MKW Chapter 1053


Chapter 1053 [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

Zhang Yunyun inside the cage is covered with sweat.

She is experiencing the roasting from a flame that seems to originate from hell. Her strength is being pulled out, making her unable to stand the pain.

She can sense the Nine Ying Demon Qi in her body is weakening before dripping down along with her sweat into the furnace below and starting to form a small golden pill slowly!

Damn it…I am a Nine Ying Demon Dragon! How can I be controlled by this bastard!

Recalling the scene from a few days ago, Zhang Yunyun was very alarmed. Back then, I was holding court, my officials who carried out tasks for me throughout the entire demon realm were kneeling in front of me, listening to my command!

But these 12 silver armored men suddenly descended from the sky and took out my generals.

Although I had defeated a few of them, that white beard man suddenly appeared and used some weird power to control me, making me unable to move!

This old man looks handsome, but he appears rather old. Looks like when he was young, he was a handsome man. Why did he run to my Demon Realm and imprison me!

Only when he started to refine that golden pill did Zhang Yunyun truly understand. They are doing so to obtain her Nine Yin Demon Qi!

When the Nine Yin Demon Dragon race was exterminated, Zhang Yunyun knew that she was the only inheritor of Nine Yin Demon Qi.

I didn’t think that there would be such a group of people who can use such a sinister method to snatch my power!

She is unwilling, but she is unable to gather strength. She can only allow herself to be trampled on!

Ao Ri had managed to escape to seek help, but who can he go and find? In this world, other than the people from the Demon realm, who else would help? While within the Demon Realm, who else can save me?

Zhang Yunyun cannot help but smile bitterly.

Seeing Zhang Yunyun’s expression, the white-bearded Taoist laughs and says, “Don’t worry. After another 3-5 days pass, you will turn into dust. At that time, you will stop suffering.”

Zhang Yunyun says in anger, “Sooner or later, you will die miserably! I curse you!”

“Hahaha, I no longer believe in that.” The old man points at himself, “Do you know why I became so old?”

“It is because your lifespan is about to end, and you are going to die soon!”

Zhang YunYun’s mouth does not spare him even though she is his prisoner and continue to curse him, “You will die miserably!”

“Hahaha, I am a person who has died once.”

The old man laughs with a trace of forlorn in his smile, “Let me tell you why I am so old! A while back, I was still very young and was the most handsome among the Qin Imperial Palace. But the woman whom I love betrayed me; thus, I aged within a single day!”

“You are so perverted; you deserve to not be liked by women!”

The old Taoist whips the cage and roars in anger, “What do you know! Do you know what love is? The one whom I love was snatched away by others! I want to take revenge on the entire world! I shall let his majesty Emperor Qin awaken and purge this world to rule those damn ignorant masses!”

“You are mad!”

Zhang Yunyun is only left with the strength to curse people, “Madman who deserves death!”

“Continue to curse; after all, you will be dead soon.” Says the old Taoist with a laugh.

“I am the Demon Emperor. I will not die like this!” Says Zhang Yunyun unresigned.

“Right now, you are a pitiful prisoner!”

The old Taoist reminds, “I can kill you any moment I want! The only value for you being alive is to help me refine the Nine Yin Demon Pill.”

“I will not let you have your way!”

“What? You think someone will come and save you?”

The old Taoist laughs, “Go on and say it. Who will save you? That stupid dragon that escaped? Let me tell you, even if there are ten of him or a hundred of him, in front of my Sky Dipper Soldiers, they can only be turned into slag!”

Zhang Yunyun cannot help but worry. Ao Ri…since that is the case, you must never come…use the vitality of the demon race and quickly escape…

At this moment, a Sky Dipper Soldier suddenly opens his eyes and jumps out of the room.

“What? An enemy has come?”

The old Taoist sneers, “Could it be that I guessed, correctly? That stupid dragon has come back? That’s good as well. I shall bleed him and drink some dragon blood to supplement me!”

While he is speaking, that Sky Dipper Soldier that rushed out earlier suddenly came flying back and crashed into the wall behind!


The old Taoist raises his brows as he looks outside.

While a few figures slowly walk through the door.

Seeing Zhang Yunyun locked in the cage, Ao Ri immediately shouted, “Your Majesty, this subject has come to save you!”

Hearing Ao Ri’s voice, Zhang Yunyun tried her best to raise her head while saying, “Ri, you idiot, why did you not escape! Why did you come back!”

While the old Daoist’s gaze meets that man who is walking at the front shocking both of them.

“It’s you?”

Liu Yi frowns as this old Taoist is none other than Third from Qin Imperial Palace! He is Wang Lele’s past life boyfriend, but shouldn’t he be younger?

Liu Yi hesitantly asked, “Could you be Third’s father?”


Third’s nose nearly became crooked from anger. He roars in anger, “Damn it! You deserve death!”

“Ah? Could it be that I had mistaken the seniority?”

