MKW Chapter 1051


Chapter 1051 [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

Liu Yi knows that what Bai Jie said is right. If I was a normal person, then I should not give up the Massacre Shrine to go and save Zhang Yunyun.

Furthermore, Demon Emperor Zhang Yunyun hates me, so much so that it is at the stage where only one can live! But…no matter how deep the hatred is, she is my…Yunyun.

While Ao Ru wipes away the blood from his mouth and looks at Liu Yi weakly before saying, “Sword Emperor…don’t forget…the reason why her majesty Demon Emperor had become like this is because of you!”

“Hmph, saying such things here is useless!”

Bai Jie gives Ao Ri an unkind look and says, “How is the Demon Emperor’s matter any relation to our Massacre Shrine? Both of us are enemies. You invite your enemy to help you? What a joke!”

Ao Ri’s face turns red and has no choice but to admit that what Bai Jie says is indeed right.

“Fine, consider that I had found the wrong person!”

With that, Ao Ri staggers as he turns around and prepares to leave.


Liu Yi stops him and says, “Bai Jie bring him to heal him.”


Bai Jie gives Liu Yi an inconceivable look.

“Bring him for treatment. Otherwise, he might not live for long.”

Liu Yi waves his hand and indicates to Bai Jie to do as she is told.


Bai Jie unwillingly prepares to bring Ao Ri to heal. But Ao Ri does not appreciate the kindness and says in anger, “Save those hypocritical shows of friendship! If anything happens to her majesty, I will go together with her!”

“Who says that I am not going to save her?”

Liu Yi stares at Ao Ri coldly, “What I hate the most are people like you who think you can speak for others.”


Hearing that Liu Yi is willing to save the Demon Emperor, Ao Ri was shocked.

Bai Jie immediately asked, “Sir, what about our sect!”

“Relax. I naturally will not leave this place myself.”

With that Liu Yi breathed out a stream of golden fog. This golden fog immediately transforms into his appearance before waving his arm.

Liu Yi who was formed from golden fog says, “I just need to send my avatar over.”

He then glanced at the newly condensed 72 pagodas, “Select three earth fiend swordsmen to follow me. I shall not bring too many people. The remaining people shall guard the Massacre Shrine together with my main body!”

“As you order.”

Bai Jie nods her head before leaving to choose the earth fiend swordsmen.

Although Ao Ri did not say anything, he is grateful. It is rare that while on the crucial moments were the Heavenly Court might besiege Massacre Shrine, Liu Yi can still leave with me to save the Demon Emperor. No matter whether or not had he sealed the Demon Emperor, at the very least, this shows that his intentions towards the Demon Emperor are real.

Actually what all of them do not know that after Fire Lord of the South returned to the Heavenly Court,  the attitude of the Heavenly Court was the opposite.


Jade Emperor is astonished, “This successor of Qin Imperial Palace was so powerful?”

“This subject deserves death! May Your Majesty order this subject to die!”

Fire Lord of the South is kneeling down. He looks very badly beaten up and his expression is very ugly.

The surrounding immortals start muttering with each other as they discuss Liu Yi’s strength.

“Alas, Fire Lord of the South, what are you saying. Isn’t it just a defeat? Why is there a need to sentence you to death.”

Jade Emperor waves it off, “Since that is the case, let’s discuss again.”

“Your Majesty, I feel that this time, we should seek peace.”

Queen Mother of the West seems to be worried that the Heavenly Court will be attacked thus she says, “Right now I feel that what Taibai said is right. Previously this person did not have any enmity against Heavenly Court. Since that is the case, it is best for us to not continue to threaten this person. Let’s follow what Taibai says and give him some benefits and let him work for us.”

Taibai Jinxing smirk in his heart, previously this old woman said this sentence with disdain and contempt but now that he is powerful, she wants to play this technique. Don’t you think that it is a bit too late?

“I feel that it is reasonable.”

Jade Emperor also nods his head and does not seem to wish to attract trouble to him or to the Heavenly Court as it has been peaceful for so many years.

Originally he thought that the surviving member was ordinary thus it will be settled by sending a few minor immortals. Unexpectedly that fellow is so thorny. Since that is the case, he would rather give some benefits to keep the peace and patch up the quarrel.

“How can a mere mortal do work for our Heavenly Court!”

Erlang Shen is still arrogant as he rejects this proposal, “Count, I feel that we must not compromise on this matter. We should dispatch more troops to capture that surviving member before interrogating him!”

“Yang Jian, there is no need to say anymore.”

Queen Mother of the West waves her hand and says, “I and your uncle have already decided. This matter is set. Taibai, since you are the one who proposed this method, this matter shall be handled by you.”

“As you order.”

Taibai nods his head while Erlang Shen by the side suddenly says, “This matter cannot be handled by Taibai alone. We must send someone else along as well.”

His gaze towards Taibai Jinxing is filled with some vigilance like he is afraid that Taibai Jinxing would sell out the Heavenly Court. Taibai Jinxing cannot help but sigh, alas, this guy still remembers the matter of me helping Monkey Sun ask for mercy.

