MKW Chapter 1093


Chapter 1093 [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG


What Young Liu imagines is not bad while Jadeite’s palm is already in front of Luo Xiaoxiao.

Old man Luo Chen got a huge shock, but it is too late when he wishes to block it!

This slap brings along a powerful roar of the wind and instantly arrives in front of Luo Xiaoxiao’s temple.

Luo Xiaoxiao got a huge shock as she subconsciously raises her arm, wishing to block it. But is it not possible for her strength to block the Absolute Yin Hand used by the 2nd layer of heaven! Even Luo Chen had suffered a loss from the Absolute Yin Hand, let alone Luo Xiaoxiao!

But at this imminent peril moment, a figure suddenly appeared in front of Luo Xiaoxiao. At the same time, that figure also raises a palm and receives Jadeite’s Absolute Yin Hand!

This person is none other than Liu Yi!

When their palm clashes against each other, a powerful shockwave instantly erupts out!

Liu Yi did not move where else Jadeite retreated two steps while looking at Liu Yi in astonishment.

Young Liu pursues his brows and asks in discontent, “Jadeite, what are you doing? Be serious!”

“Young master…this person is very powerful.”

But Jadeite does not dare to be careless. She asks, “Who are you?”

Liu Yi chuckles, “Me? I’m a small servant from the Luo Family, that’s all.”

Liu Yi continued, “You are shameless to take advantage of the fact that my family lord is recently unwell to challenge us! My family lord finds it disdainful to take action; thus, let me represent my family head to teach you guys a lesson!”

With that, Liu Yi cups his hands towards Luo Chen, “Lord, how about leaving it to me?”

“Okay, I shall leave it to you. Don’t throw away our face.”

“Of course.”

Liu Yi smiles and raises two fingers, “I shall use my family’s Meridian Breaking Finger and properly receive our guests.”

“You better mind your own business!”

Young Liu says coldly, “Otherwise, when the moment comes, you will not know what is called crying.”

Liu Yi smiles cheerfully and says, “Seeing how Young Liu has soft skin and tender flesh, I will do my best to not injure you too much!”

“Injure me?”

Young Liu laughs loudly, “You need to have the capability first! There is no harm in telling you this, but growing up till now, no one has ever injured me before!”

Liu Yi narrows his eyes at Young Liu, “That is because you never met me before. If you had met me, you would have been injured.”

“Damn it! Jadeite, slap him!”

“Yes, young master!”

Jadeite uses some weird movement technique and starts closing in on Liu Yi as she hits out her palm continuously at Liu Yi.

Her Absolute Yin Hand is indeed very impressive, but Liu Yi is not afraid of it. Not only does he have Undying God Body to resist, but he also has his cosmos qi to cancel out the Absolute Yin Hand’s poison!

No matter how poisonous it is, it is useless towards Liu Yi!

Liu Yi stands there and dodges a few palms before suddenly extend his right hand and jabs at Jadeite’s palm.

“Hmph! Seeking your own death!”

Jadeite does not place Liu Yi’s attack in her eyes. Absolute Yin Hand is the bane of Meridian Breaking Finger; thus, this man is seeking his own death!

His two fingers cannot be kept!

Although Jadeite thought beautifully, when her palm touches Liu Yi’s fingers, it was jab through by his fingers!


Jadeite screams as she holds her right hand with horror in her eyes.

She is unable to comprehend how Liu Yi’s fingers pierced through her Absolute Yin Palm!

I am a 2nd layer of heaven expert! I’m defeated so dubiously???

Young Liu was also shocked, “Jadeite! What is wrong with you!”

“Young master, so-sorry…”

Jadeite herself finds herself in an awkward situation. She was hired by Liu Family at a huge price to deal with this Luo Family! Unexpectedly after defeating Luo Chen, such a powerful servant popped up! Bloody hell! What is this? A top quality servant?

“Young Liu. Looks like you can only come in high spirits while leaving in disappointment.” Luo Chen laughs loudly, “Right now, there is still time if you leave, but I, Luo Chen, will not send you off.”

“Luo Chen, don’t be delighted!”

Young Liu also became anxious, “My methods are not only this!”

“Bring out your methods then; I, Luo Chen, am not afraid of you!”

Liu Yi says in his heart, bloody hell, this old man is gasping now! Weren’t you almost dying earlier? It is all because I helped you by being your fighter!

I also did not waste much qi and defeated Jadeite. But that is because Jadeite underestimated me! I had crippled one of her hands, so she no longer dared to continue fighting me as she is afraid that she will completely lose!

But if we continue on this farce…I might accidentally expose my real identity and be noticed by the people from the Heavenly Court!

After all, this place is still Dongsheng God State! I still have not left the range of the Heavenly Court’s!

“Pearl! Attack!”

Young Liu took out a lash and ruthlessly whipped that woman that had been standing by his side. When she feels the pain, she raises her head and looks at Liu Yi.

She exposes her pair of blue pupils, which are like a deep pond, almost making Liu Yi sink into it! It is very bewitching!

