MKW Chapter 1065


Chapter 1065 [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG


“If you want your people to be safe and sound, then give up resistance.”

Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li is holding his Exquisite Pagoda with one hand and inside the pagoda is Massacre Shrine people.

One can say that the entire Massacre Shrine is now in the control of Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li. As long as he has the thought, all of them will be turned into ashes. But Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li knows that relying on his Exquisite Pagoda, will not completely kill the Nine Yin Demon Dragon. He must bring Nine Yin Demon Dragon back to the Heavenly Court.

But as long as Liu Yi is here, this matter will be very difficult. That is why he can only use these people to threaten Liu Yi and make him give up all resistance.

As long as he is restrained, everything will become easy.

“Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li. I didn’t expect that you were so despicable.”

Liu Yi’s expression is cold, and his complexion is very ugly.

He glanced at that Exquisite Pagoda and heard the voice of numerous people from it.

“Sect Head! Don’t care about us and kill these despicable dogs!”

“Kill Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li!”

There is no coward in Massacre Shrine. All of them are angered against a common enemy and are gunning with rage between gritted teeth at the Heavenly Court.

But those envoys from the alliance do not think like this. Those whose relationship is not deep with Liu Yi started screaming.

“Sect Head Liu, I do not wish to die!”

“Sect Head Liu, we are not Massacre Shrine people! Help us explain to them, please!”

“Let me out! I am not a disciple from Massacre Shrine!”

Liu Yi lets out a deep sigh. In this situation, he does not have any method to fight back.

Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li shouted, “Recall your Sea Flipping God Lamp! Otherwise, I shall kill them!”

Liu Yi waves his hand and recalls back Sea Flipping God Lamp into his body. The barrier that envelopes Massacre Shrine instantly disappears.


Sensing his strength returning back to normal, Nezha cannot help but laughs loudly before ruthlessly slamming his Universe Ring at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi was instantly smashed into the ground and destroyed a huge building in the Massacre Shrine and creating a deep hole at the same time.


“Sect Head!

The people from Massacre Shrine were all angered, but they were all locked up inside Exquisite Pagoda and are unable to break free. They can only watch Liu Yi get beaten up, especially Nezha.

After he had hit Liu Yi into the ground, he released Universe Ring in front of him and formed a seal before pointing at Universe Ring.

Instantly numerous arrows flew out from Universe Ring, and all of them fall into the deep hole where Liu Yi is in.

Black smoke immediately emits and rises into the sky. This black smoke rises up the cloud showing how powerful the rain of arrows is.

“Weren’t you arrogant earlier? Weren’t you awesome? Now you are obediently getting beaten up!”

As Nezha speaks, he swings his hand and tossed out Red Armillary Sash, which pulls Liu Yi out from the smoke and tosses him onto a clean plaza.

The floor of the plaza cracks as Nezha flies down and steps on Liu Yi’s head.

“Hahaha, now you know who the expert is? If you have the ability, then take out your Sea Flipping God Lamp again!”

As Nezha stomps, again and again, Bai Jie, Chen Keqing, and the rest are very regretful. It is a pity that they are unable to help and can only worry while standing inside the Exquisite Pagoda.

“Kill us!” Poison Jasmine shouts, “Our death is nothing! Don’t humiliate our Sect Head!”

The people from other sects immediately shouts, “What nonsense are you saying! We do not wish to die!”

Bai Jie summons out a clump of foxfire and scolds, “Get lost! If you dare to speak again, I shall kill you first!”

“Sect Head don’t care about us! Take out your Sea Flipping God Lamp and kill them all!”

“Shut up!” Liu Yi, who had not been speaking, suddenly says, “As long as you guys can survive, this bit of humiliation is nothing!”

“Hahaha, pretending to be a hero now?”

Nezha laughs as he repeatedly stomps on Liu Yi’s face, “What qualifications do you this demon have to be a hero? Let everyone take a look at how wretched-looking you are right now!”

“Damn it! Let go of our sect head!”

“If you want to kill, then kill us!”

The disciples of Massacre Shrine started shouting again, but this time, none of the people from other sects speak.

Because Liu Yi is being humiliated too badly and they are simply unable to watch on. This is not the first time they got to know Liu Yi. When have they seen Liu Yi being so wretched before?

Normally it is Liu Yi bullying other people. When have they seen Liu Yi being bullied before?

But Liu Yi actually gave up his dignity for them. An expert being humiliated like this just to protect their lives. This is normally impossible to see.

Ma Yuanyuan is already crying from heartache. The person whom she cares about the most is being bullied by other people!

How can this be! Only I can bully him!

Ma Yuanyuan screamed at Nezha, “Bastard! Why did you not go die yet!”

“Quickly let go of our Big Idiot! If you have the ability, then fight against this miss!”

“Do you hear it, these weak mortals are pleading for leniency for you.”

Stepping on Liu Yi’s head, Nezha says to him, “They were o waiting for you to protect them, but now, they can only plead for leniency for you. How lamentable.”

