MKW Chapter 1084


Chapter 1084 [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

“Glorious Sun Palm: Army Destruction!”

This palm is specially used to break barriers!

In the past, Liu Yi used Nine Yang God Qi to power Glorious Sun Palm with Nine Yang God Qi. But now, he is using Cosmos Qi to power the Glorious Sun Palm! The difference in might is countless times! Because Liu Yi possesses this kind of power, Liu Yi can use his current realm crosser cultivation base to fight against an expert of the first layer of heaven!

An eye-catching golden light exploded out as the golden barrier trembles violently, and all of the shackles started shaking.

“Your strength is not bad.”

Deity General Battalion’s captain sneers, “But if you wish to rely on this to deal with our Immortal Imprisonment Formation, it is still too weak!”

“Liu Yi…”

Chang’e starts to become worried. Can Liu Yi escape from this calamity? The 36 Sky Immortal Imprisonment Formation is the strongest technique of the Deity General Battalion, which is used to imprison powerful immortals. Even Erlang Shen will find it thorny to break out!

But at this moment, a golden sun tattoo lights up between Liu Yi’s brow!

The first stage of the God Transformation! Liu Yi erupts out with his strength!

The golden sun swiftly transforms into a Yin-yang symbol as Liu Yi gathers his strength to use Glorious Sun Palm as the Yin-yang symbol appears on his palm once again!

“Cosmos power: Army Destruction!”

Liu Yi slaps out a palm ruthlessly on the Immortal Imprisonment Formation in front of him! The Immortal Imprisonment Formation immediately start trembling as the lines of golden light exploded continuously!

The Heavenly Dragon Mausoleum inside Liu Yi’s body swiftly revolves, providing him boundless qi!

“Still too weak!”

The captain does not seem to be worried about the Immortal Imprisonment Formation. After all, this is the formation that was created by the most elite unit of Heavenly Court. If it could be resolved so easily, what is the point of their existence?

“It cannot work?”

A disappointed look flashes across Chang’e eyes. Looks like this man can only progress to this step.

Unexpectedly at this moment, Liu Yi suddenly let out a loud roar as the Yin-yang symbol between his brows became even clearer! Arcs of golden lightning swim around his body!

On top of the Yin-yang symbol, the first bagua imprint lights up! The bagua has eight trigrams — Qian, Kun, Zhen, Xun, Kan, Chi, Gen, Dui.

God Transformation’s highest stage is the 9th transformation! But right now, Liu Yi can only use the first stage; thus, he can only open a single trigram, which is Qian.

But even so, Liu Yi’s strength is enough to oppress the Heavenly Court. He ruthlessly hits out a palm and once again uses Army Destruction!

An enormous circle was hit out. When it surges out, the surrounding golden light finally splits open!

The sound of these golden shackles breaking sounds out repeatedly, causing the Deity General Battalion’s people to all be shocked, not believing what they had seen. The Immortal Imprisonment Formation was broken? How is this possible?!

The golden shackles are slowly regrowing bit by bit. From the looks of it, there are special formations engraved on it; thus, it allows the Soul-Sucking Shackles to restore itself.

“Let’s go!”

Liu Yi pulls Chang’e and stomps on the air. The Yin-yang symbol appears under his feet and carries the power of Qian.

In a blink of an eye, Liu Yi and Chang’e disappear, and none of the Deity General Battalion knows where they went.

One of the Deity General Battalion’s soldiers scolds, “Damn it. We let them escape!”

“It is not like we can do anything.” The captain sighs, “That man is too scary. He can even break the Immortal Imprisonment Formation! Previously I was suspicious as to whether or not it was worth it for the higher-ups to use so much effort to deal with this man. But now I realize…that he indeed has this strength.”

“If it is possible, I still wish to win against him upright and frankly…”

The captain suddenly says, “It is a pity that we are not his opponent.”

“As for the remaining, it is up to Chang’e…damn it, why do the higher up snot let Chang’e get close to me?”

“With that damned appearance of yours, who would want to get close to you!”

“Fuck, as long as Fairy is willing to get close to me, I will immediately surrender!”

“Your head! Hurry and go back to report on the completion of our mission!”

The Deity General Battalion immediately starts returning back to Heavenly Court.


At this same time, Liu Yi also brings Chang’e back to the Heaven Realm. The realm crosser guarding the passageway against the human realm to the heaven realm is not Liu Yi’s opponent l and was defeated by Liu Yi in one move.

“You…are indeed powerful…”

After returning back to the Heaven Realm, Chang’e still has lingering fear as she looks at Liu Yi.

“What. I am just slightly stronger than them.”

Liu Yi extends a finger and says, “Only then can I barely win and bring you to the Heaven Realm.”

As he speaks, he looks around, “This heaven realm is like a fairyland…”

Previously, Liu Yi had only gone to the Heavenly Court before and had not looked around. Now that he has seen it, only then did he know how beautiful and mystical this place is.

The entire Heaven Realm is constructed above white clouds with pavilions and kiosks everywhere, looking interesting and appealing with red walls and green roof tiles, which make it more beautiful than one can imagine.

“The Heavenly Court is like the government system of the Heaven Realm.”

Chang’e explains to Liu Yi, introducing the Heaven Realm.

No wonder mortals wish to cultivate. If they come to the Heaven Realm, perhaps this is the place where a person’s life really starts!

