MKW Chapter 1088


Chapter 1088 [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG


As Liu Yi rides the motorbike catching the wind, he listens to Lin Tong chatting to him on his shoulder.

{Liu Yi, don’t you feel that the current Heavenly Court is very odd?}

Lin Tong said her own view, {Perhaps back then the immortals of the Heavenly Court were all heroes but now, look at them. They had long cast away their original unyielding characters! The current immortals are cowardly! Power and prestige have long corrupted them! The current Heavenly Court is like a huge group of bureaucrats!}

{What you say is right, but I am not interested in becoming the Jade Emperor!}

Liu Yi recalibrated his directions and accelerated the motorbike’s speed, {The number of things that I have to do is more than enough. I am as busy as a dog now!}

{Tsk, you are an arm-flinging shopkeeper!}

Lin Tong lies on Liu Yi as she sways her tail along with the wind, {After all, this Miss feels that this Jade Emperor’s position should be yours.}

{Let’s talk about it when I become interested in it.}

Right now, Liu Yi cannot be bothered about it. The number of things that he is busy with is too many. Even right now, he still has to escort Chang’e to Nanzhan Section State. Chen Cai and the women ran fast. After riding on his motorbike for so long, Liu Yi still has not caught up with their shadow.

{Looks like they have already arrived at the Dragon Immortal Village.}

Liu Yi can see the shadow of the village. He immediately recalls his motorbike and lands on the ground, changing to walking into the village.

{Don’t forget to change your appearance!}

Lin Tong reminded, and Liu Yi nods his head. He wipes his hand across his face and instantly turns back into that previous common looking face. At the same time, he changes into an ordinary cyan Chinese gown that appears no different from what other people are wearing.

The gates of Dragon Immortal Village are wide open, with two rows of law enforcers standing by the entrance of it inspecting the face of each individual person one by one.

Liu Yi mutters in his heart. How did Chen Cai and the rest pass through?

But he believes that Chen Cai has his own methods; thus, he is not that worried. Instead, he mingles among the crowd and walks towards the inside of the Dragon Immortal Village.

The law enforcers glanced at one before looking away and did not take Liu Yi seriously.

Liu Yi thinks, it looks like my appearance changing method is quite successful.

Suddenly he hears the law enforcers muttering.

“Just who are the higher-ups trying to capture. Why are they so serious?”

“I heard that it is to capture Chang’e!”

“What…Fairy Chang’e? Is our family head finally going to take action against her?”

“Get lost! What nonsense are you saying? Chang’e has violated a major crime and is currently wanted by the Heavenly Court!”

“Ah…this is hard to imagine…”

Liu Yi says in his heart. You guys find it hard to imagine; I didn’t expect it at all! Because of my matter, Chang’e would receive such an implication! I hope that after escorting her safely to the Nanzhan Section State, my remorseful heart will become lighter.

As Liu Yi follows the crowd, he starts making plans as he walks into the village.

Following the description of Little Jade, Immortal Dragon Village is considered as a big village in Dongsheng God State with people walking around with numerous hawkers, without much strength, peddling their wares by the street.

In the four major states, merchants are one of the lowest industries. But to support their family, numerous people have no choice but to do this job.

“Higher immortal, higher immortal. Quickly come and look at this magic tool that just came out!”

By the side, a peddler moves up to Liu Yi and pesters him, saying, “Look at this immortal sword. This sword is forged from tempered metal and is incomparably durable! It is the best treasure to have when you travel!”

“So mystical?”

Liu Yi thinks rapidly and asks, “Is it as durable as what you say?”

The peddler pats his chest and says, “That’s right! If it is not durable, I shall compensate you!”

Liu Yi immediately received the sword and tapped the edge of the sword with two fingers.

The sword immediately let out a cracking sound causing the peddler’s jaw to drop.

“Take, take it as I admit defeat!” Said the peddler as he lowered his head.

“I do not need you to compensate me. Tell me, did you see a man and two women passing by?”

Liu Yi thinks. Following Chen Cai, Chang’e should have gone through a simple transformation. They will not so stupidly walk in like this. While this peddler is so passionate. Seeing people coming, he immediately went to sell his product. He will have some impression of a man and two women group.

Indeed the peddler thinks for a bit before saying, “Hmm, earlier a group of one man and two women had gone past earlier! The man looked slightly wretched while the two women were very beautiful!”

Damn! How can this peddler say that Chen Cai looks wretched! If he heard this, he will be heartbroken! But from the looks of it, it should be the two of them!

“Which direction did they go!”

“Keep going down this path. They left in that direction.”

“Thank you.”

Liu Yi prepares to leave, but the peddler does not give up and says, “Higher immortal, if the sword cannot work, why don’t you buy this shield to use!”

Liu Yi is disinclined to pay any more attention to the peddler. You sell this trash, and you still have the nerve to pester people. If I take this kind of thing into a fight, I would have long been killed!

He continued to walk along the street. There are really a number of people in the Dragon Immortal Village who are walking around in this bustling place. Liu Yi looked in front of him to see that it was very noisy in front of him like something had happened. Could it be that Chen Cai and the women got captured?

