MKW Chapter 1078


Chapter 1078 [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG


Based on what the director says, the production team is currently filming in a famous coffee shop in Seoul. Domestically produced drama and the like, like to film in the center of movies and television. For example, the filming bases have conveniently rigged up models, which lower production costs.

Previously when Liu Yi gave the director a call, he said that he would be there in 5 minutes, and the director does not believe no matter what he says. Right now, in less than 5 minutes, Liu Yi had landed in front of the coffee shop. The coffee shop is very big and has a total of three stories. Liu Yi can see the cameras inside through the windows.

Two staff members are standing in front of the entrance of the coffee shop. They sturdily block outsiders from entering.

A pair of lovers who wished to enter was blocked by one of the staff workers, “Apologises, today this place is not open for business.”

Seeing how fluent his Korean is, apparently, he is a Korean.

Numerous fans are gathering around the coffee shop. These fans are mostly south Korean fans. Some are holding Won Bin’s banner, while others are holding Yoo Eunhui’s banner.

Won Bin’s fans are slightly more extreme. As they raise their banners, they shout passionately at the coffee shop, ‘Oppa, Oppa! I love you, Oppa!’

This is nothing as on the other side of the street, stood some Chinese Korean fans. These are Wang Yuzheng’s fans who are raising Wang Yuzheng’s banner, cheering for Wang Yuzheng.

Although Wang Yuzheng is not famous in South Korea yet, she is very famous in Japan and China. These Chinese people are her fans who came here to cheer for her.

Liu Yi smiles. She is indeed growing famous now.

Perhaps without waiting for long, Asia will know of her name. But this is not the end, as I wish for her to enter Hollywood.

In addition, the SNO group had also joined us. The two beautiful sisters are now undergoing studies of all needed courses like singing, acting, how to put on makeup, and the likes.

Liu Yi plans to develop the SNO group as a first-rate duo group in Asia to go against South Korean groups. At present times they will first launch the female group. In the future, Liu Yi plans to launch a male group full of handsome guys. After all, the main spending community for the entertainment circle is the crazy young ladies.

Redstar Entertainment already has a remarkable development plan. But right now, the most important target for pushing in popularity is still my primary wife, Wang Yuzheng.

Furthermore, Liu Yi has confidence in Wang Yuzheng. Her bearing and innate character are both very good, and will not do things like breaching contracts. Especially now that she has known that Redstar Entertainment is my company, it is even less likely that she will betray me.

Liu Yi walks towards the coffee shop, and he was blocked by one of the staff workers.

“Apologises, sir, this place is not open for business now.”

Liu Yi explains, “I am not here to drink coffee. I am an actor.”

The staff worker continues to obstruct Liu Yi, “ID?”

“Apologies…I did not carry it with me…”

Liu Yi is a bit awkward. I never carried this kind of thing before. Every time I came over, there was be a producer who led me in.

“Stop acting. You must be a fan, right?.”

The other staff worker laughs, “Yoo Eunhui’s fan or Wang Yuzheng’s fan.”

Liu Yi smiles bashfully, “I am indeed Wang Yuzheng’s fan.”

When Liu Yi says this, the two staff workers laugh at the same time.

South Korea attaches importance to the fans. Thus the two staff workers still reply politely, “Okay, stop causing trouble. Go over to the fan group and stay there. After the shoot is over, we will arrange for fans to meet with them.”

Liu Yi feels that it is hard for him to explain clearly when at this moment, some Chinese walk over to Liu Yi. One of them pat Liu Yi’s shoulder and ask, “Brother, you must be from China, right?”

“That’s right.”

Liu Yi changes to Chinese and chats with this guy.

“Hahaha, with a look, I immediately know that you’re Wang Yuzheng’s fan!”

That brother and his friends smile at each other, “The few of us are also the same and support Wang Yuzheng.”

With that, he waved his hand, “Express!”

The men and women behind him instantly pull open Wang Yuzheng’s banner and start shouting.

“Wang Yuzheng, I love you just like how mice love rice! We will forever support you!”

These voices are very uniform and so loud that even the deaf can hear. Everyone on the streets can hear it.

“Nice to meet you. I am Li Chan, the group head of Wang Yuzheng’s fan group.”

A tall woman walks over confidently and shakes hands with Liu Yi.

Liu Yi says in his heart, this woman is quite beautiful. Furthermore, she is natural and unrestrained, which is rare.

