MKW Chapter 1049


Chapter 1049 [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

“Your Majesty, this humble servant is too miserable!”

Juling Shen does not care about his image as he cries.

Seeing this, Jade Emperor hurried says, “Quickly get up! What is this for! Get up!”

“Your Majesty, if your Majesty does not give justice for this servant, this servant shall not get up!”

Juling Shen wipes his tears and says, “This servant bullied in the mortal realm! One of my arms was also cut off by that fellow. Our Heavenly Court no longer has any prestige. If we do not teach him a lesson, this servant shall not get up! This servant is thinking for the prestige of the Heavenly Court, your majesty!”

Juling Shen throws out the prestige of Heavenly Court left and right, making Jade Emperor not know what to say.

The surrounding gods also do not approve while Fire Lord of the South waves his hand and says, “Your Majesty, now that things are like this, let me lead the celestial troops and generals to subdue that successor! This subject guarantee that I will establish the prestige of our Heavenly Court!”

Jade Emperor has a headache and is unable to decide momentarily; thus, he asks Queen Mother of the West by his side, “What does madam feel we should do?”

Queen Mother of the West naturally has her own thoughts, and she says, “I feel that our Heavenly Court’s prestige cannot be thrown away.”

“What madam says is right!”

“The Heavenly Court’s prestige is most important!”

Most of the gods also agree to it, while only Taibai Jinxing sighs. The Heavenly Court has been independent for too long. All of the Immortals are too arrogant, and most likely, my advice will be useless. It is like they had forgotten how they had looked down on Monkey Sun, and in the end, he caused havoc in the Heavenly Court and nearly overthrew Jade Emperor’s regime!

Right now, yet another similar person exists. If we do not handle it correctly, he might be a time bomb that will detonate!

Queen Mother of the West glances at Fire Lord of the South before saying, “From what I see, let’s send Fire Lord of the South. Let him lead a hundred celestial soldiers, and he will capture that surviving member of the Qin Imperial Palace!”

“Good. Then we shall do as you say.”

Jade Emperor nods his head, “Fire Lord of the South, We shall assign you a hundred celestial soldiers. Set forth towards Massacre Shrine and capture him!”

“This subject will live up to your expectations!”

Fire Lord of the South happily cups his hand before leaving to gather his forces.

Fire Lord of the South is full of ambition. Similarly, he is also a war hawk! He haS been bored for a very long time in Heavenly Court and always wished to find someone to teach a lesson. It is a pity that everyone in Heavenly Court is acquaintances; thus, is it not good to take action on any of them. Right now, an opponent finally appears, which makes him very happy!

But he hopes this surviving member will allow him to play happily!

Fire Lord of the South leads a hundred silver armored celestial soldiers and delightfully went to Massacre Shrine.

Stepping on clouds, they swiftly arrive above the sky of Massacre Shrine.

“Brazen evildoer! I, Fire Lord of the South, am here; why are you still not showing yourself!”

“Sect head, those immortals have come again!”

A disciple from Massacre Shrine who is responsible for transmitting orders runs to Liu Yi’s room grovelingly.

“They came again?”

Liu Yi raises his eyebrow and asks, “How many people?”

“Over a hundred people…”

The disciple points outside and shoots, “Their aura is very imposing; it’s scaring people!”

Liu Yi says in his heart; perhaps this is the cultivators from the northeast.

He nods his head before getting up and walking outside. 

Over a hundred people, it looks like they are not here to discuss peace. Could it be that there is not a single, smart person in the Heavenly Court?

Forget it. If he wishes to fight, then I will not cower!

Liu Yi raises his feet and walks out of the room. Upon walking outside, he raises his head, and indeed, magic clouds cover the sky densely!

On top of each cloud stand a silver armored celestial soldier, and standing at the very front is a bald man in red armor. His beard is red as well and is slightly short. Those who do not know would have thought that this guy is a lava dwarf from games!

A moment ago, when he introduced himself…it sounds like the…Fire Lord of the South?

Fire Lord of the South shouts, “Who is the successor of Qin Imperial Palace, report your name!”

Liu Yi steps forward and cups his hands before saying, “Fellow immortals, this one is Liu Yi, the Sect Head of Massacre Shrine. As for the successor of Qin Imperial palace, this one does not admit to it.”

“Sect Head of Massacre Shrine? Liu Yi?”

Fire Lord of the South points down with two fingers, “That is you!”

“This lord, you cannot make irresponsible remarks. What proof do you have that I am the successor of Qin Imperial Palace?”

Fire Lord of the South replied severely, “Based on the fact that you know Moon Dream Sutra!”

“Oh? So that is that case.” Liu Yi nods his head, “Then right now, if I impart the Moon Dream Sutra to you, then you are also a surviving member of the Qin Imperial Palace!”


Hearing that he will impart Moon Dream Sutra to him, Fire Lord of the South was tempted but hearing the latter part he reacted.

Damn it, nearly got tricked by this kid!

“I am one of the immortals who are on the Immortal Ranks! How can I learn that evil technique!”

“Evil technique? When cultivating this technique, there is no need to harm the sky nor reason, why is it an evil technique?”

