MKW Chapter 1067


Chapter 1067 [Title below]
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Liu Yi had never expected that Zhang Yunyun would kill him!

Although she likes me, she hid it deep in her heart. So much so that she pulled out her own emotion sword to sever her relationship with me!

Then what is the meaning of this kiss???

Being kissed by Zhang Yunyun, Liu Yi became dazed. What trouble does she want to cause?

Along with the kiss, Zhang Yunyun’s body turns into black smoke and disappears into Liu Yi’s mouth like it was sucked away by him.

At this moment, the dog-face immortal pushes open the door with a delighted smile on his face.

“Liu Yi, aren’t you being tight-lipped? Now I shall let you suffer!”

“Oh? What delightful things do you have to tell me?”

Liu Yi raises his head and smiles merrily at the dog-face immortal.

“Could it be that today there is dog meat to eat?”

“Liu Yi! You won’t be able to smile anymore!”

The dog-face immortal is hopping mad but is unable to do anything to Liu Yi. I have used over a hundred different methods to torture him. If it were other immortals, they would have started singing! But he still does not confess! Furthermore, he also has the mood to joke!

Is this fellow really a human?

“The Jade Emperor has already sent down an Immortal Decree to bring you to the Beheading Dragon Platform to interrogate you! When you reach there, you shall know real pain!”

“Let me tell you that being unable to eat dog meat is real suffering to me.” Liu Yi winks at the dog-face immortal, “Why don’t you be merciful and bestow me some dog meat?”

“Seeking death!”

The dog-face immortal is very gloomy. No matter what, I am a dog who had cultivated bitterly until I become an immortal. To become an immortal, I had experienced an unknown number of tribulations, and right now, I am in charge of the criminals of the Heavenly Court, which is considered standing out among my peers!

But the dog-faced immortal has no other choice. He cannot kill Liu Yi because his superiors need to obtain information from his mouth!

“Let’s see if you can still smile after reaching the Beheading Dragon Platform!”

The Dog-faced immortal let out a roar in anger before pulling Liu Yi’s shackles, lowering him down before dragging him out.

Liu Yi says with regret, “Looks like tonight I am unable to enjoy a two-person world with you. How regretful.”

“Save your flippant words.”

Dog-face Immortal tries his best not to get angry or rage. While Liu Yi also has his own thoughts.

Massacre Shrine can only hide for a day. Because I sent my Fog Qi True Body into the Sea Flipping God Lamp to maintain the barrier of the Sea Flipping God Lamp to send everyone to the closed-off Asura Realm. But the Asura Realm has a limit where one can only enter for a day. My real body and fog body can both go in once for a day. But if I want to enter for the second time, I must wait a month.

During this single day, I must find other methods to hide Massacre Shrine from the manhunt of the Heavenly Court. Earlier, while I was being tortured, I had thought of an excellent plan. This method is more or less risky.

As for how effective this plan would be, we can only take it step by step.

Soon Liu Yi was brought to an enormous tall platform by the dog-face immortal. This place is similar to his closed-door cultivation place.

An enormous platform is floating in the air without touching anything on its side. Underneath it is a bottomless abyss. While the platform is surrounded by rows of spectators.

Liu Yi was shackled onto this platform, and he realized that the seats around the platform are fully seated with immortals, be they big or small. Looks like they are all here to watch a show.

After the dog-face immortal shackled Liu Yi, he said to Liu Yi coldly, “This is where you shall suffer.”

“This is my first time being the male lead. This is a bit exciting.” There is no trace of nervousness on Liu Yi’s face, “Do you have any tricks to pass to me?”

“Later, when you scream, remember to scream louder!”

The Dog-faced immortal is about to go mad. Could it be that this man does not feel fear?

No one has been able to endure the punishment from the Beheading Dragon Platform, never! Although he is still rampant right now, soon, he will no longer be able to!

The Dog-faced immortal withdraws, and Liu Yi suddenly sees a gold chariot fly over being dragged by nine white dragons. On top of the chariot sits two people. A man and a woman.

The man is wearing a dragon robe and pearl screen crown. The one sitting beside her is none other than Queen Mother of the West. Their bearing is as majestic and as confident and at ease as one can be.

The two of them represent the supreme authority of the Heavenly Court, and no one had ever challenged them before…well, perhaps excluding that monkey from that year.

Jade Emperor and Queen Mother of the West rode the Nine Dragon Chariot in before descending on a special throne.

The Heavenly Court’s civil and military officials are standing on both sides, accompanying the Jade Emperor to watch Liu Yi’s sentence. 

Liu Yi looks around carefully. After all, this is the first time he had seen these immortals; thus, he is rather curious.

Beside Jade Emperor are those experts who have achieved the 3rd layer of heaven. For example, Taishang Laozi, Erlang Shen, and the likes. Under them are those like Nezha, who have reached the 3rd layer of heaven. And even further below them at the 1st layer of heaven like PBG.

And those further down the side have even lower combat strength. For example, the Four Heavenly Masters, Juling Shen, those ordinary war gods who are at 28 starjades.

