MKW Chapter 1050


Chapter 1050 [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

Although Fire Lord of the South was suppressed under the pagoda, he did not die. Instead, he shouts in anger, “Evildoer, how dare you to suppress this immortal!”

The pagoda keeps trembling like it will be overthrown at any moment.

Liu Yi did not count on this pagoda created from dark power to suppress Fire Lord of the South. He is only doing it as a show of strength.

“I have relayed my goodwill to Heavenly Court, but you only repaid me with malice. Since that is the case, why should I be polite?”

“Just a mere mortal, and you dare to be arrogant!”

Fire Lord of the South is angered. This guy is too daring to say such disgraceful words! Looks like Heavenly Court has been silent for too long! It is time for us to show these mortals just how horrifying the Heavenly Court is!

The power with Fire Lord of the South erupts out as a stream of flames rush up the sky, instantly sending the pagoda flying away. Liu Yi stands there without any change of expression as he watches with his hands behind his back.

If Fire Lord of the South is unable to deal with this pagoda, I would be scornful of the Heavenly Court! From the looks of things, the fighting strength of the immortals from Heavenly Court is still pretty good. I had heard that Erlang Shen’s strength is at the 3rd layer of heaven. Perhaps he might be my future enemy.

“Give me your life!”

The flames in the sky transform into an enormous arm which grabs towards Liu Yi.

A red light flickers across Liu Yi’s eye as he smiles, “I am not inferior to you when competing in flames!”

With that, Liu Yi takes a deep breath and breathes out a firestorm!

A flame and tornado merge together with a radius of 6 meters! It crashes into that flame arm!

In a blink of an eye, Fire Lord of the South’s flame was pushed back!

This causes Fire Lord of the South to disbelieve what he is seeing.

Fucking hell! How is this possible! I am the Fire Lord of the South! When have I lost to others when comparing the power of flames!

He let out a loud roar and breathes out an intense flame at the arm, which then merges into it! In a blink of an eye, that flame fist becomes an even large hand that pushes against the firestorm that Liu Yi created.

Their flames collide against each other, increasing the temperature in Massacre Pagoda!

Currently, Massacre Pagoda is like a furnace causing numerous of those weaker cultivators to be dripping with sweat.

Concealed Sword Pavilion Ma Yuanyuan watches all of these by the side. Seeing this scene, she cannot help but exclaim, “These two people are both very scary.”

“Of course. They are people who possess great power…”

Immortal Snow Peak Gu Yu is astonished in her heart as she watches all of this. “Liu Yi’s growth is too quickly…back when I first met him, he was just a newbie and needed to rely on some despicable methods to win against me…but right now, I can only look up to him…”

The young girl waves her small fist and says full of confidence, Hmph, sooner or later I will become an impressive existence like Big Idiot!“

“I believe that you can do it one day.”

Recalling that she is a gold spirit body, Gu Yu cannot help but feel envious. Spirit body’s strength is blessed by heaven. If only I was the water spirit body, perhaps I would have reached the heavenly realm. How would it be possible for me to be stuck at the peak of the earth realm for such a long time?

At this moment, the two powers that come from Liu Yi and Fire Lord of the South finally explode! Surges of fire wave spread out in all directions forcing Liu Yi to retreat three steps before he finally managed to stabilize his body by stomping on the ground.

While Fire Lord of the South is more miserable. He was immediately sent flying away and crashed into a mountain behind him, creating a huge dust cloud and broken stones.

Fire Lord of the South is both astonished and angered. For so many years in Heavenly Court, he had lived like a prince; when has he received this kind of humiliation?

This human, he deserves death!

But my strength does not seem to be enough to kill him! Right, return to Heavenly Court and lead an even more powerful army!

Fire Lord of the South no longer has the mood to fight. He turns into a flame and flies out from the mountain before shooting straight into the sky.

“Wish to escape?” Liu Yi snorts, “Ask my sword first!”

With that, he extends his hand and activates God Sword Protecting Body above the Fire Lord of the South’s head!

Six fire-god swords start spinning in the sky; each of them is nearly a hundred meters long and looks like an enormous imperial canopy making Fire Lord of the South have no way out!


Fire Lord of the South’s face suddenly turns red as he breathes out a stream of flames.

That flames transform into a small sun and rush towards Massacre Shrine. If it really explodes within Massacre Shrine, it is likely that Massacre Shrine will be turned into ashes and become history.

Liu Yi did not hesitate and used God Sword Protecting Body above Massacre Shrine.

The six enormous swords block the small sun. When the fireball explodes, the intense power of fire spreads out!

The fire-god swords were trembling badly as an enormous mushroom cloud rises up to the sky! But under the protection of God Sword Protecting Body, Massacre Shrine is perfectly fine.

Taking advantage of this, Fire Lord of the South abandons the surviving celestial soldiers and escapes on his own.

The remaining celestial soldiers were all stunned as they stood there holding their weapons, with neither advancing nor retreating is the right choice. They also wish to escape, but which of them are as capable as Fire Lord of the South?

