MKW Chapter 1059


Chapter 1059 [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

“Then let me fulfill you!”

As Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li speaks, he grabs his trident with both hands before slamming it down on Liu Yi with a golden light! When the surrounding mountain touches this golden it, it starts crumbling!

This time Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li is doing it for real! He is taking out 200% of his strength to kill Liu Yi with a single move!

But Liu Yi only raises Sky Splitting Golden Spear vertically and stabs it out in reverse onto the ground.

The trident clashes against Sky Splitting Golden Spear and the two weapons start trembling letting a buzzing sound!

Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li was jolted flying away as the web between his thumb and forefinger split open and blood flows out.

“King Li, pardon me!”

With that, Liu Yi slaps out a Desolate Flames on Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li’s shoulder.

The armor covering his shoulder was completely smashed as Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li flew away like a broken kite before smashing into the mountain causing huge amounts of dust and rocks to rise!

Liu Yi’s palm is stopped at his original spot which green smoke emits from his palm.

“Clear Sky Divine Art True Monarch is really powerful…”

Seeing this scene, Taibai Jinxing cannot help but mutter, “Being able to beat King Li who is of 1st layer of heaven so badly…cannot, cannot let this continue…”

He is unable to help Liu Yi. Nine Yin Demon Dragon is no small matter and cannot be belittled! Right now the only method left is to report to the Heavenly Court and let those above handle it!

“True Monarch Liu! Watch this!”

He suddenly shouted at Liu Yi who is below him causing Liu Yi to subconsciously raise his head to look at him.

What does he wish to do? Do a public square dance?

“I flash!”

Taibai Jinxing suddenly shouted as that small golden star between his brows suddenly erupts with dazzling radiance! This radiance is very dazzling making Liu Yi close his eyes.

Not only did this radiance affect the line of sight, it also affects the rest of Liu Yi’s senses! His black and white world turns indistinct making him unable to capture the trace of any person!

What the fuck! Will Zhang Yunyun be fine?

Liu Yi struggles with all his might to draw the image of the hall in his mind and suddenly revolves his holy power! Cultivating his holy power to now, it had also strengthened slightly. Although he is unable to use it like a real angel, at the very least, he can do some basic things.

Teleportation is one of them! Although Liu YI is unable to do long-range teleportation, he can barely do a short-range one!

That drawing in his mind becomes clearer and clearer and finally, it is within reach!

“Come on!”

Liu Yi let out a weird cry as his body disappeared from the spot. In a blink of an eye, he returned to the hall making his people astonished.

Zhang Yunyun is still tied up while standing by the side as she looks at Liu Yi in puzzlement.

Seeing her Liu Yi sigh before saying, “It is good that you are fine…”

Liu Yi extends his hand and rubs Zhang Yunyun’s head, “As long as you are fine, everything is okay.”

Zhang Yunyun stands there not knowing what she should say.

Bai Jie looks outside before saying, “Sect Head, both of them left.”

“Let them go then.” Liu Yi nods his head, “After all, they will come back soon.”

Bai Jie asked, “Do you want to give them a huge welcome then?”

“Of course. Since they are guests, our Massacre Shrine shall need to welcome them. Immediately train up Sky Dipper Swordsmen. Our Massacre God Guards also need to be swiftly nurtured. As the Heavenly Court shall be invading soon, I declare that Massacre Shrine shall enter the Level 1 alert!”

“Okay…” Bai Jie nods her head before saying, “Right, Sect Head, Huang Jie was looking for you. I let him stay in the Green Jade Residence. We have planted numerous uncommon plants so he should like that place.”

“Huang Jie?”

Recalling that Rank 8 Pill Master from Medical King Pavilion, Liu Yi becomes delighted and says to Zhang Yunyun, “Not bad. He came at the right time. I’ll go over to him to ask for some panacea for you.”

Bai Jie rolls her eyes and says in her heart, right now Sect Head only has eyes for that Demon Emperor!

Zhang Yunyun did not say anything as she does not know what to say. She finds it hard to imagine why Liu Yi would treat her like this and give up becoming an immortal of the Heavenly Court and went to the extent of becoming enemies of the Heavenly Court!

If it were other people, they would choose to be ranked among the Immortal Records!

“The rest of the people, go down and prepare. Yunyun shall follow me to meet Huang Jie.”

With that Liu Yi pulls Zhang Yunyun as he flies out of the hall before flying towards Green Jade Residence at the cliff.

Green Jade Residence is the name of a building in Massacre Shrine. Numerous plants were planted over there and of course, there are a number of herbs. Huang Jie will like that place. I just hope that he does not secretly excavate my herbs.

Liu Yi flew above Green Jade Residence and saw a guy sneakily digging the garden.

This guy dares to dig!

Liu Yi immediately shouts, “Huang Jie!”

Hearing this voice, Huang Jie trembles in shock and hurriedly turns around before stealthily stuffing something into his sleeve.

“Stop hiding it! I saw everything!”

As Liu Yi speaks, he brings Zhang Yunyun and descends to the ground before saying to Huang Jie, “What do you want? Can’t you just come and greet me? Why are you being so secretive!”

