MKW Chapter 1061


Chapter 1061 [Title below]
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The nine suns hang high up in the sky like nine destruction gods that are going to destroy the world!

Luckily there are no living beings in the Asura Realm; thus, there is no one who relies on the sun to survive; otherwise, they would have died by now.

But despite this, the might of the nine suns is very scary.

Zhang Yunyun, who was meditating, cannot help but start sweating. This, this is too warm!

Nine Yin Demon Dragon’s qi was originally yin. But with this warmth, she is unable to take it. After all, right now, she is very weak. She is unable to take being exposed to the nine scorching suns.

“What the hell is this fellow doing…does he wish to destroy the Asura Realm?!”

The plaza had already been grizzled. Furthermore, it is incomparably red-hot as a surging heatwave rises from the floor.

Because of the heatwave, the two statues also distorted.

Lin Tong is using a pavilion that was created from dark qi to hide from the sun. But right now, the pavilion is also about to turn into an oven. The temperature inside is unbearable.

“Big Idiot…you must brace through it…”

She can only silently pray in her heart.

While Liu Yi, who is sitting there, is suddenly covered with a scarlet flame! This flame is very intense, almost burning away Liu Yi’s clothing, exposing his muscular body to the air.

Following this, Liu Yi’s flesh body also started burning, and soon only bones were left.

Seeing Liu Yi being burnt into this appearance, Zhang Yunyun instantly start panicking in her heart and hurriedly asked, “God! Is he okay…like this?”

Lin Tong says, “It is nothing….he is undergoing 9 deaths and 9 rebirths. Right now, Liu Yi is experiencing 9 different illusions, 9 deaths, and 9 lives. Everything is being reborn; it will allow him to become stronger.”

Previously Liu Yi had already experienced a death. After this one, who knows what will happen to him.

Perhaps he might become stronger; perhaps, he might die.

Liu Yi’s remaining bones also start burning and burn even more intensely! Almost in a blink of an eye, he becomes a fireman from top to bottom!

Zhang Yunyun expresses her extreme doubt, “Are you sure….that he is fine? I feel like this entire world is going to be burnt!”

“Let’s see the fate of Liu Yi and the Asura Realm then.”

Lin Tong can only choose to wait and pray.

Right now, Liu Yi’s body is a clump of raging flame which is burning continuously. Finally, it transforms into a fireball, and its shape finally turns into a sun.

Now there are nine suns in the sky as well as that single sun on the ground. This causes the Asura Realm’s temperature to rises countless times!

Numerous Asuras on the ground are running all over the place, screaming, “My gosh! Why is the ground so hot! Hot! Hot! Hot!”

Some Asura Gods frown as they look at the sky, “What is going on. Why is there such horrifying power…could it be that the Asura Realm is finally being destroyed?”

Liu Yi himself also did not know that he would bring such a horrifying calamity to the Asura Realm. At this instant, he had entered another situation.

The current Liu Yi is in non-self, non-heart. His consciousness is blank, floating peacefully in his mental world.

He feels like nothing exists in his world, no light, no shadow. There is no life, nor is their death.

This kind of world…seems to be quite good…but…I feel like something is lacking…right, there should be some light…

A white light suddenly appears in the surrounding, lighting up the entire place.

But…there seems to be something else lacking…it seems there should be some planet…

The moment Liu Yi has this thought; beautiful planets immediately appear around him. Furthermore, they start spreading out, and in a blink of an eye, everywhere you look are planets. The largest blue planet is right in front of him, stopping calmly in front of him.

But Liu Yi seems to feel like something is still lacking. Like, he is very lonely.

He wants living beings.

The moment this thought appears in Liu Yi’s mind, numerous living beings start to appear on the blue planet in front of him.

Time is progressing forward swiftly, and soon, a few familiar figures appear on the planet.

Murong Die, Wang Lele, Wang Yuzheng as well as the mother and daughter Li pair, who are standing among the crowd.

While in the sky, a man is floating there. That man waves his hand, releasing a powerful qi, instantly destroying the entire city, causing that city to turn into dust!


Liu Yi suddenly opened his eyes and bellowed!

That golden sun continues to extend and finally transforms into a man’s appearance.

“Seems, seems to be complete!”

Seeing this scene, Lin Tong is delighted!

Liu Yi had spent a long time in his subconscious world, but the time that passes in the actual world was not short as well. 8 years had already passed in the Asura Realm.

This year is the calamity of the Asura Realm! The earth is red-hot, and the layers of ground were cracked!

Numerous weak asuras were burnt to death and revived again. The Asura Realm was always a place of slaughter. Right now, it is even worse than the Pit of Hellfire!

Every asura needs to endure the suffering of execution by fire!

While within Liu Yi’s space, it had almost turned into a scarlet world! While looking down, the abyss is boiling with lava!

The lava beneath suddenly surges as lumps of magma fly out, gathering around the burning flame.

