MKW Chapter 1074


Chapter 1074 [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG


This white light is like a viagra. When it shines upon Erlang Shen, Erlang Shen’s body becomes a few times more buffer. He instantly grew until he is over three meters tall as the three-tipped two-bladed spear became even sharper and heavier.

Erlang Shen’s armor becomes berserk-like and more formidable. A scarlet cape drape over his shoulder as his three eyes brighten up in delight.

“Today, you shall die!”

Erlang Shen’s voice seemed to come from all around, filling up the Heavenly Court.

Liu Yi felt that the opponent’s strength had become stronger. This deity descending to the mortal world appears to be an unordinary technique! At this moment, Erlang Shen’s strength had become close to the 4th layer of heaven!

“Clear Sky Divine Art True Monarch, prepare to die!”

A roar exploded beside Liu Yi’s ear as Erlang Shen appears in front of him as his three-tipped two-bladed spear slash down on Liu Yi’s head!

This slash carries shocking might bring along a white light with it like it is going to chop Liu Yi into two halves.

“Sinister Spirit!”

While Liu Yi tosses out Sinister Spirit Sword in his hand and that Sinister Spirit Sword immediately transforms into a black light before wrapping around Liu Yi’s body.

The sun tattoo between his brows turns into a black skeleton tattoo as his eyes turn scarlet red!

His silver color hair transforms into black color as surges of sinister aura spread out in all directions causing the surrounding immortals to feel horror.

“What a scary aura…”

“Who is this person!”

The immortals are discussing with one another. Even Taishang Laojun also cannot help but mutter, “There is this kind of horrifying sinister aura?  What is his background?”

“Then, this one must be the Jade Emperor.”

Liu Yi’s gaze lands on the Jade Emperor. He suddenly waves his hand as a fire-god sword suddenly falls from the sky and chops down on the back of the throne beside Jade Emperor scaring Jade Emperor that he nearly falls off his dragon throne.

“Protect His Majesty, Protect His Majesty!”

A group of celestial soldiers and generals immediately hurried forward and protected Jade Emperor and Queen Mother of the West in their center.

Jade Emperor was also badly frightened as he hurriedly orders Erlang Shen, “Yang Jian! Quickly kill him!”

“This general shall!”

Erlang Shen laughs loudly, “You have destroyed your only chance to survive!”

“You are mistaken about a matter.”

Liu Yi crosses his arm and looks at Erlang Shen, who is bigger than him, “I have never relied on others to continue living. While Jade Emperor has been the emperor of the Heavenly Court for too long. Shouldn’t it be my turn to sit in his position?”

The moment he says it, it provokes rage from the crowd of immortals.


“This person is mad! Get rid of him!”

“You have quite an ambition.”

Erlang Shen is calm and composed, like taking down Liu Yi is just a matter of time.

“To boast so shamelessly and wishing to become the emperor of the Heavenly Court. What a joke!”

“On the contrary, I feel that I look like the emperor.”

Liu Yi touches his cheek, “As for you, you look like a dog.”

“Seeking death!”

Erlang Shen is enraged as he charges at Liu Yi! Under the state of Deity descending the mortal world, Erlang Shen has boundless strength, and the three-tipped two-bladed spear that he brandishes creates huge wind and is tyrannical!

While Liu Yi crosses two black fire-god swords and obstructs Erlang Shen’s attacks.

Every single attack from Erlang Shen is incomparably heavy, causing Liu Yi’s arms to turn numb. Even black-bellied Liu Yi is unable to resolve such a powerful attack.

“Let’s see how long you can block me!”

Erlang Shen laughed nastily as his attacks became even more ferocious as his three-tipped two-bladed spear let him dance out a white storm!

“You have left me with a thorny opponent.”

Liu Yi sighs ruefully, “Furthermore, the qi in our body is not complete…”

Fog Qi Real Body power is unable to mobilize and can only use other techniques.

“Then let’s give these newly evolved techniques a try then…although I am still not that familiar with them.”

As Liu Yi speaks, the fire-god swords in his hands suddenly cross slashes against the spear that Erlang Shen chops down.

A golden sun as well as a black moonlight shoots out and starts revolving around Liu Yi’s body. This sun and moon finally merge together in front of Liu Yi and forms an enormous Yin-yang symbol.

The Yin-yang symbol rotates slowly, and it continues to shrink before marking between Liu Yi’s brow.

Under the 2nd stage of God Transformation, Liu Yi releases his cosmos qi.

A powerful surge of force rushes forth from within Liu Yi’s body, giving him a kind of feeling like he is the only person in the world.

After using cosmos qi, the black-bellied side of Liu Yi mysterious disappears as he had temporarily merged together with the original Liu Yi!

Liu Yi roughly understood the reason. Because cosmos qi blends all qi together, blending together the upright and demonic.

Black-bellied’s side, which is also his demonic side, had now temporarily merged together with him.

He started drawing on all kinds of methods to defeat his enemies. Through the upright manner, sinister manner, and even some horrifying unusual methods.

At the same time, at this instant, Liu Yi seems to sense that the cosmos is rotating slowly. It is like he can hear the sound of the movement of the cosmos, which is very mysterious.

