MKW Chapter 1063


Chapter 1063 [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG


Muzha descends swiftly towards Massacre Shrine. At the same time, the 36 Tian Gang swords revolve around him and descend along with him.

These 36 Tian Gang swords are different from Sky Dipper Swords. Tian Gang swords’ might is slightly inferior compared to the 12 Sky Dipper Swords. Furthermore, Tian Gang’s sword’s strongest aspect is formation. Back then, Bodhisattva borrowed these 36 Tian Gang swords from Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li and transformed them into a lotus flower, which she then used to subdue Red Boy.

Right now, these 36 Tian Gang swords appear in the human realm to subdue Liu Yi.

Looking at his son, Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li cannot help but says, “Mortal, you should feel glory.”

“Evildoer, watch my sword!”

Muzha suddenly stops in midair before forming a seal and releases all of the swords.

These Tian Gang swords descend together into 36 different directions like it will not give up if it does not behead Liu Yi!

Liu Yi hits out Glorious Sun Palm with both hands, deflecting the Tian Gang swords that flew in front of him.

Liu Yi’s hands are like iron. When his palm collides with Tian Gang swords, it is like metal striking each other, and occasionally sparks burst out as well.

If one watches carefully, they will notice that Liu Yi’s palms are covered with his golden Fog Qi. This golden fog protects Liu Yi perfectly, making his body become as hard as iron.

“Tian Gang swords’ might is not merely so!”

With that, Muzha from another seal and those 36 Tian Gang swords immediately gather together and instantly transform into an enormous Nine-edged Blade!

“So Tian Gang sword’s ability is to gather together and transform.”

Seeing this, Liu Yi clearly understands Tian Gang’s sword’s ability. “Not bad. I feel that this magic treasure suits me very well.”

Xiao Taiji had already been engulfed by me while Charm Fox Sword is Immortal Fox sister’s emotion sword. Every time I take it out, Immortal Fox sister will cum once, which is damn ball-breaking. There is also that Sinister God Sword, but that sinister sword has never once listened to my summon, and only my black-bellied side can summon it.

This is why Liu Yi feels that it is time for him to find a suitable magic weapon.

These 36 Tian Gang swords seem to be quite a good choice.

“You wish to obtain our Tian Gang swords? What lunatic ravings!”

Muzha snorts coldly as he forms more seals, control that enormous Nine-edged Blade to chop down on Liu Yi!

If this really chops down, it is likely that the entire ground will be chop into ten segments!


Sky Swallow Turtle’s mark appears between Liu Yi’s brow as his robes turn black.

At the same time, an enormous black door rises from the ground and directly withstand that descending Nine-edged Blade.

Every single edge of the Nine-edged Blade is ten meters long and is incomparably sharp.

The enormous black door can only withstand it for a moment before it was split by the Nine-edged Blade.

“To wish to use a mere mortal’s tool to match a magic weapon of Heavenly Court?”

Muzha laughs, “My father’s 36 Tian Gang swords is no ordinary weapon. It not only possesses the might of immortal qi, but it is also supported by Buddhist qi! I feel that you are better off letting us execute you obediently! That way, you will suffer less!”

“Apologises, but I do not have this plan.”

Liu Yi narrows his eyes as he extends his left hand and points at the sky.

Six Fire God Swords immediately fly out before turning black gold.

A black sun mark can be seen clearly between Liu Yi’s brow.

“God Sword Protecting Body!”

Liu Yi uses his six Firegod Swords to forcibly block that Nine-edged Blade!

“What is going on!”

Muzha uses his full strength to control the Nine-edged Blade wanting to make it chop down. But it is like the Nine-edged Blade does not listen to his orders and did not chop down.

Muzha exclaims, “What is this technique!”

“I created it myself.”

When Liu Yi said this, he is already wearing a blue-red Fire Ice Armour as he appears behind Muzha.

“Why? Do you want to learn it?” Asked Liu Yi.

“How scary…”

Seeing this scene, Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li cannot help but frown, “This fellow…seems to have become even stronger compared to when I saw him previously!”

“How is this possible?!” Jinzha, by the side, asks, “The previous time when father saw him it not that long ago and was only around a day age. How is it possible for this mortal to become even stronger? Upon reaching this realm, isn’t it harder to improve any further?”

“He is no ordinary person.”

Even Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li cannot help but feel a trace of respect for Liu Yi right now. This fellow is not merely powerful. Perhaps what Taibai Jinxing said was right. We shouldn’t fight against this man but to pull him close as an ally.

But right now is no longer the problem of allying with him. This guy is protecting the Nine Yin Demon Dragon; thus, he must die!

If he does not die, sooner or later, Qin Imperial Palace will obtain Nine Yin Demon Dragon’s power, and at that time, it will be too late!

Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li shouts, “Muzha! Use your full strength and kill him!”

“Understood, father! Evildoer! Today shall be your death date!”

Muzha no longer cares about that 36 Tian Gang swords. Instead, he waves his hand and grabs two hooked swords before charging at Liu Yi swiftly.

The 36 Tian Gang swords are Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li’s magic weapons. Muzha’s real weapons are the two hooked swords in his hand!

Liu Yi feels that the hooked sword’s shape is like two stove hooks.