One of the earth fiend swordsmen licks his lips and asks, “Sect Head? How should we handle these celestial soldiers? Why don’t we kill all of them?”

“No need.”

Liu Yi shakes his head, “Our Massacre Shrine is not an extreme group. There is no need to be so heartless.”

With that, he points at Massacre God Pagoda, “Before we settle the conflict with Heavenly Court, lock them inside Massacre God Pagoda for now.”

“As you order!”

Some of the earth fiend swordsmen push those celestial soldiers and lock them inside Massacre God Pagoda.

Bai Jie stands by Liu Yi’s side and asks softly, “Sect Head…wouldn’t our actions be seen as too benevolent?”


Liu Yi gives the small fox a glance, “What is bad about being benevolent?”

“We are benevolent towards them but should there come a day where we become their captives; they will not treat us so well.”

“Relax.” Liu Yi pats Bai Jie’s shoulder, “With me around; I will not let you become captives.”

“Ah…but that is not what I mean….”

“Hahaha, I know.”

Liu Yi laughs before saying, “Bai Jie, I know what you are trying to say. I only wish to tell you, when I do things, I do not seek to be benevolent, nor do I seek to kill the enemies to the last one. I only seek for my heart to get by with my actions. These celestial soldiers are Heavenly Court thugs. No matter how many we kill, they are of no importance. What we want to do is to hit the Heavenly Court where it hurts. As long as they are hurt, they will be afraid of us.”

“What Sect Head says is reasonable. Bai Jie knows now.”

Bai Jie nods her head honestly but says in his heart, this sect head of mine has a strange character. Clearly, what he did is disgraceful, but he still wants to be at ease. But who asks him to be the sect head. I can only do what he asks us to do.

Although she complains in her heart, it is impossible for her to get rid of the scene of Liu Yi beating up that immortal badly.

Too handsome…following this kind of sect head, who would dare to bully me? No wonder Lin Tong would chase after Sect Head. Hmph, with Sect Head around, it is indeed the fortune of our charm fox race!

Bai Jie asked, “Sect Head, what should we do next?”

“Continue to be on standby. Leave everything to me.”

Liu Yi takes charge and prepares to confront the Heavenly Court to the end!

If you wish to fight, then let’s fight! What Grandpa Mao says is right, spring wind blows war drum beat, who is afraid of who in this world!

If you want to play, then I shall accompany you!

Liu Yi is cheering for himself in his heart, and a black cloud suddenly flies from the sky!

Seeing this black cloud, an earth fiend swordsman immediately went up to block, “Who is it!”

Liu Yi senses a familiar aura and immediately says, “Move aside. Let him over!”

Hearing what his Sect Head says, that earth fiend Swordsman obediently moves the side.

That black cloud rumbles in front of Liu Yi and immediately scatters. From within rolls out a miserable-looking figure, and it is none other than Ao Ri!

At this moment, Ao Ri had lost his formerly majestic looking appearance. He is covered with injuries, and his clothing is also badly tattered.

Ao Ri struggles to climb to his feet. He grabs Liu Yi with one hand, “Sword…sword Emperor…”

Bai Jie shouts, “How dare you!”

Who is this guy! To dare casually touch my Sect Head! Damn it, seeking death!

“Bai Jie, back down.”

Liu Yi chides Bai Jie before helping up the white dragon, which had lost half his life.

“Ao Ri, why did you come here, and why do you look like that?”

Ao Ri grabs Liu Yi and throws away all of his pride and begs, “Sword Emperor…you…you must save her majesty the Demon Emperor…otherwise…her majesty…as well as the demon race, will be finished…”


Hearing this, Liu Yi cannot help but frown, “Something happened to Yunyun?”

Ever since the last time I had a fight with Zhang Yunyun, the two of us never contacted each other.

“Her majesty…is currently imprisoned…”

Ao Ri cannot help but start crying, “It is all because I was useless and let her majesty meet this great catastrophe!”

Liu Yi creases his brow and berates, “What is going on! Hurry and say it! Stop wasting time!”

“It, it is like this…” Momentarily, Ao Ri was seized by Liu Yi’s aura and trembles. He immediately explains.

So after they had lost that last fight, the Demon Emperor led the group back to the demon realm and prepared to recover before starting again from the beginning. Suddenly one day, a group of people appeared in the demon realm. They were impervious to sword or spear and very powerful. They seized control of the Demon Emperor’s Imperial palace before imprisoning her.

Ao Ri risked his life and took advantage when the gate of the demon realm was open and secretly escaped.

Ao Ri found Liu Yi to have him save Zhang Yunyun.

“But…right now, it is the opportune moment for the Heavenly Court to attack the Massacre Shrine! How can you go and save the Demon Emperor?”

Bai Jie knows of the contradiction between Liu Yi and Demon Emperor thus;, she reminds, “Sect Head, don’t forget your mission!”

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Chapter 1050   [Demon Emperor is in trouble]

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