MKW Chapter 1087


Chapter 1087 [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

Dongsheng God State is the territory of Yang Jian, and the biggest family in this place is Yang Jian’s family. For so many years, Yang Jian’s family had already developed into a powerful force, and Yang Family’s Law Enforcement Squadron caused the inhabitants of Dongsheng God States to be terror-stricken. Thus in this palace, no one dares to go against the law and commit any crime. They can only accept the laws of this place.

A little different from the Heavenly Court, Dongsheng God State permits male and female intermarrying. But one will need permission from Yang Family to get married. 

Thus the four states not only have heaven realm experts, but they also have descendants born from these experts. Their descendants’ cultivation is all low realm, and some are only at human rank. These weaklings only have two paths to choose from. Either they have protection from their family, or they become slaves.

Right now, these Yang Family’s Law Enforcement Squadron had blocked them towards a wall, and one of them, who looks like the captain, uses some kind of immortal voice transmission device and says, “We have found the trail of Chang’e! We are going to arrest them now!”

After that, he raises his spear and says to Liu Yi and the rest, “Give up and wait to be captured! This way, it will be less painful for you!”

“I do not plan to be captured by Erlang Shen’s people.”

Liu Yi winks at the captain, “After all, I do not have a deep friendship with him.”

The captain says, full of confidence towards Liu Yi, “Hmph, I know you. Don’t think that you are impressive! No one has ever escaped from Yang Family’s Law Enforcement Squadron!”

Liu Yi nods his head, “The captain of the Deity General Battalion also said the same thing. Could it be that the two of you had an affair?”

As he speaks, he secretly makes a signal to Chang’e and the rest, which is to ask them to leave first.

{Chen Cai, bring them towards the south.} Liu Yi transmitted his voice, {Go to a place called the Dragon Immortal Town and wait for me! I will converge with you!}

Although he does not know how Liu Yi knows of the Heaven Realm, Chen Cai is filled with absolute confidence towards Liu Yi. With Liu Yi’s order, he immediately took the two women and left towards the Dragon Immortal Town without another word.

Ye Hanshuang says loudly, “I am not leaving! I want to stay and help my imperial consort!”

“Stop causing trouble!”

Liu Yi berates, “Be obedient and listen to my order!”

Ye Hanshuang blanks out slightly. Apparently, she did not expect that Liu Yi would have the cheek to talk to her like this. But she suddenly grins from ear to ear and says, “The appearance of my imperial consort getting angry is adorable…fine then. I shall listen to you this once. Let’s meet later.”

Liu Yi did not expect that Ye Hanshuang would be so obedient, which is an unexpected delight!

Inferring from the situation, the captain immediately raises his spear and snarls, “No one can think of leaving!”

The rest of the Law Enforcement Squadron immediately raises their spear and suddenly summons out a white celestial horse before riding it. They become like the ancient spear cavalry and stabs towards them!


Liu Yi let out a roar, and Chen Cai immediately waves his hand as two asura blades appear in his hands. The wall behind was immediately chopped into four sections and lands to the sides.

Chen Cai brings the women and swiftly flies towards the south.

“Don’t think of leaving!”

The captain let out a shout, and the surrounding Law Enforcement Squadron immediately chased after them on their celestial horses.

“It is you guys who can forget about chasing after them!”

As Liu Yi speaks, he raises his leg and stomps on the ground ferociously.

A yin-yang symbol appears underneath his feet, and instantly the ground starts trembling! The earth groaned in pain as cracks spread out in all directions. The ground undulated continuously like the surging sea.

The celestial horses cry out in shock as they raise their front hoof and kick out in confusion.

The advancing rhythm of the spear cavalry was blocked. Because they are in the Heaven Realm, where they are unable to fly, they can only rely on horses to move about at high speed.

What Liu Yi just did had cut off their way to chase after Chang’e.

The captain snarls, “Damn it! Get rid of this man!”

He then urges his horse with a whip to rush in front of Liu Yi. Taking the lead, he immediately stabbed his spear at Liu Yi.

“Bring it on.”

Liu Yi did not become careless at all as he kicks the cannon of the foreleg of the celestial at the very front. The pitiful celestial horse let out a neigh in grief as its foreleg was broken from Liu Yi’s kick and collapsed onto the ground!

The captain who is riding it instantly tumbles down and was slapped, flying away by Liu Yi with a slap.

“Don’t think of crossing!”

Seeing that the other soldiers had steadied their celestial horses and were preparing to break through, a pair of burning fire wings emerged behind Liu Yi’s back! After this pair of fire wings unfolded, its length is close to a hundred meters long. With a flap, it forms an enormous firewall scaring the celestial horses into retreating. Making them unwilling to listen to the orders of the soldiers.

The captain climbed to his feet before shouting between his clenched teeth, “Dismount! Close quarters combat!”

The entire Law Enforcement Squadron immediately leaps off their celestial horses. Holding their spears in their hands, they start surrounding Liu Yi and besiege him!

Liu Yi extends his hands. Yin on the left, Yang on the right, and press both hands together.

A miniature world extermination was unleashed as the two yin and yang powers complement one another and finally formed an enormous yin-yang symbol that spread out! The surrounding law enforcers crash into the yin-yang symbol before being knocked away without a single one of them escaping!

