MKW Chapter 1073


Chapter 1073 [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG


All of the immortals in the Heavenly Court do not view Liu Yi in a good light and think that he will die under the spear of Erlang Shen.

After all, Erlang Shen is the strongest wargod of Heavenly Court. In the Heavenly Court, he is basically the strongest!

Once there was a person who had made a statistic. Solely based on fighting strength, Yang Jian alone can fight against everyone in the Heavenly Court! Of course, there is a prerequisite, which is Taishang Laojun not taking action.

In all honesty, the people of the Heavenly Court are unclear on how powerful Taishang Laojun is. They only know that he is in the 3rd layer of heaven. His seniority is venerable enough. Even Jade Emperor is also respectful towards him when he sees him. As for how powerful this old man is, no one knows.

Let’s not mention Taishang Laojun; let’s talk about Erlang Shen alone. His fighting strength is supreme in the Heavenly Court. When he takes action to deal with Liu Yi, this person who is not even in the 2nd layer of heaven, how is it possible for him to live?

Just as Erlang Shen’s three-tipped two-bladed spear is about to stab through Liu Yi’s throat, Liu Yi extended his left hand, greeting a Yin-yang symbol in front of his palm, attempting to block Erlang Shen’s attack.

But Erlang Shen only laughs nastily as his immortal qi circulates in his body!

When a cultivator becomes immortal and enters the Immortal Records, other than being able to obtain an almost infinite lifespan, they will also obtain pure immortal qi! Immortal qi is one entire grade higher than the qi that cultivators use!

The immortal qi inside Erlang Shen’s body is very strong and wraps his three-tipped two-bladed spear with a dazzling silver glow and actually pierced through Liu Yi’s Yin-yang symbol!

When the Yin-yang symbol breaks, the force created from it is very powerful and sends Liu Yi flying away before crashing into the ground.

Erlang Shen steps forward and stomps down on Liu Yi’s chest ruthlessly. Liu Yi hurriedly extended his hand and used his palm to receive that leg of Erlang Shen.

“Do you think that you can block me?”

Erlang Shen steps on Liu Yi’s palm further and further down.

The sweat that is covering Liu Yi’s forehead is increasing. Erlang Shen exerts more strength on his leg as he rests his three-pointed two-bladed spear on Liu Yi’s neck and says with a smile, “Do you wish to die or live?”

Liu Yi squeezes out a few words from his mouth, “Don’t you feel that asking this is unnecessary? Who would wish to die? Of course, I would wish to live.”

“If you wish to live, then beg me for mercy!” Erlang Shen laughs, “If you beg me for mercy, I shall spare you!”

“Then I would rather you kill me.”

Inside Liu Yi’s dictionary, there is no ‘beg for mercy.’

“I expected you to say this.” Erlang Shen lowers his voice and laughs nastily, “Good. Then I shall fulfill your wish!”

With that, he stabs his spear ruthlessly into Liu Yi’s heart!

Liu Yi’s pupils widened at that instant. His flesh body is unable to take such a ferocious attack. His entire heart was ripped apart as blood rushed out along the spear body high up into the sky.

Chang’e gaze instantly turns ashen. Although she is very interested in this man’s character, it is a pity that he is too weak and was easily killed by Erlang Shen.

But Liu Yi’s body suddenly turns into a broken wooden puppet, which drops onto the ground in two pieces.


Seeing the two pieces of a broken wooden puppet, Erlang Shen cannot help but feel somewhat bewildered. “Where did Liu Yi run to?”

“Are you looking for me?”

At this moment, a voice speaks up above his head.

Jade Emperor gives a warning, “Yang Jian! Quick! He is above you!”

Erlang Shen immediately raises his head to see a familiar figure floating above his head.

He is none other than Liu Yi, who should have been killed by him!

Liu Yi stomps down with a leg, and Erlang Shen hurriedly raises his spear vertically to block.

Erlang Shen was knocked backward by an enormous force, making him very wretched.

Erlang Shen waves his spear and stabilizes his body before exclaiming, “Why did his strength suddenly increase!”

While at this moment, Liu Yi had already floated down in front of him. His hair had turned silver, and the sun tattoo between his brows had already turned black gold in color.

Because Liu Yi had been killed by Erlang Shen once, black-bellied Liu Yi emerged.

“Your aura has changed…”

Erlang Shen’s cultivation is deep, and can immediately sense the difference from Liu Yi, “Right now your aura…is even more sinister!”

“Your nose is quite sensitive.”

Black-bellied Liu Yi stretches before keeping his hands inside his pockets, “Oh? I‘ve already gained cosmos power? My luck is really unexpectedly good.”

“Your luck has come to an end!”

Erlang Shen shouted as he jumped over again, sweeping his three-pointed two-bladed spear at Liu Yi’s head!

Liu Yi extends a hand as the tattoo between his brown turn from a Sun to a crescent moon.

Using Moon Dream Sutra, that three-pointed two-bladed spear’s spear point stopped 5 cm away from his palm, unable to descend any further no matter what he did!


Erlang Shen had exerted a huge amount of strength but was unable to move his three-pointed two-bladed spear!

