MKW Chapter 1060


Chapter 1060 [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

There are two kinds of top-rank pills in the cultivation world. One is the Earthly Pill, while the other is the Heavenly Pill. Earthly Pill is used to light up any earth rank starjade, while Heavenly Pill is used to light up any heaven rank starjade!

A lot of cultivators will choose to use the Heavenly Pill to light up their last starjade, which is the legendary 28th starjade.

The Heavenly Pill is very rare, and legends say that only one can be refined every one thousand years.

Those who have obtained it have a huge destiny.

Right now, a Heavenly Pill is placed right in front of Liu Yi.

Liu Yi asked Huang Jie with some astonishment, “You are willing to give me this?”

Huang Jie laughs and says, “This kind of pill is useless to me. There is no loss in you taking it. You being powerful means Massacre Shrine being powerful. With Massacre Shrine being powerful, only then can I refine the pills here in peace.”

Liu Yi is very grateful as he keeps the Heavenly Pill, “There’s no need to speak anymore. From now on, your matter is my matter.”

Huang Jie nods his head, “Okay boss. Then go and be busy with your matters. Let me see which herbs I can pluck.”

“Okay. Hurry and refine those three kinds of combat pills. I want to give the Heavenly Court a huge present.”

Huang Jie pats his chest and says, “Relax. These three kinds of pills are very easy to refine. I will complete the task!”

Liu Yi says goodbye to Huang Jie before bringing Zhang Yunyun and flies into his secret chambers.

Liu Yi’s secret chamber is constructed inside one of Massacre Shrine’s mountains. The inside is built with a huge illusion. After entering this place, it is like entering another world.

An enormous but vast plaza that is over a thousand meters wide. Below this plaza is an endless abyss that one cannot see where it links to.

The plaza is surrounded by black chains that are chained to the surrounding cliffs making this plaza platform suspended in midair.

In front of this platform stands two enormous statues. One is a god dragon, while the other is a fierce tiger. The two statues are forged from essence gold, over a thousand meters tall, and very imposing.

The passageway is in the sky. Liu Yi brings Zhang Yunyun and descends from the sky before stepping onto the plaza.

“This place is not bad.”

Looking at the surroundings, Zhang Yunyun says, “This is a good place for closed-door cultivation.”

Liu Yi keeps his hands inside his pocket and asks with a smile, “Do you know where this place is?”

“No. But I sense that the aura here is different.”

Zhang Yunyun looks around, “This place…feel much more suitable for me…I seem to smell some killing intent in the air.”

“Of course. This place is the Asura Realm.”

Liu Yi laughs, “Chen Cai and I broke the space and manufactured this worm-hole, creating a world.”

“Asura Realm!”

Hearing this, Zhang Yunyun got shocked, “You can access the Asura Realm?”

“Of course.” Liu Yi nods his head, “Although I do need to put in some effort, I can do it. The time in this place flows differently from the Human Realm. Inside here, I can possess enough time to cultivate.”

“Hmph, so you are secretly cultivating here!” Zhang Yunyun snorts, “No wonder you are becoming more and more impressive!”

“Cultivating in this place is not as easy as what you think.” Liu Yi cannot help but recall his past, “Just how many times I nearly died…but in the end, I still survived and possessed my own space in this place.”

“Liu Yi stops saying nonsense. Let me ask, you, why did you save me?!”

“Is there a need for a reason?”

Liu Yi also does not know how to explain, “Some matters cannot be explained. It was like that instant when your mother died in my embrace. I was also unable to explain it to you.”

“If it was not you, I would not have walked into this current path today!”

Zhang Yunyun clenches her fist, “Don’t you think that it is too late to act like a good person?”

“I admit that I was in some wrong, but it is not like you are not responsible as well.”

Liu Yi says very frankly, “Yunyun, after venting for over a thousand years, it should be enough by now. If you continue to vent, it will not do anything good for either of us.”

“Hmph, less of this nonsense! I will no longer fall for this trick of yours!”

Zhang Yunyun restrains her emotions, “Don’t you forget, back then in the Human Realm, I had already pulled out my Emotion Sword! I, Demon Emperor Zhang Yunyun, no longer have any feelings for you!”

“Is that true?” Liu Yi raises his eyebrow, “Are you sure?”

“Of course!”

Zhang Yunyun nods her head heavily while at this moment, Liu Yi suddenly leans over until his face is very close to her face, almost touching each other.

Instantly Zhang Yunyun becomes unable to speak as her cheek turns red. She stands there as her body becomes slightly stiff.

Why, why is he sticking so close to me for…furthermore, he is also smiling while harboring evil design!


Liu Yi breathes out lightly by Zhang Yunyun’s ear before his lips move close to Zhang Yunyun’s lips.

At that instant, Zhang Yunyun felt her heartbeat speed up like a motor!

God…this fellow, don’t lean so close to me…I will not yield to you! Absolutely not! Evil spirit retreat…

God, I had eaten garlic this morning, wuwuw, what should I do…

At that instant, when they were about to kiss, Zhang Yunyun finally closes her eyes while Liu Yi brushes by her face at this moment and says in her ear, “You exposed yourself.”