Erlang Shen is the number one war god of Heavenly Court and this fighting strength is off the charts. He can be said to be the number one person in Heavenly Court but after Monkey Sun appeared, he had an opponent and in reality, he was slightly weaker than Monkey Sun. Ever since that day, Erlang Shen resents me for enlisting Sun Wukong!

Jade Emperor asks, “Then who do you think we should send to accompany Taibai Jinxing ?”

“I feel that sending Li Jing the Pagoda Bearing Heavenly King is the most suitable!”

When Erlang Shen says the name, Taibai sighs in his heart. Alas, Li Jing is too temperamental. With him around, it is likely that he will only spoil the matter.

Jade Emperor contemplated for a while, “Pagoda Bearing God…”

Queen Mother of the West nods her head and agrees to Erlang Shen’s request, “Pagoda Bearing God’s bearing is out of ordinary and is very impressive. He will not lose the prestige of our Heavenly Court. Let the Pagoda Bearing God go along with Taibai Jinxing.”

Erlang Shen immediately cups his hands and says in delight, “Queen Mother is wise, your majesty is wise!”

This idea obtains the approval of the rest of the Heavenly Court’s immortals making Taibai Jinxing sigh, looks like all of the rest of the immortals think that I’m a soft bone, right? Alas.

But given that Jade Emperor and Queen Mother of the West have decided, he is unable to change their decision and can only follow their orders. He only hopes that Li Jing will put away his temper.


A day in Heavenly Court is a year in the Heaven Realm.

While Taibai Jinxing and the rest are preparing to head to the Human Realm, Liu Yi is already heading to the Demon Realm with Ao Ri. Following behind them are three earth fiend swordsmen who follow close like shadows following the body.

Liu Yi feels that calling them earth fiend swordsmen is not formal thus he gave them the name Massacre God Guards.

A total of 72 Massacre God Guards, perhaps this number will not change for a while. 

After losing 72 earth field soldiers, perhaps Qin Imperial Palace should feel heartache, right? Alas, it is a pity that 72 Massacre God Guards are simply too little. How nice would it be if Qin Imperial Palace would gift a few thousand more! 

If Emperor Qin knew of these thoughts, perhaps he might vomit blood from anger.

“We have arrived.”

Seeing the Demon Realm Gates in front, Ao Ri says, “But…how are we going to enter Demon Realm? Today is not the date for the Demon Realm Gate to open…”

Liu Yi says, “Very simple. There is still one other method.”

“What method?”

Ao Ri is curious. Other than waiting for the Demon Realm Gate, what method is there?

“Defeat the Realm Crosser.”

This sentence of Liu Yi frightened Ao Ri.

“Are you joking…how is it possible to defeat the realm crosser!”

Who are realm crossers? They are experts who possess incredible might! They are almost impossible to be defeated!

“The realm crosser between the path that heads to the Demon Realm from the Human Realm is slightly weaker.”

Liu Yi smiles as he crosses his arms with self-confidence, “I can fight against him head-on.”

Cultivating to now, Liu Yi’s has cultivated the Fog Qi Real Body until it is very powerful. This body condenses all of his Fog Qi power and is almost as powerful as his main body!

When he said this sentence, Ao Ri thought that he was boasting!

“Stop joking around. Let’s think of other methods.”

Just as Ao Ri finished speaking, Liu Yi had raised a palm and slaps heavily on the passageway in front of him!

An enormous door was immediately forced into existence and appeared in front of everyone!

This door is the link between the Human Realm and the Demon Realm. It is a hundred meters tall and is enormous which causes the rest to be stunned!

By the side of the door stands a tall and sturdy statue. This statue is also a hundred meters tall and is not moving. But at this moment, it slowly opens its eyes and dust start falling off it like rain.

The rest of the people immediately retreat and avoids the dust otherwise this dust would bury them!

A muffled rumbling sound started and this is the movement of the realm crosser awakening. Ao Ri starts trembling from fear and his past majestic appearance disappears in front of this realm crosser.

“Too scary…so this, this is the realm crosser…”

“Ao Ri, lend me your Sea Flipping God Lamp to use.”

Liu Yi is calm as he extends his hand towards Ao Ri.

Ao Ri is startled but still took out his Sea Flipping God Lamp. This kind of magic tool is not that useful to him. Perhaps it will be more effective for Liu Yi!

“You…you be careful…”

Ao Ri vomits the Sea Flipping God Lamp which flies in front of Liu Yi.

Liu Yi took out a napkin and wipes Sea Flipping God Lamp before taking it in his hand.

Seeing how Liu Yi seems to be disdaining him, Ao Ri cannot help but shout, “Come on! It is not like my saliva touched it!”

“It just shows that I am more hygienic.”

While Liu Yi was speaking, the enormous realm guardian had already awakened.

He opens his mouth and roars, “Who dares to disturb my eternal rest!”

Liu Yi uses his qi to speak, sending his words into that realm crosser’s ears, “Wake up. Don’t you feel tired sleeping for so long?”

“How dare you be so arrogant!”

The realm crosser roars in anger before stomping his feet down on Liu Yi.

This leg instantly turns the sky dark like the sky is falling.

But Liu Yi continues to stand there calmly. Ao Ri says in his heart, is he scared silly?

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Chapter 1051   [Realm Crosser]

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