MKW Chapter 1091


Chapter 1091 [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

Liu Yi was locked up inside the cold and gloomy prison. He sits down cross-legged as he sits there silently revolving his qi.

Several weird chains are twined around his body, and these chains make Liu Yi very weak, like they had isolated his connection to his power. If this goes on, he will have no way of leaving his prison. With his current predicament, he is unable to breathe out his golden fog.

Lin Tong is lying on Liu Yi’s shoulder as she looks at him in worry, {Big idiot, what should we do now?}

{This kind of chain is strange. Why does it have this kind of power?}

Liu Yi guesses, {Not clear…but this chain has a lot of strange formations engraved on it. It is likely that it is related to them.}

{Damn it…I am unable to bite through it!}

Lin Tong bites it fiercely a few times and nearly breaks her tooth!


Lin Tong gets angry as she suddenly transforms into a firelight as a beautiful woman steps out from the firelight. She raises two flame blades and chops down on the chains!

With two clear rings, the chains are fine, but the flame blades nearly break!

“What kind of chains are these! Gods!”

Lin Tong is about to go crazy. Why is this chain so sturdy!

“Forget it, Immortal Fox Sister. Let me think of a method.”

Liu Yi says, “Although it is only a little bit, I sense that my cosmos qi is slowly awakening. As long as I can revolve my cosmos qi, I can get rid of this chain.”

“You have become more and more patient.” Lin Tong looks at Liu Yi faintly, “Who knows where that impatient youngster went.”

“My Immortal Fox Sister…that is a matter from a very long time ago.”

Liu Yi smiles, “After experiencing so many things, how can I still be that same and not grow up?”

“Hmph, back then, this miss already knew that you would be an impressive person! The fact proves that my investment was right!”

Liu Yi gives a thumbs up and praises, “Yes, yes, yes. Our Immortal Fox Sister has the best foresight!”

“Of course. Who is this miss…”

Before Lin Tong could continue, Liu Yi suddenly reminded, “Someone is coming.”

Hearing this, Lin Tong immediately transforms back into her small spirit fox form and returns to Liu Yi’s body. While Liu Yi also closes his eyes and pretends to be relaxing.

Footsteps are getting closer and closer. Liu Yi’s hearing is rather good. He can hear the faint words of the people speaking outside.

“Let me go in to take a look…”

“Yes…big miss…”

With that, the door to the prison cell was opened as a woman walked in. Liu Yi can see clearly with his Black and White world and immediately realize the identity of this person. It is none other than the big miss of the Luo Family, Luo Xiaoxiao.

Thinking about it, Liu Yi feels that something is wrong. Why is a girl with such strange strength is called Xiaoxiao…

He recalls that the strong woman of Kunlun Mountain was called Yang Mianmian as well!

The two of them are really the same style! Just that their temperament is different. Yang Mianmian is incomparably swift and fierce, while Luo Xiaoxiao is somewhat timid.

[TL: Xiaoxiao is literally small small while Mianmian is soft soft]

This woman’s strength is quite in defiance of the natural order. If she had the same character as Yang Mianmian, she would have long surpassed her father and proclaimed herself a queen!

Liu Yi opened his eyes and asked while looking at Luo Xiaoxiao, “Why are you here?”

“I, I came to see you…”

Luo Xiaoxiao extends her hand and throws away the copper look of the prison cell before pulling open the prison door and walked in. She squats in front of Liu Yi and looks very guilty as she looks at the chains that are twined around Liu Yi.

“So-sorry…it is because of me that you become like this…”

Luo Xiaoxiao’s eyes turn red. Liu Yi is unable to comprehend it, Fucking hell, just how melancholic and moody is this lass!

“Stop crying! I am fine! This place is rather good.” Liu Yi comforts Luo Xiaoxiao. “There is no one coming to bother me, and I can also cultivate properly.”

“You only know how to say these nice words to comfort people.”

Luo Xiaoxiao pierces through Liu Yi’s facade, “These chains are forged by my Luo Family using Ninth Heaven Prison Stones. It can isolate the qi of cultivators. Wearing these Prison Stone Chains, you will not be able to cultivate!”

“Hahaha…I let you see through it…”

Liu Yi says in his heart, although she is a bit foolish, she is not stupid.

“Let me end my own mistake.” Luo Xiaoxiao extends her hand and grabs one of the chains, “Let me release you.”

“How? These Prison Stone Chains are very sturdy!”

Liu Yi hurriedly says, “We can only open it with keys, right?”

Just as he had said that, the chain was broken by Luo Xiaoxiao.

Seeing Liu Yi looking at him with wide-open eyes, Luo Xiaoxiao asks him in confusion, “Ah? What’s the matter with you?”

“I am looking at a monster…” Liu Yi swallows his saliva, “A female monster!”

“I already said that I was born with godly strength…”

Luo Xiaoxiao becomes bashful from what Liu Yi said, “This kind of Prison Stone Chains is unable to lock my strength…”


After thinking for a while, Liu Yi can only say this word in the end.

Finally, Luo Xiaoxiao breaks all of the chains before smiling in satisfaction.

“Okay. All of it is settled. You can leave now.”

“You are letting me go?” Liu Yi is astonished, “Are you not afraid that your father will blame you?”