“Who wants to listen to your nonsense!”

Fire Lord of the South wishes to fight. He immediately waves his hand and shouts, “Men, take him down!”

With his order, those 100 celestial soldiers behind him immediately shout as they fly down.

Liu Yi can see that all of them possess power above the Heaven Realm and are impressive.

But his Massacre Shirine is not to be trifled with. 72 of his disciples had recently breakthrough into heaven realm.

“Earth fiend swordsmen! Prepare to welcome the enemies!” Shouted Liu Yi and immediately the surrounding 72 black pagodas immediately scatter as Massacre Shrine’s disciples leap out from inside.

These disciples are wearing black robes which are embroidered with the words Massacre God. At the same time, they are holding a black earth fiend bone sword in their hands making them look impressive and full of evil aura!

Relying on the might of earth fiend bone swords, all of them possess the strength of heaven realm! Earth fiend can both attack and defend which is too wonderful for words!

72 earth fiend swordsmen hold their black swords as they charge up into the group of celestial soldiers.

These earth fiend soldiers slash out with their swords and they are almost unilaterally massacring the celestial soldiers! When the celestial soldiers attack land on them, it was all blocked by the earth fiends. While looking at their armor, it is like paper, unable to block the chop of the earth fiend bone swords!

After the first round of attacks, Heavenly Court had already lost several tens of people!

Fire Lord of the South shouts arrogantly, “Good kids, you all have some ability! To possess this kind of sorcery!”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders and says, “Since you say that we are surviving members of Qin Imperial Palace, then let me use some of Qin Imperial Palace’s ability to deal with you.”

“Seeking death!”

Fire Lord of the South is greatly angered. He suddenly split apart the magic cloud in front of him before breathing out a flame breath!

This flame breath is omnipresent like a hot cloud of volcanic ash that descends towards the ground!

If it burns onto the ground, it is likely that Massacre Shrine be turned into the Mountain of Flames!

But who is Liu Yi? How would he watch Massacre Shrine be destroyed by Fire Lord of the South’s mouth!

He extends his right hand and uses Scarlet Blood Sutra!

The flame cloud in the sky was instantly attracted by his power and gather over into the center of his palm, instantly transforming into a scarlet fireball!

This fireball is around the size of a soccer ball and contains formidable power.

“To restrain my flame!”

Fire Lord of the South got a huge shock as he did not expect that Liu Yi would have this kind of ability as well!

Isn’t he Qin Imperial Palace’s people? How come he possesses the technique of the fire category?

“I will return it.”

With that Liu Yi tosses the fireball out before kicking it fiercely.

The fireball was kicked out like a soccer ball and turned into an oval shape. It screams as it arrives in front of Fire Lord of the South.

“Hmph, how can this immortal’s flame injure this immortal?”

Fire Lord of the South snorts coldly and does what Liu Yi did. He extends a single palm and prepares to receive this fireball.

The fireball also has its wish fulfilled and hits his palm and let out an earthshaking explosion!

Almost in a blink of an eye, Fire Lord of the South was swallowed up by the flames. The flames turn into a red magic cloud and blossom in the air!

Some of the celestial soldiers in the surrounding who had luckily survived the earth fiend swordsmen earlier were sent flying away by the flame cloud! While Fire Lord of the South also did not have an easy time. He is looking very wretched and his body was covered with scorch marks! Luckily he does not have any hair, otherwise, it might have turned into an afro!

“Damn it! How can a mere mortal possess this kind of power!”

Fire Lord of the South is unable to comprehend it while Liu Yi did not give him the chance to think as he pressed down a palm at him.

Instantly Fire Lord of the South felt his body falling towards the ground!

But Fire Lord of the South is a famous war god and possesses near realm crosser power. Although this move from Liu Yi is very sudden, Fire Lord of the South swiftly stabilizes his body as his legs step on the ground, creating a meter deep fire hole!

Liu Yi gives him a thumbs up and praises, “Indeed you are the Fire Lord of the South. Your reaction was impressive.”

“What is impressive is coming now!”

With that Fire Lord of the South took out a horn which seems to be a magic tool. He blows into this magic tool!

Immediately several thousand crows formed from flames fly out and start releasing a suicide attack at the entirety of the Massacre Shrine!

“Why did you create so many birds?”

Liu Yi does not care at all as he creates an ice spear and starts swinging it around.

Ice and snow immediately cover the entire Massacre Shrine and in a blink of an eye, those fire ravens turn into ice sculptures that land on the ground and shatter.

“Fire and ice dual attributes? How is that possible?”

Fire Lord of the South’s expression finally changes, “Who are you!”

If this fellow continues to develop, his prospects are likely to be unmeasurable!

“This is not what you should be concerned about.”

Liu Yi smiles, “Since the Heavenly Court has taken action, then, I shall no longer be polite.”

With that Liu Yi extended his hand and a black pagoda appeared above Fire Lord of the South.

“Let me send you away! Kneel down!”

While he is speaking, the black pagoda descends and suppresses Fire Lord of the South below!

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Chapter 1049   [Come, lie down on your stomach]

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