MKW Chapter 1077


Chapter 1077 [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG


Liu Yi’s avatar flies out of the Heaven Dragon Mausoleum and flows back into the nose of his real body.

Two streams of golden fog drill in, and Liu Yi opens his eyes and returns to the real world.

In front of him are the two enormous doorposts of the Massacre Shrine. It is tall, reaching through the clouds, but that Massacre Shrine is basically emptied. While a man wearing a Taoist robe is standing in front of the doorpost as he looks at the doorpost in a daze.

“Virtuous nephew, have you awakened?”

Although this person has his back facing Liu Yi, he can clearly sense that Liu Yi has awakened and immediately turned around and asked him, “Why did Massacre Shrine…become like this?”

“There is no need for Senior Uncle Cheng to worry. Massacre Shrine has been settled down by me in a safe place.”

Liu Yi smiles as he stands up, “But why did Senior Uncle Cheng come to my Massacre Shrine?”

This man is none other than Cheng Wenhang.

Looking at Liu Yi, Cheng Wenhang laughs merrily, “It is great that virtuous nephew is fine. This poor Taoist had calculated that virtuous nephew would have a disaster. That is why I hurried over to pay a visit. From the looks of it, virtuous nephew has already settled your troubles?”

“That’s right, sorry for inconveniencing Senior Uncle Cheng.”

Liu Yi smirks in his heart. This Cheng Wenhang is just worried that his cauldron would be destroyed. Does this old fox think that his thoughts can escape from my eyes?

Previously my strength had not recovered but now, not only has it recovered, but it has also progressed by a step. I might as well settle this old fox. Hmph, instead of taking the path to heaven, you walk into the doorless hell!

Liu Yi laughs and asks, “May I know what disaster did Senior Uncle calculate for me?”

“A great catastrophe! It was indeed a great catastrophe! Furthermore, it is a disaster that is looming!”

Cheng Wenhang has a solemn expression as he says, “Virtuous nephew, you must not be careless this time! I told you before that you cannot use Nine Yang God Qi, and you still used it. How didn’t the Heavenly Court find trouble for you?”

“How inconvenient for Senior Uncle Chang to keep being concerned about it. This trouble has been dealt with.”

“That is great. But an even bigger calamity is waiting for you!”

Cheng Wenhang says, “This poor Taoist has calculated that there is a powerful force eyeing you in the sky and will seek you in the near future.”

Liu Yi says in his heart. What he is saying should be Qin Imperial Palace. Alas, that is not new news.

While Liu Yi is speaking with Cheng Wenhang, he secretly activates his Truth Eyes to see through Cheng Wenhang’s body. In the end, he is rather disappointed as he is still using a substitute to talk to him.

In Liu Yi’s eyes, Cheng Wenhang turned into a paper talisman. Damn it, this old fox! Why don’t you dare come with your real body! What kind of hero are you to keep using substitutes! But perhaps this Cheng Wenhang has never thought of being a hero. He is an ambitious and ruthless character!

Liu Yi wishes to find his real body through his substitute, but Truth Eyes does not have this ability. Liu Yi can only faintly see a golden thread linked to the amulet, but the other end of this golden thread disappears into the air.

Cheng Wenhang has rigorous schemes and deep foresight.

Even when meeting me, he still holds back a trick! Looks like if I wish to get rid of this man, it will be difficult! How should I find his real body?

Liu Yi thinks for a bit before saying, “Will I be able to deal with such a huge calamity on my own? Senior Uncle Cheng, you are very powerful; why don’t you come and help me?”

“Virtuous nephew, to be honest, although this poor Taoist only knows about the Book of Changes but am incapable with cultivation.”

Cheng Wenhang sighs and says, “This poor Taoist is adept in calculating the Book of Changes for you but helping you fight…please don’t come and find me. this poor Taoist can at most cheer for you!”

Liu Yi curses in his heart, fuck! This cunning old fox! Why is it so strenuous to trick him?

Liu Yi pretends to be concerned and asks, “Then what should this virtuous nephew do? How should I resolve this disaster?”

“Virtuous Nephew,” Cheng Wenhang pretends to be mysterious and says, “This poor Taoist has a method that can help you hide from this calamity!”

“Oh? What is it!”

Liu Yi says in his heart, what rotten idea does this Taoist have now?

“This poor Taoist knows that virtuous nephew has a clone technique which allows your soul to survive in either body. From what this poor Taoist sees, why don’t you leave your clone with this poor Taoist? That way, if virtuous nephew meets with some unexpected misfortune, as long as you return to your clone, you can save your life?”

Liu Yi wishes to laugh out loud. This Taoist revealed his fox tail! Luckily I knew of your plans; otherwise, I would have fallen for your tricks!

“Good gosh! What should I do now!” Liu Yi exclaimed in shock, “I left my clone back in the Sky Prison of the Heavenly Court!”

This sentence from Liu Yi causes Cheng Wenhang to turn pale with fright.

“What! Acci…your clone was left behind at the Heavenly Court?”

Cheng Wenhang’s complexion turned ugly.

“That’s right! I left my clone there while I am like the cicada shedding my carapace, before returning to the human realm! Otherwise, with so many experts from the Heavenly Court, how could I escape!”

