MKW Chapter 1085


Chapter 1085 [Title below]
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The Heaven Realm is split into four sectors. Dongshen God State, Xihe Ox State, Nanzhan Section State, and Beiju Reed State. The four sectors have different living environments and different local customs.

Chang’e points at the north and says slowly, “Although Nanzhan Section State is barren, it is a comparatively free country. While Dongshen God State is where the Heavenly Court holds the most power thus, we can be found any moment.”

“Didn’t the Heavenly Court unify the Heaven Realm?” Liu Yi does not understand it, “Why are there still regions with other factions?”

“The Heavenly Court is equivalent to the central government of the Heaven Realm.”

Chang’e explained, “But don’t you forget, other than the central government, there will be governors for other areas. The four large states have their own governing families, which are like the four big vassal states. Some people might not listen to the command of the central government, with most of them outward devoted but inner opposing. Within Dongshen God State, most of the places here are governed by the Heavenly Court’s people. As for the one governing this place, he is a law official from the Heavenly Court, which is also the number one wargod Yang Jian.”

“Then let’s hurry and leave quickly!”

Liu Yi cannot help but shiver, “Just thinking that this place is his territory makes me very uncomfortable.”

“Of course, we must leave. The one I need help from is in Nanzhan Section State.”

Chang’e smiles, “When we are there, you will know how the cave of a commoner looks like.”

“There are still caves of commoners in the Heaven Realm?”

Liu Yi is a little astonished as he had always thought that Heaven Realm was a flawless world.

“Relatively, of course, there is.”

Chang’e nods her head, “The Heaven Realm is not as beautiful as what you think. There are still class differences here as well. The Heaven Realm pays attention to lineage; thus, here, the four families are the most respected lineage. They are the aristocratic nobility enjoying the highest quality treatment and authority. Further down is the ordinary immortals who are the commoners. The commoners possess the ability to make their own decision, the right to have children as well as right to cultivate. As for the lowest class, they will be slaves here.”


Liu Yi says in his heart, so Heaven Realm still retains slavery! This is shocking to hear!

“Of course. Most of the people who were expropriated from the Immortal Records are slaves.”

Chang’e sighs, “Over here, demon immortal, shaman, devil immortal are all treated like slaves. Dongshen God State’s hierarchy is the most rigid. Of the four big states, only Xihe Ox State does not discriminate much against other races. Thus a lot of demon immortals, shaman, and devil immortals like to gather there. While the state that has the most number of slaves is Nanzhan Section State. Nanzhan Section State has the most slaves as well as the most slave soldiers. Slave soldiers are innately brave and fierce, and the aristocratic family is the fondest of them. Thus in Nanzhan Section State, you will see numerous slave soldier markets. Over there, you can buy the most outstanding slaves.”

“How uncomfortable.”

Liu Yi purses his brows, “Slavery was phased out several thousand years ago.”

“The Human realm is the human realm. The Heaven realm is the heaven realm. Living beings of the six realms all have their own rules.” Chang’e says, “What we need to do now is to survive in this Heaven Realm which has many varied rules.”

“Your appearance is out of the question. While mine might not work as well, so I must change my appearance a bit.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he waves his hand in front of his face, and instantly he transforms into an ordinary-looking man. If a man with this kind of appearance was thrown into a crowd, he would not be recognized by anyone as he is simply too ordinary!

“You actually know such a clever technique!”

Chang’e is astonished as she covers her small mouth, “I thought that you were only good at fighting?”

“You are wrong about this!” Liu Yi says with a smile, “I am a 100% pacifist! I hate fighting.”

“Less nonsense! This fairy does not believe you!”

“Okay. Let me transform you as well.”

With that, Liu Yi blows a puff of air at Chang’e. A stream of golden fog flies out and hits Chang’e face, instantly transforming her appearance.

“What did I transform into?”

Chang’e asked, “Am I still as beautiful as before? My beauty cannot be hidden!”

As Chang’e speaks, she took out a small mirror and looked at her reflection. The moment she sees her current appearance, she instantly exclaims, “Ahh!!! Liu Yi, I am going to fight you!”

Liu Yi hurriedly grabbed Chang’e wrists and explained, “This way is the safest!”

“Then there is no need for you to transform this fairy into a man! So be it if you transform me into a man, why is my face full of pockmarks! So be it if it is full of pockmarks, why am I bald! Wuwuwuwu, return my beauty!”

“Fuck, you want your life or your beauty!”

“Of course, my beauty! If I am so ugly, I might as well go die!”

Liu Yi became speechless and can only say, “Bear with it. Only through this way would we not be suspected by others! As long as we persevere until we reach Nanzhan Section State, we will be victorious!”


Chang’e wishes to cry but has no tears. For this task, sacrificing my looks is too disadvantageous!

Liu Yi asks, “Enough. Just bear with it. How long do we need to go to Nanzhan Section State from here?”

“Around a year.”

Chang’e reply scared Liu Yi badly, “What the fuck, a year? What about my Massacre Shrine!”