Zhang Yunyun’s hands are tied thus, she can only use her head to knock Liu Yi.

But what cultivation is Liu Yi? Naturally, he dodges it easily before saying with a smile, “You exposed it already. I’m inside your heart.”

“You fiend!”

Zhang Yunyun cries out, wishing that she is able to bite this fellow in front of her to death.

“You should hold back from saying anything.” Liu Yi winks at Zhang Yunyun, “It is not too late to say it when you meet the real fiend within me.”

“What are you saying! I don’t understand!”

Zhang Yunyun is angered, “Let me ask, just what do you wish to do!”

Liu Yi says, “I do not plan to do anything. I only wish to let you recover. So stop saying nonsense and stay here to heal!”

When Liu Yi berates like this, Zhang Yunyun instantly turns honest and sits down obediently. Liu Yi says in his heart, damn it, so this lass is a masochist.

Only after Zhang Yunyun calms down did Liu Yi sits down cross-legged. He then took a deep breath and took out the Heavenly Pill.

Lin Tong cannot take it and flies out. Floating in front of Liu Yi, she asks, {Big idiot, are you really going to eat this Heavenly Pill?}

{That’s right. Now that we are going to war with the Heavenly Realm, if I consume the Heavenly Dan, it is possible that my cultivation will be able to enter the standards of Realm Crossers.}

{That might not be the case.} Lin Tong reminds, {Because right now what you are cultivating is sun jades, not starjades. Right now, inside your body, every three starjades are merged into a sun jade. You have 9 large sun jades and one small sun jade. In total, you have ten sun jade revolving inside the cosmos in your body. For normal Heaven Realm experts, after consuming a Heavenly Pill, they will definitely light up a single star jade. While for you, after a Heavenly Pill, will you be able to light up a sun jade?}

{I also thought of this problem, but right now I do not have time to consider it.}

Liu Yi says, {You also know that this space created by me has a limit. Every time I can only enter here for ten years, and after ten years, I can only exit this place. During these ten years, if I am unable to properly enter the stage of Realm Crosser…it is likely that Massacre Shrine will be in danger.}

{Alas, look at you. Why do you give yourself so much trouble…why can’t you go and be a proper Clear Sky Divine Art True Monarch!}

{It is better to not be an official!}

Liu Yi laughs, making Lin Tong roll her eyes.

{Immortal Fox sister, I am going to consume the pill now. Please guard me.}

{Hmph, I will not help you!}

Although Lin Tong says so, she still puts on her Fire God Armour. Holding two fire sabers, she guards by Liu Yi’s side.

Lin Tong’s current strength is very high. With her guarding Liu Yi, she can protect Liu Yi.

Demon Emperor Zhang Yunyun sits by the side silently as she looks at the charm fox lady guarding Liu Yi. Liu Yi seems to have deep feelings for this woman. Fate is really unfair. How nice would it be if that girl who always accompanied by Liu Yi’s side was me? Perhaps I would have become another me.

Zhang Yunyun becomes even unhappier in her heart and even gloomier. Her jealousy towards Lin Tong became even stronger.

She is also secretly revolving her Nine Yin Demon Qi, planning to recover her strength before struggling free of the restriction that Liu Yi placed on her! She wants to let Liu Yi know that she is not one to be trifled with!

Liu Yi does not know of these small thoughts of Zhang Yunyun. He picks up the Heavenly Pill before tossing it into this mouth.

The moment it enters, a kind of energy surges straight down into his stomach! In that split second, it is like a flame is burning inside his stomach, burning non-stop. This flame flows along Liu Yi’s five viscera and six bowels and perfuses his entire body!

At that instant, Liu Yi feels like his entire body is burning!

He immediately moved his gaze into the cosmos inside his body! Inside, six sun jades were lit up. For the remaining three big sun jades and one small sun jade, they are still dim.

Without relying on absorbing other qi and only relying on the powerful medical attributes of a pill, whether or not one can light up a sun, jade is relying on this moment!

Nine golden suns shoot out from behind Liu Yi’s back. They are different from in the past. All of the suns were all lit up with dazzling radiance!

But this radiance is only temporary. After the medical effects are over, the sun jades will be restored to normal.

Whether is Liu Yi can absorb all of the essences during the duration of the pill depends on his capability and perception.

The nine suns become brighter and brighter. Furthermore, they slowly raise and soon are about to enter the high altitude!

It is like the nine suns during the ancient era which bring ruin to this world! The small Asura Realm that was separated out was illuminated! The two enormous statues are also shining with golden glory while the abyss also seems to be illuminated, but the bottom still cannot be seen.

Only those who are familiar with it will know that this is the Deep Ravine of the Asura Realm. It was where the Asura Emperor stayed in the past. Other than Liu Yi, no other asura dares to go there.

These few days, the harmonious news is very serious…

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Chapter 1060   [Nine Sun]

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