MKW Chapter 1076


Chapter 1076 [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG


Massacre Shrine is empty without anyone.

The formerly bustling Massacre Shrine with people walking around. But now, there is not even a hint of shadow anywhere, and it is super quiet.

“Nice timing.” Liu Yi checks the time and says, “Welcome back.”

The moment he said this, space-time started warping as a bright lamp appears in the sky. It lets out a faint green radiance enveloping Massacre Shrine.

“We came back?”

“Good gosh! Finally, I can smell the air of the human realm!”

Several Massacre Shrine’s disciples start weeping bitter tears, and some even kneel down on the ground and kisses the ground. Gods know how much suffering they had been through in the Asura Realm. Liu Yi can also understand them as the Asura Realm is not a good place. The environment there is nasty and is not a place where a person can stay long term.

“Sect Head!”

“Junior Brother!”

When the crowd sees Liu Yi, all of their eyes brighten up.

Liu Yi looks at all of them. Poison Jasmine, Chen Keqing, Ma Yuanyuan, Bai Jie…as well as Zhang Yunyun, whose face is very red.

If the people from the Demon Realm see this scene, perhaps their jaw will drop from shock. The Demon Emperor who unified the demon realm actually blushed in front of a man! If they do not see it personally, none of them would believe it.

When Liu Yi sees these people, he says, “It’s been a long time since we last met. Is everyone okay?”

“Wuwuwu, big brother, I missed you.”

Originally he thought that a beauty would throw herself at him, but the one who charged up to Liu Yi is his little brother Huang Jie. He hugs Liu Yi tight and cries until his face is covered with mucus.

“Big brother, how can you send us to that bitter place! There was nothing there! I can’t plant any herbs or plants! During this year, I was very depressed!”

“Enough. Aren’t you back now?”Liu Yi says as he pats Huang Jie on his shoulder.

Someone from Massacre Shrine whispers, “Could it be that….our sect head is gay?”

“Fuck, what are you joking about! Sect Head has so many concubines, how it is possible for him to be gay…if that was the case, I would have taken action!”

Hearing this causes Liu Yi to feel a chill run down his spine, but what is even more electrifying is coming up next.

“Then you can give it a try…I feel that our sect head might be a bisexual!”

“Okay, let me borrow your lucky words!”

Liu Yi says in his heart, what the fuck, can you not be so direct? I am not a bisexual!

Liu Yi wishes to cry but has no tears while at this moment Zhang Yunyun asks, “Big Brother Liu Yi, have you settled the matter with the Heavenly Court? Is Massacre Shrine be safe?”

Finally, someone asks the serious question, and Liu Yi hurriedly replies, “No to both. We cannot continue to stay in the human realm and must evacuate to another place.”

“Ah??? We still need to evacuate? Kill me then!”

Huang Jie nearly cried, and Liu Yi immediately comforted him, “Relax. This time we are not going to the Asura Realm. Over there, it is also possible for you to find a lot of herbs that are already extinct.”

“Really?” Huang Jie’s eyes shine brightly, “Is there really this kind of place?”

“That’s right.” Liu Yi nods his head, “But I still want to build a transfer formation here. We shall leave the bare minimum number of people to receive guests. As for the remaining number of disciples, we shall go to a new place and move about through the transfer formation.”

Huang Jie asked curiously, “Where are we going, boss?”

Liu Yi points at his heart and says with a smile, “Here.”


Everyone looked at each other, not knowing what Liu Yi meant.

“Could it be that…sect head wants to kill all of us? And then leave all of us in his memories?”

“Wuwuwu, why is sect head so deranged!”

A lot of people believed that it was true and started crying together.

Liu Yi immediately summoned out the Heaven Dragon Mausoleum and explained, “A small thousand world has been created inside here. I shall put all of you inside here, and no one will find you. If something happens, those receiving guests in the Massacre Shrine can immediately enter the transfer formation and seal it.”

“That sounds very convenient…”

When Bai Jie and the rest heard it, they were all stunned, “Could this be the legendary carrying the entire sect along?”

“Almost like that. I need to use the Sea Flipping God Lamp to be the transfer formation to move all of the buildings inside.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he sits down cross-legged as the Sea Flipping God Lamp above him releases golden fog that he had sucked into him through his nose. With his avatar returning, it allows Liu Yi’s qi to be more substantial as well as more at ease.

A black whirlpool slowly appears in the sky above and following which it let’s out a strong suction force, uprooting Massacre Shrine, sucking everything within!

In a blink of an eye, there was only a huge gate as well as the two buildings in front of the entire Massacre Shrine. Nothing else was left, and all was sucked into the Heaven Dragon Mausoleum.

The Sea Flipping God Lamp floats peacefully in the sky. It sustains itself with Liu Yi’s qi and becomes the passageway linking the Heaven Dragon Mausoleum and the external world. Liu Yi is unable to enter the Heaven Dragon Mausoleum, but his avatar can. Thus Liu Yi breathed out a stream of golden fog, which instantly transforms into Liu Yi’s appearance. Leaving behind his original body that is seated cross-legged, he instantly enters Heaven Dragon Mausoleum.

Some humans had already appeared in the land of the Heaven Dragon Mausoleum, but they are primitive humans.