“Cough…got used to it. Whenever I went to other sects, I would always secretly pluck some of their herbs, hehehe…”

Huang Jie rubs the back of his head as he smiles. After which he took out ginseng from his sleeve, “Seeing this Rank 7 ginseng, I subconsciously went to dig it.”

As a rich man, Liu Yi waves it off and says, “When you come to my place just dig as you wish. After all, if you made it into medicine, it will be my money anyway.”

“Of course. Recently the Youthful Pill…ah wrong. It is Maintaining Youth Nutrient Fluid is selling like hotcakes. We are preparing to make an elite bundle and raise the price by ten times before selling it.”

“How much is the nutrient fluid right now?”

“A thousand a stick.”

“What the, then wouldn’t the elite product be ten thousand a stick!”

Hearing this Liu Yi is flabbergasted. Even Zhang Yunyun also exclaimed, “This…is earning money way too quickly…what an unscrupulous businessman!”


Huang Jie smiles bashfully, “But our Redstar Conglomerate’s market value has already surpassed Tenxun Corporation. Our medicine branch, every single medicine supply does not meet the demands.”

Liu Yi feels like he is the future Sir Li Ka-Shing…ah wrong, it is the future Ma Huateng!

Whatever Ma Huateng and the likes, it is time for your Ma Family to take a break and let my Liu Family dominate the market!

Liu Yi feels that his responsibility is great! The great responsibility of promoting China shall land on his shoulder!

“Why did you come looking for me?”

While Liu Yi was daydreaming, he did not forget to ask Huang Jie about his objective for coming.

“Ah! It is like this!” Huang Jie said hurriedly, “Recently I had discovered a few kinds of pills. It is useless for ordinary people to consume and is made for us cultivators to consume!”

With that, he took out a small box. Inside the box are three pills.

The colors of the three pills are completely different. One is red, one is blue while the last is golden.

“Boss, this red pill is used to heal injuries.”

Huang Jie introduces the pill, “After eating the red pill, the injuries of the injured person will continue to completely recover and the effect lasts for half an hour.”

Liu Yi gives a thumbs up and praises, “Damn awesome! Half an hour of endless healing! This is simply a pill for cockroaches!”

“That’s right. This pill was recently refined by me and I have not given it a name yet. Boss can give it a name.”

Liu Yi ponders for a while and rubs his jaw as he says, “This pill sounds almost like the ability of red potions…let’s call it Blood Restore Pill!”

Three black lines appear on Huang Jie’s forehead and can only continue to introduce the next blue pill.

“Boss…after consuming this pill, one’s qi will continue to be replenished. The effect also lasts for half an hour…”

“OK. Then call it Qi Restore Pill! I am a genius!”

Cold sweat drips down as Huang Jie says in his heart, boss, can’t your naming ability be better…

He does not have any choice. He can only pick up the final pill. Holding the small golden pill in his hand, he says, “Boss….for this final pill, after consuming it one’s combat strength will double for half an hour!”

Hearing this Liu Yi is delighted, “Perfect! Let’s call it, Energetic Pill!”

Huang Jie finally cannot take it and vomits blood while Zhang Yunyun shouts, “Hey, hey! Your naming is too common! Your little brother is vomiting blood from gloominess!”

“How is it common?”

Liu Yi helps Huang Jie up before turning around and says to Zhang Yunyun, “Widely popular is widespread! This name of mine is pleasant to hear! Furthermore, it is easy to understand! It is simply the best name!”

“Give me a break! It is so unpleasant to hear!”

“Since you don’t appreciate it then forget it. Anyways we are calling it that!”

Liu Yi pats Huang Jie on his shoulder and asks, “Huang Jie what manpower or materials do you need. Just ask for them and use the shortest time to immediately start mass-producing these pills. The more the merrier!”

“Boss are you in a hurry to sell them for money? They should be quite well received by the other cultivation sects.”

“No. Let’s use it ourselves first.”

“Ah? Why do we need to use all these for?”

“Because our Massacre Shrine will soon welcome a huge battle!”

“Oh…boss, then I have something to give you.”

As Huang Jie speaks, he opens his Hundred Herbs Sack and took out a small box that is used to hold pills before stuffing it in Liu Yi’s hand.

“What is this now? For replenishing mental power?”

“Boss you have played too many games.”

Huang Jie wipes away his cold sweat, “This good thing is what everyone in the cultivation world wishes to get…other than me, no one else has another.”

“What is it?”

Liu Yi opened the box and instantly a fragrance whiffed out, making Liu Yi and Zhang Yunyun mesmerized.

This medical fragrance…is too nice to smell…

“Boss, this is a Heavenly Dan.”

Huang Jie says in delight, “This was refined by my ancestor which was then passed down to me. After all, during this lifetime of mine, I will not accomplish much so it is best to pass it to Boss.”

The moment Heavenly Dan these two words were uttered, Liu Yi was completely stunned.

Even Lin Tong cannot help but jump out as she looks at that golden pill as she exclaims, “My gosh!!! In my lifetime…I have the opportunity to see a Heavenly Dan? Am….am I dreaming?”

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Chapter 1059   [Heavenly Dan]

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