MKW Chapter 1095


Chapter 1095 [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG


Yang Wei explains the situation. After Luo Chen heard what he said, he started laughing.

“I didn’t expect that other than monkey Sun, there was another person who dared to cause havoc in the Heavenly Court! Interesting! How interesting!”

“Old man Luo, you are saying it is wrong, right?”

Yang Wei says, “The Heavenly Court is the ruler of us all of. It is them who granted us the Immortal Record. Could it be that you wish to rebel?”

Luo Chen is also a quick-witted person. He immediately smiles, “Yang Wei, you better not give me that hat to wear. I do not have the strength nor the courage. Not to mention, Great-sage Sun is the Victorious Fighting Buddha and is a 4th layer of heaven expert. What is wrong with admiring him?”

Luo Chen’s words make Yang Wei unable to find fault. Yang Wei can only clench his teeth as he looks at him, “Sir Luo, today we are not here to seek trouble for you! I am here to capture a criminal!”

“I know. But look at this place. Do you think that there is a criminal here?”

Luo Chen points at a person, “Do you think that kid is one?”

The person he is pointing at is none other than Young Liu, who had fainted.

If Young Liu knows that after he got fainted, he was treated like a criminal by other people, he would cry out loud, ‘I am very …unlucky!’

“You better tell the truth!”

Yang Wei says, “Liu Yi is the number one wanted criminal of the Heavenly Court. He possesses Nine Yang God Qi, which we sensed earlier. Luo Chen, although you are the overlord of the Dragon Immortal Town, I believe that you would not shelter criminals, right?”

“Gosh, what you say is too serious!”

Luo Chen laughs, “I, Luo Chen, dare to do a lot of things, but I do not dare go against the Heavenly Court!”

Yang Wei is not willing to leave just yet; thus, he asks, “Good. Then do you mind if we search around? I have already gotten my men to surround the outside of this place so no one can escape. If I capture the criminal here…Old man Luo, your position will no longer be guaranteed!”

“Go ahead. Search as you wish!”

Luo Chen waves his hand, “If you are tired after searching, come and drink some water. After all, those who come are guests!”

Looking at Luo Chen’s expression, Yang Wei is unable to see any flaw. In the end, he has no other method and can only wave his hand and leads his people to search the compound.

While at this moment, Luo Xiaoxiao had brought Liu Yi to the underground passageway of the Luo Family and was walking with him.

This underground passageway is very long. Furthermore, it is meandering, making it hard to know where it leads to.

Liu Yi asked curiously, “Where is this passageway leading to?”

“It leads outside of town.” Luo Xiaoxiao says, “After exiting…wu…we should be beside a canal. When we reach there, you can leave by taking a boat!”

Liu Yi suddenly stopped Luo Xiaoxiao, “No. I cannot leave yet.”

“What?” Luo Xiaoxiao does not understand, “Why not? Isn’t it perfect to leave now?”

“No. I still have a few comrades who are waiting for me inside the town!”

Liu Yi did not forget about his promise to Chen Cai and the two women, “After creating this disturbance today, it is likely that the Heavenly Court people will do a wide search of the area tomorrow! I must take advantage of tonight and bring the team to leave.”

“I didn’t expect that you were such a loyal person!”

Luo Xiaoxiao looks at Liu Yi as her eyes shine, “You are just a bit too violent while everything else is good!”

Liu Yi laughs loudly as he thinks, this lady has good taste. To let her notice that I am made of good points!

“Then how do we go back? Does this secret passageway lead to other places?”


Luo Xiaoxiao shakes her head, “This secret passageway leads all the way from my family’s rock garden to the Dragon Immortal Town’s port. It does not lead anywhere else.”

“Great…” Liu Yi nods his head, “Bring me back then.”

“Will that work?”

Luo Xiaoxiao is worried.

Liu Yi laughs as he waves his hand in front of his face.

Instantly, Liu Yi’s facial appearance turned into an old man.

Luo Xiaoxiao is astonished because not only did Liu Yi change his facial appearance, he also changes his figure.

He turned from a tall man into a 1.5m short old man!

It is not something that anyone can do so casually!

“Is this a transformation technique of the Heaven Realm?”

Luo Xiaoxiao cannot help but ask, “I heard that there are two different transformation techniques in Heaven Realm. One is the 72 Earthly Transformation, while the other is the 36 Heavenly Transformations. Which one is yours?”

Liu Yi smiles, “Neither of them. If you like, I can teach it to you.”

Luo Xiaoxiao asked apprehensively, “Real-really? I, I am so stupid…can I learn it?”

“You can. Your cultivation is high enough.”

Liu Yi had taught Fog Qi True Body to a number of people, including numerous disciples from Massacre Shrine. This is the technique of the Heaven Dragon King, and Liu Yi decided to generalize it as one of Massacre Shrine’s core techniques. Although all of them cultivated it, the Fog Qi True Body that everyone cultivated is slightly different.

For example, Ai Ling, who is an exceptionally smart woman, had successfully cultivated her Fog Qi True Body, but her fog qi is red like blood.

The Heaven Dragon King’s descendant, Han Yuxin’s fog qi, is silvery-white. As for Liu Yi, his fog qi is gold.

