MKW Chapter 1092


Chapter 1092 [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG


When Liu Yi heard this, he had thought that it was his own family members who came to challenge!

But my father and mother are not in the Heaven Realm, nor are they cultivators. So this so-called Liu Family shouldn’t be related to me.

“Liu Family came to challenge?!!!”

While the lass’s expression changes greatly, that servant cannot be bothered with his family’s big miss and runs swiftly towards the martial grounds.

“This is bad, this is bad! What should we do now!”

Luo Xiaoxiao grabbed her head and started crying.

“My gosh, my big miss. Why are you crying.”

Liu Yi had a big head, “Isn’t it just a challenge? Your family should have faced it numerous times, right!”

“It is different this time!”

Luo Xiaoxiao explains, “Liu Family is the second biggest family of the Dragon Immortal Town. Originally they had been weaker than us, but recently I had heard that they had recruited a very powerful expert. What that expert cultivates is the Absolute Yin Hand, which restrains my Meridian Breaking Finger! Furthermore, this technique is incomparably sinister. Numerous innocent slaves have died in that man’s hand!”

“Killed slaves? No one tried him?” Asked Liu Yi in shock.

“How is that possible.”

Luo Xiaoxiao gives Liu Yi a very pure look. “Slaves are very lowly creatures. No one cares about their life and death! Killing them is no different from killing animals!”

Luo Xiaoxiao’s sentence causes Liu Yi to be shocked.

Slaves are…the same as animals?!

The slavery in the four major states is to this degree?!

This makes it hard for Liu Yi to accept!

“But my family treats slaves quite well. Most of the servants that you see from my family were once slaves in the past. But after they had entered my family, they became marked with the identity of immortals. With this Immortal Records, they are no longer slaves. But…the Liu Family is different from mine. They always held the opposite point of view.”

Thinking to here, Luo Xiaoxiao becomes slightly worried and sick at heart.

“Right now Dragon Immortal Town treatment towards slaves is still considered not bad…but if Liu Family becomes the number one family of Dragon Immortal Town, then Dragon Immortal Town’s sovereignty will belong to them. At that time…the consequences will be unthinkable!”

“Let’s go. Let’s go and take a look together.”

With that, Liu Yi pulled Luo Xiaoxiao and went in the direction where everyone else was running to.

If I did not guess wrongly, that place should be the martial grounds.


Luo Xiaoxiao is also worried; thus, she went to the martial grounds together with Liu Yi.

Liu Yi continues to pretend to be a Luo Family’s servant. Along the way, he did not attract any suspicion as well and mingled into the martial grounds.

Luo Family’s martial grounds is only used by the disciples to train. At this moment, other than the disciples from Luo Family as well as their servants, a group of people wearing white robes are standing there as well.

These people are like fiends as they sneer coldly.

Liu Yi observes carefully, and these white robe people are crowding around a man. That man appears to be quite young. If based on the age of the human realm, he looks like he is around his 30s. He is sitting cross-legged on a chair with a nasty smile on his face.

This brother is rather confident and at ease as he plays with a jade pendant in his hand. Seeing Luo Xiaoxiao coming in, his eyes become greedy, and keeps glancing at Luo Xiaoxiao!

Beside him stands a very pretty and flirtatious woman. She seems to be the lover of this man but also does not look like it as well.

She is wearing leather attire and has an alluring figure. But her looks…are ordinary.

Ten points in appearance, 9 points rely on makeup while the remaining one point, there is nothing to be done about it.

While on his right stands a girl locked up in chains.

This woman’s clothes are somewhat shabby, and chains also hang from her ankles.

Her figure is a bit thin, but her looks cannot be seen clearly as she had lowered her head.

Luo Xiaoxiao points at the man and says to Liu Yi, “This person is the young master of the Liu Family, Liu Zexun. He is a very disappointing second-generation ancestor!”

“It can be seen.”

Seeing that beauty with chains twined around her body, licking the toe of that man called Liu Zexun. Perhaps in the Heaven Realm, this belongs to some kind of enjoyment. Seeing how seriously she is licking and that second-generation ancestor’s expression that is so filled with enjoyment, Liu Yi feels his toes are becoming itchy.

He starts chanting Buddhist scripture in his heart to control his unhealthy urges!

“Liu Zexun, Young Liu!”

Luo Chen is present as well, and his stature is formidable. He says without anger and filled with prestige, “Giving face to your father; I shall call you Young Liu! What is your intention bringing so many people to my Luo Family’s martial grounds?” 

“Uncle Luo, if there was nothing, why would I come and visit.” Young Liu chuckles. As he plays with his jade pendant, he says, “Our family’s relationship is so good, as the nephew of this generation, I must visit here more often!”


Luo Chen snorts coldly as he points at the disciple by the side that is undergoing treatment.

“Since you are here to pay a visit, why injure my disciple? If this is called paying a visit, then I Luo Chen do not mind going to your Liu Family personally to pay a visit myself!”

“Uncle Luo. You are already quite old, that is why I am polite to you. Don’t be shameless.”

Young Liu snorts coldly, “Do you think that Luo Family is still the Luo Family of the past? You are already old, so the number one family of the Dragon Immortal Town should be mine.”

