MKW Chapter 1080


Chapter 1080 [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

The director drank a cup of coffee and said, “Why is Liu Yi not here yet?”

The producer looked at his watch, “That fellow boasted to me that he would be here in 5 minutes. Take a look, over half an hour, has passed and I haven’t even seen his shadow!”

“No worries, let’s film the parts of others first as we wait for him.”

The director appreciated and like Liu Yi a lot. He magnanimously waves his hand and says, “But why is it so noisy outside?”

“It should be that group of fans, I guess.”

The producer does not find it weird, “These fans are rather passionate. They should be Won Bin’s fans, I guess.”

“That’s right. Among our cast, only his fans are the most fanatic ones.”

The director and producer start discussing it, and neither of them takes the commotion outside seriously.


Liu Yi bullied another person and destroyed the cameras of the reporters.

[TL: summarized as well. can’t be bothered to translate it]


One of Yoo Eunhui’s fans cannot help but mutter, “So what if you can fight. If you have the ability, then go and film an action movie! What are you pretending to be handsome here!”

Liu Yi does not know what to say. These people cannot be saved.

At this moment, Liu Yi’s handphone started ringing. Picking it up, the producer started speaking, “Liu Yi, didn’t you say that you would arrive in 5 minutes? It’s already been an hour now! Hahaha, looks like our Mr Liu’s words are not accurate!”

“I am downstairs.”

Liu Yi let out a bitter laugh.

“You should have said so earlier!” The producer says, “We’re coming down to pick you!”

With that, he hangs up the call.

Very soon, the door to the coffee shop was opened as the producer, Won Bin, and the rest walked out.

“You finally came!”

When the producer walks over, he immediately gives Liu Yi a big hug shocking the other people!

What, what is this situation?

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Chapter 1080   [Passionate producer]

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