Those who can use this kind of weapon are mainly people with weird attacks. Looks like Muzha also belongs to this type.

When this thought flashes across Liu Yi’s mind, Muzha had already arrived in front of Liu Yi as his two hooked swords hook at Liu Yi’s waist.

But Liu Yi is not that easy to deal with. He had never been afraid of anyone in terms of close combat!

Almost in a blink of an eye, Liu Yi disappears from his spot and appears in front of Muzha, causing Muzha to get a huge shock. Muzha did not expect that Liu Yi would be so fast. So fast, he is unable to notice it until he is already in front of him.

Muzha is also an expert. Almost subconsciously, he sweeps his two hooked swords in front of himself!

Liu Yi’s fist firmly lands on top of the two hooked swords!

This pair of hooked swords is Muzha’s magic weapons. It is an assassin tool but brittle like glass. It was immediately smashed into pieces by Liu Yi’s fist that is encased with fire armor!

Under Muzha’s shocked gaze, Liu Yi’s fist had already landed on his head.

Muzha feels like he had crashed into an enormous dragon as he was sent flying away. He finally crashes through a mountain behind him and pierces the cloud layer. In a blink of an eye, he can no longer be seen!

“He is defeated.” Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li shouted loudly, “Muzha was too careless. Is there anyone else who will go and fight?”

Jinzha was eager to give it a try but recalling how his strength is more or less the same as Muzha; he gives up.

While at this moment, Liu Yi waves his hands at the Nine-edged Blades that are entangled with his six Firegods Swords, and the Nine-edged Blade is forcefully pulled over by Liu Yi.

Nezha immediately sees through his intention and exclaims, “No good! He wants to snatch the treasure!”

He did not hesitate and immediately stepped on his Wind Fire Wheels and descended from the sky. At the same time, his Fire-tipped Spear points at Liu Yi and stabs over.

“Bring it on!”

Liu Yi has no fear as he shakes his left hand, and Sky Splitting Golden Spear flies out. He grabs it before stabbing it at the tip of Fire-tipped Spear!

This is called sharply opposing to each other with neither prepared to give an inch!

The two godly spears instantly clash against each other, creating an eye-piercing sound.

Nezha had always been very confident of his own strength. Under the condition where he is not using his three heads six arms technique, he possesses the strength of the 1st layer of heaven, which is one of the top war immortals in Heavenly Court, allowing him to do as he wishes.

Unexpectedly when they clash this time using strength, he feels a bit strenuous. His arm trembles as Fire-tipped Spear is knocked to the side.

Nezha does not know that at this moment, Liu Yi had entered the God Transformation; thus, his strength has also entered the 1st layer of heaven standard, which allows him to fight Nezha.

Along with the fact that Liu Yi had secretly entered a merged state with Sky Supporting Pillar, thus based on pure strength, he is super powerful!

If Nezha wishes to defeat Liu Yi, he needs to use three heads six arms! But the arrogant Nezha does not wish to use three heads six arms on a mortal; otherwise, if other immortals who are at the 2nd layer of heaven know of it or Erlang Shen knows of it, they will laugh at him!

For a mere mortal. As long as I rely on my ordinary state, I can defeat him!

Nezha kicks one of his Wind Fire Wheels at Liu Yi!

That Wind Fire Wheel is a very powerful treasure. It rushes towards Liu Yi’s cheek, and if it hits, it is likely that his head will burst.

Liu Yi also did not plan to use his own head to receive that Wind Fire Wheel. He sweeps out with his Sky Splitting Golden Spear and uses Sweep Thousand Army and instantly knocks that Wind Fire Wheel flying away!

“Not bad. You have some ability.”

Nezha smiles, “But in the end, you are not my opponent.”

With that, he kicks out both Wind Fire Wheels at the same time. The two Wind Fire Wheels revolve around Liu Yi and attack Liu Yi from time to time, harassing him.

“I also do not plan to keep playing with you.”

With that, Liu Yi waved his hand towards the sky.

Firegod Swords breakthrough the 36 Tian Gang swords defense causing the 36 Tian Gang swords to restore to its original form.

The 36 Tian Gang swords suddenly land around Liu Yi and start revolving around Liu Yi. Liu Yi’s aura filled the insides of the swords.

“He subdued Tian Gang swords?”

Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li and the rest got a huge shock as they did not expect that Liu Yi would subdue Tian Gang swords so swiftly!

“Wind Fire Wheels? I can also do it as well!”

With that, Liu Yi flicks his fingers at the Tian Gang swords.

Instantly 18 of the 36 Tian Gang swords gather together, forming the appearance of 2 Wind Fire Wheels. Liu Yi breath out Scarlet Blood Devil Flames on the two white wheels!

When Scarlet Blood Devil flames and the revolving wheels merge together, it is no different from Nezha’s two Wind Fire Wheels other than the difference in color.

“Damn it! I actually let you subdue the Tian Gang swords!”

Nezha lights up his Fire-tipped Spear and hits away the fire wheels that Liu Yi tosses over before clenching his teeth and says, “Mortal! I admit that I looked down on you! But the real fight is starting now!”

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Chapter 1063   [36 Tian Gang swords]

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