MKW Chapter 1082


Chapter 1082 [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG


In the myths, there were originally ten suns in the sky. These ten suns are transformed from Golden Crows. These ten brothers are very ball-breaking and are likely ten gay guys. Every day. They will go leave and return home together, but they are kind and love each other. They are inseparable from each other, and ordinary people are unable to take it! Soon, the earth starts to dry up, and everywhere was in a drought and barren!

At this moment, a shaman whose name was Houyi appeared! Using the modern era’s words, Houyi was very awesome and was the male god of numerous women! Using the huge bow that he carried on his back, Houyi shot down nine suns in a row! Because he had saved the common people of the world, he became the king of all humanity and married the most beautiful woman, Chang’e.

After Houyi became the king, he wanted to become an immortal. He put in much effort to beg for an elixir. He originally planned to share half with Chang’e; that way, after both had eaten it, both could become immortal. Unexpectedly, Chang’es mouth was too gluttonous and has the bad habit of eating snacks. Thus she cannot help but secretly consume the entire immortal pill.

In the end, she started floating up the sky to the moon and became the master of Moon Palace, forever parting with Houyi.

When Liu Yi finished the story, Chang’e gets angry and slaps the table, causing those in the surrounding looking at her to get a shock.

“Rubbish! Complete rubbish! Who is the one who composed this story! It must be Houyi, that bastard found people to write it!”

Chang’e is very angry, “These shamans are all unreliable ones! None of them were good!”


Hearing this, Liu Yi is somewhat in a daze, “This story…is wrong? But since young, we listened to the story repeatedly in detail…this is the story of Chang’e flying to the moon!”

“Who can believe the words of a shaman!”

Chang’e sneers, “Back then, when I just married Houyi, I thought that I could live a blissful and happy life. But I didn’t expect that Houyi didn’t like me at all. Marrying me was fooling other people!”

“Could it be that he liked other people?”

Liu Yi guesses, “Furthermore, was it someone who is shameful?”

“That’s right!” Chang’e nods her head, “Whom he likes was my little brother.”


Liu Yi, who was eating the fish, nearly swallowed a fishbone when he heard this! What the fuck, really??? Houyi was actually a homosexual?!

This…if this is said, who would believe it! But if other people say it, I would not believe it, but this is said by Chang’e! If what she said cannot be believed in, whose words can I believe in!

“To be together with my younger brother, he married me. Later on, he hoodwinks me into consuming that entire immortality pill. Unexpectedly after consuming that immortal pill, I immediately flew up to the Moon Palace and stayed there all alone!”

“Wasn’t there Wu Gang as well?”

“How would I like a woodchopper!”

Chang’e looks at Liu Yi like he is an idiot, “Even if I lack a man, there is no need to for me to have such low standards!”

“That is hard to say. If you are too thirsty, you must just accept it!”

“You dare to scorn me!” Chang’e crushes the teacup in her hand and presses the glass on her neck, “Why don’t you just let me die!”

“Don’t, don’t! I have misspoken, I have misspoken!”

Liu Yi hurriedly snatched the broken shards of glass from Chang’e, “What did you make it so frightening! It will scare people!”

“Hmph, glad that you know! This immortal can be killed but not dishonored!”

“Yes, yes, yes.”

Liu Yi immediately agrees, disregardless of what she says, “You beauty Chang’e is the purest woman who dies fighting for her honor!”

“You think?!”

Chang’e snorts coldly, “This immortal has stayed in the Heavenly Court for so many years and has never let any men stepped through the doors of my Moon Palace!”

“This student is right!”

Liu Yi cups his hands as an expression of respect towards Chang’e.

“Anyways, shamans are untrustworthy.”

 Chang’e reminds Liu Yi, “Luckily, these shamans are either dead or sealed away. Otherwise, this world would be in chaos.”

Liu Yi asked curiously, “Shaman? Other than Houyi, who else is a shaman? Can you tell me?”

“Xingtian, Uncle Feng, Master Rain, Father Praise, Houyi as well as Qin Shihuang!”

“Damn it…so Qin Shihuang is also a shaman! No wonder he was that awesome!”

Liu Yi curses in his heart, so he is a person with such a huge background!

“If these shamans awaken, it is likely that the six realms will go back to an era of flood and desolation!”

Chang’e says in worry, “Right now, Qin Shihuang is about to awaken. If he awakens, it means that this world will start to enter the epoch of shaman.”

“Epoch of shaman?”

Hearing this, Liu Yi blanks out slightly. How does Chang’e know so much, and all of them are things that I do not know. Indeed, with a shaman as a husband, it is indeed great.

“That’s right. I remembered once when Houyi had drunk too much he had mentioned it to me.”

Chang’e recalls from her memory and says, “He says that one day in the future, their shaman’s epoch will start once more. At that time, the first shaman that awaken will be the beginning. He will unify the six realms and start the epoch of shamans!”

“Epoch of shamans…then at that time, in this world, only shamans will exist?”

