MKW Chapter 1054


Chapter 1054 [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

After Third speaks, he waves his hand, and a few Sky Dipper Soldiers immediately charge over and grab Liu Yi’s arms and legs before raising him into the air.

“Let me tear your body!”

With Third words, the Sky Dipper Soldiers immediately tear Liu Yi in four different directions!

In a blink of an eye, Liu Yi was torn into multiple pieces. Third starts laughing loudly, “This is the result of resisting Qin Imperial Palace! Hahaha!”

He laughed loudly, and he did not hide his delight.

But the body parts of Liu Yi that were ripped did not bleed. The body parts turn into gold fog, which then gathers together in the sky.

An enormous golden lion leaps out from the gold fog and roars. It then slams a paw down on a Sky Dipper Soldier.

Instantly that Sky Dipper Soldier was pressed down onto the ground and created a huge hole.

The lion swings its tail, which transforms into an enormous snake that wipes the Sky Dipper Soldiers surrounding it, sending all of them flying away and tumbling on the ground.

The lion rolls on the spot and transforms into a human.

Liu Yi’s arms and legs are perfectly fine as he stands there looking at Third coldly.

Third did not think that Liu Yi could actually revive and frowns as he asks, “To think that you can transform like this! What technique is this!”

“A technique to deal with you.”

Liu Yi says calmly, “Third, let me shatter your Qin Imperial Palace’s conspiracy.”

As he speaks, he extends his hand towards the three Massacre God Guards and waves his hand.

The earth fiend swords in the Massacre God Guards’ hand immediately flew in front of Liu Yi and were controlled by him with God Sword Protecting Body.

The three black swords keep revolving, letting out whistling sounds.

Liu Yi sneers, “Do you think that Sky Dipper Qi is impregnable?”

He immediately pours all of his qi into the three earth fiend swords. The gold fog can not only defend; it can also attack. This is the ability that Liu Yi had learned from the Heaven Dragon King. He uses this move and destroys the super defense from the people of the future.

Sky Dipper Qi will be broken as well!


Liu Yi flicks his finger at a black sword, and the earth fiend sword instantly shoots out. With a pfff, the black sword instantly pierced into the chest of a Sky Dipper Soldier. It carried up his body and nailed it into the wall behind.

“How is this possible!”

Third got a huge shock. How can Liu Yi’s sword injure my Sky Dipper Soldier!

Sky Dipper Soldiers’ bodies have gone through numerous revisions and hard work, which makes them like diamonds. An external force is incapable of destroying it!

How can a single earth fiend sword defeat a Sky Dipper Soldier!

Third is unable to understand!

Liu Yi extends two more fingers and flicks them. The remaining two black swords immediately transform into two black lightning and fly out. They immediately pierced into two Sky Dipper Soldiers by the side.

Sky Dipper Soldiers are different from Earth Fiend Soldiers. Earth Fiend’s ability is revival, while Sky Dipper’s is impenetrable. The two different properties are contrary, but to Liu Yi, Sky Dipper is easier to deal with!

He waves his hand and uses the Demonic Sword Technique. The three Sky Dipper Soldiers who were killed instantly turned into three Sky Dipper Swords!

“Damn it! What is this fucking technique!”

As Liu Yi uses more and more different techniques, Third feels fearful and trepidation. In a blink of an eye, he paid the price with three Sky Dipper Soldiers!

Qin Imperial Palace had paid with enormous manpower, physical resources, and financial resources to create these soldiers. Over the few thousand years of wars, they had always been impenetrable soldiers! Even a single loss will cause Qin Imperial Palace to feel heartache! Right now, all of the 72 Earth Fiend Soldiers were written off; thus, Qin Imperial palace was reconstructing new Earth Fiend Soldiers. While in a single face-off, three Sky Dipper Soldiers died! Damn it!

This Liu Yi is Qin Imperial Palace’s bane! From the start, we should have followed my thoughts and made Tenth kill him! Otherwise, how could he obtain his current strength and become such a scary enemy!

This shit has been raised too fat by Qin Imperial Palace! He possesses Nine Yang God Qi, Moon Dream Sutra as well as all kind of strange techniques! He has now become a thorn in one’s side that is unable to be pulled out!

“Looks like I am going to have a bumper harvest again.”

Liu Yi extended his hand and called the three Sky Dipper Swords back in front of him and let them float there.

The Sky Dipper Swords are white in color, which also have the luster of diamonds, making them look very beautiful.

“I am grateful to Qin Imperial Palace; thanks for the gifts.”

Liu Yi is truly grateful, while Third may die from anger.

“Ahhhh!!! Damn it, damn it!!!”

He keeps shouting and wishes to kill Liu Yi. But right now, his strength is unable to do it!

Of the Ten Heavenly Stems, there are some who died and others who were injured. But as long as Emperor Qin awakens, their strength will completely recover!

I cannot die! A wise man knows better than to fight when the odds are against him!

He can only abandon the chariot to protect the king. He waves his hand and orders, “Stop him!”

The remaining Sky Dipper Soldiers do not fear anything as they charge at Liu Yi.


