MKW Chapter 1094


Chapter 1094 [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG


The blood sprayed out like a fountain spraying to the roof.

Pearl clenches her teeth tightly but still abides by her master’s order and locks Liu Yi tightly, not letting go.

Liu Yi is astonished. He is unable to imagine that Young Liu would actually do such a thing to such a loyal and devoted subordinate!

He did not see Pearl as a human nor an animal! Even a pet would not be treated like this!

“There is you as well! You dare to kick this young master?!”

Young Liu walks towards Liu Yi with the blade. He then raises the blade and prepares to chop Liu Yi while Liu Yi suddenly lets out a loud roar scaring him into retreating a few steps as the blade in his hand falls onto the ground.

Seeing this scene, Luo Chen snorts coldly, “Useless scoundrel!”

Young Liu scolds again, “Damn slut! Grab hold of him tighter! I want to chop him! How am I supposed to chop him like this!”

Pearl clenches her teeth and locks Liu Yi up with even greater strength as the bleeding from her shoulder becomes more intense!

Young Liu picks up the blade and walks over again, preparing to give Liu Yi a chop. But at this moment, a huge avatar suddenly shot out from behind Liu Yi! The avatar raises a fist and punches down on Young Liu’s back, smashing him into the ground creating a deep hole on the ground!

“Quick-quickly save young master!”

The group from the Liu Family were so frightened that their complexion changes as they hurriedly stepped forward, wishing to save Young Liu.

But Liu Yi’s avatar opens its mouth and breathes out a gall, blowing all of them away!

“What technique is this!”

“So powerful!”

The crowd was astonished by this technique of Liu Yi!

The Heaven Realm is so big with so many techniques, but this is the first time they had seen this technique! Impressive, simply too impressive!

While that avatar’s fist is still pressing down of Young Liu.

Liu Yi waves his hand, and the avatar raises its fist, changing to grabbing Young Liu by his head and raising him into the air.

Young Liu’s face is covered with blood, and he is at his last gasp.

On Liu Yi’s back, Pearl was also stunned. She is unable to imagine that despite her clearly locking Liu Yi’s body, he can still attack her master.

Young Liu is utterly frightened as he pleads, “Don’t, don’t kill me…”

He is also unable to understand how an ordinary servant can beat him up like this. Not only him, but his entire family can also be defeated just like this! Who can tell him what is going on!

At this instant, Young Liu wishes to cry, but his body was raised into the air. He does not have the strength to raise his hand; if he cries, he will not be able to wipe away his tears.

Liu Yi says straightforwardly, “It is possible for me not to kill you. Scram out of town.”

“Okay…I, I’l scram…”

Young Liu does not wish to die; thus, he immediately agrees.

Liu Yi says, “There is another request.”

Young Liu repeatedly agrees to it, “Just say it! As long as you do not kill me, I can agree to any request of yours!”

Liu Yi points at Pearl, who is still riding on his back, and says, “I want the slave contract of this woman!”

As a shaman, Pearl’s flesh body is very powerful. Her wound had long stopped bleeding and is starting to heal up.

“I’ll give! I’ll give!”

Young Liu immediately shouted, “Quickly take out the slave contract!”

One of the Liu Family’s servants walked over while trembling with fear and passed a slave contract to Liu Yi.

“She belongs to you from now on!” Young Liu proclaims, “Now you can, let me off, right!”

“She does not belong to me.”

After taking the slave contract, Liu Yi tears it apart in front of everyone.

Young Liu got a huge shock and does not dare to believe it as he stares at Liu Yi, not knowing why he tore this slave contract! A slave contract contains a magical contract where if the slave is disobedient, the owner of the contract can rely on it to determine the life and death of the slave!

I spent a huge sum of money to obtain this shaman woman!

But this servant tore it apart! A waste of natural resources!

Pearl is also astonished when Liu Yi says loudly at this moment, “Pearl, you are free!”


Pearl let out some croning sound while Liu Yi thinks, could it be that this woman is mute?

Indeed Pearl did not say anything as she slowly climbs off Liu Yi’s back and starts making several hand gestures. It is a pity that her hand gestures are not a variation of sign language; thus, Little Jade is unable to interpret. After gesturing, Liu Yi is unable to understand what she wants.

Very soon, she points outside of the door.

Now Liu Yi understands it immediately and nods his head and says, “That’s right, you can leave now. No one will block you.”

Pearl walked towards the door while looking back repeatedly. After realizing that there is indeed no one blocking her, she becomes delighted. She crouch down and suddenly transforms into an afterimage and disappears on the spot.

“She left.”

Luo Xiaoxiao looks at Liu Yi with some concern, “You releasing her…might not be completely good for her.”

“Releasing her is still not good for her?” Liu Yi says, “Everyone should have their own freedom.”

Luo Xiaoxiao stammers, “But…but…”

“But what?”

“But she is a slave…previously, she was a slave with a master, now she is a slave without a master…now, she will find it very hard to survive…”

Liu Yi suddenly feels like he does not know what to say, but if one let him choose again, he will still choose to release Pearl.

Didn’t Alexandr Sergeevich Pushkin write this poem; Life is dear, love is dearer. One can have no moral integrity to be a nouveau riche… no, it is both can be given up for freedom!