“The previous me received attention from you.”

Liu Yi says slowly, “It is time for me to return the gift.”

As he speaks, Liu Yi swings his palm using Moon Dream Sutra to toss the three-pointed two-bladed spear to the side.

Erlang Shen’s arm was also dragged to the side as well. He got a huge shock as he uses all his might, and only then could he hold onto his three-pointed two-bladed spear and prevent himself from being a joke.

“Right, I had not told you guys about my techniques, how embarrassing.”

Liu Yi points at the mark between his brows, which had turned back into a black gold sun, “This is Nine Yang God Qi technique, Heavenly God Transformation. But…this is merely the first stage of Heavenly God Transformation…what’s coming up next is Heavenly God Transformation stage two!”

With that, his aura suddenly becomes even more intense!

Shockwaves exploded out from his body towards the surrounding! Black gold lightning arcs exploded out from Liu Yi’s body and started swimming around his body.

Nine golden suns fly out and link together vertically, forming an enormous black gold circle floating behind Liu Yi’s back. A powerful aura batters Erlang Shen, forcing him back a few steps.

“What powerful strength!”

He frowns and says softly, “What is this technique to strengthen himself to this extant…but don’t think that you can scare me like this!”

As Erlang Shen speaks, a black eye opens between his brows, and rainbow lights shoot out from that eye at Liu Yi! It is not difficult for this light to cut into a mountain!

But Liu Yi only waves his hand as a revolving Yin-yang symbol appears in front of him, blocking the light that was shot out by Erlang Shen’s third eye!

“Do you think that you are a searchlight?”

As Liu Yi roasted Erlang Shen, he stretched out his other hand, and a black light sword slowly condenses in his hand!

The moment this black sword appears, it immediately releases an intense evil aura! Sensing this evil aura, Jade Emperor and Queen Mother of the West were so astonished that they were unable to sit still. Both of them stood up and wiped off their cold sweat.

“What, a powerful evil aura!”

“This is the first time in my entire life that I have seen such a scary, sinister aura!”

The two of them look at each other with horror inside them.

An enormous black devil image appears behind Liu Yi’s back!

That devil image is very malevolent, like it is a frightening devil.

Liu Yi looks at the black light sword in his hand and asks amiably, “Sinister Spirit Sword, It has been a long time since you came out. You must be lonely, right?”

That black sword immediately let out a dragon cry like it was replying to Liu Yi’s sentence.

All of the Heavenly Court’s immortals are envious as this is the legendary communicating with the sword’s spirit! 

Not anyone’s sword can understand their master’s words. Only those swords that are more spiritual can.

Could it be that this very sinister sword is some kind of magic weapon with spirit?

From all directions came the gaze of envy and jealousy.

“Erlang Shen, is it? For our first meeting, receive my big present!”

As Liu Yi speaks, he uses Imperial Sword Technique and releases his Sinister Spirit Sword! 

Sinister Spirit Sword was a good weapon, and it could swallow up the life of every living being in a city in mere seconds!

Now that it is being used by Liu Yi, it is like a tiger that had grown wings! Sinister Spirit Sword is emitting a destructive power that instantly arrives in front of Erlang Shen. But Erlang Shen did not place Liu Yi’s attack in his eyes. A rainbow light shoots out between his brows welcoming Sinister Spirit Sword!

It is like some intense chemical reaction is about to happen as the Sinister Spirit Sword immediately explodes. The intense sinister qi exploded like an atomic bomb, which exploded into an enormous mushroom cloud! That mushroom cloud transforms into the appearance of a skeleton that is incomparably malevolent. After which, it rushes up the sky.

Erlang Shen was sent flying away by this force and crashed into layers and layers of celestial soldiers flipping over them. 

As for Liu Yi, he was forced back by a few steps but still maintained his grace.

Liu Yi gave Erlang Shen an evaluation, “Indeed, you are the number one wargod of the Heavenly Court. Your strength is not bad.”

Erlang Shen did not have Nezha’s kind of upbringing. He uses the most vulgar term in his entire life and scolds, “Bastard!”

After which, he does a carp flip to straighten his body. With a wave of his body, he recalls his three-tipped two-bladed spear and points the spear tip at Liu Yi, “What technique did you use to allow you to reach 2nd layer of heaven without any foundation?”

Liu Yi is impolite as he says, “Mr. Erlang Shen, right now I am extremely skeptical of your IQ. Do you think that I will reply to your question?”

“Since you are not going to reply, then die!”

Erlang Shen is very angry as he did not expect that this man would increase his strength to the 2nd layer of heaven. Furthermore, his fighting strength is evenly matched to mine!

While he is being angry, he actually has a kind of excitement! For so many years, Erlang Shen was unable to find an opponent of similar strength, which made him bored! It is a pity that if he was not snatching Chang’e appreciation, perhaps I might be able to become friends with him! But because Chang’e glanced at him once too many times, he must die!

Erlang Shen let out a shout as a white light suddenly descend from the sky and falls on his body.

“Deity descending to the world!”

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Chapter 1073   [Erlang True Monarch]

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