MKW Chapter 1064



Chapter 1064 [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
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As Nezha speaks, he suddenly tosses out his Red Armillary Sash at Liu Yi!

Red Armillary Sash utility is to bind people. This red Red Armillary Sash instantly streaks across space and coils around Liu Yi.


Liu Yi raises his eyebrow, “Nezha, do you really like SM? Is that why you keep playing these kinds of moves?”

“Don’t say things that I do not understand!”

Nezha glares, displaying his anger. He says loudly, “Red Armillary Sash is different from Universe Ring. You can forget about struggling free this time!”

Liu Yi gave it a try, and indeed, he cannot even grow bigger now. He is completely bound.

At the same time, Nezha swings his hand, tossing out Universe Ring. This time, Universe Ring is used as a hidden weapon and instantly appears in front of Liu Yi, slamming down on Liu Yi’s forehead.

Liu Yi pours his eyebrow and subconsciously puts on his Monarch Armour replacing his Ice Fire Armour that is used for fighting.

Monarch Armour is especially for defense. But despite so, Liu Yi still receives quite a heavy attack on his forehead.

An especially loud ringing sound rings out when Liu Yi’s forehead was knocked backward as his mind blanks out momentarily.

Motherfucking hell! This hula hoop and long handkerchief combination are savage!

If it hits me two more times, I might be unable to fight anymore.

He immediately breathed out golden fog at Nezha. That golden fog turned into Liu Yi’s appearance in midair before holding the 36 Tian Gang swords, which had recombined into a longsword before cleaving at Nezha.

“External incarnation?”

Nezha was shocked as he did not expect that Liu Yi would know such a profound technique!

Tian Gang swords, which had combined together, had already arrived in front of him. Nezha has no other choice but to raise his Fire-tipped Spear horizontally to block that sword.

But Liu Yi grows out two more heads and four more arms. One hand is holding the combined sword that cleaves down on Fire-tipped Spear while the other 5 hands grab a black fire-god sword each and stab them towards the weak points of Nezha’s body.

Nezha recalls back his Red Armillary Sash in time and wraps it around his body.

The red dudou became an impressive body-protecting equipment and blacks a portion of Liu Yi’s attack, but the rest gave Nezha a few shallow wounds.

“Damn it!”

Even Nezha cannot help but explode with foul language now.

Liu Yi kindheartedly reminds, “Comrade, saying foul language is uncivilized..”

“Damn mortal! Go die!”

Nezha is unwilling to accept Liu Yi’s goodwill. His body trembles, and he enters his strongest fighting state!

The clouds in the sky start changing as the entire world seems to sense Nezha’s strength that stands out from the masses and starts trembling. Seeing this scene, Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li, who is standing on the magic clouds, becomes delighted.

“Very good! My son is finally taking out his full strength! Looks like Liu Yi is indeed powerful enough to force my son to use all of his strength! Clear Sky Divine Art True Monarch, the two words ‘divine skill’ were not bestowed upon you in vain!”

Liu Yi’s strength must not be looked down on, and right now, Nezha knows this.

He grew out three heads and six arms holding Fire-tipped Spear, Universe Ring as well, as Red Armillary Sash at the same time.

This is Nezha’s strongest state, and his strength also rose to the 2nd layer of heaven!

Liu Yi instantly senses pressure, but he had already guessed that this kind of matter would happen.

“Prepare to die, mortal!”

From Nezha’s three mouths, a different voice speaks up. The first mouth speaks with the voice of a child, the second mouth an old man, while the third mouth is actually the voice of a woman! The three voices mix together, giving it an unspeakable strangeness!

“What the heck! Why do I feel like I’ve seen a pervert!”

Liu Yi’s lip twitches as he says, “But don’t think that with a few more heads, you will win! I am already prepared!”

With that, Liu Yi tosses out Sea Flipping God Lamp!

Sea Flipping God Lamp is simply a bug! It is effective for whoever uses this tool!

Momentarily, the entire Massacre Shrine entered Sea Flipping God Lamp’s domain! Within this domain, no matter who it is, their cultivation level will be forcibly lowered by a few ranks!

Even Nezha also dropped one rank! He instantly falls back to the 1st layer of heaven from the 2nd layer of heaven!


Sensing the drop of his cultivation level, Nezha cannot help but exclaim in shock! He is still okay, but the Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li is even more miserable! His cultivation had fallen back to 28 starjades causing him to be hopping mad.

“Damn it! It is the Sea Flipping God Lamp! This treasure is in the hands of a mortal!”

“Let my child kill him and seize Sea Flipping God Lamp!”

Who would not want Sea Flipping God lamp this kind of bug treasure! After Liu Yi borrowed it from Ao Ri, he did not plan to return it.

Even when Nezha and the rest from the Heavenly Court see this treasure, their eyes also turn red!

“Want to obtain my Sea Flipping God Lamp?” Liu Yi raises two fingers and says, “Let me give you two words.”

Nezha actually asked, “What words?”

“Dream on!”

With that, Liu Yi flew in front of Nezha as his avatar shot out from his back. His avatar is holding six fire-god swords while he himself is holding two long blades, which were formed from the 36 Tian Gang swords!

The long blades are slightly similar to those long blades used by Qing troops, which are slightly curved. The blade point is slender, and one will die if they were stabbed.