Liu Yi becomes worried and hurriedly walks forward. He is stepping lightly on the yin-yang symbols and flashes through the crowd. His movements are like a ghost.

Seeing this kind of swift movement, numerous passers-by were badly frightened.

“Which family is this higher immortal from? What an impressive movement technique!”

“Hey…be softer. We are slaves! How can we discuss the matters of higher immortals! Be careful, or we might be heard and be dragged out to be slapped!”

Only then did those people stop speaking. By then, Liu Yi had reached the noisy place with a few flickers.

Reaching here, Liu Yi indeed senses Chen Cai and the women’s aura! Liu Yi immediately follows the aura and forces his way through the crowd only to see the three of them standing in front of a stage like they are watching a show.

Liu Yi walked over and asked, “What are the three of you looking at?”

“Boss, you are finally here!”

Seeing Liu Yi, Chen Cai becomes slightly excited, “There are people fighting on the stage!”

Liu Yi then casually looked over to see a man and a woman standing on the big stage.

The man is burly and had cultivated some kind of body cultivation technique, and is likely to be a martial cultivator. While a woman stands opposite him. Her appearance is not bad and can be considered as an exceptional beauty. This beauty is wearing chainmail armor and appears formidable. But her watery eyes are filled with timidness, and does not dare to look at the man standing in front of her.

“Such a timid woman also dares to go up to the fighting stage?” Liu Yi cannot help but laugh and says, “Do the people from the Heaven Realm like to fight so much?”

“I heard people say that whoever wins the duel will win award money and the likes.”

Chen Cai proposes, “Boss, we are penniless, so it is likely that we will find it hard to move a single step in the Heaven Realm! Why don’t you go up to fight and win this prize money that way we can have traveling expenses?”

“Why don’t you go up to fight?”

Liu Yi rolls his eyes at Chen Cai.

“Boss. I am an asura!”

Chen Cai makes a bitter expression, “As long as I take action, these immortals will see through my identity. At that time, not to mention getting the reward money, a whole group of immortals will come to capture me!”

Asuras are creatures from the Asura Realm and are not allowed to appear in other realms. This is the rule set by the higher-ups.

Liu Yi nods his head, “Sure. In a while, I’ll go up to fight and win some money back!”

“Boss, we will be relying on you!”

Chen Cai and the women give Liu Yi a gaze that is filled with confidence.

While at this moment, the two people on the stage are talking to each other. That burly martial cultivator says, “Young girl, you will lose!”

“Don’t, don’t come over…”

That woman squats down and appears super weak, which causes Liu Yi to feel a bit of heartache for her. But the burly man does not have any compassion for the fairer sex and charges forward with a roar. At the same time, his left hand becomes white like jade, like he is using some kind of palm technique as he hits his palm at the woman’s forehead.

That woman let out a cry in fear and raised her hand almost like it was a subconscious action.

Her fist, by chance, smacks into that burly man’s nose and instantly sent him flying with a punch, throwing him down behind her.

The woman is still crying, “Wuwuwuwu…so scary…”

That man is already foaming from his mouth. He will not be able to stand up any time soon.

Chen Cai cannot help but mutter, “What the fuck…so violent…”

While Liu Yi says, “This woman has a high cultivation and is no ordinary woman.”

“That’s right. Her cultivation can fight against me,” said Ye Hanshuang with her arms crossed as she stares coldly at the stage.

By the side, Chang’e mutters, “Forget it. Your strength compared to hers is way inferior.”

“What did you say?” Ye Hanshuang immediately becomes angered and rolls up her sleeves, “This queen shall go up and beat that woman up!”

“Wait a minute!” Liu Yi hurriedly stopped Ye Hanshuang, “You are also an asura. Be careful of exposing our identity!”

“Then you go up and fight!”

Ye Hanshuang points at the stage, “Your win is equivalent to this queen’s win!”

Liu Yi becomes stunned; this Ye Hanshuang is really…

At the same time, an old man walked up the stage. Brushing his beard, he says with a faint smile, “Is there anyone else below who is willing to fight? If there is no one else, today this stage…”

“Let me!”

Under the threats and promises of the two women, Liu Yi can only raise his hand, “Let me fight against her!”

The woman immediately looks at Liu Yi with her hazy tearful eyes before saying with deep worry, “You, you are also going to fight with me? Fighting is very scary!”

“You are so powerful and are still afraid of fighting?”

Liu Yi does not know if this woman is truly timid or pretending to be weak, “That brother earlier was so badly beaten up by you!”

“It, it is not like I did it on purpose…”

The woman has a slightly red face, “It is because I was born with innate strength…”

As she speaks, she squats down and raises a fist before smashing it on the ground.

A crack immediately appears and splits the entire stage into two before extending from the stage to the other side of the road!

The woman covers her mouth and says with extreme guilt, “Oh my god…I accidentally broke the floor…”

The old man speaks like a nouveau riche, “No worries. Fight as much might as you like. I will pay for the damages!”

Liu Yi mutters in his heart. Good! I am going to slaughter a fat sheep!

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Chapter 1088   [Let me pay for the damages]

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