MKW Chapter 1055


Chapter 1055 [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

After Liu Yi slaps down a few times, Demon Emperor Zhang Yunyun actually starts crying.

Although there is no sound of her crying, her tears fall onto the ground continuously. Her wronged expression makes those who see it shed tears, and those who hear it grieve!

Ao Ri finally cannot hold back his anger and rolls up his sleeves before rushing over.

“Liu Yi! I, I, I am fighting you!”

Three black earth fiend swords immediately point at his neck. The Massacre God Guards stare at him coldly. As long as Ao Ri dare to move a single step, those swords will stab through his throat.

Ao Ri can only swallow his anger back down his stomach. Damn it. Right now, it is Liu Yi’s and his people who have the bigger fist!

Zhang Yunyun asks, “Why did you bully me! Is it not enough to throw me into the valley floor time after time? Why did you come back to bully me?!”

“When did I bully you?”

Liu Yi is between laughter and tears, “It is you who kept taking the matter too stubbornly!”

“Liu Yi! You let me down!”

Zhang Yunyun takes a deep breath before bearing with the stinging pain on her butt before saying, “If it was not for you, I would not become this! We are enemies from long ago; stop pretending to care!”

Liu Yi raises his hand and slaps Zhang Yunyun’s butt fiercely without any mercy!

Zhang Yunyun’s butt trembles. It is full of bounce. Liu Yi had only used his hand to hit two girl’s butts. One is Ma Yuanyuan, while the other is Zhang Yunyun. But one must admit that Zhang Yunyun’s butt is even more bouncy.

Zhang Yunyun’s eyes turn even redder as she clenches her teeth and says, “Liu Yi! I will fight you!”

“Fight? With how you are right now?”

Liu Yi smiles, “You are almost out of strength, right? The current you is even weaker than a minor demon. What can you use to fight?”

“Don’t look down on me!”

As Zhang Yunyun speaks, she uses her might to revolves her strength. A small black smoke emerges from her back and transforms into the appearance of a small snake. It floats in front of Liu Yi and bares its fangs at Liu Yi!

Looking at this small snake, Liu Yi nearly laughed.

“With this small thing, you wish to deal with me?”

“Damn it! Bite him!”

Zhang Yunyun controls that small black snake to bite Liu Yi. Liu Yi only extends a hand and grabs the small snake in his hand before crushing it.

Zhang Yunyn’s Nine Yin Demon Qi is very weak; thus, it is already good for her to create this small snake.

“Stop wasting effort.”

Liu Yi advises out of goodwill, “This bit of strength of yours will not deal with me. Be obedient.”

Zhang Yunyun becomes angered, “I am not going to listen to you! If you have the ability, then beat me to death!”


Liu Yi berates, “Those not involved immediately retreat!”

The Massacre God Guards follow his orders obediently and escort Ao Ri out. The enormous room is only left with Liu Yi and Zhang Yunyun as those 12 Sky Dipper Swords.

“What, what do you want to do…”

Zhang Yunyun suddenly has a bad feeling, but Liu Yi had already extended his hand, and with a tearing sound, he pulls down Zhang Yunyun’s skirt!

That white butt of Zhang Yunyun was exposed to the air.


Zhang Yunyun immediately screams and tries to extend her hand to pull her skirt back up. But Liu Yi taps her on her back, causing her body to stop moving.

Liu Yi uses Fix Spell to seal all of Zhang Yunyun’s movements. Although she can speak, she is unable to move even her fingers!

“What do you want to do, you beast!”

“Teach you a good lesson.”

With that, Liu Yi is starting to slap her butt.

Her butt immediately blossomed.

The pain and humiliation filled her heart, making Zhang Yunyun hit her lips as tears started swirling in her eyes. Even before she had become Demon Emperor, she had never experienced such humiliation. Liu Yi, this bastard!

After another slap, Liu Yi asked, “Are you going to listen to me?”

Zhang Yunyun continued to shout, “Not listening! Even if you beat me to death, I am not listening!”

Liu Yi laughs before slapping down again.

This slap is incomparably clear and makes Zhang Yunyun whimper.

On her butt is left with a red five-finger palm print, which makes her very resentful.

Zhang Yunyun feels that her butt is very hot and painful, making her feel like she is going crazy! Ahhhh! Why is all of this, not a dream! How nice would it be if I can wake up from this dream!

Liu Yi asked again, “Are you going to listen to me?”

“Bastard! You are a bastard! You are a bastard!”

Zhang Yunyun scolds while crying.

“Your temper is still quite big.”

Liu Yi asks, “Where did that obedient Zhang Yunyun go?”

“She died!”

Zhang Yunyun shouts from the bottom of her heart, “She was killed by you! During that moment where you rejected staying in the Demon Realm with her, she died! That moment when you hit her back to the Demon Realm with a slap, she died again!”


