MKW Chapter 1071


Chapter 1071 [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG


“Moon Dream Sutra?”

Seeing Liu Yi’s technique, Erlang Shen immediately frowned.

“Hmph! Indeed you are a surviving member of Qin Imperial Palace! Very good, since you do not wish to speak, today shall be your death date!”

Erlang Shen laughs loudly, “Jade Emperor! Please give the Immortal Edict to kill him! If the Qin Imperial Palace awakens, let me go and kill them all!”

“Now that the matter has come to this, we can only do so now.”

Jade Emperor and Queen Mother of the West look at each other before nodding their head at the same time, “All Heavenly Court immortals listen to our order. Immediately kill Liu Yi with all your means!”


When all of the immortals hear Jade Emperor’s immortal edict, they start taking action.

The celestial army immediately surrounds this place and points their weapon at Liu Yi.

PBG and the rest took out their weapons and prepared to fight. Taishang Laojiun stands among the crowd of immortals, feeling a burst of sorrow in their hearts. Alas, why did things become like this?

Jade Emperor asked loudly, “Who shall be first?”

“Let me go first!”

Juling Shen raises his two hammers and jumps over into the sky in a blink of an eye before landing in front of Liu Yi fiercely.

“I want to wipe away my past shame!”

Juling Shen’s enormous body falls from the sky with these two hammers. From the look of it, it is indeed very startling.

While Liu Yi stands there and says with frustration, “Alas…you are blocking my sunlight.”

“Arrogant fellow, go die!”

Juling Shen appeared in front of Liu Yi before sweeping a hammer at his head.

Liu Yi, whose one hand is pinching the evil dragon’s neck, raises his other hand. He only uses a single hand to block that two descending hammers as well as Juling Shen’s body.

“Small flies shouldn’t interfere.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he suddenly pushes his palm upwards.

From his palm erupts out an astonishing palm force, sending Juling Shen flying into the sky. In a blink of an eye, he instantly turned into a shooting star and disappeared into the sky.

“What…scary force!” Exclaimed an immortal, “Juling Shen was sent flying away!”

“Be softer. Aren’t you just increasing the opponent’s vigor?”

“What, that person is indeed powerful, okay?”

“Shut up! How can the Heavenly Court’s immortals be fearful of a mortal!”

One of the celestial soldiers berated. These frightened immortals do not dare to say anything.

“That person has become even stronger.”

PBG immediately understood upon seeing him. He took out his pagoda and ordered Nezha by the side, “Go. Use all your strength to kill that evildoer!”

“Yes, father!”

Nezha immediately transforms into his three head six arms form with his hand holding his few weapons and instantly arrives in front of Liu Yi.

“Without your Sea Flipping God Lamp on you. What can you do?”

As Nezha speaks, his Fire-tipped Spear stabs Liu Yi’s face.

Liu Yi only tilts his head to the side and easily dodges that spear.

“I feel that my cultivation has improved by a bit.”

As Liu Yi speaks, a golden sun mark lights up between his brows, “You should be careful.”

Liu Yi directly entered the Heavenly God Transformation state!

A surge of power erupts from his body and surges through the surrounding, causing a lot of immortals to exclaim in shock.

Liu Yi entered the 1st layer of heaven, but his 1st layer of heaven is the power of cosmos qi, which is powerful enough to deal with an ordinary 2nd layer of heaven.

Liu Yi also puts on his Monarch Armour.

“You dare say such words?”

Nezha does not believe it as he tosses out his Universe Ring with his other hand, wishing to hit Liu Yi’s chest.

Liu Yi swings out a palm and slaps that Universe Ring.

The Universe Ring was sent flying away by Liu Yi’s palm and hits the dog-faced immortal standing on the stage.

The immortal screams and falls off. After falling down for a while, he suddenly recalls that he is still an immortal and immediately stops in the air before slowly floating to the ground. But his clothes are already drenched with his sweat.

Damn it…this guy is too scary. How did he break open the Prison Immortal Lock?!

Recalling the multiple times he had abused Liu Yi previously, the Dog-faced immortal starts to have a lingering fear. This fellow would not try and settle scores with me at an opportune moment, right? I am only a pitiful immortal!

Nezha got a shock as he didn’t expect that Liu Yi could block his attack by raising his hand! The Universe Ring, which I tossed out, should have sent Liu Yi flying away! But now, it was backhanded away by him??

Nezha was shocked, and Liu Yi said slowly, “As I had said, I have improved. Why do you not believe me?”

Liu Yi smiles towards Nezha.

“Don’t be arrogant!”

Nezha is unwilling. Holding the Fire-tipped Spear, the spear body was instantly ignited with flamed as he wished to sweep it at Liu Yi!

While at this moment, Liu Yi suddenly raises his leg and kicks Nezha in his stomach.

Nezha felt like an enormous dragon had crashed into him, sending him flying away until he crashed into a building far away!

That building was turned into ruins with Nezha lying within.

“Looks like we cannot play together anymore.”

Liu Yi raises his head to look at the evil dragon who is still struggling with all its might, “I need to go and accompany our little brother Nezha!”

With that, he suddenly ruthlessly twisted his palm, and that evil dragon’s head, which is said to come from the nine layers of heaven, was pulled off, splashing fresh blood on the ground.

