MKW Chapter 1056


Chapter 1056 [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

Massacre Shrine welcomes yet another two more immortals. They are none other than Taibai Jinxing and Pagoda.

When the two of them arrived at Massacre Shrine, they immediately received an ‘enthusiastic’ welcome from Massacre Shrine.

69 Earth Fiend Swordsmen are holding their earth fiend swords as they stand in front of the gates of Massacre Shrine as they stare at the two immortals with vigilance.

The 69 Earth Fiend Swordsmen are not standing casually. Instead, they are standing in a fixed position. Those who understand formations would immediately see the mystery of their position. They are standing in accordance with a formation that carries dense danger. This is Massacre Shrine’s Earth Fiend Sword Formation.

Earth Fiend Sword Formation’s power is out of the ordinary. Along with those earth fiend swords, it becomes even more impressive.

Even Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li also senses a bit of pressure from it. But to him, it is just a little bit.

“These mortals are like mantis who wish to block the chariot.”

Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li smiles, “They are overestimating their capabilities and think that they can defeat gods.”

“Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li stop speaking.” Taibai Jinxing hurriedly says, “It is likely that they do not know the reason why we came.”

After that, he uses his immortal qi to power his voice and says loudly, “Friends from Massacre Shrine, don’t misunderstand us. We are not here to fight!”

“Not here to fight?”

The one in-charged is naturally Bai Jie. She creases her brows as she looks at Taibai Jinxing, “Is what you tell the truth?”

“Of course.” Taibai Jinxing nods his head, “I am Taibai Jinxing from the Heavenly Court. I descended to the mortal world to look for you.”

“What are you looking for us for?”

Bai Jie is naturally suspicious, “What does Heavenly Court wish to do? Let me tell you, even if my Massacre Shrine has to fight till the last man, we will fight against your Heavenly Court!”

With that, the group of Earth Fiend Swordsmen behind here raises their Earth Fiend Swords and shouts loudly together, “Kill!”

With so many people shouting together, not to mention all of them are cultivators, their momentum is actually very huge.

Taibai Jinxing cannot help but exclaim in admiration while Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li sneers in contempt. How can such momentum compare to the over a hundred thousand heaven soldiers?

To kill them all is too easy. This group of mortals who do not know their own standings, sooner or later I shall bury them!

The envoys from the other sects cannot help but admire them. Good gosh. Even when facing the immortals, Massacre Shrine still faces them head-on! Indeed the most formidable sect!

“Everyone has misunderstood!”

Although Taibai Jinxing admires this grandeur of the Massacre Shrine, he is not here to provoke them. Thus the old man waves his hand and says faintly, “I am representing the Heavenly Court to offer an olive branch to seek peace.”

“Seek peace?”

When Bai Jie heard this, she felt weird. The Heavenly Court came to seek peace with us mortals? This is a rather strange occurrence.

“Our Heavenly Court feel that your sect’s sect head’s strength is out of the ordinary and had reached the qualifications of the immortal roll.”

Taibai Jinxing is smiling amiably, trying to make himself look amiable and approachable.

“That is why I hope that your sect can put down your weapons as well, and have a good chat together, okay?”

“If that is the case, fine then.”

Bai Jie nods her head and waves her hand, “Everyone, lower your weapons, but remain vigilant.”

She is not an idiot and will not believe in others so easily with just a few words. As the Receiving Guest Elder of Massacre Shrine, naturally, she must fulfill the responsibility of a Receiving Guest Elder.

“The two of you follow me. Our Sect head will be back soon.”

Although the Sect Head’s real body is still in the sect, his consciousness is inside his avatar. Unless something major happens, Bai Jie would not go and awaken Sect Head. Who knows if something would happen to him?

So she decided to let the two immortals rest inside first.

Massacre God Shrine’s scenery is not bad. The mountain mist that curls around, making it look like a paradise. The two immortals are at ease, walking among them.

While the news of Heavenly Court seeking peace with Massacre Shrine was soon spread out, and the entire Massacre Shrine knew of this.

The envoys from all of the large sects cannot help but feel rueful. Damnit. Massacre Shrine is indeed awesome! To let the Heavenly Court send down envoy to seek peace. When would my sect be so awesome?


When Liu Yi brought Zhang Yunyun back, he noticed that the gazes of the people looking at him are filled with reverence.

What is going on?

One of the Massacre God Guards whispers into Liu Yi’s ear, “Sect Head…there seems to be something odd with the sect.”

“Indeed.” Liu Yi nods his head, “Bai Jie did not come out to receive me. Where is she?”

“That’s right; we did not see Elder Bai. Every time when Sect Head came back, Elder Bai was like a wife welcoming her husband back. Today is really strange…”

When Liu Yi heard what this Massacre God Guard says, he coughed as a warning.

Demon Emperor Zhang Yunyun, who is following behind, gives Liu Yi a look of disdain. That gaze clearly says, ‘hmph, stinky bastard! Cheating the feelings of women!’

Liu Yi wishes to shout that I am innocent, but it is a pity that shouting it out seems to not have any credibility.

At this moment, Chen Keqing had by chance flown over. Seeing Liu Yi, who is halfway up the mountain, her eyes immediately brighten up, “Junior brother, you came back?”

“Senior sister.”

Liu Yi nods his head at Chen Keqing, “Something happened in the sect?”