Although these law enforcers are all quite impressive fellows, in front of Liu Yi, they are nothing but kids whom he can throw around as he wishes.

“Captain, we cannot do anything to him!”

“That’s right, captain, our difference in cultivation is too big!”

The law enforcers finally understood this matter and grumbled to their captain.

“Persevere. The Family Head will be here soon!” Shouted the captain to boost the morale of his squadron. Hearing that the family head is about to arrive, these law enforcers who had lost their fighting spirit immediately become like they had taken drugs and become full of fighting spirit and start besieging Liu Yi as if their lives depend on it.

Liu Yi uses Spirit Fox Steps and keeps wandering among these soldiers. From time to time, he would hit out with a palm and send one of the law enforcers flying.

“Liu Yi! I found you!”

At this moment, a familiar voice came from far away!

Following this, a black fierce dog dashes over. It opens its bloody mouth wide, exposing its fangs as it bit at Liu Yi!

This is…the Howling Celestial Dog?

Liu Yi immediately recognized this dog. Although Liu Yi does not like to harm small animals, the exceptions are certain ferocious dogs!

Banishment of ferocious dogs is everyone’s duty!

Liu Yi moves sideways and dodges the fangs of Howling Celestial Dog before giving it a kick on its soft stomach.

Dog and wolf are the same. Both have copper heads, iron bones, and tofu waists. When this weakness is kicked, Howling Celestial Dog is no longer able to be fierce and was sent flying away by Liu Yi.

“My Howling Celestial Dog!”

An angry snarl came from far away, but Liu Yi no longer had the mood to care about him. He immediately summons out his dark power and condenses out a black motorbike.

At the same time, Liu Yi did not forget to breathe out a stream of flames, which transformed into a huge man. The man waves his halberd before ferociously slamming it down on the ground.

Enormous flames soar into the sky as the raging flames cause the people around to be unable to open their eyes. They can only hide from this scorching flame!

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Liu Yi immediately flipped himself onto the motorbike and stepped on the throttle. A blue flame erupts from the ventilation of the motorbike as it starts roaring and rushes out like a ferocious beast. In a blink of an eye, it is out of sight!


Erlang Shen’s third eye erupt to with a beam of golden light and sweep in front of him, finally expelling the flames!

While by then, Liu Yi is already long gone making him stamp his feet in anger!

“Damn it! I actually let them escape! Ahhhh!!!”

Erlang Shen roars in anger as the anger in his heart is too hard to resolve. Although this is a task, Erlang Shen is still unhappy about Liu Yi. He always wishes to use the public office to avenge private wrongs and plan to take the opportunity to find some methods to dispose of Liu Yi! But his thinking is not bad, while implementing it is very difficult. He had miscalculated this time again! Could it be I am going to watch Chang’e keep following by his side? No! I cannot! Chang’e is mine! Liu Yi, just wait to die!

“Which direction did they leave from?”

“It seems like…the south…”

One of the law enforcers replies apprehensively like he is afraid that Erlang Shen would take his anger out on him.

Erlang Shen slaps that law enforcer sending him flying away.

“Trash! Since you know why are you not chasing after him! The closest place in the south is the Dragon Immortal Village! They are heading there! Everyone follow me!”

Liu Yi does not know that Erlang Shen had treated him as the biggest rival in love.

At this moment, Liu Yi is riding his motorbike, speeding towards the Dragon Immortal Village, which is the closest. Dongsheng God State is simply too big. Even if Liu Yi rides his motorbike, he will still need to ride it for a while. He had attempted to transform a plane to fly but noticed that plane loses its effect here and is unable to fly up!

The sky prohibition spell here is too savage!

Liu Yi can only continue to drive onwards while letting Little Jade direct him.

With the AI around, there is no need for Liu Yi to be worried that he will lose his way. In front of his eyes is a very large map as well as a big, big arrowhead that points towards the direction of the Dragon Immortal Village.

Along the way, he saw numerous immortals tilling the land…ah, perhaps one should call them slaves. These people are very cautious and conscientious, assiduous as they plow every piece of land. Although immortals do not need to eat, there is still a demand for appetite. Furthermore, there are also numerous places that plant herbal medicine. These are the root for immortals to cultivate.

Upon reaching this rank, if one wishes to rely on absorbing ling qi to cultivate, they will take too long. Thus numerous people start to do their utmost to eat heavenly treasures and rely on these to raise their cultivation! Thus the number of evil people who can continue cultivating are not a lot. Most of those are the experts from the major families as well as children from major families.

Looking at the slaves who are working seriously, Liu Yi cannot help but sigh, {Immortal Fox sister, after so many years, have passed, the people here still implement slavery, which is making it impossible for me to comprehend.}

Lin Tong lies on Liu Yi’s shoulders as she enjoys the comfortable wind and seems to be speaking casually, {Do you wish to change everything here? Then try to become the Jade Emperor!}

{Fuck…you want me to become the Jade Emperor?}

Liu Yi is surprised, {Immortal Fox sister, are you joking?}


Lin Tong asks very seriously, “Liu Yi, don’t you feel that the current Heavenly Court is very bad?”

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Chapter 1087   [You come and proclaim yourself emperor]

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