MKW Chapter 1062


Chapter 1062 [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

“As you order!”

Both Mother of Lightning and Duke of Thunder walkout from the formation. One of them raises his hammer while the other raises a mirror and points at Massacre Shrine below.

As the vice-sect head of Massacre Shrine, Poison Jasmine did not hesitate and gave her order, “Massacre God Guards, Sky Dipper, hear my orders!” 

The 12 Massacre God Guards holding Sky Dipper Swords immediately walkout. Different from the Earth Fiend Massacre God Guards, they are wearing white robes. Earth Fiend Swordsmen have a large ‘Earth’ embroidered on their back while Sky Dipper Warriors are embroidered with a ‘Sky’!

These 12 Sky Dipper Warriors pull out their swords and form sword seals with both hands before pointing in front of them at the same time!

12 enormous hundred meters long swords suddenly appear. They are like enormous doors that block a majority of Massacre Shrine, protecting the people and buildings of Massacre Shrine.

“An interesting technique.”

Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li snorts, “But do you really think that you can block my Heavenly Court’s thunder attack with this kind of defense? Thunder attack!”

With his command, Duke of Thunder and Mother of Lightning start to work hard, striking the hammer and flashing the mirror.

Momentarily, lightning flashes, and thunder rolls! A lightning bolt descends from the sky and hits one of the Sky Dipper Swords.

A golden ripple appeared on the surface of the Sky Dipper Sword, but it did not move.

Seeing this scene, Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li got a shock as he frowns deepens, “What? They can block the thunder attack?! Duke of Thunder and Mother of Lightning are the two of you not using your full strength?!”

“We are not hiding any strength!” Duke of Thunder says, “We are using our full strength!”

Seeing this, Nezha, who is wearing red dudou, smiles, “A bit interesting. Looks like it will not be boring this time.”

Jinzhao, who is standing by the side, steps forward as he cups his hands before proposing, “Father, why don’t we let the Heaven Arrow Team attack. Duke of Thunder and Mother of Lightning’s attack are too concentrated. Why don’t we use the Heaven Arrow to weaken the defense of these greatswords?”

“Okay, we shall do as you wish.” Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li nods his head, “Heaven Arrow Team, fire!”

The moment he had given the order, the ranks of the Heavenly Court army open up as archers instantly walked forward. They draw their arrows from their back before aiming at Massacre Shrine below before shooting out the arrows.

The densely packed arrows shoot down like a locust swarm!

Poison Jasmine says, “Sky Dipper Sword Formation! Persevere! Sky Dipper Warriors consume the Qi Restore Pill!”

Worried that the Sky Dipper Warrior will not have enough qi, Poison Jasmine let them consume the Qi Restore Pill beforehand.

Huang Jie had refined quite a number of pills, and swiftly, a pill appears in the hands of the Sky Dipper Warriors.

After the Sky Dipper Warriors consume the Qi Restore Pills, their swords become brighter!

Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li mutters, “Strange, wouldn’t all of them be exhausted?”

Muzha walks over and cups his hand before saying to Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li, “This child feels that the pill that they had eaten seems to be extraordinary.”

Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li also senses that something is wrong and says, “What you say is right. Those pills must have the effect to restore qi. I didn’t expect it. Massacre Shrine has some ability.”

“I do want to see how long they can last.” Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li smiles, “Do they think that they can block my Heavenly Court’s massive military force with just 12 people? Let’s wait and see then!”

While they are speaking, the densely packed arrow rain becomes denser and denser. The archer’s arrows seem to be endless and did not seem to have decreased. While the radiance on the 12 Sky Dipper Swords is becoming dimmer and dimmer.

“If this goes on, it will be bad.”

Poison Jasmine frowns, “Sect Head. Just when will you come out!”

One of the enormous swords is unable to withstand the attacks and breaks.

Poison Jasmine immediately shouted as she gives the command, “Earth Fiend Swordsmen, fill up the gap!”

Massacre God Guards’ Earth Fiend Swordsmen immediately toss out their Earth Fiend Swords at the same time. The 72 Earth Fiend Swords gather together. One sword after the other starts replacing the gap formed by the shattered Sky Dipper Sword!

“They are almost unable to withstand it.”

Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li smiles, “Continue to release arrows. Let’s shoot all of them into hedgehogs!”

The arrow rain became even fiercer and densely packed, covering the sky, turning it black.

The Earth Fiend Swords are not suitable for defending and were soon shattered into pieces.

The gap was once again smashed open, and the people of Massacre Shrine were once again exposed to the attacks from the Heavenly Court.

“All of you die!”

Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li laughs as he watches the arrows fall down like a locust swarm.

Numerous people from Massacre Shrine close their eyes in despair like they are waiting for death to descend.

Poison Jasmine clenches her teeth, “Master…quickly come back!”

But at this moment, the shout from a man came from the sky, “Stop.”

Using Moon Dream Sutra, all of the arrows froze in midair, unable to move.

A man is smiling confidently as he stands below the arrows with a hand extended out.

A beautiful woman was standing by his side, and her hands were held by him. But the woman is not smiling.

Liu Yi says to the immortals standing on the magic clouds, “Taking advantage of the fact that I am not around and bullying my people is not right.