“High-rank shaman!”

Luo Xiaoxiao, who had been growing up in the four major states, has experienced a lot of things. She immediately exclaims, “You…actually bought a high-rank shaman!”

“Hahaha, of course!”

Young Liu laughs loudly, “This young master has money so I can buy everything! Sister Xiaoxiao, are you afraid now? If you are afraid, there is still time for you to come into this young master’s embrace!”

“My family’s big miss is protected by me.”

Liu Yi hooks his fingers at Young Liu, “If you are a man, then stop hiding behind women and fight with me.”

“This young master insists on not fighting against you. If you have the ability, then come and bite me!”

Young Liu’s manner is asking for a beating. At the same time, he whips that young girl called Pearl again.

“Scram! Beat him!”

Young Liu gave the order, and Pearl suddenly flashes. Bringing along the chains, she appears in front of Liu Yi!

This girl did not use any kind of attacking technique as she stomps down ferociously at Liu Yi from midair!

Liu Yi purses his brows as he subconsciously raises his arm, preparing to block that kick!

That girl’s kick forces Liu Yi to kneel onto the ground and causes the ground to crack!

Liu Yi is astonished. Not to mention this girl’s enormous strength, her techniques are also very weird!

Her body seems to be covered with some impressive aura, which is her strongest weapon!

That is why when Liu Yi is blocking her kick, it is like blocking an ax!

Her attack is still not over yet. Seeing that her kick did not succeed, after landing on the ground, she started kicking Liu Yi repeatedly with both legs!

Liu Yi does not dare to resist it head-on and can only dodge Pearl’s attack time after time.

Pearl suddenly kicks out and stomps down towards Liu Yi’s feet! Liu Yi thinks, if she stomped me, wouldn’t my leg be broken?!

Liu Yi dares to think of anything else as he hurriedly withdraws his leg. This stomp from Pearl lands on the ground.

The entire ground split apart, breaking this martial grounds into two!

The might behind the leg of this girl can be clearly seen!

“Indeed, a combat race. Shaman is indeed valiant!”

Even Luo Chen cannot help but praise when he sees this scene. This woman is simply too powerful!

While Liu Yi also understood in his heart. So this woman is a shaman. No wonder she is so powerful!

Since that is the case, I cannot keep hiding my strength!

Liu Yi takes a deep breath as two rays of golden light erupt from his eyes as a golden sun appears between his brows!

God Transformation First Stage!

After activating God Transformation, Liu Yi is no different from turning on hacks. He raises a leg and stomps on the ground!

The ground trembles violently, and the young girl nearly stumbles as her body sways along with the shaking of the earth.

Liu Yi takes advantage of this opportunity and leaps forward. As he charges through the air, he instantly puts on his fire-ice armor!

Liu Yi did not use any other move and only fought against Pearl in close combat!

After crossing blows a few times with Liu Yi, Pearl was suppressed by Liu Yi and retreated in defeat repeatedly!

“How is this possible!”

Young Liu does not believe in this fact as his whip lashes out on Pearl’s back.

“Fight seriously for me!”

Pearl trembles slightly, but she once again starts attacking Liu Yi obediently.

Liu Yi shook his head, this woman…

From her eyes, he is unable to see any emotion like her heart had already turned into dead waters.

This damn slavery!

Liu Yi is sincerely so hateful of it that his teeth itch!

Pearl is already beaten black and blue, but under Young Liu’s whipping, she continues to fight against Liu Yi.

Liu Yi suddenly lets out a roar and slaps out with Vein Seal on Pearl!

“Young Liu!”

Pearl’s body pauses and stops motionless.

At the same time, Liu Yi leaps forward a few meters and appears in front of Young Liu.

Before Young Liu can react, Liu Yi had already sent out a kick and kicked him ruthlessly!

In a blink of an eye, Young Liu, along with his chair, was kicked flying and crashed into the wall behind, causing him to be in extreme pain!

“Ahhhh!!!!” Screamed Young Liu.

Liu Yi still wishes to continue hitting him, but Pearl suddenly jumps up and jumps onto Liu Yi’s back and uses her legs and arms to lock up Liu Yi’s body!

Liu Yi is unable to move, causing him to purse his brows. Why is this lass’s slave nature so heavy?

“Damn it! This fucking hurts!”

Young Liu hobbles as he climbs to his feet. He picks up the whip and lashes down ruthlessly on Pearl’s back.

“Motherfucking hell! How did you protect this young master! This young master almost died from pain, understand?”

As Young Liu speaks, he kept whipping Pearl continuously. Pearl bites her lips tightly but does not say a word as she continues to resolutely lock up Liu Yi.

Young Liu seems to have yet to calm down from his anger as he draws out a sword from one of his guards beside him. He then walks over and starts ruthlessly chopping down on Pearl’s shoulder!

As blood sprays all over the place, he scolds, “Damn it! You slaves are fucking useless! You can’t even do this bit properly! Instead of raising you, this young master would be better off raising a dog!!!”

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Chapter 1093   [A person is more inferior than a dog]

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