Liu Yi recalls the three earth fiend swords and, paired with the three Sky Dipper Swords, all of them shoot out and start killing those Sky Dipper Soldiers. At this moment, Third had already fled to the side. He picks up the Nine Yin Demon Pill before stepping into a beam of moonlight and shooting to the sky.

“Where are you going!”

While Liu Yi is killing the Sky Dipper Soldiers, he is creating Sky Dipper Swords.

Looking at Third, who had fled into the moonlight, Liu Yi extended a finger and flicked the Sky Dipper Sword in front of him!

That Sky Dipper Sword transformed into white lightning and instantly caught up!

Third, who was flying in the sky thought that he was safe and sound now when he suddenly sensed a powerful pressure threatening him from the back, which causes his forehead to sweat.

Damn it…he can catch up with this as well? Does this fellow have to be so horrifying?!

Before Third can react, he senses his right arm turn cold, followed by intense pain!

He then noticed that his entire right arm was gone, and it was completely smashed by a Sky Dipper Sword! Third curses non-stop in his heart. He no longer cares about his fear or anger as he continues to fly swiftly. Because if he does not continue to fly, a few more Sky Dipper Swords will fly over from below!

These swords are too horrifying; thus, he can only dodge them! Losing an arm is nothing. If he does not continue to dodge, it is no longer a matter of losing an arm. He might even lose his life here!

Third flees in a flurry and no longer dares to be careless. Instantly, he flees along the moonlight into the sky.

The remaining Sky Dipper Swords float in the air after losing their target.

“People from Qin Imperial Palace are very proficient in escaping.”

Liu Yi snorts before recalling back all of the Sky Dipper Swords and Earth Fiend Swords.

“But at least I had some harvest.”

He looks at the 12 Sky Dipper Swords that float in front of him. Later, when I go back, I can create another 12 Sky Dipper Swordsmen. That’s right; they can join the Massacre God Guard letting Massacre God Guard have two divisions, Sky Dipper and Earth Fiend, which will be good.

“Your Majesty, are you okay?”

At this moment, Ao Ri had run over. He grabs the cage wishing to free the weak Zhang Yunyun.

But who knows what material was used to create this cage. Ao Ri’s strength is unable to break it.


Holding a Sky Dipper Sword, Liu Yi walks over.

Ao Ri obediently retreats to the sky as he watches Liu Yi slash the cage with the sword.

Golden sparks burst out, spraying the ground. While the cage that Ao Ri is unable to damage was chopped into two sections.

Even Ao Ri cannot help but praise in his heart. Damn awesome…the current Liu Yi is becoming more and more powerful. The entire Demon Realm is most likely not his opponent anymore.

Looking at Liu Yi standing in front of him, Zhang Yunyun has a trace of puzzlement in her complexion, “Why did you… come and save me…”

“If there comes a day when I am about to die, I believe that you will not hesitate to save me .”


Zhang Yunyun stares at Liu Yi with an affection that Liu Yi is unable to understand.

Not only does Liu Yi not understand it, even Zhang Yunyun herself also does not understand. This guy forced me onto this path of Demon Emperor. Why, why did he come and save me?

“Since you had abandoned me before, you shouldn’t give me hope again…”

When Zhang Yunyun says her heartfelt words, Liu Yi sighs and says, “Deep in my heart no matter what you have become; you will always be my Zhang Yunyun.”

Liu Yi cannot help but extend his hand and rubs the top of Zhang Yunyun’s head, “To be tortured into such appearance..the people from Qin Imperial Palace truly deserve death.”

“That is nothing. Compared to the injury here, it is nothing.” Said Zhang Yunyun as she extends her hand and touches her heart.

“I do not wish to see you. Leave.”

Zhang Yunyun immediately sent him off, making a Massacre God Guard say in dissatisfaction, “Our sect head made a big risk to come and save you, and you say such words?”

Liu Yi waved him off, “It is okay.”

“Your injury is not light. If you continue to stay here, Qin Imperial Palace’s people might come and look for you. Follow me to my Massacre Shrine to recover.”

“What are you joking about!”

Zhang Yunyun mocks, “Liu Yi, I am your enemy. My hands are stained with the countless lives of humans. You want me to go to your place to recover? Are you mad? I am not going!”

“Less nonsense!”

Liu Yi becomes angered, why is this lass always going against me! Damn it, so unhappy!

He immediately berates, “Listen to me!”

Zhang Yunyun’s temper also rises as she says in anger, “Why should I listen to you! Why should I….”

Liu Yi immediately pulls Zhang Yunyun over before pressing her onto his leg and starts slapping her butt fiercely!

Glorious Sun Palm: Butt Slapping**!

[TL: seriously?]

Following which is a series of slapping sounds that shocked numerous people present!

Ao Ri is also stunned. His first reaction is to fight Liu Yi but recalling that he is not Liu Yi’s opponent, he calms down.

Zhang Yunyun also got a shock at first as she covered her mouth. Her eyes turn red as she turns around with watery eyes and looks at Liu Yi.

The Massacre God Guards secretly gives a thumbs up and says in their head; Sect Head is awesome. He even dared to hit the butt of the Demon Emperor!

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Chapter 1054   [Demon Emperor’s butt cannot be hit]

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