Liu Yi becomes taciturn. What Zhang Yunyun said is right, just that it is not up to him to choose. After all, every time Zhang Yunyun’s request was too much. Give up everyone else to live together with her or give up humanity and let her invade the human realm…how could Liu Yi agree to either of them!

“Let me continue to beat your butt instead.”

Liu Yi raises his hand and slaps Zhang Yunyun’s butt again.

As usual, it is that beautiful and clear sound making Zhang Yunyun about to go mad!

This bastard! Is he done yet! Why does he like to hit my butt so much! Did he become addicted to hitting me!


Zhang Yunyun says in anger, “Stop hitting!”

What replied her is yet another slap, which makes Zhang Yunyun about to collapse.

Why does he keep hitting! It is very embarrassing. 

Most importantly, other than embarrassment, Zhang Yunyun actually felt…that little bit of excitement…Wuwuw, why is it like this!

Could….could it be that I was broken from his hitting…

Wuwu…I don’t want to be like this…I do not want to enjoy it…

Zhang Yunyun bites her lips and closes her eyes tightly. She allows her body to rock along with Liu Yi’s hand, slapping rocking back and forth.

Liu Yi also got addicted to hitting her and start to have an urge to never stop.

“Are you going to listen to me?”

-slapping sounds-


“Are you going to listen to me?”

-more slapping sounds-

“I am not going…”

“Then should I stop hitting?”


Zhang Yunyun subconsciously says out what is in her heart before she hurriedly changes what she is saying, “Don’t hit anymore, you bastard!”

“If I am a bastard, you are a female devil.”

Liu Yi slaps down again, “If you do not listen to me today, then forget about me stopping!”

Zhang Yunyun clenches her teeth allowing Liu Yi to continue to hit as he wishes.

There is no other sound in the room other than the sound of him beating her butt.

One of the Massacre God Guards guarding the door ask with hesitation, “What is going on inside? This sound is very wicked! Could it be that Sect Head is going at the Demon Emperor?”


Ao Ri roars in anger, and one of the Massacre God Guards gives him a kick and makes him honest.

“What are you screaming for! Be obedient!”

“That’s right. If you disturb our Sect head from his business, I will not spare you!”

The three Massacre God Guards take turns giving Ao Ri a punch making Ao Ri so mad that he wishes to bite people. It is a pity that his current strength is very weak, and his injuries are not healed yet.

Thus Ao Ri can only swallow down his anger. Your Majesty Demon Emperor, if anything happens to you, I will not live as well!

As the slapping sound went on for over half an hour before the door of the room finally opened. Liu Yi is dusting his hand as he walks out and says to the Massacre God Guards. We are going back.”

One of the Massacre God Guards asks, “Ah? Then the Demon Emperor?”

“She will be going with us.”

After saying so, Liu Yi raises a golden rope in his hand.

This rope is tied around Zhang Yunyun, which she is unable to struggle free.

Zhang Yunyun pouts as she speaks, “I am very feeble; I am unable to walk!”

“The three of you raise this sedan chair.”

Liu Yi waves his hand, and the golden fog gathers together and becomes a sedan chair that requires four people to carry.

“Don’t stand there, idly. Raise this sedan chair as well.”


Ao Ri did not reject it as well. He knows that letting Zhang Yunyun go to Massacre Shrine is the best choice. After all, only there would be people who will protect her.

The four of them raises the sedan chair and follow Liu Yi, preparing to go back to Massacre Shrine.


At Southern Heaven Gate, Taibai Jinxing exhorts the guy beside him, “Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li. When we go to the human realm, you must hold your temper in.”

“Hmph, why be polite when meeting a mortal!”

Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li snorts, “Other than the Jade Emperor, Mother Queen of the West, this god had never been polite to anyone else!”

“Alas, why can’t you put aside your temper!”

“Why should this god keep it!”

Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li snorts, “How powerful is this god, First layer of Heaven! Me going down to meet this mortal is giving him a lot of face!”

“This time, we are bearing the task from the Heavenly Court to seek peace with that mortal.”

“What peace! It is enlisting him! It is giving him a chance to surrender and pay allegiance to our Heavenly Court!”

Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li says, “To rank a mortal together on the ranks of the Immortal Records, it angers me!”


Taibai Jinxing can only sigh, it looks like the task will be hard to complete.

Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li is already impatient as he urges, “What are you hesitating for, hurry and descend to the mortal world!”

“Okay. Let’s descend now. But you must remember to speak softer.” Reminded Taibai Jinxing.

“Tsk, Taibai, it is not me saying you, but why are you always so gutless! Don’t forget that you are an immortal on the Immortal Records! Those mortals are only worthy to worship us!”

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Chapter 1055   [Time to descend to the mortal world]

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