“You noticed?” Chen Keqing blinks before saying merrily, “It is a good matter.”

Zhang Yunyun pouts as she says, “Hmph, what kind of good matter would happen in this place! From a look, this place will only attract disaster!”

She was tightly restricted by Liu Yi, making her unable to struggle free and can only speak maliciously in anger.

But this offended Chen Keqing. She immediately frowns and pulls out her sword, and says in anger, “Who are you! To boast shamelessly in my Massacre Shrine!”

“I am the Demon Emperor!”

Zhang Yunyun puffs up her chest and says arrogantly, “I am the sole supremacy of heaven and earth.”

“A silly girl is the Demon Emperor?”

Chen Keqing cannot help but laugh when she heard this, “Then I am the Jade Emperor!”

“You, you, stop looking down on others!”

Zhang Yunyun clenches her teeth in anger, “When I lead my million-strong demon army to invade the human realm, you were still not born!”

Chen Keqing no longer cares about what Zhang Yunyun says and turns around to ask Liu Yi, “Junior brother, where did you find this living treasure from?”

“She is indeed the Demon Emperor.”

Liu Yi smiles and says in his heart, Zhang Yunyun’s current appearance is indeed like a young girl. No one will believe that she is the Demon Emperor.

“My god…”

Chen Keqing still appears to not believe it, “How could she be the Demon Emperor…”

“I am the Demon Emperor!”

Zhang Yunyun snorts and wishes to display her imposing appearance.

But she does not have any qi left in her body; thus, she can only scowl.

“I don’t dare to believe…”

Chen Keqing shakes her head before speaking about the proper matters, “Forget it, let’s talk about the important matter. Junior brother, two immortals from the Heavenly Court descended to look for you.”

Liu Yi instantly became vigilant, “Why?”

“They say it is to seek peace.”

Liu Yi raises his eyebrows, “Oh? Would Heavenly Court be so kind-hearted?”

“That fox spirit is receiving them inside. It is best for junior brother to go in to look at it yourself.”

Chen Keqing does not like Bai Jie and keeps calling her fox spirit. Towards this enormous contradiction of the internal Massacre Shrine, Liu Yi does not know how to reconcile this matter.

The discord between women is the hardest to deal with. Otherwise, why would those emperors of ancient times fret about the matters of their harem?

“Let me help you lock up this Demon Emperor.”

As Chen Keqing speaks, she extends her hand towards the golden rope on Liu Yi’s hand.

“Ah, no need.”

Before Zhang Yunyun can resist, Liu Yi waves it off first and says, “I will handle her myself. She has too many sly ideas. Other than me, perhaps no one can subdue her.”

Chen Keqing says with some worries, “I’m afraid that she will cause trouble in front of the gods.”

“Ah, there is no need to worry about this.”

Liu Yi smiles before stretching out his hand and touches Zhang Yunyun’s mouth.

Instantly a golden talisman mark pasted itself on Zhang Yunyun’s mouth, instantly sealing her ability to speak.


Zhang Yunyun can only whimper, appearing very pitiful.

Ao Ri cannot help but sigh. The Demon Emperor, who was high and mighty, has currently fallen to such a state. Alas, it is too miserable.

“Bring this person down for treatment.”

Liu Yi pointed at Ao Ri before taking out 12 Sky Dipper Swords, “Find another 12 loyal disciples and hand these Sky Dipper Swords to them. Set up Massacre God Guards with their members being Sky Dipper Swordsmen as well as Earth Fiend Swordsmen. Their loyalty must be the highest.”


Chen Keqing nods her head before leaving to settle these matters.

Liu Yi leads Zhang Yunyun, whose mouth is sealed, and walks towards the visitor hall.


Bai Jie, who is sitting in the hall, says to the two gods, “Two gods, I have just received news that Sect Head has returned.”

This hall is not small and is around 300 meters square, and is located halfway up a mountain.

An enormous Through Heaven Sword is stabbed in the center of the hall. On top of it is written two words, Through Heaven, in ancient characters showing an ancient aura.

Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li is already waiting impatiently. Those female dancers who were here to sing and dance were chased away by him as well. Upon hearing what Bai Jie says, he only snorts.

Taibai Jinxing, who is a qualified diplomat, hurriedly says, “There is no hurry, no hurry. After all, we have lots of time. There is no harm waiting longer.”

Looking at Through Heaven Sword, Taibai Jinxing cannot help but ask, “Talking about this, Elder Bai, where did your sect obtain this sword from? Why has our Heavenly Court not seen this kind of sword before? This material, this attribute is both strange…”

“As for this… ” Bai Jie smiles, “Immortal Taibai, this question of yours makes things difficult for this girl. All I can say is that this sword is called ‘Through Heaven,’ it is the sword that made our Sect Head become famous.”

Taibai Jinxing’s eyes brighten up, “Isn’t that the Sword Emperor who established Raising Immortal Palace Hall back then?”

“That’s right! So Immortal Taibai also knows of this matter?”

Taibai Jinxing strokes his beard as he says with a laugh, “Hahaha, naturally, I know. Sword Emperor blocked the Demon Realm from invading the Human Realm, which was a huge merit…”

Before Taibai can continue speaking, Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li suddenly berates, “Hmph, didn’t you say that your Sect Head had returned? Why do we still need to wait!”

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Chapter 1056   [Time to descend to the mortal world]

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