MKW Chapter 1081


Chapter 1081 [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG


Almost all of the movie production walked over. Especially those popular celebrities who take turns shaking hands and embracing Liu Yi.

“I am  reminded of the days where I shot the movie with you.”

Won Bin grabs Liu Yi’s arm, “Right, can you teach me those fighting moves of yours? I feel that they are very handsome.”

“Those are impossible to teach.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, “I am relying on some profound martial fundamentals to carry out those moves. You have never practiced martial arts before, so it is likely that you will not be able to do them.”

Won Bin expressed his regret, “Such a pity!”

“No worries.”

Liu Yi comforts, “After all, you are not an action star. Thus there is no need for you to rely on fighting scenes to make a living.”

“True, but I am still looking forward to the marvelous fighting scenes that we will be shooting together.”

“No problem.”

Liu Yi nods his head. The shoot this time is mainly to boost the popularity of the 2nd female lead Wang Yuzheng, and the rest do not matter.

Yoo Eunhui stands by the side and gives Liu Yi a look of complaint. Not only is this fellow handsome, but he is also rich. Most importantly, his background is also very strong! I can never forget what happened the last time! It is etched in my memory!

“You’ve finally come back!”

While Wang Yuzheng also stands beside Liu Yi obediently like a young married woman, “Have you settled your matter?”


Liu Yi nods his head and warmly rubs his girlfriend’s head, causing Wang Yuzheng’s fan group to be stunned.

What the fuck…this brother is fucking awesome! He actually dares to touch the head of our goddess! While the goddess actually made a face of enjoying it! How!

“Who is this fellow…”

Li Chan is smart and already guessed that Liu Yi’s identity is not ordinary.

Before she can understand the situation, Liu Yi, Wang Yuzheng, and the rest enter the coffee shop. After entering, Liu Yi did not forget to greet those two utterly stunned staff workers.

The two of them were stunned. Just what is this situation! Just now, that man whom we did our best to block because we thought that he was a fan….so he is an actor?

Furthermore, the director respects him so much! This director is very influential in the film circles of South Korea! When had he been so respectful towards others before?!

Following which is 2 months of continuous filming. Because Liu Yi has things to do, they concentrate on filming all of his parts first.

Finally, they especially went to a village in Jiangnan to film a scene. The entire Jiangnan village is a patchwork of waterways with water and bridges all over the place. Numerous black sailboats streak under the bridges, and these are the fastest means of transportation in this place.

After filming his last scene, Liu Yi says goodbye to Wang Yuzheng and the rest of the film crew. He then prepares to leave this place and return to Massacre Shrine.

But before that, Liu Yi plans to take a look at Jiangnan’s patchwork of waterways. As a northeastern person, it is rare for Liu Yi to come to the south of the country. Water and bridges are all over the place, while Liu Yi says in his heart. Venice should be the same, right?

[TL: not at all. both are quite different]

Standing on a bridge, Liu Yi looks down at the water scenery below. This village’s protection is quite intact. The water quality is comparatively clear. There is a lot of famous patchwork of waterways where the water is badly polluted, making them no longer nice to look at.

On the two sides of the bridge are some peddlers who are peddling the specialties of this village. As Liu Yi strolls along, he looks around and feels full of vitality and unspeakable ease.

How nice would it be if every day was as easy and comfortable as today? Troubles and the likes, please don’t come and find me!

Just as he thought of this, he suddenly knocked into a person.

Liu Yi raises his head and takes a look to see a woman wearing a peaked cap as well as black sunglasses. That woman suddenly pulls Liu Yi’s hand and pulls him back to the path he came from.

Liu Yi frowned and did not say anything as he immediately recognized who this woman is.

Why is she here?

“Don’t say anything and follow me.”

The woman pulls Liu Yi and walks to a small alley. Only then did she take off her sunglasses and reveal her limpid eyes.

This woman is none other than the most beautiful woman of Heavenly Court, Chang’e!

Liu Yi asked, “Why did you come here? Could it be that Heavenly Court is still seeking trouble for me?”

“More or less.”

Chang’e did not conceal it and simply nodded her head, “Furthermore, I am also implicated by you…Heavenly Court wants to punish me, so I escaped. I chased after your aura.”

“The Heavenly Court was willing to punish you?”

Liu Yi is slightly shocked, “Aren’t you the most beautiful woman of the Heavenly Court?”

“The beauty of a woman to a certain degree is also a kind of expendable item.”

Chang’e is apathetic as she says, “I had saved you before. Are you going to ignore me when I am helpless? Fine then, the men of this world are merely, so I guess. Fickleness is the synonym of you men.”

With that, she puts on her sunglasses and turns around, preparing to leave. At this moment, her stomach suddenly disappointed her and started growling.

Chang’e face instantly turns red as she looks away embarrassedly. This beauty causes Liu Yi to stare blankly at her. Good gosh, this woman is indeed too beautiful. No wonder so many male immortals, as well as Erlang Shen, became crazy over her!

“Let’s go. Let me treat you to some food.”

