MKW Chapter 1066


Chapter 1066 [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG


Before Jade Emperor can speak, Queen Mother of the West speaks up first, “Don’t kill him. Inquire from him the location of the Nine Yin Demon Dragon!”

“That’s right.” Jade Emperor nods his head, “That Nine Yin Demon Dragon is the key for Qin Imperial Palace’s revival. We must find her first!”

“But we have already questioned him via torture, but he still has not confessed her location.”

“Then continue to torture! Increase the torture! Go and torture him ruthlessly! We don’t believe that his mouth is made of iron!”

“As you order!”

This suggestion obtained the agreement from everyone except for Taibai Jinxing. But Taibai Jinxing can only stand there silently, sighing in his heart.

Clear Sky Divine Art True Monarch ah, how good would it be if you were not obsessed with female charms. Why did you sacrifice your great future for a woman?

Even Taibai Jinxing does not understand this.

After Jade Emperor gave the command, the torturer in-charged of the questioning immediately went to carry out the orders.


Inside the torture chambers of Heavenly Court.

Lin Tong, who is hiding inside Liu Yi, takes advantage of the duration where there is no one else inside the Sky Jail, secretly jumps out and asks Liu Yi, {Big idiot, do you regret it?}

{What is there for me to regret.} Liu Yi smiles, {There is nothing more worth it than using me to exchange for the safety of everyone in Massacre Shrine.}

{Alas, you big idiot…}

Lin Tong uses her tail to gently pat Liu Yi’s face, {Do you know how much it makes me worried when you do such things…}

Liu Yi winks at Lin Tong, {Relax, Immortal Fox sister. I am a cockroach. I will not die.}

At this moment, his entire body is covered with injuries. Not a single part of his body is complete, but he can still smile, making Lin Tong unable to understand.

Is this guy really an idiot?

At this moment, black smoke suddenly flies out from in front of Liu Yi’s chest and slowly gathers together in front of him.

This clump of black smoke instantly gathers together to form the figure of a woman. Liu Yi is very familiar with this woman, and it is none other than the Demon Emperor Zhang Yunyun.

“I finally found you!” Zhang Yunyun stretches out her hand and gently touches Liu Yi’s cheek, “I have been searching for you for an entire year…”

“This place is not a good place to have a meeting.”

Liu Yi is not surprised to see Zhang Yunyun appearing in front of him.

“I had sensed that there was someone’s qi in my body, so it was yours. But has a year already passed down there?”

“That’s right.”

Zhang Yunyun sighs and says, “Time flows slower in Asura Realm. I have been searching for a year, so you shouldn’t have been here for very long, right?”

“Looks like the rumor that a day in heaven is a year in hell is not right.”

Liu Yi’s maths is not still not bad. “Otherwise, if I had spent a day here, it would have been 3000 years over on your side.”

“Luckily, it is not.” Zhang Yunyun is very glad, “You fool. Why do you want to save me! Wouldn’t it have been better if you handed me over and continue to be the Clear Sky Divine Art True Monarch?”

“What title would be more important than my Yunyun?”

This sentence from Liu Yi causes Zhang Yunyun’s face to turn red.

“You bastard! Even at this time, can’t you speak seriously!”

Zhang Yunyun is angered, “Can you be a bit more serious?”

Liu Yi winks at Zhang Yunyun, “Being unserious is my strong point. I should continue to develop it.”

“Damn you…”

Zhang Yunyun does not know what to say as she looks at Liu Yi, who is covered with cuts and bruises as her heart burst with pain.

He shouldn’t be like this…what belongs to him should be endless honor as well as glory.

He should an immortal in heaven, enjoying the consecration from the human world. But he has been reduced to a prisoner just to protect me.

Sometimes Zhang Yunyun is unclear between the two of them are they, enemies or lovers?

If we are enemies, we still possess camaraderies for each other, which we are unable to give up.

Saying that we are lovers, but our position is opposite of each other and sometimes we will fight each other until only one can live for some matters!

Liu Yi had also once used a ruthless move and sealed me in the Demon Realm!

Just what is our relationship?

Zhang Yunyun asks, “What are you going to do now?”

Liu Yi is optimistic as he says, “Who knows. Let’s take it step by step. After all, the Heavenly Court cannot bear to kill me.”

“What the hell are you saying!”

Just as Zhang Yunyun is going to say something, the sound of footsteps is suddenly heard coming from outside.

“Looks like our bad-tempered host is here again.”

Liu Yi smiles and says, “If you do not hide, you will be captured and be punished with me.”

Zhang Yunyun did not hesitate and immediately transformed into a clump of black smoke and disappears into Liu Yi’s body. She is hiding inside, secretly watching the movements outside.

At this moment, the door to the cell was pushed open as an immortal with a dog face walks in.

This immortal should be a dog that had cultivated until it became an immortal who is in-charge of interrogation.