“That’s right.”

Chang’e nods her head, “The rest of the races…including the descendants of the Fiery Emperor and Yellow Emperor, are likely to be all exterminated.”

“So that is the case…”

Liu Yi nods his heart and thinks, so shamans are the race that wants to destroy the entire world. But with Chang’e reminder, I can do some preparation.

Liu Yi asked, “Fairy, do you know how powerful these shamans are?”

“All of them are above the 7th layer of heaven.”

Chang’e sentence nearly causes Liu Yi to vomit blood. What the fuck, all of them are above the 7th layer of heaven!

“The flood and desolate period of time was the era for shamans to be heroes.”

Seeing that there is no one in the surrounding, he drinks a mouthful of wine before explaining, “During that era, even the gods needed to bow before the shamans. Until the God-Emperor was born, this woman is very impressive and used methods to eliminate all of the shamans, which allowed the gods to become the supreme beings of all six realms! But later on, the final shaman Qin Shihuang was born. When he emerged, he nearly toppled the regime of the gods! That is why the gods left a law which says anyone whose strength has passed the 6th layer of heaven must choose to either be assimilated or be eliminated!”

“The gods are like the fetters chained around us.”

Liu Yi says, feeling uncomfortable, “This fetter makes me feel unwell.”

“Even if you feel unwell, it still chained around you.” Chang’e says, “This is the law that was set by the gods!”

“No matter if it is the shamans or gods, as long as they wish to interfere with my life, I will not agree to it.” Liu Yi says arrogantly, “I, am the man who will become cosmos god!”

“Your ambition is not bad!”

Chang’e drinks tea as wine and salutes Liu Yi, “But it does not mean that you will become the cosmos god if you possess cosmos qi. In this world, you are not the only one who obtained this kind of power. Some people inherently possess cosmos qi, for example, those shamans.”


Hearing this, Liu Yi cannot help but be shocked, “How can that be. Didn’t Qin Shihuang use Moon Dream Sutra?”

“That is the low-grade technique that he had taught to his underlings and servants.”

Chang’e smiles, “This technique was peeled off from cosmos qi. Qin Shihuang cultivates the real cosmos qi. Otherwise, why would he need to gather so many kinds of power to revive?”

“So that is the case. That perverted fellow…”

Liu Yi suddenly feels that he has a very heavy burden and a long path to go. His enemies are too many, and the path ahead is vast and obscured!

While the two of them are speaking, Chang’e suddenly put down her cup of tea and suddenly pulls Liu Yi up, “Leave with me!”

“What’s the matter?”

Liu Yi is still thinking about Qin Shihuang’s matter when he was suddenly pulled up, thus got a shock.

Chang’e says with some apprehensiveness, “They have come.”

“Really?” Liu Yi frowns, “Why do I not sense their aura?”

“Because these are not ordinary celestial soldiers and generals!”

Chang’e hurriedly explained, “They are the real elite soldiers of Heavenly Court, who are directly under the Jade Emperor! The Heavenly Court’s people like to call them Deity General Battalion!”

Seeing Chang’e horrified looking appearance, Liu Yi seems to understand just how powerful these Deity General Battalion’s people are.

But now that he had seen Earth Fiend Warriors and Sky Dipper Soldiers, how would Liu Yi be afraid of them?

Liu Yi says with confidence, “Leave it to me. Let me deal with them.”

“No…you must leave with me!”

Chang’e stops Liu Yi, “These Deity General Battalion people are not that easy to deal with. What they use is a kind of weapon called the Soul-Sucking Rope! Its use is to suck away the soul of another person! Perhaps you can deal with it for a while, but I cannot. Although I am ranked on the Immortal Records, my cultivation is very weak, and am not even at 28 starjades!”

“What?” Liu Yi cannot help but feel curious, “May I ask what is Fairy Chang’e cultivation?”

“I just reached Heaven Realm.”


Liu Yi mutters in his heart, to a deity, this grade is too weak!

Looks like this sister Chang’e is a flower vase existence in the Heavenly Court!

“Hmph, you are looking down on me!”

Seeing Liu Yi’s gaze, Chang’e immediately knew what he was thinking about, “Let me tell you. With a single sentence from me, Chang’e, I guarantee that over a million male immortals will fight for me!”

“Yes, yes, yes…”

Towards this point, Liu Yi definitely agrees. Chang’e looks like an immortal…ah wrong, she is an immortal. This girl’s appearance is capable of causing the downfall of a city and can cause men to go crazy. 

In the Heavenly Court, Liu Yi had seen the might of her beauty. This woman is beautiful to such a degree. Then just how beautiful is the God-Emperor in the legends?

Liu Yi finds it hard to believe.

“Let’s quickly leave!”

Chang’e pulls Liu Yi up, “They are about to reach here soon!”

With that, she hurriedly leaves the building with Liu Yi.

At the same time, Liu Yi can sense surges of a unique power coming towards them from all directions.

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Chapter 1082   [Deity General Battalion]

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