Very quick, a man that is completely formed from magma appears sitting there.

The magma body starts to cool off and soon form the body of a human. Following this, flesh starts to grow.

Liu Yi’s flesh body once again reforms. His perfect and refined muscles are excellent in every respect. All of them are like the most outstanding work of heaven.

He is not embarrassed that he is exposing his body. He extends his hand and looks at it.

Lin Tong asked hurriedly, “Big idiot, how is it?”

“I feel rather good.”

With that, his black and white Taoist robe immediately covers his body.

Golden suns are embroiled on the Taoist robe, making it look very imposing.

Liu Yi points his hand at the sky, and the nine suns in the sky immediately fly down and land in his hand before entering his body.

A layer of golden radiance covers his body before slowly dissipating.

“My cultivation still has not reached the peak, but it has strengthened by a lot.”

Liu Yi says, “I feel that I am a step closer to the stage of realm crossers.”

With that, Liu Yi slaps out a palm at the fierce tiger statue by the side.

That fierce tiger statue’s head immediately breaks off and leaves only the body.

Zhang Yunyun cannot help but exclaims, “So powerful.”

Although she is slightly unconvinced, she cannot help but admire Liu Yi’s current strength.

His cultivation is practically like taking a rocket and progressing very swiftly.

“It is a pity that I still have not become a realm crosser. Otherwise, I would have the confidence to try breaking through to the first layer of heaven.”

Liu Yi sighs, expressing his regret. Zhang Yunyun curls her lips; this guy still thinks that it is not enough! He is already very powerful! Just how many years did the rest of the cultivators use to progress to their realm!

Lin Tong comforts him, “Actually, your strength should be considered as at realm crosser. Just that the strength of a realm crosser is divided into powerful and weak ones. You are already quite strong.”

“Hmph, when I meet the Great God Sect Sect Leader, let me try and cross blows with him.”

Liu Yi asked, “How much time has passed?”

“Eight years already. The Asura Realm is about to turn into hell.”

Liu Yi laughs, “Then let’s leave then.”

Zhang Yunyun says, “You leave on your own. I shall not leave. I feel more comfortable staying here.”

“Without me here, this space will not exist.”

Liu Yi laughs, “It is impossible for you to stay here on your own.”

“Damn it!”

Zhang Yunyun is very unhappy. She had a great time staying here. Right now, she is unhappy that he is going to forcefully pull her out!

“Let’s go. We should go out to take a look.”

With that, Liu Yi pulls Zhang Yunyun’s hand without allowing her any explanation.

“Damn bastard! Let me go!”

Zhang Yunyun struggles for a while but is unable to struggle free. Just how strong Liu Yi is, how would she let Zhang Yunyun struggle free so easily?

Although Zhang Yunyun had recovered some strength during these eight years, it is still incomparable to Liu Yi’s strength.

She can only obediently be pulled along by Liu Yi and go through the passageway to the human realm.


Chen Keqing is standing in the plaza of Massacre Shrine as she asks, “Sect Head has entered close door cultivation for almost a day.”

“That’s right. It has been a day.”

Poison Jasmine is standing beside her. She nods her head, “Ten years of time. He should be out soon.”

“That’s right…if Sect Head still does not come out…he might not be able to catch up with the good show.”

With that, Chen Keqing looks at the sky.

At this moment, magic clouds are densely packed in the sky! The celestial soldiers are standing on top of those magic clouds. Each of them are holding their own weapons as they look down at Massacre Shrine below.

In the past, Massacre Shrine was not that lively, but today is considered a huge scene!

Among the magic clouds stands numerous fighting gods!

Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li, Nezha, and the likes! Chen Keqing feels that today she had seen all of the people that are usually in the myth!

Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li stands among the clouds. Holding the pagoda in his hand, he shouts loudly like thunder, “Where is Liu Yi!”

“If you do not come, don’t blame this king for taking action first!”

“King Li, our Sect Head, is currently not around. If there is nothing, you can leave.”

Standing below, Bai Jie waves at Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li and says, “I am sorry that you made a trip over and over from so far away.”

“You damn charm fox! How is this a place for you to speak!”

Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li roars in anger, “Today, this king had led my hundred thousand strong celestial troops here to capture Nine Yin Demon Dragon as well as that Clear Sky Divine Art True Monarch! If you all are tactful, then hand both of them over! Otherwise, today I shall level your Massacre Shrine!”

Bai Jie shrugs his shoulders, “I also said that the two of them are not around. If you do not believe it, then you can look for it yourself!”

An immortal whose eyes are shining with golden light is using his eyes to scan Massacre Shrine. It is like he is using a golden radar light to probe the entire place but is unable to find Liu Yi’s shadow.

“King Li…we are unable to find him…”

“They are hiding someplace!”

Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li snorts coldly, “Duke of Thunder, Mother of Lightning, listen to my order! Prepare to attack Massacre Shrine!”

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Chapter 1061   [Heavenly Court attacking]

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