While those sitting at the viewing platform are the immortal servants who are not powerful. What they rely on to become an immortal is not combat strength or might but an opportunity. For example, the Ten Philanthropist or that poultry and dogs who rose to Heaven with their masters.

The number of these immortals in the Heavenly Court is uncountable, but their cultivation is very low. One can say that they are the service crew of Heavenly Court who provides all kinds of service to those higher immortals.

It was because of these people why the Heavenly Court can operate like normal.

Liu Yi originally thought that there was nothing to look at, but at this moment, a woman in white slowly descended from the sky with a few maids behind her.

The moment this woman appears, all of the immortals, more accurately, all of the male immortals, immediately hold their breaths as they stare at this woman without blinking.

She is wearing white silk clothes making her fairy-like. Wherever she walks past, stars cannot help but appear in the eyes of all of the male immortals in that area.

Erlang Shen’s three-pointed, double-edged lance falls onto the ground. Just as Nezha is about to remind him, he raises his head to see the figure of the woman and becomes dazed as well.

Seeing that it is almost time, Queen Mother of the West calls out softly, “Your Majesty…”

Jade Emperor is also dazed and did not hear Queen Mother of the West’s voice.

“Your Majesty!” Shouted Queen Mother of the West loudly, and only then did the Jade Emperor clear up his mind and look at Queen Mother of the West awkwardly.

“What is the matter?”

Queen Mother of the West rolls her eyes and curses in secret ‘vixen’ before her expression turned back to normal, and she says unhurriedly, “Your Majesty, it is almost time. Shouldn’t we carry out the sentence?”

“Ah, right, right…”

Just as Jade Emperor is preparing to give the order, the immortals by the side suddenly start becoming noisy.

Jade Emperor and Queen Mother of the West immediately turn around to look a what is happening.

So it is because that woman had gone and sat in the corner of the viewing platform. Seeing this, a group of male immortals moves over, snatching to take the seat beside that woman.

To snatch this seat, this group of immortals starts fighting each other, causing the viewing platform to turn into a mess.

“Appetite and lust are only natural.”

Liu Yi smiles and says, “Confucius sincerely did not deceive me! Looks like these immortals did not c obliterate their heart that is set on the mundane.”

{It is because that woman is too beautiful.}

Even Lin Tong t cannot help but praise, {If I was a man, I would love this woman until I suffered terribly.}

Liu Yi also must admit that this woman is very beautiful.

As she sits there, she is like a painting, so beautiful that it is like she is not polluted by the mundane world at all.

It is said that Heavenly Court has numerous rules and one, in particular, is that one is not allowed to have a partner.

These immortals are also unable to achieve Taoist indifference in this kind of state. Usually, they are restrained from shouting but now, when such a beautiful woman appears, perhaps not many of them can control themselves.

Queen Mother of the West says coldly, “Erlang Shen, go and teach them a lesson!”

“Yes! Aunt!”

Erlang Shen cups his hands before kicking up his three-pointed, double-edged lance!

That three-pointed, double-edged lance descended from the sky and landed within the crowd.

The immortals scatter in shock. After all, how would they dare to fight against the number one wargod of Heavenly Court!

Erlang Shen descends from the sky and lands in front of that woman. He uses his warmest voice and asks, “Fairy Chang’e, are you okay?”

“I am okay.”

When that woman speaks, her voice is as lovely to listen to as a singer.

While Liu Yi is even more shocked at her identity. This woman is actually that Fairy Chang’e from the folklore who mesmerized everyone?

She is indeed, beautiful enough. A source of calamity!

To settle down everyone’s chaos, Jade Emperor says, “Fairy Chang’e, come and sit beside We…cough, sit beside Queen Mother of the West!”

“Thank you, Your Majesty.”

Chang’e stands up and greets the Jade Emperor before slowly walking over, carrying a spell of fragrance.

Although Jade Emperor wishes to let Chang’e side beside him, with Queen Mother of the West here, he does not dare to overstep etiquette and can only arrange for her to sit beside Queen Mother of the West.

Queen Mother of the West did not say anything. One can clearly see that she does not like Chang’e a lot.

While Chang’e is unconcerned and sits down like she is not related to everything that happened around her.

A maid beside her cannot help but ask, “Fairy, what is there to watch about punishment? So many people have gathered here!”

Chang’e and her attendants were sightseeing in the Heavenly Court’s garden. By chance, they had seen the activities in this place, so they came over.

Chang’e sits there as he looks at the person who is shackled down on Beheading Dragon Platform and says faintly, “The Heavenly Court is very depressing. Staying here for so long, naturally, one would want to go and watch anything that is bustling with noise and excitement.”

“Of course.” The maid asks again, “But who is that man? To attract His Majesty to personally come to sentence him? Could he be some major person?”

“Whether or not he is a major figure does not matter. We are merely watching the show.”

Chang’e says faintly like she is not interested in this matter, “After watching, we shall leave.”

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Chapter 1067   [Flower of the Heavenly Court]

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