“I-I am not hungry!”

Chang’e looks away, ignoring Liu Yi, and says, “It is my first time coming to the secular world, and I accidently got polluted by the mundane affairs of the secular world…”

The first time immortals descend to the human realm, they will be influenced by the banal of the human world and need to consume food. But after a while, they will slowly adapt and no longer be influenced.

After all, immortals have long passed their abstaining period and no longer need to eat. They can rely on absorbing the heaven and earth essence to live.

“Yes, yes, yes. But I am hungry as well.”

Liu Yi touches his own stomach, “I’m not sure if Fairy Chang’e would be willing to give me face and accompany me to eat?”

“Hmph…it is you who wants to eat!” Chang’e says, “I’m merely accompanying you, that’s all!”

“Yes, thank Fairy Chang’e so much for giving face!”

Liu Yi says in his heart, This Fairy Chang’e is such a tsundere. It is very rare for such a tsundere girl to take a risk and help me.

Liu Yi is filled with gratitude in his heart and brings Chang’e to a big restaurant before ordering some dishes.

“Oh…this fish is so delicious…”

Chang’e already started to eat heartily. But when she is eating, she shows grace making people fond of her. Countless men in the surrounding area are looking at Chang’e blankly.

One of the men who is eating accidentally stuff his food into his nose, but his eyes still remain on Chang’e, unwilling to withdraw his gaze.

Chang’e seems to be used to this kind of gaze as she continues to eat with no qualms.

Liu Yi asks, “This dish is Xihu Vinegar Fish. Don’t you have it in the Heaven Realm?” 

“Immortals do not eat.” Chang’e says in anger, “Usually we can only eat peaches of immortality or pills…alas, I’m tired of eating them.”

Liu Yi wishes to roast. Damn it. Then let the two of us change! I can take these Xihu Vinegar Fish and exchange them for pills or peaches of immortality with you!

“This crab is not bad!”

“This is Yangcheng Lake’s hairy crab…I feel like you are very pitiful.”

Thinking of how Chang’e is unable to eat this in heaven, Liu Yi feels a bit sorrowful. Alas, people always say that immortals are free and easy, but they can’t even eat this; what is the meaning of becoming an immortal! Why don’t you be a monk instead!

When a human is born, they will have all kinds of desires. Liu Yi thinks, perhaps I must be unable to achieve the sage realm in this lifetime because only sages can achieve no desires. Like the saying, with all its tolerance, a man without desire is a superman!

To cultivate until one becomes Buddha, one must let go of greed, anger, and sentiments!

As for me, who is unable to let go of anything, how can I become the cosmos god?

I am unable to understand it.

A rich man finally cannot take it and says to Chang’e, “Beauty, leave with me. I shall bring you around to eat great meals, live in a villa, and drive a BMW!”

Chang’e says calmly, “Not interested. You will not be able to give me what I want.”

The rich man says, full of confidence, “What are you joking about. I’m worth over a billion; what am I unable to obtain for you! Just say, what do you want!”

Chang’e nods her head before pointing at the sun outside the window, “I wish for you to shoot it down.”

The rich man wishes to vomit down. Fucking hell! Shoot down the sun? Do you think that I am Hou Yi? Although this woman is beautiful, does she really think that she is Chang’e?

The rich man immediately turns his head away and leaves while Chang’e asks Liu Yi softly, “Liu Yi is the common practice of the people here so bad…when they like a woman they would just walk up and ask?”

“Beauty, the era has changed.”

Liu Yi is helpless. Just how long has it been since Chang’e had come to the secular world to take a look? But if she comes to the secular world, she would d violate a heavenly law.

“Oh…in the immortal realm, numerous rules have not changed.” Chang’e says, “After eating, follow me back to the immortal realm.”

“Why would I go there!” Liu Yi immediately shakes his head, “I still have not stayed in the human realm long enough!”

“Ah…it is you escorting me back to the immortal realm!” Chang’e rolls her eyes, “Why do you not like to listen to a person finish.”

“Apologies…escorting you back is not a problem, but why did you want to go to the immortal realm? I can arrange a job for you in the human realm, can’t you just stay here? Like the saying, the greatest hermit lives downtown while the small-time hermit lives in the mountains. The city is the most suitable place to hide.”

“Not possible…”

Chang’e shakes her head, “Although there is a lot of delicious food in the human realm, the air and the like is too dirty. Furthermore, I am not a complete immortal. I must consume a special pill regularly, and that pill can only be found in the immortal realm. If I do not eat that pill, I will age swiftly and die afterward.”

Hearing this, Liu Yi was shocked, “What the fuck? So you still need to frequently take drugs to live?” 

“What? Are you shunning me because I am inconvenient?”

Chang’e expression slightly dimmed, “I also do not wish to be like this…but back then, he lied to me to consume the immortal pill causing me to become like this now…”

Liu Yi hurriedly says, “Wait, wait, wait! He lied to you to have you eat the immortal pill? Hou Yi lied to you? Damn it, that’s so wrong!”

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Chapter 1081   [He lied to me]

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