MKW Chapter 1072


Chapter 1072 [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

Taishang Laojun is astute and circumspect, and his strength is great. In Heavenly Court, his position is not low, and he has the deep trust of the Jade Emperor. With him saying go, Jade Emperor nods his head in agreement.

“Good, then Laojun, give it a try.”

Taishang Laojun strokes his white beard and says with a faint smile, “It is not too late to talk about after Nezha is defeated.”

“Nezha will be defeated?”

Jade Emperor is slightly astonished, “Nezha possess the strength of the 2nd layer of Heaven. He is one of the top few generals of Heavenly Court! How can he lose to this mortal?”

“Cosmos qi is too mysterious.”

Taishang Laojun sighs, “Currently, he has only grasped the way to defend with his cosmos qi and has yet to grasp the way to attack with it. Wait till then.”

Jade Emperor cannot help but ask, “What will happen if he grasps the method to attack with his cosmos qi?”

“If he grasps it, in the effort for him to raise his hand, he could destroy this entire Heavenly Court.”

Taishang Laojun watches Nezha’s fight with Liu Yi with a kind of excited gaze like he is appreciating some kind of art piece.

Liu Yi, who is fighting Nezha, suddenly senses a burst of chill. Damn it! Who is peeping at me, making me feel uncomfortable! Damn it! If I knew who was looking at me, I would beat him to death!

There are too many immortals surrounding him; thus, Liu Yi does not know who is looking at him wretchedly. Furthermore, Nezha is also very hard to deal with. After all, he possesses the cultivation of the 2nd layer of heaven and is one layer higher than him.

Nezha’s qi is being used up swiftly while he is in the state of three heads, six arms. But seeing how easily Liu Yi crossed blows with him, he did not have any sweat on his forehead and cannot help but ask, “Why is your qi not waning?”

“Because I am as fit as a horse!”

As Liu Yi speaks, the back of his left-hand lights up with the diamond tattoo of Sky Supporting Pillar. He suddenly hits out a palm, slapping down on Nezha’s shoulder.

Nezha was sent flying away and smashes into the viewing platform behind, causing a large portion of it to be destroyed.

“Nezha is defeated.”

Taishang Laojun is not unhappy; instead, he is smiling, “Right now, this old servant should step forward.”

He waved his whisk and said unhurriedly, “Please stay your hand and listen to me.”

Liu Yi had fought until he was angered, and his entire body was heated up. His gaze lands on that old man as he creases his brows, “Where did you emerge from?”

He subconsciously sensed that this old man does not seem to have much good intention. Thus he asked Taishang Laojun with vigilance.

Taishang Laojun smiles faintly and asks, “Why is there a need for you to have such huge anger.”

“This is not because of my temper.”

Liu Yi indicates to the surrounding celestial soldiers, “It is simply because the way you guys treat a guest was too enthusiastic.”

Taishang Laojun smiles and orders, “All of you go down.”

Jade Emperor nods his head, agreeing to Taishang Laojun’s order.

Only then did the surrounding celestial soldiers scatter and give up surrounding Liu Yi. Liu Yi suddenly senses that his field of view became a lot wider as his breathing becomes unobstructed.

But he did not lower his vigilance. This old man appears to not be a good person.

Liu Yi keeps his hands inside his cloth pockets. Although he has misgivings in his heart, he keeps an insolent smile on his face and asks, “Say it. What kind of tricks do you guys want to play.”

“You are very powerful, and I personally admire you.”

Taishang Laojun smiles and says, “If we only confer you a North Watching Official, it is somewhat a waste of talent. If you are willing to surrender and pay allegiance to the Heavenly Court, I can throw away this old face and let His Majesty confer you as the Western Paradise Marshal, and be in charge of a hundred thousand Sky River Navy. What do you think?”

Taishang Laojun’s sentence causes all of the immortals to have a huge shock. What the fuck? To let Liu Yi command the hundred thousand Sky River Navy?

Jade Emperor himself also got a huge shock as he hurriedly transmits his voice to Taishang Laojun, {Laojun…is, is this suitable? Back then, when that monkey Sun caused havoc in Heavenly Court, we had only conferred him a nominal Great Sage the Equal of Heaven!}

Before Taishang Laojun can reply, Queen Mother of the West is the first reply.

“I agree with this matter.” Queen Mother of the West stood up and said, “You are indeed powerful enough. It is not a problem for you to take this post. But, you must surrender and pay allegiance to my Heavenly Court and be willing to listen to my Heavenly Court! As long as you surrender and pay allegiance, not only West Paradise Marshal, I can even bestow Chang’e to be your immortal companion!”

The moment this was said, all of the male immortals turn pale with fright! Really, why do you want to marry Chang’e away?

Heavenly Court has never had this kind of precedent before…could it be that Queen Mother of the West wishes to remove Chang’e from Jade Emperor’s side to calm her heart?

It is likely that this black-bellied old lady is thinking this way!

Erlang Shen immediately shouted, “Aunt! How, how is this feasible!”

“Yang Jiang, do you wish to thwart my decision?”

Queen Mother of the West sweep Erlang Shen a glance and Erlang Shen immediately lower his head no longer daring to speak.

In Heavenly Court, rights are everything! If one does not venerate Jade Emperor, they will be expelled from Immortal Ranking! What does Immortal Records mean? It represents an almost endless lifespan! With Immortal Records, it is hard for one to sink into the Man and Heaven Five Decline.