“No. My dad loves me a lot.”

Luo Xiaoxiao says, “I know that I do not attract the affection of others…nor are you fond of me…but at the very least, I do not wish to be loathed by you…”

“I never loathed you.”

Liu Yi hurriedly explained, “Xiaoxiao is very cute…but I did not know that it was a competition for a marriage partner. I have a very important matter that I must do.”

“Real, really? You do not loathe Xiaoxiao?”

Luo Xiaoxiao started smiling happily, “That’s great! I thought that you loathed me!”

“How is that possible? Who in the world would loathe Xiaoxiao?”

Liu Yi expressed his confusion.

“There are a lot…Most of the people that Xiaoxiao likes do not like Xiaoxiao…”

Luo Xiaoxiao says, slightly melancholy, “In the past, the people whom Xiaoxiao liked…were accidentally injured by Xiaoxiao…Xiaoxiao remembers that back then when Xiaoxiao was six, Xiaoxiao accidentally broke my neighbor’s arm…when Xiaoxiao was 12, the teacher’s son was thrown out to the outer walls bu Xiaoxiao..when Xiaoxiao was 18…a boy who came for a blind date was slapped under the table by Xiaoxiao…”

Liu Yi silently observes a moment of silence in tribute to those male compatriots. How is it possible for you to associate with this woman with uncanny strength if you can’t suppress her! No wonder her father created this martial competition for a marriage partner for her. If one is unable to defeat Luo Xiaoxiao, then they will be miserable being in contact with her!

Liu Yi does have the strength to subdue Luo Xiaoxiao…but in the future, when having sex, if this lass becomes a bit more excited, wouldn’t she break my waist?!

Amitabha, Amitabha…I am thinking too far ahead…

But since Xiaoxiao has released me, I should leave as well. Chen Cai and the rest should be waiting anxiously for me at the Dragon Immortal Tavern.

Liu Yi stood up, and dust offs the dirt on him before cupping his hands towards Luo Xiaoxiao.

“Lady Xiaoxiao, thank you for your help today. I shall leave now.”

“Let me send you out otherwise, you will not be able to leave.”

With that, Xiaoxiao took out a set of clothes from her waist pocket. That pocket should be a kind of storage bag where the space inside is huge while it is very small externally.

Isn’t this Luo Family’s servant clothes?

But Liu Yi understands Luo Xiaoxiao’s intention and puts on the clothing.

When Liu Yi takes off his outer clothes, Luo Xiaoxiao hurriedly covers her eyes in embarrassment. But she cannot help but leave a very small gap to look at Liu Yi secretly.

Men or women would have some curiosity towards the body of the opposite gender. Although Luo Xiaoxiao is bashful, she is also the same.

Liu Yi sighs ruefully before putting on the servant’s clothing.

Liu Yi has to admit that Luo Xiaoxiao’s ability to make a discerning judgment is not bad. This set of servant clothes fits him very well. With his current look, he looks undoubtedly like a Luo Family’s servant. He followed behind Luo Xiaoxiao and left the prison with her.

A guard is standing in front of the prison. Seeing Luo Xiaoxiao suddenly bringing someone out, he hurriedly asked, “Big miss, this…”

Before he can ask the question, LuoXiaoxiao’s finger had already jabbed his meridian, sealing his qi and blood.

This guard instantly loses the ability to move and stands there. His eyes cannot even move.

Seeing this, Liu Yi feels his scalp turn numb. Fucking hell, so Meridian Breaking Finger also has this kind of move! If she had used it on me back then, perhaps the one who was beaten up would have been me, not her! Under the state of the same cultivation level, I might be unable to defeat her!

Of course, the prerequisite is that I must be concealing my cosmos qi. If I use it, no matter how valiant she is, I can still deal with her!

“Quickly leave with me.”

Luo Xiaoxiao tugs Liu Yi slightly, awakening him.

Liu Yi nods his head and walks past the brother who was sealed while muttering secretly, thanks for your hard work, before leaving with Luo Xiaoxiao.

Dragon Immortal Town is a large town, and the Luo Family is also a famous family. It has high walls and a huge courtyard making Liu Yi feel that this place is almost like a small imperial palace!

Several servants are walking around busy with their own matters. Liu Yi walks behind Luo Xiaoxiao in peace as he looks around. He is not anxious, nor did he panic. It is like he is strolling along the Luo Family’s courtyard.

On the contrary, Luo Xiaoxiao is slightly panicky, like she is being a thief. It is fortunate that she is the big miss of the Luo Family thus, no one suspects her.

But after walking a few more steps, Luo Xiaoxiao realized that something was wrong.

Several servants are running hurriedly from the Luo Family towards the martial stage as if something major had happened.

Liu Yi also notice the commotion and reminds her, “Something has happened to your family.”

“Something happened?”

Luo Xiaoxiao is panicky. Liu Yi grabs one of the servants who is rushing over and asks, “Big brother, why is it so noisy? Why are you all running towards there!”

“Hurry!” That man did not carefully identify Liu Yi; after all, there are too many servants in the Luo Family. “The people from the Liu Family are here to challenge us!”

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Chapter 1091   [Came to challenge]

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