Using this kind of blade gives off a more forceful feeling, which is even more suitable for Liu Yi than the Japanese katana.

As Nezha deals with Liu Yi’s innumerable succession of attacks, he asks in panic, “Avatar technique? What is your relationship with Womanland?”

“My relationship is deep with them!”

The number of techniques that Liu Yi knows is too much and is slightly messy. But every single technique of his is an exceptional technique and is a technique that can only be discovered and not sought by other people.

Even Nezha is also envious of him.

Especially as Liu Yi becomes more and more used to it as they fight, Nezha gradually starts to be in a disadvantageous position!

By now, Muzha had already flown back looking very wretched. Seeing that Nezha is is somewhat strained, he ordered his two other sons, “Jinzha as well as Muzha! Go and help your younger brother!”

This time, although he had brought along a hundred thousand celestial soldiers, the powerful immortals are only him and his three sons. Originally he thought that with Nezha, even if he does not take action, it would be very easy to capture Liu Yi. But who would have thought that Liu Yi would actually possess the Sea Flipping God Lamp, a heaven-defying treasure!

Damn it; this is too unreasonable!

Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li’s three sons are all formidable immortals. Back then, they had obtained outstanding military service! Right now, when three immortals are attacking Liu Yi from all sides, and they are unable to gain any advantage!

The avatar behind Liu Yi’s back attacks while he is slashing with two blades. He is actually not at a disadvantage; instead, he is at ease fighting Jinzha, Muzha as well as Nezha until they are stuck in a dilemma!

Liu Yi’s close combat capability is simply too powerful. In close combat, he has never been afraid of anyone.

Along with his Heavenly Dragon Mausoleum supplying him unceasing qi, even when the three of them fight him together, it does not make Liu Yi feel any pressure.

Massacre Shrine disciples who were watching below like bystanders cannot help but mutter, “Sect Head is too vigorous!”

Liu Yi is evenly matched against the three immortals from the legends! The thousands of words can only change into a single word, awesome!

One of the Massacre God Guards mutters, “Seeing how powerful Sect Head is, do you think that his family members know of it?”

Another person rolled his eyes at him and replied, “Damn. Why do you care about this! As long as Sect Head is strong, who cares if his family members know of it!”

“What you say is true…”

The two bored Massacre God Guards continue to mix in the group of people watching the fight.

At this moment, the longer Liu Yi fights, the braver he becomes. He fights until the three immortals are shocked in their hearts.

Could it be that this fellow does not know exhaustion?

“Looks like I can only use some extreme methods…”

Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li can also see that it seems to be impossible to deal with Liu Yi by relying on his three sons! Liu Yi’s Sea Flipping God Lamp had utterly restrained them!

Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li points at Zhang Yunyun below and asks, “Clear Sky Divine Art True Monarch, this king asks you one last time. Are you really going to give up the Immortal Roll? Are you going to go against the Heavenly Court to protect this demon?”

“If you hand her over to Heavenly Court, we can still talk it over. Otherwise, the retaliation from Heavenly Court will not be so simple.”

“As long as I am still alive, no one is allowed to touch Zhang Yunyun.” Liu Yi says incomparably staunchly, “Unless I am dead.”

Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li snorts in anger, “Pigheaded. Good. Then do not blame this king for being heartless!”

With that, Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li orders his three sons, “Hinder him. Leave the remaining matters to this king!”


Nezha and the rest immediately use 120% effort just to hold back Liu Yi’s figure.

Although Liu Yi is not at a disadvantage, after all, this is one vs three. Not to mention that these three people are all-powerful experts who were famous a long time ago.

At this moment, Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li suddenly tosses out Exquisite Pagoda. The pagoda grows as it descends, and soon it is over a hundred meters tall enormous pagoda that rumbles down.

Liu Yi got a huge shock as he wishes to go and block, but he was held back by Nezha and the rest making him unable to go and save his people!

Even those who are slightly more powerful, like Poison Jasmine and the rest, are unable to escape in time.

Especially since a majority of Massacre Shrine disciples are rather weak; thus, with a rumble, all of them were sucked into the Exquisite Pagoda.

Seeing this scene, Liu Yi lets out a roar!

“Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li!”

He is incomparably angry and did not expect Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li would be so despicable.

Seeing that he is unable to defeat me, he takes action against my people!

His anger rises as the avatar behind him starts to turn black in color. The six fire-god swords gain the power of explosion and blast Nezha, Muzha, and Jinzha away!

“Good gosh….so powerful!”

Jinzha, Muzha, and Nezha had to put in great effort to stabilize their bodies. At the same time, they wipe away the blood on the edge of their mouth.

Liu Yi’s strike in wrath is indeed out of the ordinary!

“Clear Sky Divine Art True Monarch, I advise you to take any moment.” Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li laughs and says, “If you dare to make the slightest movement, I shall turn all of these disciples of yours into ashes.”

Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li is not joking around. He indeed has this capability.

Liu Yi clenches his teeth and nearly crushes his teeth!

This damn bastard…how does he have the face to call himself a heavenly king! What he had just done is the most shameless thing ever!

At this instant, Liu Yi has thoughts of eating Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li’s heart!

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Chapter 1064   [Threaten]

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