MKW Chapter 1083


Chapter 1083 [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG


Liu Yi senses a bit, and this power is indeed impressive. All of them are experts of the 1st layer of heaven! This causes Liu Yi to be slightly shocked. Recalling how Li Jing was only at the 1st layer of heaven while all of these soldiers from Deity General Battalion are of this rank, they are indeed the elite division of the Heavenly Court!

Liu Yi closes his eyes and activates the Black and white world. In this world, everything is now only in black and white. Furthermore, they are brimming with the feeling of seeing through things.

Liu Yi can sense that there are over ten lofty figures walking towards them from all directions. The red parts on their bodies are very dazzling, like red Ming Lamps.

With this kind of grade of enemies, no wonder Chang’e would be so frightened. Right now, I only have the cultivation of a realm crosser, and only after the God Transformation would I reach the 1st layer of heaven. Who knows how much effort I will have to put in to deal with the people from the Deity General Battalion.

But my task is to escort Chang’e back to the immortal realm; thus, it is best if I cause less trouble.

Liu Yi immediately followed Chang’e and left the restaurant from the back door. Behind the restaurant is a slightly dirty small alley with numerous boxes that are filled up with rubbish. Houseflies are flying all over the rubbish, releasing stink.

Chang’e pinches her nose with a disgusted expression. Clearly, she is unable to endure it.

“Why is the human realm so stinky…the air always has an unpleasant order, and this place is even more stinky!”

“Enough. Stop grumbling. This place will not be fragrant!”

Liu Yi pulls Chang’e up and says, “Rubbish has been stacked up in this place; naturally, it will not be fragrant.”

“We have burst into a place where I should not have gone.”

Chang’e says, “Let’s quickly go!”

Just as she is about to walk out from this alley, the wall in front of her suddenly caves in as a golden shackle splits the wall apart and nails in front of the wall opposite blocking their path!

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders and says, “Looks like our guests have come to our door.”

“No one can escape from the pursuit of the Deity General Battalion.”

A voice slowly came over, and following which, an armored man slowly walked out from behind the collapsed wall. That man is almost two meters tall and is very formidable. He stands in front of the two of them like a wall, blocking their path.

“Looks like if we do not open a welcome party, we will not be able to leave.”

Liu Yi says, “Then let’s have fun and play first.”

“You are the man who wreaked havoc in the Heavenly Court?”

The armored guy’s gaze lands on Liu Yi, “Although you are on the wanted list of Heavenly Court, my task is not to capture you, so you better move aside.”

“Hey, I am a man.”

Liu Yi points at himself before saying, “You should be able to see, I am a man.”

The armored man berates, “Nonsense. It is not like I am blind!”

“You are indeed not blind. But you are an idiot.”

Liu Yi chuckles, “Since you know that I am a man, I will have the desire to protect women.”

“Very good!”

A flash of ferocity flashes across the armored guy’s eyes, “I have wished to cross blows with you! Since you wish to die, then I shall be impolite.”

With that, he waves his hand and pulls out his golden shackles from the wall before swinging it at Liu Yi!

The tip of the golden shackles is like a golden spear tip, which carries a scary force giving Liu Yi some sense of danger.

Liu Yi’s right hand was immediately covered with his black Monarch Armour, and he attempted to grab the shackles.


Chang’e exclaims loudly to warn Liu Yi, “Don’t touch that! That is Soul-Sucking Shackles!”

When Liu Yi grabs those shackles, he suddenly feels a kind of horrifying suction force coming from the shackles! Liu Yi feels like he is grabbing a hungry wild beast and that wild beast is sucking away his strength!

“Hahaha, you actually grabbed the Soul-Sucking Shackles on your own? You’re really stupid!”

The armored man laughs coldly, “Now it is you who are asking for trouble!”

His Soul-Sucking Shackles are indeed frantically taking in Liu Yi’s strength, but Liu Yi only trembles slightly before immediately awakening. Hmph, want to play this move with me? You are too weak.

The Heavenly Dragon Mausoleum in Liu Yi’s body immediately activates as a steady flow of power pours into his body. This kind of enormous power causes the armored guy to be excited.

“You are very robust!”

“When you put it like this, I would feel nauseous.”

Liu Yi winks at the armored guy, “Furthermore, in a while, you will not be able to bear it.”

“My Soul-Sucking Shackles will extract you dry!”

“Fine then. This is becoming more and more wicked.”

Liu Yi sighs; this armored man does not know, or is he pretending to be pure.

“Soon, you will once again become an ordinary person.”

“Relax, I am very fit.” Liu Yi smiles, “I will satisfy you.”

Before the armored guy can understand what he is saying, his Soul-Sucking Shackles is starting to shudder.


He looks at his Soul-Sucking Shackles in some astonishment as cracks are starting to appear on the golden shackles.

“Just, just how much power do you possess!”

“Ah, this question baffles me.” Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, “Because I also don’t know.”

“Damn it!”

