MKW Chapter 1070


Chapter 1070 [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

Zhang Yunyun lies there and says, “Big Brother Xiao Yi, come.”


Liu Yi is slightly angered, “Yunyun! Just what do you want to do! Right now, it is a critical moment, not the time to have sex! If you really cannot endure it, wait till I have settled all of this, then later when we go back, I shall properly love you.”

Hearing this, Zhang Yunyun’s face instantly turns red as she says coquettishly in anger, “What, what do you mean! Who wishes to have sex…I am saving you!”

“Saving me? Relying on having sex to save me?” Liu Yi tilts his head to the side, “Could it be that after having sex, I would become the cosmos god and from then on subdue the cosmos and be undefeatable?”

“What are you saying…” Zhang Yunyun rolls her eyes, “You are still joking around.”

But then she says, “But…to be honest, it is around there. To wish to become a cosmos god, one must cultivate both Yin and Yang. While Nine Yang God Qi and Nine Yin Demon Qi are the peaks of the Yin Yang Qi.”

“You want to pass to me Nine Yin Demon Qi through Yin Yang Dual Cultivation?”

Liu Yi finally understood Zhang Yunyun’s intention.

“That’s right.” Zhang Yunyun nods his head, “As long as you absorb my Nine Yin Demon Qi, your strength will become complete. You also know that Nine Yin Demon Qi and Moon Dream Sutra are both the best techniques to deal with the gods. Especially Nine Yin Demon Qi, which is the opposite of Nine Yang God Qi. When you have control over both of it, this world shall be yours.”

Liu Yi asked, “Have you…really decided?”

“That’s right.” Zhang Yunyun nods her head, “You know me. Once I have decided on something, I will not change my mind. This matter is also the same. I have already decided!”

“You will not regret it?”

“The matters that I should regret are simply too many.”

Zhang Yunyun smiles, “This matter, I will never regret.”

Lin Tong transmits her voice to Liu Yi, {Big idiot, stop hesitating!}

Damn, she lacks in moral principles?

Lin Tong indeed is only thinking for me. Even at this moment, she can still say these things.

{As long as you have sex with her, you can obtain the complete Yin Yang power! Quickly do her! I support you!}

Damn it…Immortal Fox sister, we can’t lack in moral principles! At the very least….let me put on a condom first!

Liu Yi also knows that this is not the time to hesitate pretentiously. The matters outside no longer allow any delay.

Liu Yi takes off his clothes and climbs into the bed.

This is not the first time Liu Yi had sex with his soul. Earlier in his mental world, he had also had sex with Ma Yixuan’s soul. After that dual cultivation, it had greatly helped him, but that kind of help can never be compared to his dual cultivating with Zhang Yunyun.

Zhang Yunyun lies there watching Liu Yi climb into the bed. Her face suddenly turns red as she turns her head away.

Liu Yi smirks in his heart. She was so arrogant, and only at this moment does she know shyness?

“You… be gentler…later I…”

“Relax. Both of us are using our souls, so it will not hurt.”

A soul having sex with another soul is very comfortable and very stimulating. The sensation is tenfold more intense than having sex in the flesh body.

Most importantly, there is no indisposed feeling! But Zhang Yunyun’s legs are clenched tightly together as it seems like she is too nervous. If Liu Yi forcibly split it apart, it seems to be a bit that much…

“Yunyun, do you know why I would obtain the Nine Yang God Qi?”

Liu Yi suddenly asks, making Zhang Yunyun think for a bit, “Could it be because…ah…”

Taking advantage when Zhang Yunyun is thinking, Liu Yi xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(internet censorship, you imagine it on your own. p.s this is by the author)

“Because I wish to have sex with you in the future, silly lass.”

Liu Yi winks, making Zhang Yunyun slaps his shoulder in anger, “You, you are so bad!”

Although it is only their soul, the sensation is tenfold that if they have sex with their flesh body! Furthermore, Liu Yi enters very deeply in one go making her feel like she had been run through. It is very filling, making her wish to shout.

But as she is bashful, she controls herself and grabs Liu Yi’s neck tightly. She bites her lips, not letting out any sound.

Liu Yi smiles cheekily and says, “If you feel anything, then you should let it out.”

While Zhang Yunyun keeps biting her lips, unwilling to let out any sound no matter what.

Liu Yi changed his method and changed to nine shallow and one deep.

Nine shallow and one deep is very stimulating to women. When having sex, it is not only continuously firm spurt that can let women obtain pleasure. In the early stage, nine shallows and one deep is the best choice. This way would let the woman feel pleasure from top to bottom.

With Liu Yi’s nine shallow thrusts as preparation, the final deep trust finally makes Zhang Yunyun unable to endure it and lets out a cry in surprise.


Liu Yi encourages, “You see, didn’t you cry out so pleasantly?”

“You bad egg…really are a bad egg…”

Zhang Yunyun is both angry and shy but is unable to do anything to Liu Yi.

This fellow…he is my bane!!!

Sorry, mother. Looks like I am unable to fulfill your wish…I…yearn to be the assistant of this man, letting him become the strongest person.