“Relax. The Human Realm and the Heaven Realm are different. The passing of time for the Human Realm is the same as Heavenly Court. While a day in Heavenly Court is a year in Heaven Realm, which also means that a day in Human Realm is a year in Heaven Realm.”


Liu Yi curls his lips, “I had thought that a day in the Heavenly Court was a year in the Human Realm!”

“That is an erroneous story. That is the disparity between the Heavenly Court and the Heaven Realm.”

Chang’e smiles, “Those immortals normally do not stay in the Heavenly Court and only enter when something happens. Normally, they would live among the four states.”

“I am relieved.”

Liu Yi thought about it, “For this task, there is only me along who is escorting you. I’m afraid that I might be less capable than desired thus, I need to find a helper.”

“Helper? Your Massacre God Guards?”

The Heavenly Court already knows of Liu Yi’s famous Massacre God Guards.

“Of course not. I am finding someone even stronger than Massacre God Guards to come.”

With that, Liu Yi takes a deep breath as an enormous asura image appears behind him.

That asura image extends its hand and tears open a door in front of it. This door is a passageway to Asura Realm, but it can also be used to seek Liu Yi’s best friend.

Indeed a figure swiftly jumps out from the door.

“Damn boss. Why did you find me at this moment?”

Chen Cai has a towel wrapped around his waist as he jumps out, dripping wet.

When Liu Yi sees Chen Cai’s current appearance, he asks with some shock, “What the…what’s with your current appearance!”

“Boss! You are making things hard for me!”

Chen Cai makes a crying face. Today he had finally called out a woman from Weixin. After meeting each other, they prepare to have sex with each other. Just as he had taken a bath, he was summoned by Liu Yi.

“With your strength, you can have as many women as you like.”

Liu Yi pats his shoulder and comforts him, “Don’t be too upset.”

“Ahhhh! That was a top-grade beauty from the 90s!”

Chen Cai shouted unwillingly as the towel covering his lower body dropped down.

“Put on your clothes first!”

Seeing Chang’e turning her head away, Liu Yi hurriedly reminds him.

Chen Cai excitedly shows off his muscles to Liu Yi. “Boss, you see I have even more muscles now?”

Seeing that suspicious gaze that Chang’s is giving him, Liu Yi hurriedly says, “Fuck, how are your muscles related to me! Hurry and put on your clothes!”

“Tsk, fine then.”

Only then did Chen Cai unwillingly put on an asura armor. After putting on the black gold armor, the originally wretched-looking Chen Cai appears slightly majestic.

Liu Yi mutters in his heart; humans rely on clothes while horses rely on saddles. The ancients did not lie to me indeed.

“Who is he?”

Only then did Chang’e turn her head around and stare at Chen Cai vigilantly.

“This one is my life and death brother.”

Liu Yi pats Chen Cai on his shoulder and says, “I can hand my life over to him.”

Chang’e gaze becomes filled with suspicion again as Liu Yi hurriedly shouted, “Fuck, don’t use that kind of gaze to look at me! The two of us only have a pure brotherhood!”

Chang’e says faintly, “Back then, Houyi also assured me in this manner.”

Liu Yi says furiously, “Chen Cai, quickly tell her what the relationship between the two of us is!”

While Chen Cai sniffed Liu Yi before saying, “Boss, how did the odor of your body change?”

Chang’e immediately gives an understanding look, nearly causing Liu Yi to blow his top.

“Fuck, stop saying such things that make people misunderstand!!!”

“What? What is there for two men to be misunderstood about? Talking about this, who is this baldy?” Asked Chen Cai as he looked at Chang’e, whose appearance had been changed.

Liu Yi replied lividly, “Chang’e!”

“Boss, stop teasing me.”

“I am indeed Chang’e.” Chang’e admits to it, “I am genuine.”

Chen Cai instantly started crying, “Boss, don’t block me! I want to go and die!”

“Fuck! What tantrum are you throwing now!”

“Boss! The Fairy Chang’e of my dream actually looks like this!!! Back then, I actually jacked off to her imaginary looks! Gods, I no longer wish to live!”

Liu Yi hurriedly stopped Chen Cai, “Are you an idiot?!!! I changed her appearance! She is a beauty!”

“Is, is that the case?”

Chen Cai wiped away his tears and reluctantly believed what Liu Yi said for now.

While Chang’e by the side asked curiously, “What is jack off?”

“Ah! That is a kind of beneficial mental and physical aerobics!”

Liu Yi hurriedly made up a random explanation to deal with it.

“What is that?”

Chang’e still does not understand his meaning when at this moment, Chen Cai gave a godly answer.

“Fairy Chang’e, jack off is a kind of sacred ceremony which represents my reverence towards your beauty!”

“So that is the case.” Chang’e nods her head, “Looks like all of the male immortals of Heavenly Court should jack off to me.”

Liu Yi nearly vomited out blood and spent a huge effort to hold it in.

“That’s right. Let me salute first as venerate!”

Chen Cai salutes Chang’e, who smiles and says, “Don’t mention it. I will not mind if you jack off a few more times.”

Just as Liu Yi thinks if he should explain it or not, another aura is getting close to the door!

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Chapter 1085   [Sacred Ceremony]

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