Liu Yi immediately apologized, “Then are you Third’s Grandfather?”

Third crushes a table edge before roaring, “I am Third! My Name is Zhang Yiheng!”

“Why did you become old so quickly?” Liu Yi is surprised and questioned, “Could it be that you masturbated too much?”

“You have a fucking caustic mouth!”

Third is so angry that he is spouting smoke from his seven orifices, “It is great that I ran into you today! Instead of taking the path to heaven, you walked into the doorless hell! Since you came, don’t think of leaving!”

The one who is even more astonished is not Third but Zhang Yunyun.

She is lying in the cage and is almost subconsciously muttering, “Bro-brother…”


Liu Yi raises his head and finally sees Zhang Yunyun, who is being roasted inside the cage!

Zhang Yunyun’s complexion is pale, and her body slender. Her condition is so bad that it is like she will turn into ash and disappear!

At that instant, Liu Yi’s heart clenches like it is in extreme pain!

Damn it! This damn Third! How dare he mistreat my Yunyun!

“Third! What a good thing you have done!!!”

With that, Liu Yi slaps out a palm at the furnace!

The nearly three meters tall enormous bronze furnace was blown away by Liu Yi’s palm wind!

The flame flows out and scatters all over the floor, burning the entire place!

The temperature in the room abruptly rises!

A small black golden dan rolls out from the furnace attracting the attention of everyone.

“Nine Yin Demon Pill!”

Third exclaims before leaping towards that pill!

Liu Yi’s expression immediately tenses up; it looks like this golden pill is very important to Qin Imperial Palace! No wonder Qin Imperial Palace would take action against Yunyun; it must be for this demon pill!

I cannot let them obtain it!

Liu Yi becomes serious and slaps out a palm at Third!

Glorious Sun Palm is successful in every endeavor! Third was immediately sent flying away by the palm force and crashed through a wall far away.

The 12 Sky Dipper Soldiers suddenly awaken as they open their eyes and block Liu Yi together.

“Massacre God Guards, it is your turn now.”

Liu Yi stares in the direction of Third as he orders his three subordinates.

The black cloth and black sword MGG immediately step forward. The three of them lean against each other and form Earth Fiend Sword Formation!

Earth Fiend Sword Formation’s might is out of the ordinary. The three earth fiend swords flew out and started attacking those Sky Dipper Soldiers.

But these Sky Dipper Soldiers are like an impenetrable defense. No matter how the earth fiend swords attack, they are unable to injury their flesh bodies!

What they cultivate in is Sky Dipper Qi, which is filled with the power of Vijra!

The 12 Sky Dipper Soldiers also did not attack. They only stand there together like a wall.

“You guys will not win.”

Third wipes away the blood on his mouth and pats the dust on his body before walking over.

“Although my strength is not enough to fight against you yet the 12 Sky Dipper Soldiers’ cultivation is very high. No one can break their Sky Dipper Qi!”

Liu Yi is unrestrained with his words, “Your Earth Fiend Soldiers are also equally impressive but didn’t they become my spoils?”

“Hmph, with you killing the 72 Earth Fiend Soldiers, His Majesty Emperor Qin will not spare you! Very soon, there will be thousands and tens of thousands of soldiers arriving in the human realm! We shall first conquer the human realm, then the demon realm, the Immortal Realm, and all of the six realms! Finally, we shall once again fight our way up to the Nine Layers of Heaven and conquer everything! Everyone shall be under our feet!”

“What you are thinking is not bad.”

Liu Yi claps his hands and says with a smile, “Why don’t you go write a book.”

“Can the sparrow and swallow know the will of the great swan?”

Third snorts, “You ant, it is best if you die earlier! Sky Dipper Soldiers kill him!”

With Third’s order, one of the Sky Dipper Soldiers immediately appears in front of Liu Yi.

This Sky Dipper Soldier is holding a Sky Dipper Hatchet in his hand, which he chops down at Liu Yi’s head! This explosion of power is slightly shocking!

Liu Yi creases his brows and does not dare to block head-on. Instead, he took a step sideways and dodged.

The Sky Dipper Hatchet lands on the ground and chops a ten meters long crack on the ground.

“What shocking might!”

Ao Ri cannot help but mutters, “Why is there such a perverted enemy!”

Liu Yi smiles as he says, “I should let you be more afraid.”

He raises his palm and hits that Sky Dipper Soldier on his chest.

Like striking a copper bell, Liu Yi feels his entire palm turn numb.

The Sky Dipper Soldier did not move as he stood there expressionlessly.

What the fuck!

Liu Yi curses in his heart. Are these groups of men made of iron? Even if there are made of iron, it should have exploded. But he did not even vomit any blood. Fuck, this is so unreasonable!

“Sky Dipper Soldiers are incomparably hard.”

Third laughs loudly, “Liu Yi, you came at the right time today. Let me refine you into a god pill as well; that way, my majesty can be undefeated through the world!”

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Chapter 1053   [Use you to refine a pill]

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