Although it is pleasurable and comfortable, Zhang Yunyun did not forget about the serious matter; thus, she says softly into Liu Yi’s ear, “Stop, stop playing…we should dual cultivate now…”

Outside, the evil dragon is about to breathe out that fatal lightning at Liu Yi while inside his mental world, Liu Yi is still having sex.

Zhang Yunyun’s reminder made Liu Yi recall the serious matter. That’s right; I am doing this for dual cultivation; why did I suddenly care about happiness?

Liu Yi hurriedly starts revolving the Nine Yang God Qi in his body. Because most of his cultivation was sealed, it is only a very small portion.

But this small portion flows through Liu Yi’s avatar and enters Zhang Yunyun’s body causing Zhang Yunyun to let out an uncontrollable delicate cry. This is because she had sensed a scorching power piercing into her body, making her entire person feel strange.

Because it is only her soul, that is why Zhang Yunyun is unable to actually obtain Liu Yi’s power, and in the end, she will only be letting Liu Yi, this fellow take advantage of her.

Zhang Yunyun’s body also becomes weirder and weirder and starts aging in reverse. She is originally in her 20sand is a slender and elegant beautiful woman. But as their qi is blending with each other, she is bit by bit becoming smaller.

After a while, Zhang Yunyun had already aged in reversed until she is a 16-17 young girl. This causes Liu Yi to feel like he is having sex with a senior high student.

Don’t tell me in a while….she will become a junior high student??? What the fuck…if this continues on, wouldn’t she become a primary school student?!

Luckily this is only her soul; otherwise, I would be committing a crime!!!

Surges of Yin qi flow into Liu Yi’s body, while when all of the qi completely revolved in Liu Yi’s body, Zhang Yunyun’s soul utterly disappears.

Only a voice was left behind, “Big Brother Xiao Yi… it’s up to you now…”

At this moment, Liu Yi is sitting down crossed-legged in his mental world as Nine Yin Demon Qi keeps revolving in his body. At this moment, Lin Tong finally flies out and activates her Star Watching Eyes. With that, Liu Yi’s starmap appears in front of her eyes.

A surge of black power is entering the starmap before merging together with that golden power of Liu Yi. It rotates open all of the other sun jades, and all of them start flowing towards Liu Yi’s tenth sun jade, which is also the smallest sun jade.

The tenth sun jade is emitting a surge of white light, which bounces away that two surge of power from Liu Yi. That two surges of power crazily charge at the protective layer of the tenth sun jade wishing to take over this sun jade.

Finally, the two surges of power disperse apart and batter the sun jade from two sides. Finally, the protective layer of the jade is broken through as the two surges of power are like two thirsty men throwing themselves at a woman with a ripped skirt.

Meanwhile, in reality, Liu Yi, who was shackled down, suddenly opened his eyes!

One of his eyes is black while the other is a dazzling gold!

The power from the two eyes converges together as a small black gold sun emerges from Liu Yi’s back.

When this sun emerges out from Liu Yi’s back, it rushes up the sky! The small sun explodes out with a surge of golden light, which breaks the shackles.


Jade Emperor and the rest were shocked as they stare in disbelief at Liu Yi, who is on the Beheading Dragon Platform.

At the same time, Liu Yi withdrew his arm and stood up. A golden storm revolves around him before spreading out.

Several Heavenly Court’s immortal were intimidated by this strength, and they were almost lifted up and sent flying away.

Erlang Shen is standing on the evil dragon’s head as he looks at Liu Yi, who is below, and exclaims, “You can struggle free from the Prison Immortal Lock!”

“Good afternoon.”

Liu Yi stretches before keeping a hand in his pocket while his other hand shades his eyes as he looks at Erlang Shen, who is high up. “Young elder brother, don’t you feel that it is hot wearing this armor?”

“Hmph! Even if you can struggle free of Prison Immortal Lock, you will not be able to block Trial Dragon’s strength!”

With that, Erlang Shen urges the evil dragon, “Kill him!”

Being controlled by Erlang Shen, the evil dragon immortal opens its mouth and breath out scarlet lightning at Liu Yi!

Liu Yi stretched out a hand with his fingers spread open!

An enormous Yin-yang symbol appears in the sky as it spins slowly. This Yin-yang symbol blocks the trial lightning, causing the surrounding immortals to be shocked.

This is…the power of cosmos?

“How is this possible! How can a person possess the power of cosmos!”

Jade Emperor is also unable to sit still as he stands up from his throne as he looks at Liu Yi, unable to speak.

The maid by the side pulls Chang’e as she says, “Fairy, let’s, let’s quickly leave.”

Chang’e eyes are filled with emotion as she slaps away the maid’s hand and says, “Stop pushing. Let’s watch a while more.”

“But…but I am afraid…”

“What are you afraid of? Immortals do not die so easily. Even so, this kind of appearance is rare to see.”

While they are speaking, Liu Yi had already put away the Yin-yang symbol as he clenches his hand at that evil dragon through the air.

The enormous dragon lets out a cry of pain as its neck was twisted out of shape by a formless palm.

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Chapter 1070   [Precisely powerful]

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