“My name is Liu Yi.”

Liu Yi shook hands with this woman before releasing her hand without any act of discourteousness. Liu Yi had seen too many beauties and possess a number of them as well. Thus his immunity is very high.

The female group leader also seems to appreciate it slightly. After all, not all men can do what Liu Yi did. After all, she is a beauty, and several men cannot help but take some slight advantage of her.

“Yuzheng and the rest still need to film the movie. Us fans should not disturb them.”

Li Chan smiles and says, “Follow us to the side and silently cheer for Yuzheng!”

“What you say makes sense. We must be sensible fans.”

Liu Yi smiles, “But without me, they will not be able to shoot this scene.”

“Brother, you are too humorous. Quickly leave with us.”

Liu Yi has a feeling like this group of people are going to pull him back to the mental hospital with a dense sense of looking down on him!

Just as Liu Yi wishes to explain a bit more, another group of fans walk over, but from the looks of it, they are Korean. They are raising Yoo Eunhui and Won Bin’s banners as they walk forward and say, “Wang Yuzheng’s fans don’t butt in!”

“That’s right. If you wish to look at your idol, go back to China!”

“To make our Won Bin oppo pair with a china woman is letting her take advantage of our Won Bin!”

“Wouldn’t it be better to let Kim Taehee be the 2nd female lead? Why find a china girl, seriously! Aigoo!”

The fans start grumbling making Liu Yi raises his brows. These people are too xenophobic. Just because Wang Yuzheng is from China, they do not like her?

Liu Yi is unhappy while Li Chan also speaks up, “Your Korean idols are idols while our China’s idols are not idols? Everyone is working together to film the show, and lacking any one of them will be bad.”

These Korean fans started a lively discussion.

 “Says who. Without your people, our idols will act even better!”

“That’s right. Why did you come to our country? Always plagiarizing our country!”

One of the fans says, “All take and no give, you Chinese wish to borrow our movies to raise their popularity! Hmph, she can dream on. In the future, all of us shall not be her fans!”

“For this movie, Yuzheng has been doing suspension harness training daily as well as fighting training. How can you say such things about her when she has suffered so much?”

Li Chan does not back down and argues strongly for what is right, “Furthermore, even if you are unwilling to be Wang Yuzheng’s fans, it does not matter! Our Yuzheng does not fans!”

“You dare to say such things?”

That person seems to be Won Bin’s fan group leader. She is a plump young girl, but her mouth is venomous.

“Aren’t you afraid that all of us Koreans will become her critics?”

“Even if all of you are critics, it is only 50 million people. While our china’s entire 13 billion people are Yuzheng’s fans!”

Li Chan’s sentence shocked that girl into being unable to speak.

“Your Yuzheng is working hard!”

One of the fans says, “For this movie, she especially went to learn Wing Chun!”

“What is there to boast about regarding that jack of all trades kungfu of China!”

One of the male Korean fans sneers, “Our Korean taekwondo is the number one in the world!”

With that, he raises his leg and kicks a whiteboard that is held in the hands of a fan by the side, breaking it.

“Ah!” Exclaimed that fan.

That man seems to have learned taekwondo before. He raises that leg of his and says in delight, “Do you see this, this is a real martial art!”

Li Chan berates angrily, “How can you be like this! To use your legs to kick our things!”

A few flower protecting emissaries also step forward and glares angrily at that man.

“Just a whiteboard. Later I will compensate her ten dollars!”


“What, want to fight? I am a black belt in taekwondo!”

That man says in delight, “If you do not wish to get back off.”

“So what if you are a black belt?”

Liu Yi suddenly appeared in front of that man and shocked him. He subconsciously sent out a high kick at Liu Yi’s head.

This kick is savage. If it connects with a person’s head, it is likely to cause a concussion.

The other people by the side exclaim in shock like they are afraid to see Liu Yi becoming injured. While Liu Yi only extends a hand and grabs that leg before it touches his head.

That man got a shock as he says in his heart, just how strong is his wrist to negate my kicking force!

I had once broken ten wooden planks with this kick!

After Liu Yi receives the kick, he swings his hand downward. Borrowing the force behind that man’s kick, Liu Yi threw that man to the ground.

“This… this…”

The crowd got a shock while someone immediately recognizes this move. This skill is taiji!

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Chapter 1078   [Acting in movie or challenging a dojo]

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