[TL: And no, it is not written by Pushkin!!! This author had no idea who he was quoting from. This is a poem by Petőfi Sándor (Hungarian poet and revolutionary, 1823 – 1849).

The part ‘One can have no moral integrity to be a nouveau riche’ is a modified version online the actual poem is; Life is dear, love is dearer. Both can be given up for freedom]

After Liu Yi had corrected his poem, he once again looks at Young Liu, who is raised into the air by him.

“I, I have done as you asked…what do you wish to do…”

“Then let’s ask my family head.”

With that, Liu Yi turned around and asked Luo Chen, “Lord, how should we deal with him?”

“Cripple one of his arms.”

Luo Chen says calmly, “For his father’s face, I shall leave him his dog life.”

“An arm for an arm. It is very fair. Lord is indeed tolerant!”

Liu Yi cups his hand towards Luo Chen, making Luo Chen laugh loudly, “Well said, well said!”

Young Liu is about to cry. Fucking hell! This is also tolerant?!

“You heard him. Bear with it, and it will be over soon!”

With that, Liu Yi swung his hand and took out a blade.

“No, don’t!” Young Liu peed in his pants from fear, but no matter how he wished to escape, he was unable to run!

“Take a look, what’s over there?”

Liu Yi points in a direction, and Young Liu looks over there. At this moment, Liu Yi swings the blade, and blood sprays out!


Young Liu screamed, and Liu Yi said, “Alas, it’s just an arm; as a man, why are you crying.”

As Young Liu cries, he curses in his heart, fucking hell! The one who got his arm chopped off is not you! Of course, you will not cry!

At this moment, there is a raucous noise coming from outside.

“Earlier, a surge of power came from this direction! Quickly investigate!”

“It is over here!”

Everyone inside looks in that direction, and Luo Chen frowns as he says, “There seems to be someone outside! Xiao San, go and take a look!”

“Yes, Lord!”

A rather quick-witted servant immediately runs over there and soon runs back as he turns pale with fright as he says, “Lord, Lord! It is bad!”

“What are you making a big fuss about!”

Luo Chen says with dissatisfaction, “How many times must I say that when you come across matters, you must not panic. Why are you still shouting!”

“Lord, lord. It is people from the Yang Family!”

The servant says, “All of them are the Law Enforcers of the Yang Family!”

Luo Chen frowns and blurts out, “Yang Family’s Law Enforcers? Why are they here!”

“It is likely that they are here to capture me.” Liu Yi let out a bitter laugh, “I am still a wanted criminal of the Heavenly Court.”

“Wanted criminal of the Heavenly Court?” Hearing this, Luo Chen’s eyelid suddenly jumps, “Interesting! How interesting! After two thousand years have passed, I didn’t think that there was still be someone who could provoke the Heavenly Court!”

Things that are related to the Heavenly Court two thousand years ago should be Sun Wukong!

That monkey was indeed powerful. There seems to be a number of people in the Heaven Realm who admire him.

Luo Chen also seems to be one of them as he gives Liu Yi a thumbs up. “Little brother, well done! Although I do not know who you are, you have saved my Luo Family today. My Luo Family will care for you. Xiaoxiao, bring this young brother and leave immediately.”

“Okay! Understood, father!”

Luo Xiaoxiao immediately pulls Liu Yi’s hand and says, “Follow me!”

Liu Yi also knows that now is not the time to show off as a hero. He immediately follows Luo Xiaoxiao.

As Luo Xiaoxiao pulls Liu Yi along, she says to him, “My family has created a tunnel. Let’s leave from that.”

Liu Yi nods his head, “I hope that I will not leave your family any trouble.”

“Will not…”

Luo Xiaoxiao smiles, “After all, my family is also the biggest family in the Dragon Immortal Town. Even if the Yang Family comes, we will not be at too much of a disadvantage.”


At this moment, Luo Chen knocks out Young Luo with a slap before laughing sinisterly at the rest of the Liu Family people, “If you dare to spread out what happened here today…hehehe…”

With this laughter, all of the Liu Family people start trembling in fear and start nodding their heads repeatedly.

Luo Chen is satisfied, and after that, the Law Enforcer from the Luo Family burst into the martial grounds. The one leading them is a famously hired thug of the Yang Family, Yang Wei.

Yang Wei is holding a spear. After walking in, he started looking around.

Luo Chen waves his single arm and says coldly, “Yang Wei, don’t you think that it is quite rude to suddenly come to my Luo Family without greeting me, the head?”

Seeing that Luo Chen lacks an arm as well as the blood on the ground, Yang Wei immediately asks vigilantly, “Old man Luo, why are you like this?”

“I just fought against the people from the Liu Family. I believe that there is no need for me to say the reason.”

Luo Chen’s attitude towards Yang Wei is not weak, “What, your Yang Family is going to care about my Dragon Immortal Town’s matter?”

“You can’t put it like this. Old man Luo, don’t misunderstand.”

Yang Wei clearly does not wish to be enemies with Luo Chen. He immediately explains, “The situation is like this…”

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Chapter 1094   [Coming up to the door]

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