MKW Chapter 1052


Chapter 1052 [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

This stomp from the realm crosser is enough to create an 8 magnitude earthquake.

But Liu Yi only extended a hand and blocked this stomp from the realm crosser!

A shockwave spreads out while Liu Yi’s surrounding sinks down, and all of this is caused by the realm crosser’s stomp!

While Liu Yi stands there calmly as if nothing had happened.

The avatar created from Fog Qi is very firm.

“You have some ability!”

The realm crosser says with a muffled voice, “But you can forget about crossing!”

With that, his leg exploded with black lights, which jolted Liu Yi away.

Liu Yi flew backward by three meters before landing on the ground. While at this moment, the realm crosser is shrinking in size, and in a blink of an eye, he becomes the size of a normal person. But his temperament is slightly wretched, and he is a hunchbacked small old man.

This small old man is holding two long blades which are propped against the ground. His legs are rather short, like he was born with a deformity. From his current looks, Liu Yi cannot help but exclaim, what the fuck, Tsan!

[TL: Tsan is from the game, The Killing Blade]

Isn’t he the character from the arcade games that I played when I was young?

“How many years has it been since someone tried to crash through the barrier?”

This old man who looks like Tsan says faintly, “Ignorant mortal, your courage is large, but your luck is not good. Today is your death date.”

“I don’t have time to speak nonsense with you! Massacre God Guards, Earth Fiend Sword Formation!” Shouted Liu Yi, and those three Massacre God Guards immediately split apart and stood beside the small old man in three directions. After which, they form sword seals with both hands before waving their respective Earth Fiend Sword!

The black earth fiend sword flew out and revolved around the small old man carrying with them dense might.

“This technique from the dolls is rather interesting.”

The old man laughs before suddenly spinning with both long blades.

The three earth fiend swords were instantly knocked away, back into the Massacre God Guards.

Liu Yi narrowed his eyes. The reason why he let Massacre God Guards attack is to test how powerful this old man is. Not bad. Indeed he is a realm crosser. 

Just now, that move allowed Liu Yi to sense how out of the ordinary his strength is.

After the small old man forces the earth field sword formation back with a single move, he looks at Liu Yi and suddenly says, “Your body does not have a soul. Could it be that you are a vengeful spirit?”

“Not at all.” Liu Yi shakes his finger, “This is a technique from Massacre God. You must watch it carefully.”

With that, Liu Yi suddenly slaps out a palm at that small old man through the air!

Glorious Sun Palm! Although this is only an avatar fog body, Liu Yi can still use some powerful techniques!

It is not Nine Yang God Qi that is supporting these techniques but the power from Fog Qi Real Body!

The small old man frowns as his two long blades immediately cross in front of him.

The power of Illusion Extermination slaps onto the two blades, and the small old man is unable to resist. His entire body was sent flying away.

His two long blades stab into the ground, leaving behind two long blade scars!

“What strength…this old man has misjudged you!”

“Since that is the case, why don’t you let me cross?” Liu Yi smiles merrily and says, “This way, we can still be good friends.”

“When was I, your friend!”

Of course, the old man has not heard of the current era’s sayings. He creases his brows and says coldly, “Let this old man behead you and offer your head as a sacrifice to my awakening.

“Too bloody.” Liu Yi shakes his head, “Furthermore, this head of mine is very valuable. I will not give it to you.”

“This is not up to you!”

With that, the long blades under the old man shoot out, and he suddenly appears in front of Liu Yi, “I am the realm crosser! Die!”

With that, a sharp blade qi whistles down and chops at Liu Yi!

A storm was created from the force of the old man.

“Damn it…looks like her majesty Demon Emperor cannot be saved.”

Ao Ri thought that Liu Yi was done for and went into despair. While the three Massacre God Guards hug their black swords calmly as they stand by the side.

“What a pitiful doll dying like this. But dying in this old man’s blades is not a pity…”

Before he finished, a fist wind blows by his ear.

A large portion of the old man’s white long hair was sliced off by this fist wind. The old man’s eyes widen like he does not believe what just happened.

The dust was also blown away by the fist wind as a man wearing a red and blue fire-ice armor appears standing there with a fist extended.

He looks over and says with a smile, “Looks like if I do not take out some real ability, I will not be able to enter.”

With that, the imprint of the god lamp lights up between his brows! This is the power of Sea Flipping God Lamp!

Sea Flipping God Lamp has two effects. One is like a barrier that can forcibly lower the strength of those nearby while the other is strengthening, which increases the strength of the owner, forcibly increasing his cultivation by a few levels!

Liu Yi is relying on this Sea Flipping God Lamp to raise his cultivation to the stage of a realm crosser!

Although the old man is also not bad, his strength is in the middle of a realm crosser, and he is not a well-known figure. He is only average; thus, it is not impossible for Liu Yi to defeat him.