While without Immortal Records, one’s lifespan will be finite, and one might die at any moment.

Immortals have lived for too long!

Chang’e gives Erlang Shen a look of disdain before her gaze lands on Liu Yi. At this moment, Liu Yi had already been drowned by the envious or hateful gaze of the crowd as he is too lucky! Damn it, creating havoc in the Heavenly Court, and not only did he not get punished, but he can also become the Western Paradise Marshal and command the Sky River Navy and even marry Chang’e as his wife! Damn it; this is too unfair!

Receiving both wealth and women is exactly this! This is what every man yearns for, even in their dreams! And right now, this fellow obtained it!

One of Erlang Shen’s subordinates says indignantly, “True monarch, Chang’e should only be yours!”

Afraid that Queen Mother of the West would hear it, Erlang Shen hurriedly shouted for his subordinate to stop, “Shut up!”

Everyone’s gaze lands on Liu Yi like they wish to know what he would choose. But now, at this critical juncture, one would always choose for oneself, right?

“Western Paradise Marshal as well as Fairy Chang’e. One is the peak of career while the other is the most beautiful woman of Heavenly Court…”

Liu Yi’s sentence ‘most beautiful woman of Heavenly Court’ causes Chang’e for the first time ever to blush.

“These two options moved me. But it seems like benefits do not fall from the sky for no reason.”

“That’s right.”

Queen Mother of the West gives Taishang Laojun a look, and he nods before saying, “The only request that Heavenly Court has is that you must hand over the Nine Yin Demon Dragon. After you have handed her over, the Heavenly Court will give you everything as well as guarantee the safety of the rest of the people in your sect. This is profitable for you.”

“Sacrifice a woman to obtain my safety, flory, splendor, wealth, and rank. This is true, profitable.”

Liu Yi smiles, and Taishang Laojun, as well as Queen Mother of the West, and the rest smile as well. With such an awesome condition, they do not believe that Liu Yi will not agree to it. Heavenly Court gave Liu Yi what everything a man wish to have! Chang’e gaze also turns complicated as she looks at Liu Yi.

“If I and my sect rely on sacrificing a woman to exchange for all of these, I feel that we might as well die together.”

When Liu Yi says this, he extends his hand, and 36 Tiangang swords fly out before combining together. They become a Frost Fair Sawtooth Crescent Blade, which he held in his hand.

“You..are still choosing to fight against the Heavenly Court?”

Even Taishang Laojun is also stunned as he questioned, “The terms that we gave you are very generous. Don’t you want them?”

Liu Yi kicked up the crescent blade and did not reply. He only says, “Bring it on!”

Some expression flickers across Chang’e eyes while the maid beside her asks softly, “Fairy, is this person an idiot?”

Chang’e shakes her head and says, “Only those who wish to bribe him are idiots.”

“It is such a pity to kill this kind of person.”

Jade Emperor sighs before saying, “Erlang Shen take action. Try your best to leave him with a breath of life so that he could be of use to my Heavenly Court.”

“This general obeys your Imperial Majesty’s command!”

With that, Erlang Shen, who is standing on the corpse of the evil dragon and extends his finger and points at Liu Yi in front of him and says, “Ignorant mortal, it is your death date!”

As his voice falls, he raises his three-pointed two-blade spear and instantly appears in front of Liu Yi, wishing to behead Liu Yi.

A faint smile floats on his mouth. He does not wish to let Liu Yi live and only wishes to immediately kill this man who made Chang’e concerned!

“Sorry, but I still wish to live!”

As Liu Yi speaks, he raises the Frost Fair Sawtooth Crescent Blade, and their weapons clashed against each other!

Erlang Shen’s three-pointed two-blade spear is a good weapon, while Liu Yi’s Frost Fair Sawtooth Crescent Blade is also not inferior. An intense shockwave spread out from the clash of the two weapons. The ground receives the attack from this force and sinks down half a meter.

The surrounding ground also cracked layer upon layer, and all of it was caused by the strength from the two of them.

Liu Yi’s hand sank down, and the crescent blade was narrowly knocked away. Erlang Shen’s strength is too powerful, and Liu Yi feels like he is a child fighting against an adult!

Luckily he is very impressive in close combat and makes use of some skills to resolve some of Erlang Shen’s strength. Along with Sky Supporting Pillar merging with his body, only then can he barely fight Erlang Shen into a draw.

But anyone with a discerning eye can see that Liu Yi is somewhat weaker.

Taishang Laojun says to Jade Emperor, “He cannot make it. Looks like this person is destined to have no connection with Heavenly Court.”


Jade Emperor sighs, “This person should be working for the Heavenly Court. It is a pity that he has fallen to this stage due to a woman.”

“This person’s standard is only up to here now. He will not have a major realm nor cultivation!”

Taishang Laojun waves his whisk and says, “Taishang Indifference is the genuine expert state. I dare to guarantee that this person will achieve nothing in his future!”

While they were speaking, Erlang Shen’s Three-tipped Two-bladed Spear had already clashed against Liu Yi’s cold moonblade. The spear stabs ferociously at Liu Yi’s throat!

Queen Mother of the West says, “This person will die!”

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Chapter 1072   [Fighting against Erlang Shen]

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