MKW Chapter 1068


Chapter 1068 [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG


Liu Yi is shackled onto the Beheading Dragon Platform as he looks at Chang’e, who sits beside Queen Mother of the West and mutters in his heart.

There is a class flower in classes, school flower in schools, and faculty flower in an institution…as for this Fairy Chang’e, wouldn’t she be the Heavenly Court’s Heavenly Flower? Eh, wrong…this sounds unpleasant. Then let’s call her Court Flower then…fuck, that sounds even more unpleasant.

Pitiful Chang’e. Looks like I am unable to give you a nickname…for the time being, let’s call you Court Flower. At the very least…it is unique.

Liu Yi sighs in his heart and gives up the interest of giving Fairy Chang’e a nickname.

But uncle Jade Emperor, can your eyes not turn so skewed to the side? Can’t you see that Queen Mother of the West is already clenching her teeth?

As the person on the highest position of the Heavenly Court, he is perhaps bored after facing that face of Queen Mother of the West daily. 

As for having a secret relationship with Chang’e seems to be a very good choice! I’m just wondering if Fairy Chang’e would be willing to be Jade Emperor’s mistress?

That is hard to say. After all, Jade Emperor is the highest official of the Heavenly Court…it is likely that there is no woman whom he can’t obtain.

Just as Liu Yi is making random thoughts, Queen Mother of the West no longer can wait and announced loudly, “Criminal Law Official, prepare to carry out the sentence!”


The Dog-faced immortal becomes excited. He stands on the stage proudly like he is a host who is about to carry out some enormous ceremony.

“Queen Mother of the West, what punishment shall we use first?”

“Wait a minute. Let me ask him first.”

Queen Mother of the West looks at Liu Yi, “This empress shall ask you if you are willing to plead guilty?”

“Plead guilty? What am I guilty of?” Liu Yi laughs, “Aunty, what are you asking? Why do I not understand?”

This term aunty making Queen Mother of the West’s lips tremble. She was originally a beautiful woman, but because she is the female master of the Heavenly Court and is the so-called mother of the whole world, that is why she appears in front of others in the appearance of a middle-aged woman.

Being called aunty by Liu Yi undoubtedly touched the thorn in her heart! This is fucking painful to her!

Queen Mother of the West’s voice turns gloomy and cold, “Looks like you are not going to confess! Stubborn.”

“There is nothing for me to confess.” Liu Yi laughs and says, “After all, I am here. You guys can punish as you wish. Oh right, stop playing with those ticklish things. They are boring. We are not ordinary people so let’s play with something more intense!”

“Good, since you wish for it, let me give you something more intense!”

Queen Mother of the West waves her hand, “Bring up the tempered precious wasp!”

When the maid beside Chang’e heard this, she could not help but shiver.

“Gods…they even brought out the tempered precious wasp…looks like this man has violated a big rule…”

“Don’t speak anymore. Continue to watch as before.”

Hearing Chang’e berates, that maid immediately sticks out her tongue and becomes silent, continuing to watch by the side.

Although she had berated her maid, Chang’e herself is very curious. What kind of crime did this man commit to cause the Heavenly Court to make such a big fuss over him? So much so that they even brought out tempered precious wasps?

Seeing that Chang’e seems to be curious, Jade Emperor immediately takes the initiative and says, “Fairy Chang’e.”

Queen Mother of the West coughs, and Jade Emperor became awkward and can only say, “Taibai, explain it to Fairy Chang’e.”

“As your Majesty orders.”

Taibai Jinxing nods his head and immediately walks forward before telling Chang’e about Liu Yi’s matter.

“Oh? There is this kind of man?”

Hearing Liu Yi’s matter, a flash of light instantly flashes across Chang’e eyes.

“This man gave up the immortal position of the Heavenly Court to protect a woman?”

Erlang Shen is holding his three-pointed, double-edged lance in and says from the side, “That’s right! This kind of guy will not have any future prospects. He ought to have become an immortal, learned the dharma, and defended the Heavenly Court!”

Chang’e disregards Erlang Shen’s flaunting and says softly, “I do not agree with your view…”

She used to wish to be an immortal and live forever. But in the end, she flew to the moon palace.

Alas, only now do I understand what I really wanted. The identity of an immortal? No. What I want is nothing but a man who can protect me and be willing to sacrifice himself.

Liu Yi is curious about these tempered precious wasps. While at this moment, an enormous beehive is brought in by several immortal servants. They puff hard and place it in front of Liu Yi.

A few immortals who are standing by the side started blowing on the jade pot in their hands. Strange music sounds out and makes Liu Yi feel uncomfortable.

What the fuck is this music. Why don’t you give me the Coolest Ethic song instead!

At this moment, a sparkling translucent hornet flies out from the beehive! Those hornets are all around the size of a small finger and are transparent green in color, making them look like a jade carving!

A golden line is engraved on their backs.

The moment these tempered precious wasps emerge, several immortals retreated like they are afraid of being implicated.