Now that Liu Yi’s cultivation base had progressed into realm crosser, the environment here has undergone a number of changes. The culture in the Heaven Dragon Mausoleum once again rapidly evolves. 

But those that are affected are only those living beings that were born by the Heaven Dragon Mausoleum, while those from the outside were not affected.

That is why the people from Massacre Shrine can stay here in peace. Otherwise, if billions of years passed in a blink of an eye, it will be a wonder if any of them were still alive.

Seeing Liu Yi’s avatar descending, Bai Jie and the rest surround him in delight.

“Sect Head! This place is not bad!”

“That’s right. The air here is very fresh! Furthermore, the ling qi in the air is very abundant and suitable for cultivation!”

Seeing the excited group of people, Liu Yi cannot help but smile.

“That’s right. In the future, this place is for you guys.”

“I didn’t expect that you had already cultivated out a small thousand world…”

Zhang Yunyun cannot help but mutters, “The legends say that only experts who reached 8th layer of heaven can cultivate a small thousand world. Could it be that your mental realm has already evolved to that step?”


Liu Yi is afraid of being misunderstood by others. After all, there is no need for him to lie in front of his own people; thus, he explains, “This is the inheritance left for me by the Heaven Dragon King.”

“You are too fortunate!”

Zhang Yunyun narrows her eyes at Liu Yi and says with some sourness, “Why do I not have this kind of good fortune!”

“Fuck, you are the Nine Yin Demon Dragon blessed by heavens!”

Liu Yi cannot help it, “You just need to have a look and immediately know the moves of other people! What else will make other people more jealous?”

“Ah? Don’t you know?”

Zhang Yunyun gives Liu Yi a look like she had seen a weirdo, “You have obtained my Nine Yin Demon Qi and have already obtained this ability as well.”

“Cough, fine then. This is because I am too handsome. The goddess of luck likes me indeed. But…I still relied on my own effort to climb to this step.”

Looking at Massacre Shrine in front of him, Liu Yi felt rather grateful in his heart.

I am the founder of Raising Immortal Palace Hall as well as the founder of the Massacre Shrine. Once in the past? That’s right, as well as one which is the current strongest sect in the cultivation world. Tsk, tsk. I am too impressive. I should kneel to myself in the mirror!

Liu Yi had sunk into deep narcissism when Bai Jie walks over at this moment and inquires to Liu Yi, shocking him from his intoxication, “Sect Head, let me stay in residence for receiving guests.”

Bai Jie takes the initiative to volunteer herself, which helps take a load of Liu Yi’s mind. This lass is indeed sensible. It is a pity that I already have a little fox and cannot accept another one. I don’t see how Immortal Fox sister says that she can accept me having multiple wives. That is because they are of different species! If I dare to bring back another beautiful female fox demon…it is likely that I might die!

“Okay. I pass the 12 Sky Dipper Swordsmen to you.”

Liu Yi waves his hand and says, “After all inside Heaven Dragon Mausoleum, there is no need for them to defend against the enemy. This place is my small thousand world, where I am the strongest.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he waves his hand, which instantly causes the clouds in the sky to change into dark clouds as lightning starts striking the seawater.

He waved his hand again, and the seawater split apart, leaving behind an enormous crack in the center.

Moving mountains and seas! This kind of strength only belongs to the creator!

Everyone’s gaze towards Liu Yi becomes filled with worship. No wonder Sect Head is so awesome! With this kind of small thousand world as a backing with the Heaven Dragon King as a master, how could he not be awesome!

Chen Keqing looks at Massacre Shrine that is sitting on flat land; she cannot help but ask, “Junior brother, we can’t set up a sect on this flat ground, right? Wouldn’t that be too monotonous? Furthermore, it lacks immortal bearing. Give me something that feels like an enormous sect…”

“What you say is also true.”

Liu Yi nods his head before raising his palm up slowly. Instantly the ground where Massacre Shrine is resting starts being pulled up and soon forms a mountain range making Massacre Shrine’s buildings scattered all over this mountain range.

Clouds and mist wind around the mountain range, giving it an immortal feel.

Chen Keqing is satisfied, “That’s much better!”

“It would be even better if there’s some water.”

Poison Jasmine crosses her arms as she looks at the mountain surroundings.

“I shall satisfy you.”

The moment Liu Yi said this, Poison Jasmine’s face instantly turned red.

Seeing Poison Jasmine’s face turning red, Liu Yi cannot hold back and roast, “You must be thinking wrongly!”

“I, I am then not thinking wrongly…”

Poison Jasmine turns her head away cutely, “It is you who is thinking wrongly!”

“I am not thinking wrongly! Don’t tell me that you are thinking of pa, pa, pa?”

Liu Yi questions, “How is that possible!”

Poison Jasmine’s ears turn red as she immediately explains, “I did not think of pa, pa, pa! Your entire brain is filled with naughty thoughts!”

“It is not like I know the meaning of pa, pa, pa!”

“Stop messing around!”

Just as Liu Yi is preparing to continue teasing Poison Jasmine, a commotion suddenly happens outside.

Liu Yi raises his eyebrow, “Looks like a visitor is dropping in.”

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Chapter 1076   [Frequent visitor dropping in]

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