Liu Yi is rather curious just what color would Luo Xiaoxiao’s fog qi be after she cultivates.

“You, you are really nice…”

Luo Xiaoxiao is very embarrassed. In the Heaven Realm, it is almost impossible for someone to pass their technique to other people.

As for why Liu Yi would do this…this shows that…he likes me, I guess…

Luo Xiaoxiao starts to sink into her fantasy as her eyes start to be filled with pink hearts.

Liu Yi urges, “Then…let’s go back?”

If they are too late, Liu Yi is worried that there will be a manhunt in the town.

Luo Xiaoxiao nods her head before bringing Liu Yi back to the path they came from. The two of them swiftly pass through the very long passageway and then carefully walkout from the rock garden.

Seeing how Luo Xiaoxiao looking around like a thief, Liu Yi smiles and says, “Relax and come out. There is no one outside.”

Luo Xiaoxiao asked with some curiosity, “How do you know?”

“Because I can see them.” Liu Yi points at his own eyes. His Black and White world can see the enemies that ordinary eyes are unable to.

“You are impressive!”

Luo Xiaoxiao’s gaze towards Liu Yi became full of worship. Liu Yi rubs Luo Xiaoxiao’s head, which she appears to like a lot.

Liu Yi feels that this girl is very pure. But her pureness is slightly different from the pure Zhang Yunyun. She is more like a piece of white paper without anything written on it.

Most importantly, who should be the first to write on it?

As Liu Yi followed Luo Xiaoxiao out through the main gate, he suddenly frowned.

“Wait a minute…”

“What’s the matter?”

“Someone is coming.”

Just as he had said that, Yang Wei had walked over with two other law enforcers. Seeing Luo Xiaoxiao, his eyes brighten up.

“Hellow, Miss Xiaoxiao, it’s been a long time since we last met.” When he walked over, he stares vigilantly at the person behind Luo Xiaoxiao, “Miss Xiaoxiao, who are you bringing and where are you bringing him to so late at night?”


Luo Xiaoxiao does not know how to lie. Hearing the question from Yang Wei, her face turns red.

Yang Wei becomes even more suspicious, and Liu Yi hurried forward as he replied with an aged voice, “Sir, this old one is young miss’s butler. Young miss’s body is indisposed; thus, this old one is bringing young miss to meet the family doctor. Official, what are you doing? Why are you in our home?”

Liu Yi turned from passive to active behavior and questioned him directly.

“I was chasing after a criminal and chased him here!”

Seeing that this person is a small old man, Yang Wei did not suspect him and instead asked, “Have you seen a majestic-looking young man together with Chang’e?”

“What? Fairy Chang’e?”

Liu Yi, who is disguised as an old man, displayed a very shocking appearance, “Fairy Chang’e is this old man’s idol…this old man has wished to see her since a long time ago…she, she came here?”

“Forget it.”

Yang Wei feels that questioning an old man is boring; thus, he gives Luo Xiaoxiao a few more glances before turning around and leaves.

Liu Yi secretly gives Luo Xiaoxiao a victorious hand sign before leaving together with her.

In front is the main gate. As long as we passed through it, I can go wherever I want!

At this moment, Liu Yi was suddenly attracted by the movements from an open door of a house by the side.

A young boy with a foxtail is squatting by the door. He appears to be around eight years old and seems to be a fox immortal.

This young fox immortal is sweeping the floor when the dust lands on the law enforcer by the side.

That law enforcer instantly became angered and roared, “Bastard! Where the fuck are you sweeping!”

Hearing this scolding voice, the young fox immortal was instantly frightened as he hurriedly kneels on the ground and starts apologizing to the officer.

“So-sorry! Sorry officer! This lowly one did not do it on purpose!”

“Fucking hell, do you know how much this armor of mine is worth?!”

The law enforcer continued to scold, “You damned slave! Can you compensate for it?!”

“Let, let this lowly one help officer wipe it clean…”

The young fox immortal walks over. Just as he is about to help the law enforcer wipe his armor, he was kicked away by the law enforcer.

“Scram! Fucking hell! How dare you use your dirty hands to touch my armor! Seeking death!”

After he kicked the young fox immortal onto the ground, he raised his leg and stomped down on the young fox immortal’s chest, “Damn it! Lowly slave! Go die!”

One leg after the other stomp down on the young fox immortal causing him to vomit blood.

Liu Yi frowned and started walking towards that law enforcer.

Luo Xiaoxiao got a huge shock as she hurriedly pulled his hand and shook her head at him.

But Liu Yi releases Luo Xiaoxiao’s hand as his gaze lands on that law enforcer again.

Liu Yi berates with a low voice while bearing with his anger, “Take away your leg.”

The law enforcer gives Liu Yi a look of disdain, “An old servant dares to butt in my matter?”

Liu Yi extended a finger. “I shall ask for the last time, remove your leg.”

“So what if I do not! You’ll bite me?!”

“Who are you?” The Law Enforcer kicks that young fox immoral ruthlessly again, “Go on and fucking bite me!”

Liu Yi sighs before waving his right hand.

A yin-yang symbol appears on his palm.

That Law Enforcer’s leg was torn away from his body on its own and flew away!

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Chapter 1095   [Immediately escape]

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