This is all because of this cosmos qi, which links him to the cosmos.

“Pretending to be mysterious, go die!”

Erlang Shen roars loudly as he once again appears in front of Liu Yi, sweeping his three-tipped two-bladed spear at him.

While Liu Yi only extends his right hand and grabs that three-tipped two-bladed spear, holding it in place.

The spear tip is trembling in Liu Yi’s hand, but it is unable to move a single inch!

Cosmos qi, which is the combination of Nine Yang God Qi, Nine Yin Demon Qi, and Moon Dream Sutra, is very powerful.


Erlang Shen was shocked as his three-tipped two-bladed spear was stuck. It is unable to descend nor be pulled away! His face turns red, and is using all of his strength but is unable to pull his weapon free!

“Desolate Flames!”

While Liu Yi’s palm hit Erlang Shen’s stomach as the first palm of Glorious Sun Palm exploded out.

A Yin-yang symbol starts expanding on Erlang Shen’s stomach and at that instant, Erlang Shen feel like his stomach portion had been hit by two twisting power causing the armor around his stomach to be smashed to pieces!

His body also rotated as well and flew backward, smashing a large portion of Heavenly Court’s buildings.

Erlang Shen was sent flying too far away and through a road!

Dense black smoke rises up the sky.

“Gods…even Erlang True Monarch was sent flying away. So powerful…”

A maid exclaims, “No wonder Fairy would sit up and take notice of him.”

“I do not know if he can win in the end.”

Right now, Chang’e is full of curiosity towards that man and only feels that he had created numerous miracles, time, and time again.

If even Erlang Shen is unable to win, then who can be his opponent?

At this moment, Taishang Laojun suddenly transmits his voice to Chang’e, {Fairy Chang’e. If Erlang Shen is defeated, only you can save the Heavenly Court.}

Chang’e is astonished, {Me? How can I do it?}

{I believe that you will be the most powerful weapon.}

Taishang Laojun uses voice transmission to tell Chang’e a lot of words.

Taishang Laojun asks, {Well, Fairy Chang’e? Are you willing to help the Heavenly Court?}

{Let me think about it.}

Chang’e rolls her beautiful big eyes but did make any agreeing or disagreeing statement.

{Everything will depend on you.}

Taishang Laojun cups his hands towards this beauty, making her smile. Taishang Laojun’s heart is also slightly moved as he hurriedly revolves his Three Pure Technique controlling his seven emotions and six desires.

At the same time, he mutters in his heart, indeed the number one fairy of the Heavenly Court. What a calamity….but, she is also the best weapon!

This is the weapon for Taishang Laojun to deal with Liu Yi!

While at this moment, Erlang Shen roars as he flies up from the other side of Heavenly Court, causing several broken stones to fall off.

“I am not convinced!”

He bellows, “Your strength is at 2nd layer of heaven! Why is it possible for you to defeat me, who is close to the 4th layer of heaven!”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders and says to him, jokingly, “Because I am more handsome.”

“Nonsense!” Erlang Shen refuted, “I am the most handsome man in the Heavenly Court!”

Liu Yi felt a chill run down his spine. Hmm. So this brother is the most narcissistic person!

Erlang Shen suddenly tosses his three-tipped two-bladed spear to the side before stomping his feet down on the ground and instantly grows in size until he is over a hundred meters tall!

While that third eye between Erlang Shen’s brow becomes clearer and a huge amount of immortal qi gathers within it.

Jade Emperor is badly frightened as he shouts loudly, “Yang Jian, are you mad! Could it be that you want to destroy the Heavenly Court?!”

“Uncle! Heavenly Court’s prestige is even more important!”

Erlang Shen had already made a firm resolution to use his world-destroying technique! Minor techniques, as well as body techniques and the likes, will not allow him to win!

Other than Sun Wukong, after so many years, this is the first time he had met such a thorny fellow!

He wants to use his third eye to release the destruction light and utterly destroy this man!

“Hmph! Bring it on!”

Liu Yi is also unhappy. Does this Erlang Shen think that he is undefeatable?

He releases the fire-god swords and raises his palms slightly!

The final palm of Glorious Sun Palm, World Extermination!

Of Liu Yi’s palm, one carries yang qi while the other carry yin qi! If both palms pressed against each other, it will bring rise to a powerful storm that will destroy the entire Heavenly Court! Or even the entire immortal realm!

The two super deity powers could happen at any moment!

The immortals were all very nervous, afraid to be pulled into this disaster!

But at this crucial moment, a beautiful woman suddenly floats down lightly and lands between the two of them, blocking the sight of either person.

Seeing her, Liu Yi and Erlang Shen got a shock at the same time. Especially Erlang Shen, whose third eye subconsciously slowly starts to close up.

“Chang’e, what are you doing?”

The moment Fairy Chang’e appears, it causes a lot of men present to stare at her in infatuation. She stands there, and her voice carries a kind of flowing gentle feelings as she says to Erlang Shen, “Enough, Yang Jian!”

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Chapter 1074   [Still have to rely on a woman]

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