MKW Chapter 1086


Chapter 1086 [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG


“When you came, did any asura follow?”

The door that Liu Yi opens leads to the Asura Realm, which allows Chen Cai to come to him through the Asura Realm!

Hearing what Liu Yi says, Chen Cai immediately shakes his head.

“Impossible. When I came over, the ordinary asuras by the side were scared witless and ran off! How would there be anyone who follows me over?”

Chen Cai is the Asura God Emperor of the Asura Realm! When asuras see him, they hate that they cannot run away! And do not dare to raise any fighting intent! As for those who would chase after his aura and come over there…there is one…

Liu Yi is alarmed and trembling in fear as he looks at the door while a female figure is already flying in and stands in front of the three of them proudly.

This woman is wearing a skull crown; leopard pattern cloak, revealing her two white tights. She is wearing ten cm tall high-heels giving off a queen aura that cannot be covered up!

She holds her jaws as she looks at Liu Yi, “Your recent taste is starting to excel. To run to the Heaven Realm.”

“Ye…Ye Hanshuang…”

Although his strength had long exceeded Ye Hanshuang, every time he sees her, Liu Yi will still shiver in his heart. After all, this woman left behind a scary mental shadow in his heart, and it is not that easy to disperse it. Ye Hanshuang is too much like a queen, and no ordinary person can dominate her! Most of the time, it is others who were dominated by her.

“My Queen, the Heaven Realm is not as interesting as the Asura Realm. You belong to the Asura Realm, so you should go back.”

Seeing Ye Hanshuang, Chang’e immediately becomes vigilant as she tugs Liu Yi’s arm and asks, “Who is this woman?”

“I am his king, and he is my imperial consort!”

Ye Hanshuang says clearly, “Just now I praised that you had good taste, but now I shall take it back. You are actually interested in a man and such an ugly man.”

This sentence makes Chang’e want to die!

Damn it! Why did Liu Yi transform me into this ugly appearance! Ahhhh!!!!!

She wishes to fight Liu Yi!

“You have misunderstood! She is a woman.”

Liu Yi does not wish for people to suspect that he is gay. He immediately emphasized, “I transformed her.”

Ye Hanshuang asks, “To satisfy some of your unhealthy interests? Chen Cai, you should accompany your boss more often.”

“Fuck! I am not that kind of person!”

Liu Yi emphasizes, “My orientation is normal! I like women!”

“I know. But you still need training.”

As Ye Hanshuang speaks, she walks over and extends a hand, grabbing Liu Yi by his chin and raising it up lightly.

Liu Yi hurriedly slapped away Ye Hanshuang’s hand. This woman is too domineering!

If this goes on, I will not have any friends left!

“Will it really not be a problem bringing this woman along?”

Looking at Ye Hanshuang, Chang’e gaze becomes filled with vigilance, “I’m afraid that after a few passes, we will be intercepted by the Heavenly Court!”

“Oh?” A trace of delight flashes across Ye Hanshuang’s eyes, “We are going to fight against the Heavenly Court? Interesting! Count me in!”

“Ye Hanshuang, stop messing around!”

Liu Yi immediately berates, “We are doing proper business this time.”

“What, you are looking down on this queen’s strength?”

Ye Hanshuang chuckles, “This queen is of the same rank as Chen Cai. Don’t look down on me!”

“Heaven Realm experts are too common here.” Liu Yi reminds, “Don’t forget that this is the Heaven Realm where Heaven realm experts are all over, and realm crossers are as numerous as dogs.”

“You will not frighten me with a few sentences.”

Ye Hanshuang says, “I tempered myself from life and death in the Asura Realm. What have I not seen before? Furthermore, don’t think that I do not know the composition of the people in the Heaven Realm. Let me tell you, in the four large states of Heaven Realm, I, Ye Hanshuang, am considered as one of the top experts. Do you think that everywhere has 28 starjades realm crossers? Don’t be mistaken. After cultivating to the Heaven Realm, it is an enormous threshold. Only one in a ten thousand can light up their 19th starjade and be won over by the families.”

“So it is like this!”

Liu Yi knows very little about the matters regarding the Heaven Realm. After all, this is the first time he came here.

The Heaven Realm is enormous, and from the description from Chang’e and the rest, it is more or less the same surface area as Earth.

If they wish to go to Nanzhan Section State from Dongsheng God State, they will need a year to travel there.

“If we want to go to Nanzhan Section State from here, we must pass through ten checkpoints that were constructed by the Yang Family, and finally, we have to pass through Xumi Ocean that surrounds the Heavenly Court.”

“From the sound of it, the road ahead is very distant.”

Liu Yi assessed the situation for a while. He had already let Little Jade shoot several satellites into the sky to scan the entire four big states for a map. Looking at the map, it is indeed as Chang’e said.

“Right now, the four of us shall travel together. The two of you had also changed your appearance and should be hard to be noticed.”

Ye Hanshuang says arrogantly, “Even if someone notices us, we can kill them!”

“Do you think that people from Yang Family are easy to deal with?!”