Liu Yi does not have any way of dodging them. Those tempered precious wasps were densely packed and instantly appeared in front of Liu Yi.

“Bring it on!”

Liu Yi laughs loudly as his body automatically changes into Scarlet Blood Devil Flame’s mode. His skin faintly turns black with some red vein lines appearing from time to time,

Tempered precious wasp was originally a kind of poisonous hornet. As long as they bite a mortal, that mortal will immediately fall onto the ground and die without any chance of saving them! But this kind of hornet can only do so to mortals. They are most impressive to deal with immortals!

Immortals do not die easily; that is why when these tempered precious wasps bite the immortals, the poison will go along the skin and permeate into the five viscera and six bowels, making the immortal’s body fester as their flesh body turns into watery blood bit by bit!

Even immortals will be in so much pain that they do not wish to live!

But Liu Yi’s body had already experienced its second death and is no longer like the body of an ordinary person.

When the hornets land on Liu Yi’s body, before they can sting Liu Yi, they were ignited by Liu Yi’s high body temperature!

In a blink of an eye, all of the hornets were ignited, and it was like a sea of fire had blossomed in the air. The number of casualties was disastrous as they fell onto the ground.

Queen Mother of the West felt heartache as she shouts in anger, “What is going on here!”

Queen Mother of the West shouts, and that dog-faced immortal was immediately frightened and nearly fell off the stage.

He hurriedly explains, “Queen Mother of the West, don’t be angered! This man has powerful cultivation and is very strange! His body composition is also different from an ordinary person! It looks like the tempered precious wasps will not be effective towards him…”

“Then change it to other things! You must pry open his mouth for me!” Queen Mother of the West says coldly, “Let the Trial Dragon come!”

“As you order!”

The Dog-faced immortal went to work groveling while the maid cannot take it and asks secretly softly, “Fairy…what is this Trial Dragon?”

“A scary dragon that is used to punish immortals…”

Even Chang’e face cannot help but become slightly ugly when she mentioned it, “The rumor says that this dragon was savage and went about swallowing immortals as food. Later it was captured by Erlang Shen and used it to punish those immortals who make mistakes…”

Erlang Shen laughs in delight as he starts showing off, “Fairy, do not need to be afraid. With me here, that evil dragon will behave!”

“Then, I shall thank you, lord.”

Chang’e is emotionless as she responds unenthusiastically.

Although her attitude is indifferent, hearing Chang’e speaking to him, Erlang Shen is delighted!

Chang’e is a famous iceberg in the Heavenly Court, and no male immortal has obtained her favor before. But there has never been a person who has obtained it before!

It is because Chang’e speaks bluntly towards everyone. That is why there is a saying in Heavenly Court, which is Fairy Chang’e is actually the mistress of Jade Emperor! Towards this saying, Jade Emperor himself declines to comment while Chang’e does not confirm it!

Alas, if that is really the case, Erlang Shen will be gloomy. Uncle already has Aunt. Furthermore, he is quite old, so why is he snatching women from me!

Furthermore, I had heard Aunt say that although Uncle does not let the people from Immortal Court have freedom of love, he himself has a rotten private life. In the mortal world, it is said that he has a lot of beautiful human sweethearts.

Towards this point, Erlang Shen is also dissatisfied. Isn’t he the only official that is allowed to light the fire?!

But since the matter has turned into this, I can only comply with the Heavenly Court’s rules.

Jade Emperor is my lord while I am the servant. A servant must be loyal towards the sovereign king!

An evil wind blow by above the top of the Heavenly Court and following which an enormous green dragon claw climbs up from the right of the platform!

Swiftly, a dark green evil dragon climbs up from below. Its claws scratch the platform as its enormous ugly head raises up and lets out a loud roar.

This evil dragon’s roar is shockingly powerful! A lot of immortal servants were badly frightened and kneeled down.

Chang’e maids also hide on the ground, trembling, and some even cry out, “Mother…this evil dragon is too scary!”

“It is very powerful…”

Chang’e barely trembles. After all, she is also a 28 starjade expert and will not be afraid of this roar. But she was still shocked by the evil dragon’s imposing manner.

Indeed this is the Trial Dragon from legends!

I had heard that this dragon also possesses the attribute of trial lightning. When it strikes someone with the trial lightning, that person shouldn’t be able to take it.

Whether or not you would live or die depends on your luck.

The Trial Dragon lowers its head, and its enormous pupil revolves around before its gaze finally lands on Liu Yi.

“Even if you look at me, I will not like you.”

As before, Liu Yi is still languid, “Let me says this in passing; you are too ugly. Among all of the dragons that I had seen, you are the ugliest.”

The evil dragon seems to understand what Liu Yi is saying. It instantly roars, and red lightning gathers in its mouth!

Seeing this lightning color, Liu Yi finally has some movement.

“Trial lightning?”

“Hahaha, that’s right. Consider yourself as knowledgeable. This is trial lightning!”

The Dog-faced immortal laughs loudly, “Right now, your death date has arrived!”

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Chapter 1068   [Trial God Dragon]

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