“Even if I am old, it is still not your turn to sit in this position!”

“If I cannot sit, then who can?”

Young Liu’s expression is filled with self-confidence, “Uncle Luo. If you are smart, then let someone worthy take this position on your own accord. Don’t force me to take action and destroy your face.”

Luo Chen smiles, “Hmph, my Luo Family’s face had never come from other people’s charity! Today, I shall help that old friend of mine to teach you a lesson!”

He uses Meridian Breaking Finger and instantly appears in front of Young Liu. His two fingers jabs at the center of Young Liu’s brows!

If this jab hits, Young Liu is likely to die!

But at this moment, that pretty and flirtatious beauty beside Young Luo suddenly moves.

She extends her right hand which palm is green like jadeite, and slaps down on Luo Chen’s two fingers.

Liu Yi heard a clear cracking sound as Luo Chen’s fingers were clearly broken!

Absolute Yin Hand?

Could this be that expert that Liu Family had found?

Luo Xiaoxiao also became anxious as she exclaimed, “Dad!”

Luo Chan waves his other hand as he stands there on the spot with a very ugly expression.

The pretty and flirtatious beauty place a hand on her waist and smiles enchantingly, “Is it because you are old? Impressive-looking but useless.”

“Uncle Luo, this Absolute Yin Hand is the ban of your family’s Meridian Breaking Finger.”

Young Liu laughs and says, “You say you are already quite old, why do you still keep occupying this position? Wouldn’t it be better if you give it to us youngsters?”

“You can forget about it!”

Luo Chen is so hateful that blood drips from his eyes, “How did Liu Long give birth to such an immoral son!”

“My father, he could not make it.” Young Liu curls his lips, “He is old and no longer has any ambition. He was actually willing to be your prop. I, Young Liu, do not wish to forever be a dog under your Luo Chen’s feet. I want to become the real master of the Dragon Immortal Town! I want to step on your Luo Family’s neck and defecate!”

Liu Yi grins and says in his heart, what is this metaphor. Too vulgar!

Young Liu clearly did not notice this point as he continued and said, “Today I shall flatten the Luo Family and make you guys unable to make a comeback!

“With just you?”

Luo Chen let out a roar as a circular qi wave instantly erupts out from his body!

He is currently displaying his 2nd layer of heaven’s might!

“Uncle Luo, if I was you, I should be worried about myself first.”

Young Luo is not afraid at all; instead, he is laughing, “Absolute Yin Hand is very poisonous. Look at your left hand.”

Luo Chen’s left hand had turned black, which is the sign of extreme poison!

“Within moments, this extreme poison will flow along the meridian’s channel of your arms and enter your heart. At that time, even the deities will not be able to save you!”


Luo Xiaoxiao is very worried while at this moment, Luo Chen forms a knife-hand with his right hand and chops off his left arm!

Liu Yi cannot help but give a thumbs up, damn. Yet another hero like Yang Guo is born! Why are you so hurried for? I have the detox pill that Huang Jie refined!

[TL: Yang Guo is the main character from Return of the Condor Hero]

A hero cutting off an arm!

Although Liu Yi is roasting in his heart, everyone else is admiring the old man!

Even Young Liu is clapping as well as he says, “Indeed you are Uncle Luo. You are ruthless enough! Admirable! But without an arm, what can you use to fight against me? Jadeite!”

The moment he said that, the pretty and flirtatious woman suddenly erupts her qi, causing Luo Chen’s complexion to turn.

This woman is also 2nd layer of heaven!

What the hell! Why did so many 2nd layer of heaven experts suddenly emerge! Could it be that gods wish to exterminate my Luo Family!

“Dad! Let, let me help you!”

At this moment, Luo Xiaoxiao suddenly jumps out and blocks in front of her father. Her legs are still trembling at this moment.

Luo Chen hurriedly berates, “Xiaoxiao, why did you run out? Get back!”

“Dad, I, I am also the inheritor of Luo Family! I will not retreat!”

Luo Xiaoxiao extended her hands using Meridian Breaking Finger, “I will…fight it out against them!”


Momentarily Luo Chen is astonished as he looks at the back view of his daughter, unable to speak. At this moment, he seems to see the shadow of his dead wife on Luo Xiaoxiao.

While Young Liu laughs and says, “Sister Xiaoxiao, this young master is quite fond of you. Wouldn’t it be a pity if you die? It is best if you back off, and this young master will guarantee your life. This young master will also let you be this young master’s concubine!”

“Who, who wishes to be your concubine!”

Luo Xiaoxiao gathers her courage and scolds, “You…shameless second-generation ancestor!”

“Ah! It has been so long since we last met, sister Xiaoxiao’s cultivation did not improve, but your temper improved! Not bad, not bad. I like it. Jadeite, teach her a lesson but don’t kill her. Leave her alive for me.”

“Yes, young master!”

Jadeite nods her head as her right hand becomes like jadeite and slaps out towards Luo Xiaoxiao’s temple!

This move is like thunder and wind! If this move hits, perhaps Xiaoxiao will die!

Young master Liu sighs, “Alas, I asked you to let her live…forget it. Tasting her corpse is also not bad.”

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Chapter 1092   [Young master Liu]

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