Seeing this man, everyone from Massacre Shrine becomes excited.


“Junior brother!”

“Sect Head!”

As long as this man is around, Massacre Shrine will not fall!

“You finally came out.” Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li smiles, “I waited a long time for you, Liu Yi.”

“I also waited for a long time….”

Liu Yi raises his right palm as a scarlet radiance emits from it.

Right now, his body contains a dreadful heat that came from Nine Yang God Qi.

“Since that is the case, then let’s fight!”

Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li roars, “Duke of Thunder and Mother of Lightning gives him a lightning bolt!”

“As you order!”

Duke of Thunder and Mother of Lightning immediately get to work. The two of them strike his hammer and dazzle her mirror, creating a very thick lightning bolt that falls from the sky at Liu Yi.

“Bring it on.”

Liu Yi only raises his right hand, which gathers Unbreaking Qi, and uses his palm to receive this lightning bolt!

The lightning bolt lands on his palm just like this before turning into nothing. A stream of black smoke slowly emerges and rises up the sky.

Liu Yi shakes his right hand and says, “Nothing much.”

“What a troublesome fellow!”

Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li cannot help but feel speechless. Why did Liu Yi’s strength increase?

“Massacre Shrine does not like people throwing rubbish. Let me return it to you.”

With that, Liu Yi pushes back with his palm, and those arrows flew back up towards the celestial soldiers!

“Leave it to me!”

Nezha waves his hand and raises his Universe Ring! The entire Universe Ring releases a surge of attractive force and sucks all of the arrows into it before disappearing.

“That’s a good treasure.”

Liu Yi says loudly, “Your hula hoop seems to be quite fun to play with. Can you lend it to me?”

When Nezha heard this, he nearly became mad from anger. What hula hoop! This is my Universe Ring! An outstanding famed treasure!

“Good. Since you wish to play, then let me fulfill your wish!”

With that, Nezha tosses out his Universe Ring!

The Universe Ring immediately descends and instantly shrinks around Liu Yi!

Nezha says with delight, “When my Universe Ring shrinks around your body, even Immortal Daluo finds it hard to escape! Let’s see what you are going to do now!”

“Is that so?”

Liu Yi laughs before breathing out a mouthful of golden fog. After which, he breathed it in before shouting, “Big!”

With his shout, Liu Yi’s body instantly grows by one circle! He expanded while the Universe Ring also increased in size as well.

“Big! Big! Big!”

Within moments, Liu Yi had already become a hundred-meter tall giant.

While Universe Ring is still encasing him firmly, making him unable to escape.

“It is useless. If you grow bigger, Universe Ring will also grow bigger. If you shrink, Universe Ring will also shrink as well.” Nezha laughs in delight, “You have no method of escaping my Universe Ring!”

“I had never thought of becoming smaller! I only wish to see just how big can this Universe Ring be!”

Liu Yi’s voice is like thunder as his body continues to expand!

Liu Yi is afraid that he would step on Massacre Shrine; thus, he had flown into the sky as his body grow over a thousand meters tall!

Furthermore, this is not the limit as he is still growing bigger!

Heavenly Dragon Mausoleum provides a continuous stream of qi for Fog Qi True Body, thus making Liu Yi’s Fog Qi boundless as he continues to increase in height!

In the time it takes an incense stick to burn, Liu Yi had grown enormous, and a plane flew by his face at this moment.

A male passenger who had looked out of the window in boredom nearly peed in his pants when he sees Liu Yi’s enormous face.

“My god above…what did I see….my God….”

It is likely that the passenger will never ever forget what he had just seen!

If Liu Yi is over a hundred thousand meters tall, it is likely that he will break through the atmosphere and enter space.

Liu Yi seems to be growing towards this scary altitude. Right now, he is already twenty thousand meters tall, and it is still not his limit.

Seeing Sect Head’s enormous figure, Bai Jie mutters, “Such a huge figure….then how big would his sword be…my gosh…”

Chen Keqing beside her, rolls her eyes as she says in her heart, this girl lacks in morals!

“This fucker…is too big….”

Nezha lets out a sigh as his Universe Ring seems to have expanded to its limit and is starting to complain to its owner.

“Damn it! Return!”

Nezha can only wave his hand and keep the Universe Ring.

While Liu Yi’s body immediately starts to shrink, and in a blink of an eye, he returns to his original size.

Liu Yi places his hands behind his back and says with a smile, “Looks like I won.”

“Damn it!”

Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li is unbearably gloomy as this move from Liu Yi makes him lose his face!

I am a general of Heavenly Court! I led my hundred thousand strong celestial army to capture Liu Yi! But from the looks of it, it is like we were being played into his hands!

Where is Heavenly Court’s prestige! Where is my face!

Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li roars, “Generals of Heavenly Court, who will take down this evildoer!”

Muzha cups his hands and volunteers himself, “Father, let me!”

“Good, go then! Take this 36 Tian Gang swords as well!”

Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li waves his hand and tosses out 36 lustrous white swords which land in Muzha’s hand, “Capture that evildoer. Remember what our superior says; they want him alive!”

“I will not disappoint father!”

With that, Muzha leaped down the clouds and entered Massacre Shrine.

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Chapter 1062   [Too big already!]

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