MKW Chapter 1069


Chapter 1069 [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG


While he is speaking, the evil dragon had already opened its mouth and breathed out a stream of scarlet lightning!

 This lightning strikes down at Liu Yi quite accurately!

Liu Yi, who is shackled there and is unable to move; thus, he can only allow the lightning to strike his body! This trial lightning, its attribute is quite tyrannical, destroying gold and breaking jade, destroying the lifeforce! The probability of any ordinary person who was struck by this lightning to survive is very small!

Although Liu Yi had subdued that Sky Splitting Golden Spear of Thunder God of the Nine Layers of Heaven of the Six God Race, he did not subdue the Trial Lightning! This lightning bolt strikes him head-on and makes Liu Yi vomit out blood!

His five viscera and six bowels were all heavily injured! The red lightning keeps exploding on his body, tearing his body and consciousness!

This kind of pain is not what a person can endure! Even though Liu Yi’s body had evolved, he is unable to endure it as well!

At this moment, Liu Yi really wishes to die!

But he clenches his teeth and endures it!

The Dog-faced immortal laughs nastily as he asks Liu Yi, “What does that feel like?”

Realizing that Liu Yi’s expression turned ugly, he becomes delighted! Weren’t you being an unyielding tough guy earlier? Now you know who the boss is!

“Brother, it is not powerful enough.” Liu Yi only opens his eyes and says with a smile, “Use more power!”


The Dog-faced immortal cannot help but evaluate Liu Yi with this word!

Mad man. Indeed, Liu Yi admits that he is a mad man. But as long as he can let Massacre Shrine’s people survive, it does not matter if he becomes a madman or an idiot!

I am prepared!

Towards this point, perhaps every one of Heavenly Court is unable to do so!

“How would you who only think about your vile hearts understand me?”

Liu Yi is still smiling as before. He is smiling so unrestrainedly, “Quickly do whatever you want. Otherwise, a while later, my revenge shall start.”

“Revenge? What can you use to take revenge?” Queen Mother of the West snorts, “You better think carefully. Right now, you are the meat on our chopping board! You can only endure and accept, understood? If you are a smart person, you better tell us where the Nine Yin Demon Dragon is! If you tell us now, there is still time for us to mend our relationship. This position can still be yours!”

“What is the point in being an official.” Liu Yi sneers, “If you want to give me a position, give me a higher post!”

The moment Liu Yi says this, Queen Mother of the West and Jade Emperor gives each other a look in delight.

What they are afraid of is Liu Yi being ungreedy and not raising any conditions! Now that he has given a condition, everything will become easy!

“Tell us what posting do you want!”

As the boss of the Heavenly Court, Jade Emperor waves his hand and says, “The Heavenly Court keeps our word! As long as you are willing to tell us the location of the Nine Yin Demon Dragon, We shall let you be whichever official that you wish!”

“I like that.” Laughs Liu Yi, “Sure then. I just wish to be a certain official. As long as you agree to it, I shall immediately tell you the location of the Nine Yin Demon Dragon.”

Chang’e frowns slightly; alas, in the end, this man is unable to escape from his desires. I thought that this man might be different. But now…he has let me down.

Jade Emperor is delighted and urges Liu Yi what posting does he want. In the end, Liu Yi only smirks and says, “Let’s forget it. The posting that I want is not something that you can arrange.”

“Nonsense!” Jade Emperor frowns, “In the Heavenly Court, what is there that I, that Jade Emperor can’t decide?!”

Back then, when I wanted to bestow the title Great Sage the Equal of Heaven, I bestowed the title Great Sage the Equal of Heaven! What else can I not do?

I am the Jade Emperor! I have this privilege!

“When I say it, you will not be able to arrange it for me.”

“What a joke. As long as you say it out, We will let you have it!”


“Our promise is worth one thousand in gold! One world worth nine sacred tripods!”

“Fine then.” Liu Yi finally nods his head, “I wish to be the Jade Emperor.”

The moment he said it, the Heavenly Court turned into a mess.

The clamoring sounds and cursing sounds came from the viewing platform.

Jade Emperor’s complexion is also ashen as he sits there.

Chang’e maid says softly, “Is this person mad? To wish to be the Jade Emperor…gods…”

While Chang’e did not say anything, instead, her gaze carries a bit of spirit as she looks at Liu Yi, who is on the Beheading Dragon Platform.

“Punish! Punish him ferociously!”

Queen Mother of the West is angered as well as Liu Yi is mocking the entirety of the Heavenly Court!

The moment she gave the order, the Dog-faced immortal immediately carried it out. He uses a tool to control the Trial Dragon to breathe another Trial Lightning at Liu Yi.

The red lightning tears Liu Yi’s apart, leaving behind numerous injuries on his flesh body.

Liu Yi clenches his teeth no matter how the lightning wreaks havoc in his body.

“If it is painful, then scream!” Seeing that Liu Yi is covered with cold sweat, the Dog-faced immortal laughs loudly, “Scream for us.”