He extends his hand and grabs a piece of branding iron from a stove by the side before saying impatiently, “Liu Yi, you should be around your limit by now!” The dog-face immortal raises that branding iron, “Even if you are not annoyed, I am annoyed!”

With that, he suddenly jabs the branding iron ruthlessly at Liu Yi’s collarbone.

Black smoke immediately emits from Liu Yi’s collarbone’s flesh as the branding iron sinks into Liu Yi’s bone!

Painful. It is indeed very painful! If an ordinary person suffers such kind of torture, they would scream in pain or even faint!

But Liu Yi bore with it and did not make any sound!

“Damn it! Why are you still so tenacious!”

The dog-face immortal curses, “If it was not for the higher-ups giving the damn order to make you speak, I would use this branding iron and stab you to death!”

“Looks like you can only continue to play with me.”

Liu Yi smiles and says, “No worries. I have time to continue playing with you.”

“Damn it! Hurry and tell me where the Nine Yin Demon Dragon is!”

The dog-face immortal inquired in anger, “Do you think that I only have these means?”

With that, he picks up a small surgical knife from the side before ruthlessly gouging out a piece of flesh from his arm.

A fresh piece of flesh was gouged out, and the dog-face immortal picked up this piece of flesh before sneering, “Do you see this, this is your flesh! It looks rather delicious. What do you think? Do you wish to give it a try?”

“Apologises, but I am not that perverted.” Liu Yi endures the pain and continues to smile, “You heavenly dogs are indeed very loyal. I feel that you do not appear to be one who likes to eat meat but excretions, right?”

“Damn it!”

Even the dog-face immortal cannot help but curse, “I think that you are seeking death!”

The dog-face immortal gouged out several more pieces of Liu Yi’s flesh, making Lin Tong, Meng Xi as well as Zhang Yunyun to feel their hearts aching!

But Liu Yi secretly transmitted his voice to all of them, asking them to not leave his body!

Lin Tong rebukes angrily, {You are mad! Do you not realize that you are currently undergoing death by thousand cuts?!!!}

{ I have God Race Undying Body so I will not die.}

Liu Yi continues to smile as the injury on his body slowly starts healing up. The flesh that was gouged out also regrew. This is the ability of God Race Undying Body, which causes the dog-face immortal to be shocked.

“I must admit that this power of yours is very impressive.” The dog-face immortal says, “But that just means that we will have even more space to play with, right?”

With that, he gouged out several more pieces of Liu Yi’s flesh.

“This weight loss method of yours is not bad.” Liu Yi says, “I can recommend it to the girls.”

“Continue smiling! I want to see how long you can continue to smile for!”

The dog-face immortal roars in anger and pulls the shackles by the side, pulling Liu Yi higher up.

“Let me let you experience the pain of knife torture!”

As the dog-face immortal speaks, he forms seals, causing numerous knives to start piercing through Liu Yi’s body!

These knives continue to pierce through Liu Yi’s body repeatedly.

Liu Yi’s blood splashes all over the ground endlessly. Momentarily, the entire ground is covered with Liu Yi’s blood.

{Enough already! Enough!}

Zhang Yunyun can’t take it and starts crying, {Tell them where I am at! Hand me over to them!}

{Stop messing around and stay still.}

{No! I want to go out!} Zhang Yunyun shouts in anger, {I want to tell them where I am!}

{Damn it! Stay still!} Liu Yi roars in anger, {You are not alone in that place, do you understand?! If they realize the location where Massacre Shrine is, the entire Massacre Shrine will be buried along with you! Do you think that the trouble you have caused is not enough?!}

Zhang Yunyun no longer speaks.

She can only bear with her sadness and sobs spasmodically in Liu Yi’s body.

After so many years, this is the first time she had sensed her mistake. So for so many years, I had created so much trouble for Liu Yi…

If only…I can forever be by his side, being his sister…how nice would that be…but why must fate toy with me…

The dog-face immortal says, “Damn it…his mouth is too firm. Looks like I can only go and borrow Duke of Thunder’s Thunder God Hammer. Let me use heaven lightning to strike you and let you know what is called pain! At that time, let’s see if you will start speaking!”

After that, the dog-face immortal turns around and walks out of the cell.

Immediately after he had left, Zhang Yunyun flew out of Liu Yi’s body.

She stands in front of Liu Yi and stretches out her hand, gently touching the wounds on Liu Yi’s body.

{Big Brother Liu Yi….I have decided…}

{What did you decide?} Liu Yi is curious, {Don’t tell me that you wish to tell the Heavenly Court?}

Zhang Yunyun shakes her head, {No. I am not thinking about myself.}

{Then what do you wish to do?} Liu Yi is curious about Zhang Yunyun’s thinking, {Right now you are only an energy being and cannot do much. You do not need to worry. I will not die. I will think of a method to leave this place.}

{Soon, you will know.}

With that, Zhang Yunyun suddenly hook her hands around Liu Yi’s neck before kissing his lips with her red lips.

Liu Yi blanks out.

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