MKW Chapter 1075


Chapter 1075 [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
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Chang’e voice is nice to listen to, tender and soft as water. But it does not carry that kind of seductive manner of Bai Jie and the rest. Instead, it carries a surge of immortal qi.

The moment she opens her mouth, it is like cold water irrigating down, which can extinguish the anger of a person.

Indeed when Erlang Shen hears what Chang’e says, he calms down, and at the very least, his brows no longer crease.

Chang’e asks, “Why do men like to fight against each other so much? I hate conflict. I like peace.”

What is the effect of a beautiful woman? The effect of a beautiful woman is after Chang’e had spoken, almost all of the male immortals lower their weapons and shouted loudly, “Peace! Peace! I want peace!”

The celestial soldiers are all men, and with them shouting in this manner, the situation becomes uncontrollable.

The shout for peace covers the Heavenly Court and even the entire immortal realm!

When the inhabitants of the immortal realm heard this shout, they could not help but raise their eyebrows. What is going on with the Heavenly Court? Why are they shouting about peace?

When Liu Yi heard these shouts, he cannot help but start to sweat. Fucking hell. Even if Jade Emperor opens his mouth, there wouldn’t be such an effect! Putting it nicely, Chang’e is capable of causing the downfall of a city, but if we put it unpleasantly, she is damaging the country and causing suffering to the people!

The ancients did not lie to me! Femme fatale!

“The Heavenly Court was a place that likes peace.”

Standing in the center of the place, Chang’e says unhurriedly, “This conflict has gone for long enough. It should stop now. May everyone give me face and let him go.”

When Chang’e said so, it makes Erlang Shen unhappy, “Why? Fairy Chang’e, why are you being biased to this mortal?”

“Living beings that are born into the world all have their own rights to keep living on.”

Chang’e hugs that white Little Jade Rabbit of hers, gently stroking its head, which makes numerous male immortals jealous, wishing that they can become that rabbit!

How would Chang’e not know what these men are thinking about, but she has never cared about this. She continued speaking, “I hate conflict. I hope that you will not fight anymore. Whoever takes action again will be rejected from coming to my Moon Palace.”

This sentence carries destructive power! Several male immortals who were still holding their weapons immediately hid their weapons behind their back the moment they heard this, afraid that Chang’e would notice their weapon.

Being rejected from going to Moon Palace….this is truly scary!

If that was the case, they would rather go and die! Without Chang’e, what is the point of the Heavenly Court!

Jade Emperor creases his brows and gives Taishang Laojun a look. He also knows this is a plan, but he is still somewhat unhappy in his heart, letting Chang’e step forth. After all, as the supreme authority of the Heavenly Court, Jade Emperor has some thoughts about Chang’e.

But Chang’e is very proud and arrogant and never looked at him. How nice would it be if something could happen between her and me…

But right now, the only one who can protect Heavenly Court’s face seems to this woman. Alas. It is indeed what that Clear Sky Divine Art True Monarch says. Relying on a woman to protect my own life is vexing!

Chang’e suddenly transmits her voice to Liu Yi, {Clear Sky Divine Art True Monarch, go back to the mortal world.}

Liu Yi asked Chang’e, {Why did you help me?}

Chang’e smiles and says, {True Monarch is a real hero. Helping you is this girl’s honor.}

{My mother said to me b that in this world, the more beautiful a woman is, the more I cannot believe in what she says.}

{Then is True Monarch’s mother beautiful?}

This sentence from Chang’e causes Liu Yi to be stunned. This woman is clever and eloquent. I am unable to reply to her question.

If I say that my mother is beautiful, that means that I cannot believe in what my mother says, which makes what I had said earlier meaningless.

If I say not beautiful….fuck, how can I say such things about my mother? If my mother knew about it, she would come and beat me! Furthermore, if I say that, Chang’e will laugh and say that my mother is jealous of beautiful women!

Both sides are wrong. Chang’e has smartly set me up in a language trap. Damn it. A beautiful woman is the hardest to deal with!

“True Monarch does not need to be so paranoid. I only wish to help True Monarch; thus, I stepped forward.”

Chang’e smiles and says, “The Heavenly Court is also fearful of True Monarch’s strength. After all, True Monarch is an impressive person who possesses Cosmos Qi. It is not like the Heavenly Court will be unable to kill you. But we will have disastrous casualties. After so many years, these immortals are spoiled by the ease and comfort and are not willing to take this risk.”

“I understand.”

Liu Yi feels like Chang’e is giving him and Heavenly Court a way out of an embarrassing situation. Right now, my and Heavenly Court’s relationship is awkward. We can neither fight nor back away from each other. With Chang’e stepping forth, it becomes easier. With her, both sides seem to have a way for each other to step down.

When Chang’e wants to be a good person, Jade Emperor does not speak, but Erlang Shen becomes unhappy and says, “Chang’e, even if we no longer fight, we can’t let him off!”

“Erlang Shen, do you plan on not giving my Moon Palace this bit of face?”

She sighs, “I did not plan to do this. Long’er, remember this, in the future when True Monarch Erlang comes to our Moon Palace, let him know that we will not receive him…”

“Ah! Ah! Don’t!”