Liu Yi opens his eyes and says with a smile, “It is so comfortable. Why would I want to cry out to let you guys share.”

Seeing that Liu Yi is still unyielding, Queen Mother of the West is further angered and shouted, “Strike him! Continue to strike him!”

The Trial Dragon continues to open its mouth and breathes out Trial Lightning continuously!

The lightning outdoes each other as they land on Liu Yi’s body.

Liu Yi is in so much pain that he wishes to die, but he continues to clench his teeth and does not make any sound.

The maid is unable to watch it and covers her eyes, saying, “So scary…so cruel…”

But Chang’e watches it, unable to take her eyes off. At the same time, her heart is beating rapidly.

This man can still smile while under such pain. He is impressive.

Over ten lightning strikes in a row, and Liu Yi is on his last gasp. His body is covered in blood.

Queen Mother of the West asks, “Where is Nine Yin Demon Dragon!”

“Aunty, didn’t no one say that you look quite old?”

Liu Yi continues to ignore what is being said to him, making Queen Mother of the West blow her top.

“This person is too unyielding.”

Even Jade Emperor cannot help but say, “Looks like the Trial Dragon is unable to make him speak.”

“Your Majesty, this Trial Dragon still has not used its full strength.” Erlang Shen cups his hands and says, “This is because it is afraid of striking him to death; that is why it held back. But this servant thinks that this mortal seems to have cultivated God Race Undying Body. His body can recombine together unceasingly; that is why as long as Trial Dragon uses its full strength, it can subject him to even more suffering! At that time, I do not believe that he will not speak!”

“Good. Let that evil dragon use all of its strength!”

Erlang Shen nods his head, “As you will. This servant shall go and arrange it.”

With that, Erlang Shen gives Chang’e a look before he leaps up into the sky and lands on the head of the evil dragon.

Stepping on the evil dragon, he raises his three-pointed, double-edged lance and sweeps down a few times fiercely.

A few heavy sounds ring out, and following which a few faintly discernible iron chains emerge from the enormous dragon’s body and slowly break apart.

The enormous dragon lets out a roar giving off a kind of liberated carefree feeling.

It had been imprisoned in the Heavenly Court for too long, and its wild nature has been restrained until its peak, and finally, at this moment, all of it erupts.

The red lightning surges around its body, letting out the rumbling sound of thunder.

“Be honest!”

Erlang Shen’s three-pointed, double-edged lance jabs into the dragon’s head ruthlessly, making it scream in pain.

Only then did the evil dragon recall Erlang Shen’s might. It was going to vent all of its rage but can only choke it back.

Erlang Shen stomps on the evil dragon and gives the command, “Kill that person!”

The evil dragon is afraid of Erlang Shen’s might and immediately carries out the order.

 It opens its mouth and gathers a red lightning ball in its mouth.

Blue lightning from the surrounding air was sucked into the lightning ball, becoming part of its might.

Looking at Liu Yi below, Erlang Shen says coldly, “Go die!”

He had realized that Chang’e kept looking at Liu Yi and became angered in his heart.

Chang’e, this woman can only be mine! No one else can dip a finger in! If it is Jade Emperor, then forget it; after all, he is my lord, and I am the servant. But it is other people, hmph, they can only die!

Looking at this lightning ball in the air, Lin Tong is filled with worry as she says, {It seems to be very scary… Liu Yi, use Monarch Armour to block it!}

{All of the magic tools in my body are sealed.}

Numerous seals were drawn on Liu Yi’s body, {Other than some bodily abilities, I am unable to revolve any other power.}

{Then what should we do? Wait for death?}

Lin Tong became anxious. She was also sealed inside Liu Yi’s body, unable to go out; otherwise, she would have gone to help Liu Yi block this attack!

{I will not let you die.}

At this moment, Zhang Yunyun speaks again. Liu Yi suddenly senses his consciousness becomes hazy, and he was pulled into his mental world.


“Yunyun! Why did you pull me inside?”

The mental world is slower than the outside world. Even when a lot of time has passed inside, it is likely that only a snap of a finger amount of time would pass. This is also why humans can think of so many things in a split second. A lot of people say that that instant when they die, it is not a lie that they would see everything that they had experienced during one’s life.

“I want to help you.”

As Zhang Yunyun speaks, she extends her hand and takes off her clothes, revealing her flawless delicate body.


Liu Yi swallows his saliva, not knowing what Zhang Yunyun is doing!

“Relax. This is only my spirit body. You can ravage me however you like.”

As Zhang Yunyun speaks, she waves her hand and summons out an enormous bed in the mental world before lying down on top of it. She closes her eyes and gives off the manner of; you can do whatever you like.

What the fuck, this is too….much to endure!

Zhang Yunyun is y very beautiful, and right now, she displays this kind of ‘I am all yours to play with attitude,’ Liu Yi is unable to stand still!

It is not like he is a saint. How can he endure this kind of provocation!

“Yunyun…you, calm down…”

Outside is a matter of life and death while the inside is the spring of life…what the fuck, what the hell is going on!

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Chapter 1069   [Matter of life and death]

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