Chang’e rolls her eyes, “The Yang Family is the strongest of the four major families. Their influence in Dongsheng God State is also deeply rooted. Moreover, the Heavenly Court is likely to have known that I have returned to the Heaven Realm and will send people to chase and kill us.”

“How troublesome. Why come to the Heaven Realm. Go hide in my Asura Realm, and I guarantee that no one will give you any trouble!”

Chang’e says helplessly, “I…I can only survive in the Heaven Realm…”

Ye Hanshuang places her hands on her waist and says in disdain, “What a troublesome woman!”

“What do you know! Are you purposefully finding problems with me!”

Chang’e becomes angry, “Do you believe that I can’t find people to kill you!”

“If you have the ability, then do it.”

Ye Hanshuang does not have any fear at all, “This queen wants to know who you can call.”

“Damn it!”

This is the first time Chang’e had received this kind of provocation. She is unable to endure it and undoes her transformation.

Instantly, a flawless figure appears in front of the crowd. Chen Cai’s jaw instantly drops, and I am unable to close it for a while.

“So beautiful…”

Chen Cai is dazed by her looks. He had seen before a number of beautiful women, but this is the first time he had seen such a beautiful woman like Chang’e! No wonder the saints say that Chang’e is the number one beauty.

Right now, Chen Cai realizes that this sentence is indeed real.

Chang’e beauty suffocates other people!

At this moment, Chang’e waved her hand and shouted, “I am Chang’e!”

The moment she said this, it was like a nuclear bomb had exploded!

Instantly the surrounding male immortals excitedly gather towards them.

“Chang’e! Fairy Chang’e!”

“Fairy Chang’e! We love you!”

Seeing Chang’e these male immortals become slightly crazy as a black tide of people rushes over.

“That woman bullied me!”

Chang’e immediately assumes a weak appearance as she points at Ye Hanshuang in front of her and says sweetly, “Help me take revenge!”

“How dare you bully Fairy Chang’e!”

“Teach her a lesson!”

These male immortals immediately rush over as they roll up their sleeves like they will start beating her up.

But Ye Hanshuang does not seem to mind. She suddenly extends her hand and swings out a purple lash, instantly coiling around the man at the very front and tossing him in front of her.

Ye Hanshuang stomps down on the back of that man as she raises her lash and inclines her chin before saying loudly, “Stupid men, how dare you slags touch this queen!”

With that, she whips the lash in her hand, letting out a cracking sound!


“We shall listen to what queen says…”

Momentarily, the gaze of several men in front lighted up as they immediately bow before Ye Hanshuang.

The man being stepped on begs Ye Hanshuang, “Queen, let me kiss your feet!”

“Scram! How dare a wiggling maggot dare to lick this queen’s feet!”

Ye Hanshuang does not give any face at all and kicks that man away.

But that man is not angry at all. Instead, he says with happiness, “Ah….the queen spoke to me!”

“What the fuck….”

Liu Yi started sweating; this Ye Hanshuang’s queen aura is so valiant…it is sufficient enough to subdue other people!

Chang’e asked sweetly, “Are…are you guys not helping me take revenge anymore…”

“Take revenge! Take revenge!”

The male immortals start becoming angry.

Ye Hanshuang swung her lash and shouted, “This queen’s guards! Where are you!”

“Long live Your Majesty, long live Your Majesty!”

A group of male immortals takes the initiative to protect Ye Hanshuang, not letting other people touch her.

Momentarily, the two waves of immortals fight against each other, and the scene becomes extremely chaotic!

“What the fuck!”

Liu Yi senses that intense power is getting close from the surrounding and immediately says, “Guards are coming!”

“We have gone overboard!”

Chang’e sticks out her tongue and says embarrassedly, “Let’s run quickly!”

Ye Hanshuang is also feeling a bit guilty, “I shouldn’t have done that!”

Liu Yi is feeling a bit gratified and says in his heart; this woman finally knows how to repent.

But unexpectedly, Ye Hanshaung says, “There are only so few people here. Playing with too few people is too boring. Let’s wait for some other day when there are more people than we can play.”

Fuck! This woman…cannot be saved!

Liu Yi covered his forehead and had an urge to die.

“Boss, they have seen us!”

Chen Cia points at a group of soldiers far away who are running over towards them.

“It’s Chang’e!”

“Capture them!”

The armor of the armored soldiers is engraved with a ‘Yang’ character. From the looks of it, they are soldiers from the Yang Family.

They are holding a silver spear with an aggressive aura. Clearly, they have ill will.

“Damn it. It is the Yang Family’s Law Enforcement Squadron!”

“Quick-quickly run!”

When the immortals see the people from Yang Family came, they immediately scatter like birds and beasts.

“Hey, hey, hey! Don’t leave! Help us!”

“You group of slags! To abandon this queen and run away!”

No matter how the two women shout, it is useless. The immortals run away very swiftly, and none of them wish to deal with people from the Law Enforcement Squadron.

The Heavenly Court’s system is very strict. If one opposes it, they might be removed from the Immortal Records! To these immortals, they do not wish to be removed without good cause!

In a blink of an eye, Liu Yi and the rest were blocked into the corner by Yang Family Law Enforcement Squadron.

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Chapter 1086   [Yang Family Law Enforcement Squadron]

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