The armored man finally becomes heartless and recalls his Soul-Sucking Shackles! The Soul-Sucking Shackles let out a golden light chain, which reflects half the sky red!

Seeing that golden right, Chang’e immediately reminds Liu Yi, “Soon they will chase their way over!”

“Understood. Let’s leave swiftly.”

Liu Yi grabs Chang’e with one hand and prepares to bring her to leave.

“None of you are allowed to leave!”

The armored man blocks them while Liu Yi sent out a palm through the air as a Yin-yang symbol appears in his palm. This Yin-yang symbol also appears on that armored man’s chest at the same time. The man’s figure was instantly sent flying out and crashed into the wall behind.

At the same time, Liu Yi stomps on the ground as a Yin-yang symbol appears, and their body suddenly floats into the sky, instantly shooting several thousand meters into the sky.

“How swift…”

Chang’e cannot help but exclaim, “Cosmos qi is indeed mystical!”

“Of course. This is a power that I obtained from a narrow escape from death.”

Liu Yi also sighs ruefully. Being able to gather Nine Yang God Qi, Nine Yin Demon Qi and fuse them together with Moon Dream Sutra is simply too difficult!

Of these three different techniques, which one of them is not an exceptional cultivation technique, while I gathered three of them! This kind of difficulty is almost equivalent to gathering the seven dragon balls!

But at this moment, over ten golden shackles shoot towards them from the back. Every single one of them is carrying a spear tip that shoots towards Chang’e and Liu Yi!

“They are quite swift in chasing after us.”

Liu Yi smiles as he stomps on the air as a Yin-yang symbol immediately appears under his feet. Borrowing the power from this stomp, the two of them scuttle forward nearly a thousand kilometers ahead.

But those golden shackles continue to chase behind them closely like they will not give up if they did not overtake it!

Liu Yi sighs, “Since that is the case, it looks like I can only meet them head-on.”

As he speaks, he points at Chang’e.

Instantly Monarch Armour flies out and slaps onto Chang’e, covering her body.

“This is Monarch Armour?”

Chang’e looks at the armor in shock, “Monarch Scorpions have not been seen for a very, very long time! Where did you get it from?”

Liu Yi slaps away one of the chains with a palm before saying, “Oh, is now the time to talk?”

“I feel that you are rather at ease.”

Chang’e is inside Monarch Armour when several shackles hit her. But only a few golden sparkes exploded out, “Furthermore, I am quite safe, so it is suitable to chat!”

“Damn it! I see that the one who is carefree is you!”

Liu Yi cannot help but roast, “I am so bloody busy! These Deity General Battalion’s shackles are indeed very strange.”

Although his power is backed by Heavenly Dragon Mausoleum, which provides him a steady flow of power. But every time when he was hit by the Soul-Sucking Shackles, he will become weak for a short moment. It is fine if it is a single shackle. But when so many shackles hit his body, he finds it hard to take.

“The guests are too passionate. I need to properly entertain them.”

As Liu Yi speaks, a golden avatar shoots out from his back. The avatar is holding a fire god spear in each of its hands.

Following that few golden shackles, the arm of the avatar behind Liu Yi swells before tossing out those fire-god spears.

Six streams of flames exploded in succession, and when Liu Yi looks down, a few figures fly down.

“Damn it; a few people got injured!”

The armored general who flew up says, “It is all because of that man’s technique!”

They had seen the powerful avatar behind Liu Yi.

“He is Liu Yi! Assault formation!”

These Heavenly Court’s elite soldiers immediately start attacking as several tens of shackles shoot towards Liu Yi. Liu Yi’s hands are holding two crescent blades that were formed by Tiangang Swords while the avatar behind him is holding fire-god swords as they work together to send those chains flying away.

A person that looks like the captain of these Deity General Battalion’s soldiers gave the order, “Realm crosser strength only. Carry out 36 Sky Immortal Imprisonment Formation!”

These elite soldiers immediately took out their Soul-Sucking Shackles and tossed them toward each other, and grabbed hold of each other’s shackles.

Holding these shackles, they seal Liu Yi in the center of them.

That captain of the Deity General Battalion says loudly, “Liu Yi! You were not our target! If you hand over Chang’e, we will give you a way out!”

“I’m afraid that this is not possible.” Liu Yi shakes his head, “Chang’e is such a beautiful woman. How can I bear to pass her to you guys?”

The captain berates, “Stubborn! Kill him!”

And all of the chains immediately light up with a golden radiance! This radiance locks Liu Yi in the center, causing him to have no path to go.

“This is 36 Sky Immortal Imprisonment Formation! You will escape! Even immortals shall be trapped inside!”

“Is that so?”

A small Yin-yang symbol slowly revolves in the center of Liu Yi’s palm, “I want to see how impressive this Immortal Imprisonment Formation of yours is!”

As he speaks, he uses Glorious Sun Palm!

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Chapter 1083   [36 Sky Immortal Imprisonment Formation]

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