Erlang Shen suddenly says, “The Heavenly Court also wishes for peace. There is no need to fight. Mortal, you are on your own. If Qin Imperial Palace revives, you will not escape from responsibility! At that time, the doomsday of the entire Six Realms will be because of you!”

This sentence is ruthless, but Liu Yi does not care. After all, Nine Yin Demon Pill, as well as Soul Necklace, have already been snatched away by Qin Imperial Palace.

One can say that the revival of the Qin Imperial palace is just a matter of time. But even if I tell the Heavenly Court, it is likely that they will not believe it. They would still kill Zhang Yunyun with the mentality of cutting weeds and eliminating the roots.

These Heavenly Court people are all of this similar behavior. None of them are good.

Liu Yi also did not lower his vigilance towards Chang’e. While at this moment, Chang’e transmits her voice to Liu Yi again, {In a bit, I will create some confusion. At that time, take the opportunity to escape.}

{Then, I shall thank Fairy Chang’e.}

Since someone is willing to help, Liu Yi is more than happy to accept it.

Chang’e nods her head before exclaiming suddenly, “Ah! Who is the one who touched my butt?”

Numerous celestial soldiers and generals are standing beside Chang’e. With her exclamation, these celestial soldiers and generals glared at each other immediately.

Who has such courage toy dare to touch Fairy Chang’e butt?

Fuck if you touched it, you should also tell us what it felt like! Chang’e figure is so good you can’t be the only person who enjoys it after touching it! Chang’e is the female star of Heavenly Court and the entire Immortal Realm!

While soldier suddenly pointed at a brother beside him and shouted, “Fuck! Is it you who touched it?! Your house is filled with Chang’e photos, and you touch them daily!”

“Ah, I, I don’t have…”

“Damn it! I think that it is you!”

The two soldiers fight while the soldiers by the side immediately start becoming suspicious and jealous of each other before starting to fight each other. They are fighting each other fiercely!

Soon, the entire Heavenly Court is in a mess! Who knows how many people are caught in this chaos as they start fighting each other.

“All of you stop! What is with our image now!”

Jade Emperor and Queen Mother of the West hastily rebuke angrily, “What a scandal!”

But right now, there is no longer anyone listening to them. The current scene is in a huge mess as chaotic fights are all over the place.

“True Monarch, go.” Chang’e says to Liu Yi, “No one can be bothered about you now.”

“Thank you, Fairy Chang’e.”

Liu Yi cups his hands, expressing this thanks. No matter what Chang’e intentions were, right now, she had indeed helped him.

Liu Yi does not wish to stay a single minute longer in Heavenly Court this place!

He stomps his foot, breaking the layer of cloud below him before fleeing down the cracked layer of clouds.

An enormous door immediately comes into view below. The realm crosser senses someone coming close and immediately awakens from his sleep.

“Damn it. Who from the Heavenly Court wants to go to Human Realm! Are they done or not!”

Realm Crosser was tormented badly by the Heavenly Court. After he comes out, he is flustered and exasperated as he says, “Damn it! I do not care anymore! Quickly go through!”

The realm crosser pulls open the door and says to Liu Yi, “After you go in, I am going to sleep!”

He flies through the door as he says in his heart, there is such a good thing?

After realizing that Liu Yi had disappeared, Nezha and the rest got a huge shock and hurriedly sent people to chase after him.

When the realm crosser sees this, what the fuck! So be it if it is one person! You sent so many more! Do you not take me seriously?

The realm crosser temper also rises as he lets out a roar. After which, he takes a fighting stance and starts a huge fight against the Heavenly Court people!

“What the fuck! Why is this realm crosser fighting us! Don’t tell me that he is the cousin of Liu Yi?!”

“Can’t be right!”

“What a fraud!”

The immortals bitch endlessly, but Liu Yi cannot be bothered about them and had already returned to the human realm.

Taishang Laojun, Jade Emperor, and Chang’e glance at each other with a smile in their eyes.

“This girl’s task has already been completed.” Chang’e says, “If there is no other matter, I shall go back to the Moon Palace.”

Taishang Laojun says with deep meaning, “No, no, no. Your matters are still not done yet Chang’e, Heavenly Court, as well as the future of the Six Realms, will be relying on you.”

Chang’e does not understand it. Why is the important task placed on me? Could it be that I have returned back to the era of three kingdoms where I am the pitiful Diao Chan?

Chang’e wishes to reject this task, but she is unable to. After all, no one can reject the Jade Emperor’s Immortal Edict.


After Liu Yi descended from the immortal realm, he immediately took a look at the time.

The time is more or less just right. Liu Yi stomps down and steps on a Yin-yang symbol.

The Yin-yang symbol flashes, and he shoots several hundred meters away like a teleporting. But this is not teleportation but relying on the power of cosmos qi to carry out high-speed movement.

Cosmos qi is the supreme cultivation qi. It is a quantitative change allowing Liu Yi to be powerful enough to soar!

Massacre Shrine is a distance away from where Liu Yi emerged from. As Liu Yi emerges around Henan location while Massacre Shrine is closer to the Northeast of China.

[TL: Henan is in the central of China]

With a few leaps, Liu Yi crosses a huge distance as the formerly bustling Massacre Shrine appears, and right now, it is like a ghost city!

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