“I only feel that you are very lamentable.” Liu Yi laughs and says, “I pity you, for you can only rely on crafty plots and machinations to win against me.”

Nezha points the tip of the Fire-tipped Spear at Liu Yi and roars in anger, “Nonsense! Do think I won’t kill you!”

“If you had the ability to kill me, you guys would have done it long ago.” Liu Yi smiles, “If you have the capability, try killing me.”


Nezha indeed does not dare to kill Liu Yi. After all, without Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li giving the order, he does not dare to take action. His higher-up’s order is to bring him back alive.

Perhaps they wish to know what secrets Liu Yi has.

“Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li!”

Liu Yi suddenly shouted, “I have already submitted, why are you still not releasing my disciples?”

Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li says coldly, “Take out your Sea Flipping God Lamp and hand it over to me, and I will release them.”

The old man is very astute and will not give Liu Yi any opportunity to resist.

“Why should I believe you?”

Liu Yi is also not an idiot and says, “You open Exquisit Pagoda first, then I will take out my Sea Flipping God Lamp.”

Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li knows that if they continue to be in a deadlock, it will not be good for either side. Thus he orders, “Nezha tie him up first.”

“Understood, father.”

Nezha immediately tosses out his Red Armillary sash and ties up Liu Yi’s flesh body, “Don’t try playing tricks. I will be watching you!”

Nezha’s Fire-tipped Spear is pointed at Liu Yi’s throat.

Sea Flipping God Lamp needs time to active its barrier, and during this period of time where it is activating, Nezha can swiftly kill Liu Yi.

Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li waves his hand and grabs his Exquisite Pagoda. At this moment, Liu Yi suddenly opens his mouth and spits out the Sea Flipping God Lamp!

When the Sea Flipping God Lamp left Liu Yi’s mouth, it is only the size of a fingernail. The moment it reaches the sky, it immediately grew until it is over half the size of an arm.

Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li immediately extends his hand to prepare to receive the Sea Flipping God Lamp. But at this instant, Sea Flipping God Lamp flew above Massacre Shrine people and releases a beam of light which enveloped all of them.

The beam of light flickers, and all of the Massacre Shrine people, as well as the Sea Flipping God Lamp, disappears.


Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li and the rest were shocked while Nezha immediately presses his spear tip against Liu Yi’s neck and ask, “Where did you move them to!”

“A place where none of you will find.”

Liu Yi laughs loudly, making Nezha punch him fiercely in his stomach!

At the same time, Poison Jasmine, Chen Keqing, and the rest appear on top of an enormous platform.

Beneath the platform is an abyss, while on the left and right is a pair of tiger and dragon statues!

Someone cannot help but ask, “Where is this place?”

Looking at the scenery, Chen Keqing says, “This place…is the place where Sect Head undergoes his close door cultivation. I’ve only heard him mentioning this place before and have never come here before.”

“This place is the Asura Realm.” Zhang Yunyun adds as she had just left this palace.

Bai Jie asked in a hurry, “How did we come to this place?”

“Look over there.” Poison Jasmine points at Sea Flipping God Lamp that is floating in the sky, “Liu Yi used the Sea Flipping God Lamp as an offering to send us here. The Asura Realm…the Heavenly Court will indeed be unable to find us ..”

“That fellow….”

Zhang Yunyun clenches her fist. She did not think that Liu Yi would sacrifice himself for her.

“It is all your fault!”

Bai Jie berates Zhang Yunyun impolitely, “If it was not for you, our sect head would not fall out with Heavenly Court!”

“Forget it. Don’t blame her.”

Chen Keqing stops Bai Jie, “What we should think about right now is how to save Sect head.”

Bai Jie sighs, “We are so weak, what methods can we use…”

“Three cobbers is equal to one Zhuge Liang.” Chen Keqing says, “As long as we work with a common purpose, we can survive this crisis! Start thinking of ideas!”

After her orders, everyone becomes taciturn and starts thinking bitterly.

Even Zhang Yunyun also sits down and starts pondering.

But she knows that she is not pondering but using some kind of peculiar ability.

Zhang Yunyun did not tell Liu Yi that while he was cultivating, she had secretly released some Nine Yin Demon Dragon Qi into Liu Yi’s body.

Originally she planned to use this qi to create trouble for Liu Yi, but now…it seems like it can help out Liu Yi…

Liu Yi, you idiot! You can only die in my hands! That is why, survive for me!

Zhang Yunyun seeks to link up with the signal in Liu Yi’s body while Liu Yi had already been captured by the celestial soldiers up to the Heavenly Court.


The Heavenly Court does not merely have beautiful scenery; it also has a prison for criminals.

This place is Sky Jail. At this moment, Liu Yi is locked up inside the Sky Jail. His hands and legs were shackled with white shackles, which were created from meteorites from the celestial, especially to lock up cultivators!

At this moment inside the golden palace, Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li asks Jade Emperor, who is sitting on the throne, “Your majesty, how should we deal with him?”

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Chapter 1065   [Trial him]

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