Right now, Liu Yi has an urge to live in the Heaven Realm. But this place does not have Wang Yuzheng and the rest of his women; thus, he is only thinking of it.

Chang’e suddenly asked, “Are you willing to live together with me in the Heaven Realm?”

“Let me think.”

Liu Yi chuckled as he replied, not agreeing nor opposing. After all, he still needs to escort Chang’e; thus, there is no need to quarrel until they are in a deadlock. It is okay as long as Chang’e does not feel that I am too haughty.

“Hmph, I am the most beautiful in the Heavenly Court. You still want to think about it! If it were other immortals, they would have already agreed while slobbering!”

“Slobbering…that’s too exaggerated…”

“You don’t believe it?”

Chang’e raises her eyebrow before extending her hand and calls out to a passing by immortal, “Hey, you. Come over!”

That immortal looks around, “Ah?”

“That’s right! Stop looking around and come over!”

“Okay, okay!”

That immortal immediately came running over, groveling, “What, what is Fairy Chang’e looking for me for!”

Chang’e is like an idol in the Heaven Realm. Not a single male immortal does not recognize her nor dislike her. One can say that wherever she stands is the focal point!

Chang’e crosses her arms and says, “Immediately kneel down and bark twice like a dog for me!”

Liu Yi got a shock; how is this possible! Every person who can become an immortal has experienced numerous calamities before they could become an immortal! No matter what, all of them are experts above heaven realm and should have the dignity of a heaven realm expert!

Unexpectedly when Chang’e had just finished, that man immediately kneels down and sticks out his tongue before barking like a dog. Cold sweat immediately starts dripping down Liu Yi’s back; what the fuck? Where is the dignity of a heaven realm expert?

Looking at Chang’e, Liu Yi asks, “This is too much…”

Unexpectedly Chang’e smiles before saying to that male immortal, “Is what I asked you too much?”

That male immortal immediately says, “ Not at all! It is my honor to be Fairy Chang’es dog!”

Liu Yi covers his forehead and says in his heart. Can you pick up your integrity before speaking?! I am unable to look you in the eye!

“Quickly look! It is Fairy Chang’e!”

“Gods, Fairy Chang’e is here!”

Some immortals in the surrounding notice Chang’e and immediately shouted for their friends as they rush over.

Chang’e fame in the Heaven Realm is too high. The moment she appears, she immediately draws in a tide of people!

“No good. Let’s quickly leave!”

Seeing the black tide of the crowd, Chang’e finally became emotional. Liu Yi is also more than willing as well. Fucking hell, there are so many people, which is too scary.

He grabs Chang’es hand and steps on a yin-yang symbol before instantly appearing far away, dodging this group of crazy fans.

“No good! Fairy is going to leave!”

Noticing that Chang’e was grabbed by a man and brought away in front of them, the crowd lets out shouts of anger.

“We must definitely catch up! Today I must get an autograph from Fairy Chang’e!”

“I want Fairy Chang’e signature!”

“I want Fairy Chang’e panty!”

One of the male immortals accidentally shouted out his heartfelt wishes and immediately attracted a large group of men to gang up and beat him.

This fellow is simply too wretched. How can he want Fairy Chang’e panty! After all, she only has a single article of it! It can only be mine!

Those that live in the Heaven Realm are no ordinary people. Liu Yi runs this way and that way and goes around numerous alley, alley mouth before he is able to stay out of the sight of these people.

“Your current appearance is too attracting attention!”

Looking at the exceptional beauty beside him, Liu Yi cannot help but says, “If this goes on, there is no need for the Heavenly Court people to come out to find us! It’s an absolute fact that we will be found!”

“I do not know any transformation technique…”

Chang’e says with deep worry, “I only know this technique…”

With that, she claps her hand, and a black worm-hole immediately appears beside her. In a blink of an eye, a small shaggy white rabbit jumps out and lands in Chang’e hand. It was clasped in her embrace as she gently caressed and stroked its ears.

This should be the fucking Jade Rabbit of legend! But with this current appearance, you look even more like Chang’e!

Liu Yi says to Chang’e, “Let me help you instead. Go on, what do you wish to transform into?”

Chang’e says, “I must be the most beautiful woman of the Heavenly Court! Because I am was the most beautiful woman of Heavenly Court!”

“Fuck, if you wish to be a vase flower, then go back to the Moon Palace!”

Liu Yi is very unhappy, “Even at this point of time, you still wish to be beautiful! Furthermore, stop playing with your rabbit!”

Liu Yi extends his hand and grabs that rabbit by its ear. Ignoring its struggle, he tosses it back into the worm-hole!

What is the point of this technique! Fuck, acting cute?!

“You!” Chang’e stomps her feet in anger, “How dare you treat my Jade Rabbit like this!”

“You can’t even save yourself, and you still have the mood to play with your rabbit!”

Liu Yi impolitely rolls his eyes at Chang’e, “Think of how we are going to break through the blockade of the Heaven Realm! Fuck, we can’t even use flying techniques!”

Liu Yi notices that the Heaven Realm has a kind of strange power that causes them to be unable to use flying techniques. They can only use their feet to move around. As for using cosmos qi to move around, it is too eye-catching.

“Right now, we are in Dongsheng God State, which is the largest region in the Heaven Realm as well as the most stringent political law place.”

Chang’e says, “While the place where we need to go to is the most barren Nanzhan.”

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Chapter 1084   [Immortal Realm]

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