“What should we do now…” Cheng Wenhang sighs continuously, “How should we resolve this calamity…this is a matter of life and death!”

“Senior Uncle Cheng, why don’t you teach me some other clone technique so that I can swap my clone, Little Black, back from the Heavenly Court?”

Hearing Little Black’s name, Cheng Wenhang’s eyes brighten up but were swiftly concealed.

Does this Taoist think that I do not know anything? Let’s see which of us is playing with who!

“Oh…this is not a bad idea.”

Cheng Wenhang did not doubt him and agreed to it, “This cloning technique is very simple and relies on an amulet to put in use. Virtuous nephew, take a look…”

As he speaks, he pulls out a stack of yellow amulet papers, which were drawn into charms from his sleeves.

“These are clone amulets. Let me gift one. Virtuous nephew can use it to create a clone. But this clone’s cultivation will not be powerful and will be very weak. You must remember to not let it receive any intense attack.”

Liu Yi wishes to curse, damn it. This Taoist still had another trick? He is not willing to teach me the clone technique and wants to use an amulet to deceive me?

“This…is likely to be not possible!”

Liu Yi is unwilling to have this lousy toy, “Like the saying, instead of giving a person the fish, it is better to teach him how to fish. What happens if I accidentally lose this amulet, wouldn’t it be a big deal?”

“What virtuous nephew says is quite true.”

Cheng Wenhang nods his head, “This cloning technique is not that difficult. If virtuous nephew wishes to learn it, there is no harm in teaching it to you. But virtuous nephew must remember not to pass this technique down to other people! It is only because I wish to save you that I teach it to you. After all, as ordered by the sect, the techniques of a sect can’t be transmitted to outsiders.”

“I am thankful to senior uncle!”

Liu Yi becomes delighted. As long as I learn this cloning technique, I can find the method to decipher Cheng Wenhang’s clone technique!

It is like the saying, know yourself know your enemy, and only then would you emerge victorious in every battle.

Cheng Wenhang took out a piece of an amulet and passed it to Liu Yi before imparting to him the secret of this cloning technique.

So this so-called clone technique is to make use of the speel on the amulet to create a substitute before using one’ qi to control it.

Liu Yi followed based on what he had learned and pull out a hair and placed it on the amulet. After which, he waves his hand and instantly ignites the amulet. After the amulet was burnt, it turns into a person that looks exactly like him!

“How is it?”

Cheng Wenhang is rather proud of himself, “This is the unique technique of my sect!”

“It is indeed very mysterious.”

Liu Yi is suddenly worried as he asks, “But what if the enemy realized my substitute. Is it possible for them to use the substitute to find the position of my real body?”

“Impossible! This cloning technique is flawless!”

Cheng Wenhang shakes his head, “If they want to trace this technique, they must have obtained the Ten Thousand Image…”

The Taoist suddenly stops speaking. Liu Yi says in his heart, damn it, this Taoist is sophisticated! I almost had him say it, but he sucked the latter half of the sentence!

Ten Thousand Image…what? What is this Taoist talking about?

Liu Yi immediately asks Lin Tong who is inside him; after all, the things that she knows are more than him.

{I am also not sure…Ten Thousand Image…I have never heard of any magic tools that start with this. I feel that you should ask Wu Meiniang. She has lived for very long and seen many things. Perhaps she might know. Oh, if you can find Ai Ling, perhaps she can also explain it.}

{Okay. Later I will go and inquire about it.}

Liu Yi will want to find this magic tool and kill Cheng Wenhang! His existence is the greatest threat to Murong Die and the rest of his girls!

“Alas, virtuous nephew, today I have leaked enough heaven’s secret to you.” Cheng Wenhang smiles at Liu Yi, “This poor Taoist cannot stay here any longer. Let’s meet in the future.”

His body transforms into an ignited amulet and slowly dissipates in the air.

“Fucking hell. This fellow comes and goes so hurriedly! Treating my place as a toilet!”

Liu Yi is very unhappy as he says angrily, “Wait till I find that Ten Thousand Image, and I will kill that Taoist!”

Liu Yi is indignant with justice when his phone suddenly rings. Liu Yi takes a look to see that it is an unknown number.

{Little Jade, help me check who it is.}

Seeing that it is an unknown number Liu Yi does not want to pick it up; thus, he let Little Jade check who it is for him first.

{Master. It is the producer from the movie company.}

Little Jade swiftly found its owner. When Liu Yi heard this, he finally reacted.

“What the fuck! I had forgotten about it. I still have a movie that was not finished!”

Liu Yi thinks I had left for so long, the people from the movie side should be cursing me to death.

He no longer hesitates and orders Bai Jie to guard the surroundings of Massacre Shrine before letting on the flying sword created by the 36 Tiangang swords before lying towards South Korea, Seoul.

Right now, Liu Yi’s cultivation had reached grand accomplishment, and his strength has reached the standard of realm crosser! After entering the God Transformation, his cultivation will reach 1st layer of heaven. Upon using cosmos qi as well as the second stage of the God Transformation, he can barely enter the 2nd layer of heaven.

In the human realm, Liu Yi can do anything he likes!

As he flies on top of the sky, Liu Yi reaches South Korea in a jiffy.

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