That massive dragon head smashed in front of Jade Emperor and the rest. Several maids were frightened into standing up and running far away while screaming. Chang’e maid was also scared away, leaving Chang’e sitting there without any trace of fear on her face. But several male immortals take advantage of the opportunity to run over in front of Chang’e, shouting, “Fairy let me protect you!”

“Let me!”

“Fuck! Clearly, it was me who came fist!”

In the end, these immortals start fighting against each other again, causing Queen Mother of the West and Jade Emperor to become speechless from anger.

In the end, Queen mother of the West can only curse, “Trash! All of them are trash!”

The Heavenly Court is in extreme chaos while Liu Yi is also surrounded by immortals, but none of them can fight against him. Liu Yi’s footsteps are steady, and he is wearing the Monarch Armour as he continuously hits out Glorious Sun Palm at those immortals or celestial soldiers.

These celestial soldiers were beaten up until they are crying for their parents, and none of them could receive a single blow from Liu Yi!

“Clear Sky Divine Art True Monarch!”

While at this moment, from the ruins came a roar of anger!

Nezha smashes away the broken stones and flies out. Holding Fire-tipped Spear, he tosses it out at Liu Yi!

That Fire-tipped Spear is covered with flames and turns into a raging fire dragon like it is going to swallow up everything, brandishing its claws at Liu Yi!


Liu Yi hits out the Yin-yang symbol with his left hand obstructing the angry fire dragon.

Fire-tipped Spear regains its form and clashes against the Yin-yang symbol before stopping.

Liu Yi gives Nezha a look, “Looks like your strength is powerful enough.”

Nezha is exceptionally resentful, “Damn it! How can this fellow’s strength suddenly become so much!”

“This is the power of the cosmos.”

Erlang Shen is slightly excited, “With the power of 1st layer of heaven and it can go against a 2nd layer of heaven. How interesting!”

“Damn it! I don’t believe that I am unable to deal with this mortal!”

Nezha is also proud and arrogant. How is it possible for him to endure this kind of anger? He recalls his Fire-tipped Spear and flies in front of Liu Yi in his three heads six arms state before carrying out a storm-like attack!

When Nehza was young, his temper had never been good, and has a violent, temperamental character. Most importantly, he is not weak! He is the reincarnation of Taiyi Zhenren’s disciple Spirit Pearl. When he was born, he had caused his mother much torment. He had been inside her for an entire three years before coming out. 

When he came out, he was not idle. When he was seven, he ran over to the seaside to take a bath, and in the end, he had an altercation with the yaksha. When his temper rose, he killed the yaksha. 

When the Dragon King’s third crown prince came to know that his people had died, he came out shouting that he wanted to capture Nezha. In the end, he was killed by Nezha. Not only was he killed by Nezha, but his dragon tendon was also drawn out.

When he was questioned about it, he only uses the words ‘momentarily impatient’ to deemphasize the matter.

Liu Yi felt like he was too much when he was being black-bellied but compared to Nezha when he was seven, he is way inferior!

Talking about it, back then, Nezha was also a child of an official, and his father is the Military General of Old Pong Pass! In this current era, he is the equivalent of the PLA military region’s commander! With this kind of rank, how would he not be a despot!

Later on, Nezha followed Jiang Yiya to exterminate Shang Dynasty, and it was then he was bestowed the title deity and became ranked among the Immortal Records. After riding roughshod over people in the Heavenly Court for so long, when has he experienced this kind of anger and beaten up by a mortal who was not in the Immortal Records!

In a fit of anger, Nezha, in his three head six arms form took out all of his weapons and started attacking Liu Yi continuously.

Because his Fog Qi Avatar is with his Sea Flipping God Lamp, Liu Yi is unable to use his avatar to face his enemy. Thus he can only rely on his hands to cross blows against Nezha.

Because Liu Yi is a martial cultivator, his close combat ability is very powerful. His Glorious Sun Palm, in combination with Spirit God Steps, causes Nezha to be unable to deal with him!

Seeing this scene, Jade Emperor cannot help but frown as he asks in worry, “What is his background? How is it that Nezha had landed in such a hard battle?”

Taishang Laojun, who had not been speaking, finally spoke, “Your Majesty, from what this servant sees, this person is rather troublesome.”

Jade Emperor asked in a hurry, “Oh? What do you mean?”

“This person has numerous techniques. Now that he has also cultivated cosmos qi successfully, if we wish to defeat him, I’m afraid that we will need to spend quite a lot of effort. Even if Erlang Shen takes action, I’m afraid that he will not be able to kill him as well because he has also cultivated God Race Undying Body!”

“Then what should we do?”

Jade Emperor’s expression turns flustered. Although he is the Jade Emperor of Heavenly Court, he is not the strongest.

“Your Majesty, from what I see, it is better to accept this person into the Heavenly Court.”

Taishang Laojun brushes off the floating dust as he unhurriedly transmits his voice over, {Let’s first accept him then let him fight against Qin Imperial Palace. Our Heavenly Court should reap where one has not sown and delay entering the fray until all others have been exhausted by fighting amongst themselves. Wouldn’t that be better?}

{What Laojun says is right!} 

Jade Emperor secretly praised this old man as a two-faced expert, {But now that both sides have sprouted hatred, how should we resolve it?}

Taishang Laojun pats his chest and smiles in delight, “There is no need for Your Majesty to worry. Leave everything to this servant!”

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Chapter 1071   [Admit defeat]

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