here! With Liu Yi’s strength, how can they win?

But Yang Wei suddenly thought of another matter. Why is Luo Xiaoxiao with Liu Yi?!

While at this moment, Liu Yi suddenly grabs Luo Xiaoxiao, who is behind him by her neck, and says loudly, “Miss, sorry. I lied to you!”

Luo Chen’s eyes brighten up as his view that Liu YI is an impulsive person changed slightly.

While Luo Xiaoxiao still had not understood what was going on. Liu Yi transmitted his voice to her, {Don’t say a word and listen to my orders!}

Luo Xiaoxiao immediately calms down as she believes in Liu Yi.

Holding Luo Xiaoxiao by her neck, Liu Yi orders, “If you wish for her to live, then don’t come over!”

Luo Chen started shouting in concert with him, “My daughter! My daughter!”

Luo Xiaoxiao does not know how to act or lie; thus, she can only remain quiet and look nervous.

Yang Wei does not dare to hastily take action. As he will offend Luo Chen if something happens to Luo Xiaoxiao!

He can only say, “Release Miss Luo!”

Liu Yi sneers, “Release? You guys can dream on! All of you back off otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite!”

“Okay, okay. We shall back off!”

Yang Wei can only let the rest of the law enforcers back off, leaving space for Liu Yi.

Liu Yi continues to hold Luo Xiaoxiao as he retreats backward.

Soon he reaches the wall as he watches Yang Wei bring his people to pressure him.

Liu Yi laughs loudly before suddenly taking a deep breath. He then opened his mouth and breathed out an eye-catching red flame!

Scarlet Blood Demon Flames!

Even immortals find it hard to resist this kind of flame that came from the ninth layer of heaven!

The surging raging flames rush forward, causing Yang Wei and his people to hurriedly revolve their qi to block!

By the time the flames had dispersed, Yang Wei had realized that both Luo Xiaoxiao and Liu Yi had disappeared!

“My daughter! My bitter-lifted daughter!”

Luo Chen grabs Yang Wei with his single and as he begs, “You must save my daughter and bring her back! She is my lifeblood!”

Yang Wei snorts in his heart, hmph, you only know to beg at this kind of time!

Although he is unhappy in his heart, he still says, “Relax, old man Luo, we will do our best to get Miss Luo back!”

“Then I shall rely on you!”

Luo Chen’s expression is begging, but he is secretly sniggering in his heart, idiots.

The law enforcers immediately rush out to chase Liu Yi while at this moment, Liu Yi is hugging Luo Xiaoxiao as he leaps a few times and goes into Dragon Immortal Town.

Luo Xiaoxiao’s face is red as she says, “You, you can put me down now…”

Liu Yi says, “Don’t be anxious. Wait till we reach there, then I will put you down.”

Luo Xiaoxiao no longer speaks. Actually, it feels rather good being in his embrace…

The night wind blows by their ear. Liu Yi’s speed is very fast, and his clothes have already transformed into a black coat which is used to cover his figure.

Soon he reaches the Dragon Immortal Tavern. He raises his head and looks at the building.

Although he does not know where Chen Cai and the two women are, he still has methods to find him!

Liu Yi took out his handphone and gave Chen Cai a call.

“What? The signal in Heaven Realm is good!”

From the other side of the phone came Chen Cai’s voice, “Boss, you escaped?”

“That’s right. Come down. We need to leave.”

“Okay! We’re coming down!”

After which, a window from the tavern was pushed open as Chen Cai, and two beautiful women floated down from the window.

Seeing Luo Xiaoxiao in Liu Yi’s embrace, Chen Cai exclaims in shock, “Boss, you have accepted this lass?”

Only then did Liu Yi recall that he is still hugging Luo Xiaoxiao. He hurriedly put Luo Xiaoxiao down and coughs, “Cough, cough…it is not like what you think…”

“That’s right. This lass is a maiden.”

Ye Hanshuang’s discerning eyes are very vicious and immediately see, causing Luo Xiaoxiao’s face to turn red from bashfulness.

Chang’e is slightly peeved as she says, “Hey, we are escapees! Do you think that this is an outing? Why are you bringing so many women?”

“No…wait till we reach the riverbank, Xiaoxiao will go back.”

Liu Yi hurriedly explains, “Bringing her…was due to being compelled by circumstances.”


Chang’e seems to not believe while Ye Hanshuang is smiling by the side.

“Indeed, you are the imperial consort of this Queen. Your charm is indeed great. In such a short period of time, you settled another lass.”

“Fuck! What do you mean by settling another lass!”

“Boss…I wish to worship you as a master!”

Chen Cai looks at Liu Yi with tearful eyes as he adulates Liu Yi’s ability to pick up girls!

I am also a heaven realm expert! Why am I still unable to get a woman!

“Stop messing around!”

Liu Yi gives Chen Cai a look, “In name, the two of us are still fellow apprentices, okay?”

Chen Cai hugs Liu Yi’s thighs, “It does not matter. In the future, you shall be my master! Master! Receive a kowtow from disciple!”

Liu Yi kicks Chen Cai away and says, “Let’s leave. If we leave late, the pursuers will arrive. I believe that after creating such a huge commotion, Erlang Shen will come personally.”

With that, he waves his hand, and a black SUV vehicle appears.

Liu Yi’s dark power can create anything and do anything.

Luo Xiaoxiao has never seen this kind of thing before and immediately asks, “What, what is this?”


Liu Yi gives Luo Xiaoxiao a wink before carrying her onto the car.

“This kind of iron thing…is a means of transportation?”

Seeing that everyone had boarded the car, Luo Xiaoxiao asks with some worries, “But in the Heaven Realm, flying devices are prohibited…no tools can fly!”

“It does not fly; it runs!”

Liu Yi steps on the gas pedal, and the car suddenly scuttles forward and starts rushing forward through the night at great speed!

While momentarily, the sky lights up like it is daytime!

Several law enforcers are standing on the roof of the surrounding buildings holding up a mirror in their hands! Those mirrors are shooting out a ray of light which light up the enormous Dragon Immortal Town!

Seeing the light outside of the car, Chen Cai reminded, “No good! They have discovered us!”

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Chapter 1096   [Fleeing]

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