Not to mention, Liu Yi is not here to defeat him but to pass through this passageway.

“From now on, I shall not respect the old and cherish the young.”

With that, Liu Yi uses Shadow Step and instantly appears in front of the old man.

Before the old man can react, Liu Yi’s fist lands on his lower jaw and hits him high up into the sky. His chin loses its shape as a tooth flies out!

He flies high up into the sky while Liu Yi instantly catches up to him. He clenches his fist together and hammers down heavily.!

The old man hurriedly raises his two long blades in front of him as he attempts to seal Liu Yi’s attack!

But Liu Yi’s twin fist is incomparably heavy and easily tears apart the old man’s twin blades and smashed them into pieces!


The old man bellowed in disbelief and followed which his voice went out of tune!

His body is like a cannonball and smashes into the ground, leaving behind a deep hole!

While Liu Yi is in the sky punching into the deep hole like a machine gun!

[TL: sounds so much like Luffy’s gatling punch]

Illusion Extermination! Illusion Extermination! Illusion Extermination!

Numerous formless fist winds are densely packed together as they rain down nonstop into the deep hole onto the old man’s body.

Right now, that old man is miserable. As a realm crosser, he is accustomed to walking sideways in the Six Realms. When has he experienced such humiliation!

Right now, being beating like a dog, he has the heart to die! He does not have the ability to resist and was beaten until he cannot get up!

Liu Yi shouts, “Ao Ri! What are you stopping for! Open the door!”


Only then was Ao Ri startled awake as he transformed into an enormous dragon. Leaning against the door frame, he slaps a dragon claw on the hundred meters enormous tall door!

This realm crosser door that had never been opened before is now being slowly opened!

Liu Yi orders, “Massacre God Guards, Ao Ri, all of you go first! I shall follow behind!”

Massacre God Guards are incomparably loyal. They carry out Liu Yi’s order. With his order, the Massacre God Guards immediately leaped through the door.

Ao Ri did not hesitate as he transforms back into his human form before crossing the door.

“Don’t think of going over!”

The old man suddenly exploded out with eye-catching black light and transformed into a black blade which slashes horizontally at Liu Yi!

This black blade slashes through Liu Yi’s body turning him into two.

“Hahaha! Like I expected! You are unable to do anything about my Blade Qi!”

Seeing that Liu Yi had turned into a ‘dismembered corpse,’ he cannot help but laugh heartily. But soon, he stops laughing because the dismembered halves suddenly turn into two streams of golden fog, which merge together and transform into an eagle. It then flaps its wings and instantly flies across the slowly closing realm door.


Behind it came the unresigned bellow of the old man!

Ao Ri and Massacre God Guards are standing opposite, waiting for him. Ao Ri’s gaze towards Liu Yi is now filled with reverence.

The instant Liu Yi flew through the door; Ao Ri understood that he is no longer that Liu Yi from the past nor is he that Sword Emperor!

The current him is standing high above, and his strength can dominate the whole world!

This time, the one that came over is merely his avatar, but it is already equally matched against the realm crosser. Just how powerful is his real body?

No wonder he dared to challenge the Heavenly Court! This man is so awesome!

This is the first time Ao Ri has admired a man. In the past, he only admired a single woman, and that is the Demon Emperor.

Her Majesty, Demon Emperor…looks like you no longer can defeat this man! As long as this person is around, the Demon Race’s grand cause will never be accomplished!


Behind them, the realm door is slowly disappearing, “Let’s go and find Yunyun.”

“Her majesty is imprisoned in the imperial palace of the demon race.”

Ao Ri’s tone had turned very respectful, “You should know the location.”

“I remember.”

Liu Yi had already renewed the demon realm map that Little Jade had preserved, “Furthermore, I already smell a familiar smell in the air…so their claws have extended to here!”

One of the Massacre God Guards asked, “What should we do now?”

“Simple, fight our way through.”

Liu Yi waves his hand and says, “Follow me to experience the imperial palace of the demon realm!”


Even Ao Ri also follows his suggestion and obediently follows behind Liu Yi as they fly towards the imperial palace of the demon realm.

While inside the imperial palace of the demon realm is no longer the past scene.

The formerly high and above Demon Emperor Zhang Yunyun is now imprisoned inside a cage forged with special materials. She is then raised above the mouth of a strange furnace.

12 silver soldiers are standing around here, unmoving like statues.

An old Taoist with a white beard is using the fan in his hand to fan the flames under the furnace, scorching Zhang Yunyun inside the cage.

Zhang Yunyun’s complexion is pale. The clothes that she is wearing are tattered, exposing her snow-white skin.

She leans against the cage without any strength to resist.

“Looks like we do not need much longer, and the Nine Yin Demon Pill will be refined!”

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Chapter 1052   [Saving people is important]

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